Grey's Anatomy's Camilla Luddington: 'Izzie Coming Back Would Be Nuts' (But She's 'Not Against It')

Camilla Luddington is nervous about Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy.

“I just don’t trust things are going to continue to go well” for Jo and Alex, the actress tells Michael Ausiello in an interview at TVLine’s Comic-Con suite at the Hard Rock Hotel — and she’s not just referring to the couple’s icky new loft space. After three “pretty good” seasons for the couple, Luddington wonders how much more sunshine there can possibly be in the forecast.

As for TVLine’s recent article advocating the return of Katherine Heigl’s Izzie, Luddington admits “it would be nuts,” but adds that she’s “not against anything that would make for a good storyline.”

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