Fall TV Preview

Blind Item: Will This Be the Fall's Most Divisive Television Event?

UPDATE: Couple at center of Blind Item revealed!

Fall TV madness doesn’t officially get underway for another 11 weeks, but we’re calling it now: The breakup of a certain couple will go down as one of the — if not the — most polarizing events of the 2015-16 season.

I’ve learned that a hit series will throw caution to the wind and put a (possibly permanent!) pin in one of TV’s most popular love stories — a game-changing move that threatens to seismically alter the DNA of the series.

Oh, and it will also piss off a lot of people, a backlash The Powers That Be are said to be fully prepared for and not necessarily all that fearful of; the aging series could benefit from having its core rocked, many believe.

OK, now for a few hints:
♦ The fandom-shattering split (which was first teased in Ask Ausiello) is slated to air in early fall.
♦ The show in question airs on one of the Big 5 broadcast network.
♦ It’s a one-hour drama.

What are you waiting for — get busy doing your speculation thing in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. thisismenow says:

    I feel like it is Castle or Bones.

    • Aly says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      • ZacheryD says:

        it is Bones, “The Powers That Be ” is an Angel reference

        • Dennis says:

          My thoughts precisely!

        • Bear75 says:

          Thought it was Bones or Castle but I’m with you; as soon as I read PTB! HAS to be Bones

          • RBA says:

            It is not Bones. Here is a tease from Fox about the new season…
            BONES: “Picking up six months after the Season 10 finale, BRENNAN (Emily Deschanel) and BOOTH (David Boreanaz) have moved on to a new town and new jobs, having given up their old life and settled into a blissful death-free existence. But a murder unlike any other draws them back to investigate with their former colleagues at the Jeffersonian.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            To RBA: I don’t know what show it is, but your reasoning for it NOT being Bones fails. After all, it could be the return to the Jeffersonian from their “blissful death-free existence” that drives the wedge between Booth and Brennan. One of them might want to return…”possibly permanently.”

          • RBA says:

            Except that Stephen Nathan already ruled out any relationship angst for B&B in season 11.

          • anon says:

            Booth & Brennan are stronger than ever in S11, no matter what they face…you can read that in a TVGuide interview straight after the finale aired….

          • RBA says:

            Exactly. Stephen made it very clear on the TVGuide post mortem that B&B are solid…

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Except, RBA, that Stephen Nathan is no longer the showrunner. Who’s to say the new PTB have to follow his lead?

          • madbengalsfan85 says:

            @CastleBuzz but the plan currently is for Stephen to return sometime later in the season, so he still has some input

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Ooops, didn’t know that, Mad. It’s like musical chairs with these guys!

          • RBA says:

            Exactly. Both Stephen and Hart are still involved with the show. Also DB and ED are Exec. Prod. With veto power over storylines. Nothing happens on Bones unless it is approved by DB and ED.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Then that, RBA, should have been your original argument. The Fox tease means nothing.

        • Wordsmith says:

          TVLine uses the term “TPTB” to refer to the writers of any show – don’t read too much into it.

          • Frankie707 says:

            Yeah and every time they use it in a blind item (which this is far from the first time) people guess Bones because of that, and what do you know, it turns out it’s not Bones.

          • Angela says:

            Was just going to say this, yeah. And it’s not just a reference to the writers, but to the showrunners and network executives, too. It’s a very common term that I imagine has been around even before “Angel” used it.

        • kelley says:

          Nope, its not Bones. Stephen Nathan, Bones exec producer already stated that Booth and Brennan would have a solid relationship in Season 11.

        • Jerri says:

          that and the DNA remark points to Bones. Slight sidetrack, did we ever get an answer to the previous blind item?

          • percysowner says:

            No, we never got an answer that I can recall.

          • Jennifer says:

            Per the last Ask Ausiello:

            Question: I’ve searched far and wide to find an answer to the “bonkers leading lady” blind item, did I miss the memo?! If not — another hint please! —Tori
            Ausiello: There was no memo. And there will be no more hints. There’s a reason that was a blind item and not an actual news story. And the reason is the individual in question scares the s–t out of me.

            Sorry – I’m old :) don’t know how to link.

        • Wild_One says:

          LOL. TPTB is a very common term used by people to reference the executive staff of a show.

        • NatesMama says:

          Guess it was Castle!!

    • Lucy B says:

      Oh, Castle’s a good guess, too. And that one would “alter the DNA of the series” more, I would think.

    • Annie says:

      Castle. Crap. This makes some of the weird little bits of news that have come out in recent weeks make a little more sense.

      • Sarah says:

        I’ve been MIA—what news?

        • Just one thing says:

          There’s been talk that Castle and Beckett will be separated early on in the season, and that’s been spurred on by verified scoop from Ausiello/MM that Castle spends a lot of time with a new female character.
          They’ve dispelled the rumor that Beckett is MIA, but not that the series may have two prongs – one for Castle’s story and one for Beckett’s.
          I think the clues really point to Castle, with Bones being a distant second.

          • Cassie says:

            They won’t separate a couple with kids pemanently so that rules out Bones. Castle it is. Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion won’t have to play that they like each other anymore, that’s a win-win situation for them. It sucks for the fans though.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            I won’t say that it can’t be Castle but I do think it’s highly unlikely. First, in the season 7 finale they just had both Kate and Rick declare their unfailing love and support for each other in two of the most moving speeches/monologues ever presented on the show. So, what? That was all a lie? Second, the two have been separated before, both personally and professionally, and it cost huge numbers of viewers. So? The new showrunners have a death wish?

          • lkh says:

            Hey JOT–did I mention yesterday that the only thing needed was for Matt to spring another scoop and you’d have all kinds of crazy fans to talk to…yes, I am gifted :)

          • Aimee says:

            @CastleBuzz – Have you never watched TV before? Shows do that all the time. Look at Grey’s Anatomy. Every week they have couples declaring their everlasting, undying love for each other in the most intense and dramatic way possible and then two weeks later they break up.

          • Lisa says:

            And maybe just maybe they have to learn how to move on beyond Beckett. Just maybe they don’t have a choice. I think fans made clear last year when Castle went missing that moving on beyond Beckett would indeed change the DNA of the show.

          • Just one thing says:

            You totally called it, lkh! Haha. That was a doozy of a response.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Aimee, Castle’s never been that kind of show. Even after spending 7 years building a single relationship, I’m not saying they can’t do it with Castle. I said it’s “highly unlikely.”

    • fayedigi says:

      I agree.

      • a says:

        I doubt it is Bones…the Fox press release for the upcoming season stated that Booth & Brennan are blissfully happy in their new lives….plus Stephen Nathan said B&B are solid in S11….if anyone seen the gambling arc in S10 they already did break-up B&B during it temporary and they found their way back to each other…so yeah, not Bones, imo.

      • Ayna says:

        I’m pretty sure it’s not Castle either. The new showrunners have said that Castle and Beckett are only gonna get stronger though there will be some hurdles they will have to get through.
        In other words, they are not breaking up Castle and Beckett.

