Outcast: Watch the First Trailer for Cinemax's Demonic Drama From Walking Dead EP Robert Kirkman

Brace yourselves for the walking damned — so to speak.

Cinemax unveiled the official Season 1 trailer Saturday for Outcast, a demons-against-humankind comic-book adaptation from executive producer Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead) — and, not surprisingly, it looks intense.

There’s levitating bodies, a menacing looking child and a West Virginia town in desperate need of a fresh coat of paint.

The network’s official description for Outcast is as follows: Patrick Fugit (Gone Girl, Almost Famous) stars as Kyle Barnes, a man who has been plagued by demonic possession all his life and who sequesters himself from those he loves for fear of causing greater hurt. Philip Glenister (Life on Mars) plays Reverend Anderson, a hard-drinking, hard-gambling West Virginia evangelist who believes he is a soldier in God’s holy war against the forces of evil on Earth. Gabriel Bateman (Stalker) rounds out the cast as Joshua Austin, an eight-year-old who lives across town from Kyle.

To his family’s dismay, Joshua appears to be in the clutches of demonic possession, but there’s something very different about this possession and its connection to Kyle Barnes. As Kyle struggles to regain a normal life, what he discovers could change his fate — and the fate of the world — forever.

Press PLAY above for the full Outcast trailer, then hit the comments and tell us whether you’ll tune in.

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