Major Crimes Sneak Peek: Can Provenza Convince Rusty to Aid and Abet?

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Detective Provenza is ready to take a big step tonight on Major Crimes (TNT, 9/8c). Or, at least mostly ready.

In the episode “Personal Effects,” Provenza’s lady friend Patrice (guest star Dawnn Lewis) moves in with him, resulting in a “redecorating” of his place. In the exclusive sneak peek above, Provenza hires Rusty to help get rid of the stuff of his that has been designated for charity — the operative words being “designated for.”

Elsewhere in the episode: When the squad comes across a pile of bones, they fall into a web of connections as they find their victim has an unnerving past, while Rusty continues to pursue his investigation of the Alice case with the help of a new friend (or “friend,” as Provenza might put it).

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