    • JenJ says:

      It says “aging series” so I would say it’s a show that’s been on for awhile, probably 5 or more years.While ordinarily I would suspect Bones in there, I think they’ve put that couple through quite a bit and by the end of last season, it was fixed. Additionally, it’s been highly rumored that this is the last season for the show, so why would they break them up now? Since I don’t watch too many “aging series” with romantic couples, some of you other TV watchers may have an idea of which show they mean, though.

    • John says:

      I think it’ll be Bones.

      • RBA says:

        Not Bones.. Per Fox Press Release and Stephen Nathan..

        “Picking up six months after the Season 10 finale, BRENNAN (Emily Deschanel) and BOOTH (David Boreanaz) have moved on to a new town and new jobs, having given up their old life and settled into a blissful death-free existence. But a murder unlike any other draws them back to investigate with their former colleagues at the Jeffersonian.It is not Bones. Here is a tease from Fox about the new season…
        BONES: “Picking up six months after the Season 10 finale, BRENNAN (Emily Deschanel) and BOOTH (David Boreanaz) have moved on to a new town and new jobs, having given up their old life and settled into a blissful death-free existence. But a murder unlike any other draws them back to investigate with their former colleagues at the Jeffersonian.

        • Abe Froman says:

          And of course FOX would never send out a fake press release to throw off fans ;)

        • CastleBuzz says:

          No matter how often you state this, it’s not a fool-proof argument. Six months of blissful death-free existence sounds boring. Either one of the lead characters could want to go back to the tense death-ridden existence of The Jeffersonian and put pressure on their relationship.

        • Karen Henley says:

          I am a BIG Bones fan, but that excerpt you keep sharing does not preclude this being about B&B. More than likely everything that was in that excerpt happens in the season premiere leaving plenty of time for there to be troubles later.

          • RBA says:

            In the post finale interviews Stephen Nathan made it very clear that B&B are solid in their new lives outside, and when they do come back they make the decision together. What they have gained is a new perspective of what their life could be outside of law enforcement, and even so they both make the choice to come back. B&B had its relationship angst for the final 6 episodes of season 10, so it is unlikely they would revisit it so soon after.

        • Aimee says:

          That press release means nothing. It’s saying that’s how things are when the new season STARTS. A lot can happen during 22 some episodes.

          • anon says:

            Booth and Brennan already broke up last season…Booth even got his own place…he was separated from his child…even Bones isnt going to rinse and repeat a storyline as big as that…I get Castle fans dont want it to be their show but dont insist it is someone elses either…also a post finale interview with TV Guide, clearly states B&B are stronger than ever in S11 no matter what they face.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Anon, I’m a Castle fan but I’m not insisting it to be another show. Only saying that RBA’s, yours and others arguments that it can’t be Bones are insufficient. Whatever Stephen Nathan said, he’s an outgoing showrunner. New guys may have different vision. Also, once a couple breaks b/c of one reason, other differences often loom large and cause more problems down the line. Similar things can be said about Castle. As for other shows mentioned, I don’t watch them. So I for one am not making a prediction. Just trying to keep the arguments well-grounded.

          • anon says:

            @castlebuzz except you are jumping all over Bones fans and their pov, that says to me you are trying to impose your pov onto us, that we are wrong and you are right, what does it matter to you as a castle fan what happens on Bones?….Stephen Nathan ceased to be showrunnner in May BUT as late as June 11th he was still the only one authorized by Fox to speak about the show and its future, his words hold weight…if they didnt the new show runners would be doing the media since May…just like the new Castle showrunners are the ones talking to the media, their words hold weight about the show direction…I am not getting into a debate about this anymore…time will tell what the truth is.

          • Angela says:

            also a post finale interview with TV Guide, clearly states B&B are stronger than ever in S11 no matter what they face.

            I don’t watch “Bones” or “Castle”, so I have no dog in that particular fight, but I will simply point out this fact: showrunners/writers can lie. Or change their minds. Or keep certain plans for characters secret while publically insisting all is fine.
            It’s fine if fans want to take showrunners/writers at their word, and for the sake of the fans of any shows this item might relate to, I hope their favorite pairings will be okay. But I wouldn’t put complete and total stock in what showrunners/writers say if I were in those fans’ shoes.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Anon: ” @castlebuzz except you are jumping all over Bones fans and their pov, that says to me you are trying to impose your pov onto us, that we are wrong and you are right, what does it matter to you as a castle fan what happens on Bones?”

            Don’t be so sensitive. I’m not jumping all over Bones fans or their opinions, just their arguments for why the blind item can NOT be about Bones. Note that I’m not arguing that it’s not about Castle. At this point, arguments for and against many shows can be made. Since I only watch Castle (always) and Bones (often), they’re the only ones I can discuss. As for believing Stephen Nathan, I agree with Angela.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Hey, zoser, glad I can provide you with a bit of amusement. You’re usually so down in the dumps. Wonder why you watch.

          • kmw says:

            Yes press releases do not mean anything and a lot will happen in 22 episodes. I have never been a fan of how Nathan has ran Bones the last couple of seasons. He wasn’t truthful about Booth’s prison stint affecting his marriage to Brennan. However the real issue here is they just broke them up this season. Why would they do the same thing again? it makes no sense and like Castle this would certainly not help ratings for either one. Separating leads of either show is just crazy. This past season of Bones I was almost completely bored because they barely interacted. If Bones makes this move it will not lead to better things at all.

        • I do not follow Bones, and do not know if this is a show, where every spoiler and plan made for new season and storyline actually happens, but an example from a show I watch, NCIS:LA. Last season there were talks about a storyline that were first promoted by showrunners and writers, later the actor playing the character. But at one point it became clear the plans had changed, and all the talk, and hype for that direction in the show turned out to be not true. And when the season ended, only things said were, oh, yeah, that got pushed to next season.

          So, do not take everything said in spoilers (especially before filming has begun, and things can change) at face value. TV business is really like fast food, and there are constant changes happening all the time because of how most network shows are being made (not filmed all at once, but in “real time”, so real life events, ratings, and BTS changes result in changes to current plans…often. ) Just because the showrunners and press release say this, does not mean the things said now will happen. Plans change.

          But if the clues in the BI are correct, and this event takes place in early fall (Sept-Oct), and it is conformed Bones returns only Nov-Dec, because of the lead actresses, Emily Deschanels real life pregnancy, then that clue would rule out Bones. But quotes from interviews with showrunners and writers and press releases are not solid evidence that prove it cannot happen in this show.

        • dave says:

          who says its not Angela and Hodgins?

          • tv fan says:

            that’s what I though at one time too, that could change the “DNA” of a show as well! It doesn’t always have to be the main characters of a show to effect it-well not one like “bones” anyway!

    • dragons3 says:

      I agree, but I think it’s most likely Bones.

    • Pearl says:

      Its Scandal… Olivia and Fits. Fitz will die. And I’ll pop the champagne!

      • Jessa says:

        Probably not Scandal since it’s not an “aging series” yet.

      • Victoria says:

        Oh God! from your lips to our screens! I would literally throw a viewing party for that!

