Originals @ Comic-Con: Season 3 Video Reveals the Mikaelsons' New Enemies

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Something wicked this way comes. Actually, make that several somethings.

At the top of Friday’s San Diego Comic-Con panel for The Originals, moderated by yours truly, fans were treated to a five-minute sizzle reel recapping the Mikaelsons’ incredible journey thus far. But this is Comic-Con — you didn’t think it would pass without a look into the first family’s future, did you?

Towards the end of the video (the 4:30 mark if you’re too impatient to wait), we’re made privy to a foreboding conversation between two sinister-seeming individuals, neither of whom appear to be particularly fond of Klaus and Co.

“When you asked to meet, I assumed you’d come to surrender,” a man — whose face we don’t see — says to an immaculately dressed woman.

The Originals Comic-Con“What if I told you the Originals are very far from untouchable?” she responds, handing over a well-documented report on the Mikaelsons’ Achilles heels (which looks suspiciously like a collection of their love interests). “After a millennium, we finally know their weakness.”

“What exactly are you proposing?” he asks, to which the she replies, “I say we stop fighting each other and go after the ones who made us.”

(Call me Danny Zuko, ’cause I’ve got chills!)

We’ll have more scoop on The Originals‘ upcoming third season — including our own video interview with the cast and EPs — very soon, but first, hit play on the sizzle reel above and drop a comment with your thoughts below: What do you make of these new enemies? And what do you hope to see in Season 3?

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