Fatal Attraction Event Series: 20 Actors Who'd Bring the Heat (and the Crazy) to Fox's Thriller Remake

We’re not sure if an innocent bunny will meet a wet, hot, unfortunate fate during Fox’s event-series remake of the 1987 big-screen thriller Fatal Attraction, but this much is certain: Whoever takes on the roles originated by Glenn Close and Michael Douglas will need to exhibit intense sexual chemistry — and an undercurrent of unhinged volatility.

Theres’s plenty of time for the network to fill the roles — news of the adaptation, written and executive-produced by Mad Men‘s Maria and Andre Jacquemetton — only broke on Wednesday. But our brains are already swimming with potential leads for the project.

Could a Good Wife grad fill Close’s woman-scorned boots? What about a Southland star to take on Douglas’ suburban dad? We’ve cooked up a list of 10 ladies and 10 guys who’ve got the potential to make Fatal Attraction unmissable.

Click through the gallery below to see our picks — or click here for direct access — then hit the comments with your own suggestions!