      • delfiteblu says:

        But Ausiello said:” And the reason is the individual in question scares the s–t out of me” So that would lead you to believe that it’s Fitz and Olivia. I don’t see why not; She had no problem ruining Greys by killing off Derek, so the entire premise of Scandal may as well be excised as well. If there’s no hope for Fitz and Liv, then I truly am gone. I had no problem not watching HTGAWM and I’ll have no problem getting rid of Scandal if Fitz and Liv are off the table. The only other couple I care about on TV is Danny and Linda on Bluebloods and I don’t see ANY way they would end unless a bomb dropped on the commissioners house.

      • Ayna says:

        I hope it is Scandal actually ’cause I’ve never liked Fitz and Olivia together.

    • mike says:

      Not a chance it is Castle! or Bones! The ratings suffer when they separate them, it is being done to bring in new life not kill the show! If they planned on break up either show they would have ended them last season. I think it is a ABC Soapy type show for sure.

    • janedoe73 says:

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • No it`s not at all about Castle, it`s about April and Jackson (Grey`s) the things were not good between them at the end of the last season. She left him fore a while and she wanted to leave him again. The actress said not very long time ago she was ready to leave if she has to.

      • tvadictmom says:

        It looks like they already spit in season finale because she wanted to go back to Irag(?). He said he couldn’t be home waiting for her.

      • cycworker says:

        I love Jackson and April. I love them a lot. They aren’t a couple that’s important enough to rock the show, though. Even Callie & Arizona don’t fit that category, and they’re one of the 3 most popular couples on social media. Now, had Derek lived, Meredith & Derek would have fit this category.

        The aging part is throwing me off; otherwise I find myself thinking Fitz & Olivia on Scandal. I’m picturing him staying with Mellie.

    • Delirious says:

      Has anyone guessed anything other than Castle or Bones immediately after reading the blind item? Because I’m willing to bet 99% of the people here have thought of those 2 shows – me included.

      All other shows are either not aging, or don’t feature a love story so rooted and critical to the show’s development to be rocked via a breakup…

    • percysowner says:

      That actually plays into the DNA part of the hint. It would be a big mistake to separate Sam and Dean permanently, IMHO, but it would help deal with the fact that both actors want more time off. OTOH, both actors indicate they like working together and having their characters play off each other, so who knows.

      • The spin off could center on one of the two, leaving the other in the original.

        • Love story could refer to Dean and his car…

          • Jane says:

            No you can’t break up Dean and Baby, that would be a true tragedy!

          • Ines says:

            It says “fandom-shattering split”. Breaking up Dean and Baby would cause backlash from ALL fandom
            But nice theory :)

        • percysowner says:

          I think doing that would doom both shows. Sam and Dean working together is a huge draw for the show. If one of them goes to a spinoff, that means there is no chance of a reconciliation and that means lost viewers, IMHO. Certainly Jensen has stated he won’t do the show without Jared, although I suppose he could have changed his mind. I really don’t think it’s Supernatural. I only thought DNA fit because they are brothers who share DNA.

          • Dawn says:


          • Al says:

            The original comment made me laugh, but you replying to it so seriously is even more funny.

            Sam and Dean don’t fit this BL at all.

    • Jane says:

      On Supernatural the only thing close to a couple is Dean and Sam and I don’t think you could describe them as “one of TV’s most popular love stories” except in the broadest terms. His talking about it being on one of the Big 5 networks does make me think It could be on the CW or Fox. On Fox the only couple I can think of is on Bones. I don’t watch the Vampire Diaries, are there any couples on that show that would qualify?

      • I don’t watch it, so no clue.

      • Dude says:

        Not anymore. Nina Dobrev left TVD last year so their big love story (Damon and Elena) are already broken up.

        • Dmac says:

          But they didn’t officially break up, she is having a very long sleep. If Damon decided that he should move on that would be a catalyst for propelling the show forward.

      • Candy Herzo says:

        They already lost the main female character from Vampire Diaries, so it’s not that one. Could be Castle, I heard that Stanic wanted to leave the show in another forum a while ago, so maybe she will leave? The show is about him anyway, so it could continue without her (sorry romance fans, I think it can!).

        • Alex says:

          Castle could totally continue without “Stanic”. Without Stana Katic though ? No way.

          • brandi says:

            LOL! I totally agree. Losing Stanic would not be a tragedy.

          • canadian ninja says:

            You say that now but next time Rick goes down to the coffee shop and his old buddy Stanic isn’t there with his triple-shot, funny one-liners and sage advice you’ll be crying in your latte.

          • Emily says:

            I don’t know… I’d miss Stanic. I’ve gotten quite attached.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          This issue of whether or not Castle, the show, could continue successfully without Stana Katic filled another commentary thread when her re-signing her contract was up in the air in mid-May. Only the diehard Nathan Fillion fanatics thought it could succeed. The show is most definitely NOT about Rick Castle any more than is it solely about Kate Beckett. It has always been about BOTH of them. So, yes, splitting them up or getting rid of one would certainly drastically change the core of the show….and not many fans would follow.

          • Joseph Marks says:

            I completely agree! That Splitting Them Up! Would I Feel End This Show! Castle! Has Always Been From The Beginning Until Now About Castle And Beckett! And The Show Runners Should Keep It That Way! It Took Just About 7 Seasons! For The Two To Get Married! I Feel It Makes No SenseTo Start A Love Triangle At This Stage! i Know That Stana And Nathan ! Both Signed One Year Contracts! If Its Either Ones Intentions! To Leave The Show! I Feel That Season 8! Should Be Last Season! And It Should End On A Happy Note And Not On A Sour Note!

        • Ceejay says:

          She said she would come back only if they came up with a compelling story for her.

      • So not true – there is the Dean & Castiel thing.

        • percysowner says:

          Off screen in the minds of shippers, yes. On screen it has never been portrayed. Last season the show kept Cas and Dean apart for many episodes, so there was no on screen presentation of a relationship to break up. They can go from being in like 4-5 episodes to none, but in the scope of things, that’s not a lot of difference. Their relationship isn’t one that non-shippers would see as that upsetting. It also isn’t part of the DNA of the series.

          • Remy says:

            A lot of the fans see it as a big thing, their “kinship” is crucial to the story. That has been portrayed on screen!

        • Dawn says:

          Oh man I hope not. CASTIEL n Dean are just like brothers,!!!! SUPERNATURAL would be so off without CASTIEL, or one if the brothers. Only thing would be “Baby” the car

    • michelle says:

      Supernatural …which would suck it is one if not the best show on but it covers everything in the way oh hints..DNA. .the show has been on for going on 11 seasons but it makes no since to mess with it..is more popular now than ever.

    • Castiel' s Cat says:

      That’s a great suggestion. It’s exactly what the show needs and would be a logical result of Sam’s selfish actions resulting in creation being undone.

  2. danyelle says:

    My Olicity-loving heart feels like it just got punched. Can’t be them!!!

    • JC says:

      Aging series does not fit Arrow.

    • Tina says:

      It doesn’t seem to fit that show.

