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Heroes Reborn: First Trailer Teases Hiro, HRG, Evil Zachary Levi and More

Finally — and just in time for San Diego Comic-Con — NBC has released the first trailer for Heroes Reborn, and it offers your first real glimpses at returning faves Hiro and HRG (played by Masi Oka and Jack Coleman), as well as Chuck alum Zachary Levi’s ominous newcomer.

Other original Heroes on board for the 13-episode revival (premiering Thursday, Sept. 24 at 8/7c) include Sendhil Ramamurthy (as Mohinder Suresh), Cristine Rose (Angela Petrelli), Jimmy Jean-Louis (The Haitian) and Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman).

New faces, meanwhile, include Dylan Bruce (Orphan Black), Robbie Kay (Once Upon a Time), Rya Kihlstedt (Dexter/Nashville), Gatlin Green (Liv and Maddie), Judi Shekoni (EastEnders), Henry Zebrowski (A to Z), Toru Uchikado, Kiki Sukezane (The Yokai King), Pruitt Taylor Vince (The Mentalist), Eve Harlow (The 100), Nazneen Contractor (Covert Affairs), Ryan Guzman (Pretty Little Liars) and Francesca “Daughter of Clint” Eastwood.

Check out the trailer, register your current level of excitement for Heroes‘ rebirth.

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  1. R.O.B. says:

    This will be OK as long as it is about the Heroes actually helping other people and saving them, as opposed to the self-absored soap opera the original series was. Thumbs down on emo-Hiro. Happy go lucky Hiro was one of the best things about the original series (granted I stopped watching it after season 2 so I don’t know if he became angry and brooding at that point).

    • Chris says:

      There was a point he had his mind reverted to that of a five year old and doing the pee pee dance, so no, you didn’t miss much. This is a much welcome change of pace. Lol

  2. Andy says:

    Future Hiro is the coolest part about this Heroes revival.

  3. Stephon JS says:

    I finally! Something! It looks good so far

  4. Jennifer says:

    I am hoping that this is more like Season 1 than the last ones. I have hope.

  5. Mr. Tran K says:

    Really hope Heroes Reborn is going to “save” NBC’s Thursday night line-up come September 24th along with Blacklist and Player. I’m so excited to see Zachary Levi back on TV and the NBC family after his amazing run on Chuck.

  6. Julia says:

    Have to say, there is some good eye candy here for the girls. Ryan Guzman, Zachary Levi, Dylan Bruce…and crazy future Hiro of course. I’m keeping my expectations low because of how the series ended the first time, but the cast is good. :)

  7. robandco says:

    It looks so good. I can’t wait.
    It looks like following Claire’s big reveal all the Heroes have disappeared (a.k.a we needed a convenient plot because we f— up the ending the last time and could not backtrack and none of the big shots wanted back). The atmosphere of the first series is there, you can feel it in the trailer, even if it is short. It feels like a season 5 with a major time jump.
    I hope that except for HRG all the old cast is only here for a guest stint or a cameo to please the old fans because this new cast looks promising.

  8. Kevin H. says:

    That last part sold me, man. Yatta!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Is the original on Netflix or any other outlet (other than DVD)?

  10. V. says:

    The original series was severely hurt by the writer’s strike. If you go back and watch the original series back to back, you can see exactly when it turned left. Before the strike, it was a great show, during and after, not so much. Here’s hoping.

    • robandco says:

      Yep. The 1st season is a gem. But I am one of those people that liked all 4 seasons (yes, we exist). Sure season 2 was a rushed mess, but it was still good nonetheless. Season 3 really picked the show back up. Season 4 was different but I loved it too. Hoping for season 1 glory once again!

      • brandi says:

        I watched all 4 seasons. Season 1 was amazing, 2 was a mess, 3 was good, and I did like 4 even though many people did not. I thought after what Claire did 5 had great potential but it got canceled. I’m excited for this, but I’m going to miss Nathan, Peter, and Niki.

  11. Azerty says:

    I guess futur Hiro from season 1 is now present Hiro. I am wondering if all the “Where are the heroes” refer to Claire, Peter, etc. who are not back. Maybe they are hiding and they will come up for the season finale? #stillhoping

  12. I’m optimistic! Praying this channels season 1’s awesomeness and not the lackluster seasons 2-4…

  13. Kristina says:

    So. Very. Excited.

  14. lame says:

    I’ll tune in to see if they can recreate that which was so unique during the original couple of seasons.

  15. A.M says:

    Zachary Levi is why I will be tuning in…

  16. JustLookAtTheFlowers says:

    Season 1 of Heroes was one of my all-time favorite seasons of TV, period. Glad to see future Hiro, which was a cool concept (at least early on) that wasn’t explored thoroughly enough. Hopefully the story and characters are well written.

  17. AW says:

    I loved Heroes Season 1 but can’t stand Seasons 2 – 4. I just hope Heroes Reborn will be as good or even better than Season 1. Heroes had so much potential for very long TV run after Season 1 but wasted all the good opportunities due to poor writing and writers strike, and the show lost a lot of viewers after Season 2 and they never came back. May Heroes Reborn do better and continue after 2015.

  18. Ray says:

    This is giving me tentative hope that this might actually capture the magic of Season One.

  19. yurie says:

    Wonder if Zach can pull off an evil dude. Actually I guess I’m not sure if I can see him as an evil character…

  20. Mary says:

    Sooo excited! Does this mean Masi Oka left Hawaii 5-0? I do not watch that show religiously so I wasn’t sure.

  21. Not liking the return of the fixation of having people talk about being “heroes” all the time. We get it, it’s the show’s name. No need to have it dropped in each episode three of four times.

  22. J says:

    Is Zachary Levi going to be the new Sylar? Hope they don’t blow it this time like they did with the original series, the first season was epic, season two was good but third was beyong horrible and fourth couldn’t quite redeem them.

  23. J.H.V. says:

    I’m soo excited, Heroes was cancelled too soon, so glad its coming back. As long as Hiro Nakamura is in it i’m good, I couldn’t care less about the other original characters. But I really hope he’s not dark though out the show.

  24. Shawn says:

    Can someone please explain to me there was nine seasons of heroes at one time on Netflix the last season last episode showed clear jump from a scalpel in front of live news cameras to show the world their abilities what happened to the season and why are they not available anywhere

  25. donna says:

    Can’t wait was my favorite show was bummed when it ended do t understand why it had a huge following