Aquarius Renewed for Season 2 at NBC

Aquarius Renewed

NBC taketh away, and now NBC giveth.

Just days after axing Hannibal, the Peacock network has renewed its Thursday companion, Aquarius, for a second season.

NBC raised eyebrows last month when it announced that it would release the David Duchovny-fronted period drama’s entire season online immediately following the airing of its premiere episode — the first broadcast series to do so.  The experiment paid off, according to NBC entertainment president Jennifer Salke. 

“It’s no secret that the way people watch television is evolving,” she said in a statement. “So we took a unique approach to how we delivered Aquarius and it’s driven some record numbers for NBC Digital and helped us reach viewers who might have otherwise overlooked a great summer drama.”

Aquarius‘ traditional ratings have been lukewarm. Last week’s episode attracted 5.8 million viewers and a 1.2 rating in adults 18-49.

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  1. Wordsmith says:

    Really, NBC? Really?

  2. Sarah j says:

    I am watching and I like the show. However another site said the ratings were awful… Guess not

  3. Me says:

    Scully out Mulder in.

    • O'yaya says:

      funny, but she has like two other tv shows and getting way more critical acclaim but still this is some stupid sh*t

      • fatalsin says:

        YES! now she can devote her time to The Fall!! Since weve been waiting since last year for season 3 and its not coming til 2016 maybe she can file another one while we wait! Love that show… she is amazing in it!

      • Debby Lucas says:

        When is it coming back? What date? It was nothing less than awesome. Do not under estimate the popularity of these actors that seem to know this plot so well!

  4. ABG. says:

    FREE CLAIRE HOLT! (Seriously, get her back to The Originals or you know, any good show).

  5. kmw says:

    Stupid decision. Aquarius didn’t have much better ratings than Hannibal and to me Hannibal is a much better show

    • Dude says:

      It is a better show but I’d imagine it’s also the more expensive show.

      • bhammer100 says:

        Actually NBC pays very little of Hannibal. Most of the production is covered by an overseas company, Gaumont.

    • Liam says:

      NBC said releasing the series all at once was a success and it drove record numbers to their digital site. That obviously shows more people are willing to watch a series in this new, binge platform more than if they were stuck watching week to week. I for one and more than happy to tune in next summer…..if they release it the same way. I thought it was well done. .

    • Debby Lucas says:


  6. Jill says:

    This..but not … Hannibal???
    How could you Kenneth Parcell :'(

  7. Really? Just pour the salt right into the Hannibal wound.

  8. diana says:

    awesome show. perfect actor to play Sam

  9. Big Mike says:

    Amazing how all the above commenters are ignoring the “show was put on demand/digitally after the premiere” aspect. The article said it drove “record numbers” in that way. THATS why the show got renewed over your precious Hannibal.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I get so sick and tired of all the whining. Television shows come and go. I’ve had plenty of shows that I really enjoyed get cancelled, you get over it. Or at least some of us do, LOL!!!

    • ABG. says:

      Record numbers for an NBC on-demand summer premiere. Not really a huge record.

      • Big Mike says:

        I’m not saying they need to call Guiness. I’m simply stating that the reason it’s renewed is the on demand/online presence.

    • silverchex says:

      I too noticed everyone had overlooked that detail in the comments. I’m glad it’ll be back. I know other shows that were canceled due to ratings but were extremely popular on the net. If they had started doing this long ago a lot less shows would’ve been canceled.

  10. A says:

    Yes!! I binged the first season in a week and loved it. Can’t wait to see what happens in season two!

  11. wrstlgirl says:

    GREAT NEWS!!!! This show kicks a**!!!

  12. Dude says:

    And here I was hoping that Claire Holt would find a vehicle more worthy of her talent. She’s utterly wasted on that show.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Just because the show got a renewal doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be there. I wish she had a bigger role myself but it’s not over yet so…….

      • jbj says:

        I binge watched it, so I don’t know what episode is airing now, but she really only has stories in half the episodes. That said, the way her character is evolving, she is bound to have a stronger second season. Charmain clearly has a wild story that lead her to her conservative career, and I imagine playing the subtle aspects of that appealed to Claire.