    • sillyemmy says:

      I feel like that won’t be it, probably. Unless one would already consider Arrow an “aging series,” and I wouldn’t consider that to be the case.

    • Amelia says:

      Olicity has barely been together so I doubt beaking them up would rock the core compared to other long term couples that have been mentioned like Bones or Castle.

      • brandi says:

        I agree. I’m thinking this would have to be a show on for longer then 3 (going into its 4th) season and would have to be a couple that fans have put a lot of love behind. I realize there are Olicity shippers, I’m one of them, but separating them at the beginning of season 4 would not rock my world. Breaking up Booth and Bones or Beckett and Castle would come closer. I don’t watch to many other long running shows, so I can’t speak for other couples. If Derek hadn’t already died on Grey’s I’d go with that one, but that’s already done. I’m going with Bones or Castle.
        Maybe TPTB are prepared on Castle because they caught so much flak last year when the season didn’t end with the wedding. Maybe they figure they can handle it. I’m not sure they know what they are in for.

        • CaskettCrazy (or once was) says:

          Sounds like AM pulling the strings from behind the scenes again. Who would have ever thought the creator of a show would deliberately alienate fans and sabotage the show. He did a good job of it though. A good job of shooting himself in the foot.

          • Lisa says:

            Or maybe he has no choice in the matter. If Katic has given him one more season only, he has no choice but to see if they can make it work.

          • Just one thing says:

            Something tells me the show could be in its 10th season, with Joss Whedon at the helm, while Castle and Alexis explore space travel, and people would somehow blame that on Marlowe. Crazy.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            JOT, that’s brilliant, true and so, so funny!

          • Just one thing says:

            Gracias. Now, I’m gonna start a hashtag for all the things that go wrong with Castle – or jusr ABC shows in general:

          • lkh says:

            Well, the Padres lost today, even though they’re on FOX #ThanksMarlowe

          • Just one thing says:

            Perfect. Lol

    • Julian says:

      They’ll break up eventually but I think the article talks about Castle, I don’t know why because I don’t even see it but with all the things I ‘ve been reading about that show I think it’s the logical option

    • Janie says:

      I don’t think it’s Arrow either. 3 seasons isn’t exactly “aging” (especially since a show like Castle has aired 10), and it’s a show that TPTB think could “benefit from having its core rocked.” Arrow basically hit a reset button in the finale, so that doesn’t make sense.

    • Lizo says:

      And nor is Olicity one of the favourite romances. It’s popular, but highly polarized.

      • Sil says:

        I don’t think it’s Arrow’s Olicity either, they just got together. Besides, I like them it would seem a couple having been together for a while would be more likely. Castle and Beckett. Bones couple. I don’t watch these 2 shows.

      • A Fan of TV says:

        But they say it will be a polarizing split – as in, some happy, some not. The other choices being thrown about would be a lot less polarizing and more upsetting. Besides, if Olicity are OTP, splitting them up because Oliver got someone pregnant (‘alter the DNA…’) or something, will only make their eventual reunion that much sweeter. And if the split is permanent, it will still alter the show’s narrative, which has been about will-they-won’t-they and would then become about whether they can still find a way to work togetehr as friends.

        • The biggest problem with this argument has is that Arrow has only been on for three seasons. That doesn’t make it an aging show, no matter how you spin it. Besides, if they bring in Oliver’s son (Marc Guggenheim has said they won’t in season 4, on his tumblr), the person who’s going to have the most problem with it is Laurel, since she was involved with him when the child was conceived.

          • Heather says:

            I don’t think it’s Arrow but you give Felicity too much credit. Even in early S2 before they were even a flirtation, Felicity would act like a judgmental shrew whenever Oliver’s cheating ways would come up, as if he owed her of all people an explanation for the things he did even though he was a notorious playboy and she was crushing on him before they’d even met so it’s not as though it should have been a surprise. Laurel at this point probably wouldn’t give a damn.

          • I’ll need an example of when Felicity was a judgmental shrew without due cause, because I don’t think I saw the same Season 2 that you did. And if you don’t think Laurel will be upset, I think you’re giving *her* too much credit. Yet another example of the jerk Oliver has been, and she won’t care? How did you come to that conclusion? It’s one thing to sleep with her sister, but it’s quite another to find out he fathered a child while they were together. You appear to want to demonize Felicity while leaving Laurel unscathed.

    • My World (As I See It) says:

      It is Angela Pookie Montenegro-Hodgins and Dr. Jack Hodgins from Bones.

      • John NYC says:

        They’ve done that dance before. Plus they’re a sideshow not the leads.

      • Patty says:

        That is exactly what I have been thinking. It has been teased previously and made clear that Angela is questioning how she ended up staying at the Jeffersonian instead of following her artful heart.

      • aurora says:

        I totally agree! IF it’s Bones.. Angela and Hodgins would be a good guess and definitely change things up.

    • Stephen S. says:

      I don’t think it’s Arrow since it’s not really an aging series it only being on it’s 4th season but nonetheless I would love it to be Arrow. Sorry, but I’m not an a fan of Olicity.

  3. Lucy B says:

    I guess Bones.

    • The DNA clue totally says Bones!

      • Marguerite Petrizzi says:

        I didn’t think of that – very clever!

      • RBA says:

        Not Bones… Fox Press Release and Showrunner said B&B are solidly in bliss in the upcoming season..

        • CaskettCrazy (or once was) says:

          RBA, do you sleep with that press release at night as a security blanket? You keep repeating the same thing over and over. Read your own comments and you will see that no where in your previous quotes from the press release said anything about B&B being “solidly in bliss.” Besides, this is a drama, happily ever after doesn’t exist.

        • CastleBuzz says:

          No, RBA, that’s not what was said. B&B are blissful at the start of the first episode which is six months into their new existence. Then they’re called back to the Jeffersonian for a case, which may not leave them so blissful.

          • RBA says:

            Poor Castle fans.. Desperately clinging for the BI not to be Caskett… Unfortunately for you the post finale interviews with Stephen Nathan and some of Hart Hanson’s comments have made it clear they don’t have plans on revisiting a B&B breakup (since they already did it last season) in the upcoming season.

          • a says:

            Read other Bones post S10 finale articles and you can clearly see how it isn’t bones…it isnt just this fox press release. Move it along.

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Poor RBA. You’re desperately clinging for the BI to be about Caskett. Just dying to have a Beckett-less season 9????

          • Joseph Marks says:

            Absolutely Not! I Am For A Season 9 And So On! And Like I Said! I Hope That That Article! Did Not Refer To Castle! It Is My Wish That The Show Continue! But With Castle And Beckett Together! Thats What Made This Show So Successful! In My Opinion! If This Is The Show They Are Talking About ! I Feel Without That Connection! That The Ratings Will Take A Hit! And That The Show Maybe Will Be In Trouble! So I Think That The Show runners! Should Not Gamble! That Way! And I Think It Would Be Much Fairer! For Whatever Fan Base! For Whatever Show It Is To Hear About It! To Post Something Like That In June And Have To Wait Until Sept. Is A Very Long Stretch! In My Opinion!

