Gotham @ Comic-Con: Season 2's Rise in Villains Will Require New Heroes

Gotham Season 2 Spoilers

Detective Jim Gordon just might find himself melancholy, longing for the merely troublesome Gotham of old.

During the Fox drama’s panel at the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday night, showrunner Bruno Heller said that Season 1 “was very much about old-school Gotham,” under the thumb of garden-variety thugs. “This season, it’s the rise of the villains,” he previewed, as the titular city “starts to decline into chaos.”

And where are these new bads emerging from? As EP Danny Cannon explained, Season 2 explores “what Gotham can give birth to when people” — mild-mannered Edward Nygma included? –” start to feel power within themselves and don’t feel the urge to answer to morality.”

Of course, ruling the roost right now is Penguin fka Oswald Cobblepot, the last boss standing after Falcone retired, Maroni got offed and Fish took a dive. “He’s prepared to fight to stay up there,” said portrayer Robin Lord Taylor. “But it’s never a smooth ride with Oswald!”

Whatever the case, it sounds like do-right Jim Gordon could use some reinforcements — and maybe will get some. “As the villains rise, there’s an arms race, and the good guys have to increase their force as well,” noted Ben McKenzie. “There’ll be new heroes introduced.”

Also revealed during Gotham’s SDCC panel discussion:

* Camren Bicondova said that Cat, after a crash course from Fish on being her baddest self, is “trying to figure out where she stands, whether she’s a bad guy or good guy.” As she explores that dichotomy, viewers will be made privy to “a big part of her background.”

* “More of a contract is being drawn” between Alfred and young Bruce, Sean Pertwee shared, now that the lad has unearthed his father’s deep, dark secret. As Alfred further trains his ward, they build a
“more adult relationship out of mutual respect and understanding.”

* Jim’s ex-fiancee Barbara is alive, but still a bit addled. “She’s the crazy ex-girlfriend from hell. But she also becomes a woman in full in her own right,” said Cannon. “It’s a story of insanity, but also fulfilling your potential.”