Heroes Reborn: Meet the Newbies — Including 'The Ultimate Hero'!

Are you ready for a “dark and twisted” Zachary Levi?

That’s what the beloved Chuck star and his on-screen wife, newcomer Judith Shekoni, promise we’ll get from their characters on NBC’s upcoming Heroes Reborn — creator Tim Kring’s sequel to the superpowered-humans-save-the-world hit that ran on the Peacock net from 2006 to 2010.

Levi, Shekoni and Kring — along with six other Heroes Reborn cast members — sat down with Michael Ausiello in our Comic-Con suite at the Hard Rock Hotel to tease who they’ll be playing (one of ’em boasts about being the “ultimate” mutant) and why the limited-run format could be a boon to Kring’s story-telling goals.

Press PLAY above for the full Q&A, then hit the comments with your anticipation level for the show’s return.