          • Delirious says:

            @Joseph Marks – out of curiosity, isn’t it terribly exhausting/complicated to capitalize Every Single Word? Especially in a “long” post like that…

          • Joseph Marks says:

            Not To Me! I Am Use To It! But Thank You For Asking!

          • lkh says:

            Great !!!!!!!

          • CastleBuzz says:

            Glad You’re Used! To It But! It Is Hard! to Read! Keep the caps but could you possibly discard the !!!! ? Thanks for considering it.

    • Andrea says:

      I think that the DNA line was a total hint to Bones being the show in question. Also, as another commenter said, they mentioned the Big 5, but not the Big 3. I guess it could be to make it more of a mystery, but there are plenty of those on the Big 3 alone.

      • brandi says:

        I didn’t think about it that way with him saying Big 5 instead of Big 3. Good catch. I’m not sure which couple I’d care less about breaking up at this point. The thing that would bum me out about Castle is the comradery between Kate and Rick, and it would change the way the whole group interacted. That’s the best part of the show.
        As for Bones, I could go either way.

  4. Roger says:

    Umm, that’s TOTALLY Felicity on Arrow.

  5. Nicole says:

    I’m going against the Castle guesses and will say Charming and Snow on Once Upon a Time.

    • Skittles&Bits says:

      Don’t you put that evil on OUAT! The writers wouldn’t handle it well. It would tank a show that’s barely staying afloat, plot-wise, IMO.

    • Joey says:

      If it was going to be OUaT, they’d break up Captain Swan permanently, but then they’d lose the only viewers they still have left.

      • browneyegurl says:

        I think they may actually gain viewers by breaking them up. But I see your point, lol.

        • Rebecca says:

          ^^”I think they may actually gain viewers by breaking them up.” Fave comment. Lol. But I wouldn’t count on OUAT breaking up their CS couple. They seem to think that they’re a good idea. Despite the ratings saying otherwise.

          My guess would be Bones given the ‘DNA’ reference.

        • Olivia says:

          Well, I might start watching again if they did that. Get rid of Robin-one-face-one-emotion-Hood and put Hook in the background… it would be a good start. Then fix the mess that is left once it’s done. I loved this show at first but wow, they really did everything in their power to make it an unfathomable clusterfuq.

          • Rebecca says:

            “put Hook in the background” Isn’t that his job already? A background character? Who doubles as useless arm candy for Emma?

          • Lauren says:

            Let me guess judging from your comment you’re a bitter swan queen shipper that is upset that captain swan and outlaw queen are canon? You guys are so predictable. Lol but it’s not once so guess you’re gonna have to suck it up or stop watching.

        • merwordup says:


          I swear, you Outlaw Queen/CS shippers are so predictable. Many people who do not like the contrived, shallow relationships of CS and OQ are not necessarily Swan Queen shippers. They are people who see CS and OQ as horrible written storylines, outside of shipping. Is it not true that all Hook does is…be at Emma’s side? Geez, use some critical thinking. Your “canon” relationships have done positively nothing to stop the lost of viewership for OUAT.

          • buttercupscarlett95 says:

            I can’t speak to OQ, but considering the slow burn of CS and all the time and effort the show has made delicately crafting their relationship, calling them “shallow” is not a serious statement. They probably have the deepest, most well-developed relationship of all the couples on the show.

      • buttercupscarlett95 says:

        OUAT is already taking a big risk turning its hero into a villain (however temporary). Doubt they’d break up their most popular couple on top of that. Most likely the whole focus of 5a is going to be on Hook (and the others) saving Emma.

        Besides, OUAT’s “DNA” doesn’t depend on a particular couple, even Snowing. I’d say the show’s “DNA” is about reuniting Emma with her family and her figuring out how she fits into their world. This arc is going to be about her dealing with her dark side. Romance is probably going to be secondary.

        • Frankie707 says:

          Well as the parents of Emma, grandparents of Henry, I think their DNA runs through the show doesn’t it? Just a spin on the DNA hint.

          • Buttercup says:

            Could be, but would a Snowing breakup be “seismic”? A lot of OUAT fans like Snowing, but I don’t see a lot of people who pick Snowing as their favorite couple. Still, if it’s an OUAT couple, Snowing is the most likely candidate.

          • Frankie707 says:

            Actually I doubt OUAT is old enough to be considered aging, at least I think that would be a stretch. It’s just that I see how the DNA clue could work with them.

      • I disagree. Captain Swan is too new to really shake the series. Plus, with Emma doing dark, there’s not much room for a legitimate break up since she’s already bonkers.

        Snow and Charming could dramatically alter the DNA of the series if their true love ends badly. Yet, the show COULD still continue. But with Castle, if Castle and Beckett break up, there’s really no reason for Castle to shadow Beckett anymore. It’d pretty much kill the series. Snow and Charming breaking up would simply throw OUAT into dark and twisty chaos that would piss people off, but in theory there’s plenty of story to tell despite that.

        And I honestly think people are taking “aging” a little too literally. IMO, any show that is at least in it’s 4th season and showing year to year declines could be considered aging.

    • Ines says:

      I don’t think so because it’s based on Disney characters and their love is supposed to be forever. And like Skittles&Bits said the writers would make a mess and spend season B fixing it.

    • Lisa says:

      That is a possibility also, except that the “altering the DNA of the show” hint. That kinda lends to it being more along the lines of Castle or Bones. I think Castle is the most likely since Michael also brought up that it was hinted at in Ask Ausiello. I believe that since there were so many questions about whether Stana would sign on for another season and she only signed a contract for one season, Castle makes the most sense.

      * They are bringing in a new female character.
      * Castle spends more time with said new female character
      * Castle has new writers
      * Castle came pretty close to cancellation. Shaking up the DNA of the show may be an effort to renew interest, take it in a new direction and prepare for the possibility that their present female lead may not stay with them after this season.

      • Lizo says:

        To renew interest would be counter intuitive by casting a new female lead. The die-hards (who are the ones watching now), will leave if they break up Rick & Kate. I know I will. That doesn’t seem like a smart way to renew interest, by alienating the ones already watching.

        • Lisa says:

          Unless they were left without much of a choice. If Stana Katic gave them one more season and that’s IT. They have the opportunity to use this season to prepare for it.

          • Lisa says:

            And possibly find a new and interesting direction.

          • cej says:

            If Stana leaves then they should end the show.

          • Joseph Marks says:

            I Think! That If This Is Stana Last Season! Since She Just Signed For One Year! And This Is The Show They Are Talking About! I Agree! They Should Rap This Show Up! There Is No Assurance Either! That Nathan Would Sign! For Another Year! Also! If The Break Up! Is A Professional Breakup! And It Does Not Last Long! That Is Different! Because You Can Bring The Story Line Back The Way It Was! But If Its Permanent! I Think It Is A No Win Situation! If The Break Up Is for A Romantic Love Affair! With Castle And The Other Women! And Beckett! Is Now Captain Of 12 Precinct! I Cannot See Him Helping The NYPD! Because I Am Sure It Would Not Welcomed! Any More ! And Lastly! The New Show Runners! Who Worked And Written! Castle Episodes Before! Should Know! From The Past! Poor Story Telling! Creates Poor Episodes! And Poor Episodes! Create! Very Poor Ratings! And This Show Has Loss An Estimated 2 Million Viewers! According To Entertainment Sources! So Like Everyone Else! I Do Not Know What The Future Holds For This Show!

