Emmy Nominations 2015: The TVLine Staff Picks Our Favorite Nods

Emmy nominations morning conjures up emotions reminiscent of that old Wide World of Sports tagline: the thrill of watching your favorite shows and actors get recognized for their work, the agony of knowing that some real contenders have been left out of this year’s mix.

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At the moment, we’re choosing to focus on the positive by celebrating the nominations that truly captured the best the small screen had to offer in the last year. (Don’t worry, Eeyores: We’ll complain about tragically omitted TV in another post.)

So all of us on TVLine’s editorial staff have weighed in with our favorite 2015 Emmy nominations. A certain Netflix series about a bubbly redhead gets some special love, as does the source of House of Cards’ soul and Inside Amy Schumer‘s snark.  

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Flip through the photos below (or click here for direct access), and then — most importantly — hit the comments with the Emmy nominations that filled you with joy.