Big Bang Theory Boss Chuck Lorre Shoots Down Spinoff Chatter, Throws Shade at Fellow CBS Hit Scorpion

Who’s ready for Howard & Bernadette in Outer Space?

Probably not Big Bang Theory executive producer Chuck Lorre. When asked whether he’s considered launching a spinoff companion to CBS’ smash-hit comedy, Lorre’s response — “Never. No. Never. No.” — is as swift as it is definitive. Ultimately, he says, he never wants to take the show or its audience for granted.

Of course, as Lorre tells TVLine’s Michael Ausiello in our Comic-Con video suite at the Hard Rock Hotel, that hasn’t stopped CBS from siphoning a little of the Big Bang mojo for its own purposes. “When they want a spinoff, they do it themselves,” he says with a wicked grin. “And they call it Scorpion.”

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