        • tv fan says:

          exactly right, most left when they “broke-up” Kate and Rick on his wedding day and I think if they do it again it will be the death of the show……and who says it a main character shake up?

          • John NYC says:

            If it isn’t a main character breakup it’s not significant an incident to “alter the DNA of the show”. Just a B plot storyline.

      • Dmac says:

        I don’t think so, those two are the show and if you break them up you might as well cancel it. Their viewers left in droves after the wedding that wasn’t and they barely got them back. I can’t imagine they worked so hard to get the female lead signed only to break them up, they might of as well not signed her.

    • I’m with you. Charming and Snow is my best guess.

    • Marguerite Petrizzi says:

      That was my first thought. But would they consider OUAT an aging series?

  6. Janie says:

    I’m very worried that it is Castle. they have a new girl coming onto the show that Castle will be spending time with..

  7. Kaalyn says:

    It’s gotta be Castle. That “shaken, stirred and totally pissed off” comment must allude to Stana Katic’s brief Quantum of Solace cameo.

    Rumors that Fillion and Katic don’t get along so well, the extended negotiations between the network and Katic, the new female character Castle will be spending time with… it all seems obvious.

    And dumb. Should have just ended the show happily after Season 7.

    • Annie says:

      Oh good catch – but did they take that out of the piece? I don’t see it.

      • Kaalyn says:

        That hint was in the last Ask Ausiello piece, which he linked to in this article (and said that was his first mention of the break-up).

    • Ines says:

      I think you’re right. It makes more sense than any other options (Snow and Charming on Once upon a Time, or Bones).
      Oh, and I agree the show should have ended earlier and on a happy note. I hated season 7 disappearance arc

    • DeeDee says:

      Kaalyn, I agree with you. The show has be sagging and was close to being cancelled. This feels like a “Hail Mary” to try and save the show. Stana only signed back on for one year, which seemed to be highlighted when it was announced. So maybe they are hoping that Castle and the “new” female cast member can build the sexual tension during the year apart from Stana, enough so, to be able to continue the series without her.

      • CastleBuzz says:

        Yeah, right, and that would make Rick a slimy cheater, something he said he would never do considering how hurt he was when Meredith cheated on him. What fan, except the most diehard Nathan Fillion fan, would continue to watch that character?

        NOTE: both Stana and Nathan signed for only a year, which is typical after 7 seasons. Additional years are optional.

        • KCC says:

          Depends on how they break them up. My guess it will be amiable and Castle won’t be cheating. If this is Katic’s last season and Fillion is agreeable to more seasons, it will be Beckett’s decision to end the marriage for her own reasons, not Castle’s. They will have to keep the Castle character likeable and nobody likes a cheater.

        • sml says:

          At this point, considering some of the tricks they pulled in 6×23 and season 7, it seems obvious that ABC/TPTB only care about the diehard Nathan Fillion fans anyway.Just saying.

    • Lisa says:

      Well, that pretty much finishes sealing it for me. When you add the “shaken, stirred and totally pissed off” connection to everything else, it has GOT to be Castle.

    • CJ says:

      I already thought it was Castle, but that really seals it for me. Good catch.

    • Alichat says:

      Plus, there was a story line at one point (end of season 1 or 2) where Castle was going to not write Nikki Heat books anymore, and take over writing the Bond series.

  8. Cindy says:


    • Just one thing says:

      That’s eleventy votes for Castle.

      • rowan77 says:

        I think so too, so eleventy-one.

        • Just one thing says:

          Lol. We’re gonna need a bigger boat. You know, for the meltdowns.

          • Maria says:

            No meltdown here if they are the blind item. I will just walk away permanently.

          • Just one thing says:

            Yeah, I can see that being a widespread response as well.

          • R says:

            I don’t know what this says about my feelings about Castle ~ Wait! Scratch that; I know exactly what it says about my feelings towards Castle lol ~ but this blind item doesn’t really bother that much; assuming it is of course referencing Castle.
            Either Castle & Beckett will continue to be the driving force behind the show, in which I will continue to be marginally entertained by the last season of Castle. Or the writers/ABC will be dumb enough to break them up, in which I will just stop watching altogether… bleh

          • Just one thing says:

            Sounds about right.

          • lkh says:

            JOT–be careful what you wish for–I could actually read Crime and Punishment before I could get through all these posts. Anytime Matt uses a question mark then they’re off and running!

  9. lauren says:

    omg dare we hope it’s OUAT’s Emma and Hook??? My birthday isn’t for two months LOL

    Sink CaptainSwan!

    • Hannah says:


    • browneyegurl says:

      Captain Swan has not contributed positively to the numbers for the show, no matter how much ABC wants to promote Colin’s pretty face.

    • julio says:

      Oh you swan queen shippers lol.

      • Catherine says:

        I am not a SQ shipper and can’t stand CS. It’s mind-numbingly dull and has actually diminished my enjoyment of the show. Narcissistic men are an absolute turn off for me. Blech.

        • Kelly says:

          If they’re that bad why do you think this item is about them then? You obviously don’t think they’re important enough to change the DNA of the show so what’s the point of your post? Just to spread some hate? LOL! OUAT won’t get rid of any of their canon couples, that’s not what the show’s about. If you dislike what you’re seeing then there are plenty of alternative shows I’m sure :) Personally I don’t put myself through watching a show where I don’t like the main character’s. Life’s too short and I want to enjoy my time here. As for this BI, sadly it does sound like Castle. That would be disappointing as I’ve always loved the show. It’d be a shame if that’s how they decided to go and I doubt I’d continue watching.

  10. Grace says:

    Castle and Beckett. Duh. Those writers are idiots.

  11. DH says:

    Marge and Homer Simpson?

  12. Renton says:


  13. eviloverlore says:

    This smacks hard of Castle. :(

  14. hanna says:

    Mulder and Scully.

    • Amy says:

      Was going to guess that but the XF revival isn’t airing until January.

    • Steven says:

      It’s been confirmed by Chris Carter that they aren’t even living together once the show comes back. So they see to be on shaky ground already.

  15. Kate says:

    Omg I hope this isn’t Castle…

  16. spindae2 says:

    This screams OLICITY, maybe the writers finally realized that the couple was getting to much focus.
    But AA blind items are usually about shows I don’t watch, like TMP.

    • Ben says:

      Arrow aging show? Seriously doubt it’s Arrow.

      • JenJ says:

        People saying “Arrow” are obviously not reading the clue about it being an “aging series”. That hardly fits Arrow, and would seem to imply a series that’s been on tv for at least 5 or more years, where fans have gotten used to one particular couple being together. It also sounds like one that may have been having trouble in the ratings after being on so long, clearly a much longer aged series who could be sort of tired looking and which may stir up fan interest, which they seem to think, will create more viewers in the end.

