Impastor Premiere: Will You Religiously Watch TV Land's Con Man Sitcom?

Impastor‘s Buddy Dobbs isn’t your typical gambling addict-turned-gay minister of a small-town church.

As revealed in the pilot for TV Land’s newest comedy, which premiered Wednesday, Michael Rosenbaum‘s character actually assumes someone else’s identity — the real pastor falls to his death while attempting to talk Buddy off a bridge — and inadvertently becomes the spiritual hero of an upstate New York hamlet. (Also, don’t apologize for feeling weird about seeing the former Smallville star with a full head of hair. You’re not alone.)

Impastor‘s first episode is an eventful one, full of misunderstandings (Buddy’s nearly exposed when he doesn’t seem to know what “scripture” means), off-brand shenanigans (he also smokes the weed he confiscates from a concerned parishioner’s stoner son) and an awkward sexual encounter with a microwaved cantaloupe (which I’d rather not get into right now).

The pilot also introduces the members of Buddy’s new inner circle: his personal assistant, a bubbly young lady named Dora (Rules of Engagement‘s Sara Rue); the church’s beautiful, and very interested, treasurer named Alexa (Episodes‘ Mircea Monroe); the church’s equally-interested secretary named Russell (Mike Kosinski); and Alden (Bored to Death‘s David Rasche), the church’s highly skeptical president.

Of course, Buddy’s big reinvention plan isn’t exactly fool proof. Not only does he feel guilty about abandoning his ex-girlfriend (Dexter‘s Aimee Garcia) back in the city, but he’s also being pursued by a pair of unforgiving thugs — and as you see at the end of the pilot, they’re not exactly amateurs when it comes to tracking down those who wrong them.

The only question is: Are you ready to join Pastor Dobbs’ flock after seeing the pilot, or are you damning it to eternal cancellation? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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