Mistresses Sneak Peek: We Interrupt Your Group Therapy for... Karen's Steamy Three-Way Daydream!?

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Can someone please move that Virgin Mary statue lingering in the background of Dr. Karen Kim’s group counseling session for married couples? (Unless, of course, she happens to be Our Lady of Hot Honeyed Wrecks.)

In the following exclusive sneak peek of Thursday’s Mistresses (9/8c on ABC), Yunjin Kim’s alter ego is midway through answering a question about marital intimacy when she gets unexpectedly flummoxed by a flashback to her night of moodily lit, scantily clad passion with new (and very married) pals Vivian and Alec.

“An attentive partner never stops learning about their spouse — exploring to find out who they truly are,” Karen counsels. Oh, girl, no need to tell your patients your personal definition of “exploring,” K?

Press PLAY above for the full, NSFW-ish interlude, then share your thoughts in the comments. This isn’t going to end well, is it?

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