    • John NYC says:

      3 seasons isn’t “aging”, even in today’s attention deficit disorder world.

      Now BONES OTOH….

      • lizzie says:

        Bones is not “aging” show either, it’s an old show. Plust it’s something the show sould never do. It says “permanently”. Never going to happen to Booth and Brennan.

        • Actually, it says POSSIBLY permanently. Not definitely permanently.

          Blind Items are basically spoilers based on rumors, things that are not yet set in stone, and definite. BI are like stories based on the first draft of the film/show, when in the final draft the story can be very different after many changes.

    • BenM says:

      I do not understand how anyone can think this ‘screams’ olicity when they literally only got together one minute before the end of the last episode. How could them breaking up completely change the DNA of the show? They’ve already broken up like twice already.

  17. GuessWhat says:

    Penny and Leonard.
    Big Bang Theory.

  18. Tina says:

    I’m guessing Castle.

  19. CC says:

    This screams Castle to me.

  20. My first thoughts were Castle or Bones!!!

    • percysowner says:

      I agree it sounds like one of those. I’m leaning toward Castle because Castle and Becket don’t have kids together and rumor has it that Nathan Fillian and Stana Katic don’t enjoy working together.

      • TRB says:

        wild thought, but it could be Bones but not Brennan and Booth. It could be Angela and Hodgins. They’ve been a couple longer than Booth and Brennan.

        • JenJ says:

          Now that sounds like a thought, Angela & Hodgins. I suppose it could be, but truthfully, I don’t see anything that they would be in conflict about, they already showed last season that they were both willing to sacrifice for what they believed the other wanted and worked through it.

      • SO says:

        Just gossip They are friends. Also said the 5 big networks. If it were Castle, wouldn’t they have said the 3 big networks? May be a big surprise & be nothing mentioned here.

        • Frankie707 says:

          He says the big 5 to indicate it’s one of the regular broadcast networks, not a cable channel. He’s not going to say big 3 when it’s ABC,CBS, or NBC, then say big 5 when it’s Fox or CW. That would make things too easy. So no I wouldn’t rule out any of the big 3 just because he says big 5.

    • I do think it’s a major couple that’s on either show….so Caste/Kate or Booth/Brennan.

  21. Cody says:

    Ruling out Felicity and Oliver based on the “aging series” blip as ‘Arrow’ is only entering its fourth season and that’s hardly enough to consider the series as aging.

  22. Wcm says:

    Why do i fear it is Castle…..

  23. matty says:

    Castle was my first thought, followed by Bones.

  24. I’m going with Regina and Robin Hood.

  25. Deb says:

    I’m thinking Grey’s or Supernatural.

    • J says:

      There aren’t really any couples left on Grey’s to break up…

      • PL says:

        Right. The only ones left are Alex/Jo and Jackson/April, neither of which are substantial enough to rock the series, not like Derek’s death already did. Besides, we already got a hint that Jackson and April are on the rocks in the season finale.

        • anon says:

          Agreed. Both of those pairings have a good-sized fanbase but neither are popular enough to alter the DNA of the show. Especially considering they weren’t always together.

      • Erika says:

        We still have April and Jackson

    • Dawn says:

      I totally agree with you! It is more popular now then EVER. AND IT US MY VERY FAVORITE SINCE DAY 1. UNLESS SEASON 11 IS IT. AND MAN THAT WILL BREAK MY HEART.Its in opinion also the Best show on TV n close second is the Blacklist.

  26. Grace says:

    Also the only thing the new showrunner of castle has really said about season 8 is that he plans to SHAKE things up. Obvious and sad.

  27. Esteban says:

    “Bones” is totally safe, if they wanted to break them up the gambling would have done it. I am going to put my money on Jo and Alec from “Grey’s”.

    • Amy says:

      Thought the same thing about Bones. They had plenty of opportunities in the past season.

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t think that it will be Jo and Alex. They just bought a loft together, which is a pretty big investment in their future as a couple. With the whole “I love you” exchange at the end of the last season, I just don’t see them going strong for a few episodes and then completely changing direction. Of that was the plan, then why do it at all?

  28. Clary says:

    Those hints are of no use!

  29. TVLine Fan Girl says:

    I would love to hear a good suggestion that is NOT Castle or Bones. . . those are my fears. BTW I think Arrow is still too young of a series to be called “aging” . If they are going to break-up Castle and Becket I would have rather the series ended this year.

    • Sarah says:

      @TVLIne Fan Girl
      I don’t think it’s Bones because, even though he’s no longer the showrunner, Stephen Nathan said in an interview that B&B would be completely solid in season 11. I don’t remember which site it was for, maybe GMMR. But I do think there’s a good chance it is Castle.

    • Agreed. The finale could have been a series finale I could live with. If they are going to break them up, don’t see how show can work.

    • kelsie says:

      Am I totally off base in throwing Scandal into the mix. Fandom would be pissed if Fitz and Olivia broke up permanently after it seemed they were finally together at the end of last season. Also, Shonda has already proved as the power that be she can do what she pleases.

  30. Judy Snell says:

    Up until you said One Hour Drama, I thought Leonard and Penny from BBT…I’m thinkinking Bones or Castle or OUAT?

  31. aurat22 says:

    It’s Castle know doubt in my mind. That’s why Rick spending lots of time with new woman as Matt teased in Inside Line. SK only signed for 1 year and yet head of ABC said they want to keep it going past that. Common sense says it’s them all the way. Stupid they should just end it next season as to not hurt syndication revenue.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree completely. This year they had to contend with the possibility of losing their female lead. Stana signed a 1 year contract. However, we are not privy to the tone of the negotiations. They can either prepare for the possibility while they have the opportunity or scramble after this season. For all we know, Stana could have reluctantly agreed to one more season and said after that she’s done. She could have also agreed simply to provide the opportunity for them to find a suitable replacement.

      I now have no doubt it’s Castle. I was not previously aware of the Quantum of Solace connection, nor that Nathan and Stana don’t get along. When that is added to the “alter the DNA” comment, the fact that Castle was very close to cancellation, new writers, new female character that Castle spends a lot of time with, and the things I mentioned above…There’s no doubt left in my mind.

      • fei says:

        They said Nathan also signed for only one year though.

      • Jessie says:

        Also would stana actually agree to sign on if she knew that they were going to break up castle and Beckett? Whether or not she get along with fillion, she’s always been a huge supporter of the castle and Beckett romance

        • Just one thing says:

          Maybe an actor can only be an advocate for a pairing for so long before they decide their efforts are better spent advocating for their own character.

  32. Pati says:

    First thing that comes to mind is Scandal, I for one would hate if Olivia and the president were done for good.

    • Cam says:

      Fitz and Olivia have never ‘been together’ so it would hardly be a shake up to break them up again. Plus Scandal is going into season 5. Aging to me means 8 seasons or more. It’s Castle or Bones.

      • Margo says:

        I agree it can’t be Scandal…I for one wouldn’t find Fitz and Olivia “breaking up” earth shattering…I’d find it the best news ever! So over that couple and I think most people are over them as well…that really would be such awesome news lol This TV break up definitely sounds like its going to hurt some fans LoL…so it can’t be Scandal…I don’t watch Castle or Bones…but most people seem to think its that :P

      • Dude says:

        By today’s standards anything more than five could be considered aging. I don’t think it’s Scandal though. Fitz and Olivia are barely ever together. Most of the drama is mined from them not being together.

    • Julie says:

      They’ve never really been together so breaking them up wouldn’t really alter anything. I, for one, wouldn’t shed one tear if they were done for good. I like both characters, just not together. They’re toxic and she’s completely out of character when she’s with him. I’m rooting for Jake and Olivia.

  33. JamesA says:

    It’s either Booth and Brennan, or Oliver and Felicity….it better NOT be OLICITY!!!!!

    • Alex says:

      I don’t think breaking up Oliver and Felicity would alter the DNA of the show, since they’ve barely officially been together on the show anyway. (More will they-won’t they). Plus, Arrow’s not quite an “aging” show yet.

  34. karen says:

    castle or bones

  35. Anna says:

    Castle or Scandal.

    • Andrea says:

      Yup…while I agree that Castle and Bones are definitely plausible, I also think Scandal is a possibility. Since I hate Olivia/Fitz, this would be my preference.

      • LK says:

        They’ve broken up several times so that wouldnt really alter anything.

        • Andrea says:

          True, but Olivia and Fitz have always circled each other. The prevailing vibe on that show has always been that Fitz and Olivia are endgame,,,that viewers are supposed to want them together, even when they’re apart. If Shonda really got rid of that vibe, and stuck to keeping it out, I think the tenor of the show would change.

  36. Brian says:

    Gah, “aging series” probably nullifies my hope for it being Oliver and Felicity. Oh, well.

  37. Sarah_ says:

    Don’t know why but my vote goes to Castle..i hope not but it seems like a fan favourite relationship and it meets the requirements.

  38. Robyn says:

    OMG! I think it’s Oliver and Felicity on Arrow! That would make me very sad/mad.

  39. Urkidi says:

    Castle is aging, the show I mean… and it’s kind of stuck… So I would go with it (and yes, I know that they have not been together almost a season).

  40. Hannah says:

    I’m guessing OUAT — The only ship that would truly devastate (parts) of the fandom is Captain Swan — Rumbelle shippers are USED to the pair being split. I hope A&E are ready if this is true, people who ship Emma with people are pretty ruthless

    • Alex says:

      Breaking up Emma and Killian would hardly “alter the DNA of the show,” though. It’s not central to the plot. The only breakup that would have a chance of doing that would be Snow and Charming, but I doubt it’s OUAT at all.

      • Rebecca says:

        ^^ “Breaking up Emma and Killian would hardly “alter the DNA of the show,” though. It’s not central to the plot.” THIS. Hook isn’t useful to anything to the plot. If he goes/dies or whatever….. The plot and show would be exactly the same. The only people who would miss him. Are the CS shippers.

      • Snow and Charming breaking up would rock the show to it’s core.

  41. Matt says:

    If it was castle wouldn’t he just say divorce not breakup

    • Maria says:

      I think saying “divorce” would make it too obvious and rule out too many other shows, thus ending some of the guessing game.
      If it is Castle and it becomes a permanent thing, then this would be Rick’s 4th divorce?? Yeah, I’m not gonna stick around and watch that.

    • annie says:

      Could be death that breaks up the couple in question. That I wouldn’t put past any of the contenders’ writers.

  42. Nancy says:

    I am also going with Castle

  43. Phil says:

    Please tell me it’s not Deacon on Nashville. That would seismically alter that show – but not for the better.

    It fits all those clues, but a show in it’s fourth season isn’t really “old”.

  44. Amy says:

    Bones, Castle and Arrow came to mind. Don’t know if either of them counts: I don’t watch Castle; Arrow might not be aging (though season 4 could come close to that definition), and Bones had many chances to break Booth and Brennan apart this past season (gambling arc) and they didn’t — they’re in a good place. Plus, they kind of shook things up last year.
    I have no idea.

  45. Dmac says:

    I don’t think it is Castle, especially after mentioning the big 5 networks. If it was Castle it would be the big three, plus the fact that couple is the show break them up and no show. I think it is a show on Fox or the CW (and no Arrow isn’t an aging show) Aging shows on those two include Bones and The Vampire Diaries and what else?

    • Amy says:

      Blind items are purposefully vague that way. That was its way of saying “it’s a network show.” It might very well end up being an ABC show.

    • Andrea says:

      Great insight into the Big 3/Big 5! I wouldn’t have caught that.

      My first thought after reading the “DNA” bit was that it was about Bones. I don’t watch it, so it wouldn’t bother me too much. I do, however, consider myself a major Castle fan, so I would be both blindsided and bummed if they were the couple in question.

      I just don’t see Castle removing a series regular, introducing a new regular character, promoting Beckett up to Captain, AND breaking up Castle and Beckett. Plus, with all of the hints about their future from last season, in which they’re very much together, and the possibility that the show might end after this next season, I don’t see them being broken up, or at the very least not for long.

      • I have to agree. Breaking up Caskett when they just got married doesn’t feel right at all. That’s not shaking things up. That’s just committing suicide. They’re already shaking things up enough if Beckett is captain and there are new faces around.

        • tv fan says:

          my thought was castle’s “partnership” with working with Beckett not their love life, that always shakes things up for a little while and permanently meaning she does her own thing not with him……

  46. Sam says:

    Well it’s not Grey’s Anatomy because McDreamy is dead and Calzona’s divorced.
    My guess is Castle or possibly Scandal’s Fitz/Olivia.

  47. Joel says:

    Castle will damage the series if true

  48. BeckyBoo says:

    Booth and Brennan or Castle are my guesses – both are ‘ageing’ series, and Bones is getting new showrunners and has been having low ratings, so they might feel it needs the ‘shake up’.

    Certain it’s not Arrow, thank god, – that’s not an ageing series, and doesn’t need it’s ‘core rocked’.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      Considering this could possibly be the last season of Bones, there’s no real need for a shake-up. Also, if the writers wanted to go down that road they would’ve used Booth’s relapse. I think it’s Castle (who also gets a new showrunner this season)

      • John NYC says:

        But with the “shake-up” maybe they get to have more seasons?

        • madbengalsfan85 says:

          Doubtful. Ratings are just too low to justify another renewal, and I can’t see TPTB being that desperate.

          • John NYC says:

            A possible renewal versus a continued slide. That’s just looking to creatively save the show. Also known as doing their job?

      • tv fan says:

        I don’t see either one of these shows coming back next year, sorry, And a little shake up never hurt anyone……I don’t see it for either one of these shows but I really think it would be CASTLE more then bones, it’s says “early fall” bones has a later date…..and who says it was a”main” character…..I see lots of non-main ones on both these and other shows. and it could be a “work” related break-up not a romance one!