  13. CJ says:

    I feel like I may be one of the few who is genuinely excited to hear this, but I’m really looking forward to the second season.

    I know people are unhappy about Hannibal being canceled (I am one of them), especially now that Aquarius has been renewed, but Hannibal got three seasons even after horrid first-season ratings hardly justified its coming back. I thankfully haven’t really seen it here, but on other sites there are some Hannibal fans being quite vicious towards other commenters re: this renewal. It’s so unnecessary. I’m sad to see Hannibal go, but happy to be keeping Aquarius around for another season.

  14. RealityBites says:

    Happy to hear this, we’ve really enjoyed this series. Duchovny was great from the start although it started a little unevenly and they made a mistake by casting a couple of the secondary actors who look almost the same. But by the end was really rocking and we ended up binge watching the whole series.

  15. Jimmy says:

    I haven’t started watching this show, though the premise sounds intriguing. What I don’t understand is that if the ratings aren’t much better than Hannibal’s, and the fandom isn’t nearly half as strong, why did Hannibal get cancelled and not this? Better yet, why didn’t both shows get renewed?

  16. Jennifer says:

    Really? Hannibal gets axed but NBC keeps Aquarius??? I think the summer heat has gone to the execs brains.

  17. Todd says:

    I binged the first season and thought it was just okay. It felt very padded and probably should have been about 6 hours long instead of 13. If NBC makes it available for binging and I have nothing else going on, I may watch Season 2.

  18. Doug says:

    This show blows. I can’t beieve it was renewed.

  19. Jeri says:

    I like this show, better than I expected and I’ll continue watching.

  20. Bob Backus says:

    Gave up on this show after the 2nd episode. Of the 2 Hannibal was better, although this season started out poor. Aquarius is just bad.

  21. Shane says:

    Aquarius got off to a slow start, but after a few episodes it kept getting better. I’m happy to see it’s been renewed so we weren’t left with the season finale cliffhanger. Hannibal fans should calm down a bit, if there’s such a demand for the show, perhaps Netflix or some other service will invest in picking it up.

  22. Lynn says:

    Oh for goodness sake Hannibal fans, all 30 of you, get over it. Whoever said Aquarius ratings aren’t much better than Hannibal’s, the article says last week it had 5.8 million. Isn’t Hannibal somewhere around 2 million? That means it does double the ratings. And of course the all important demo at 1.2 is also higher. This is even more impressive when you factor in that a lot of people are downloading it and not watching live.

    I’m so tired of some people thinking they’re somehow smarter or something because they watch a tv show. You know why Hannibal is low rated? Not because people are too stupid to get it, because the show is pretty much unwatchable to a lot of people. I’ve tried watching it more than once. I am not really squeamish but even I can’t take this show. It’s way too violent and gory. Then there’s the cabbibalism. Who the hell wants to watch that? Just to top it all off everything is just non stop depressing. There are no likable characters. Everyone is pretty much crazy or depressed or both.

    • AnnieM says:

      Well said, Lynn. That’s exactly why I stopped watching Hannibal. Sure, the acting, writing, and production values are superb. But at the end of the day, it’s a show about a guy who gets off on eating people, and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

  23. Saintsfan9 says:

    I can’t believe NBC kept this show. I can understand canceling Hannibal although I was HUGELY disappointed to learn about that. But I’ve tried watching Aquarius and it is so BORING. Big mistake to renew this show.

    • Mary Normand says:

      Has anyone thought that maybe Aquarius got renewed because it is about the unrest of the late ’60’s and feels somehow familiar to what is happening in the world right now? Plus, I Iove the whole Charles Manson angle. It seems that there are a few shows that focus on the 1960’s ( Astronaut Wive’s Club) and sometimes it’s nice to go back to simpler times ( even if they were turbulent, the music rocked!)

  24. amandria says:

    I for one am shocked but happily shocked. I did not expect to like this but heck its summer and what else is on? Plus you got Mulder so I had to give it a try. The more I watched the more I liked it.. I also read it had bad rating but I was also a binge watcher. I watched one a day more when I got sick/bad cold. Good stuff I was sad to see it done.

  25. amandria says:

    One of the things I actually like comparing it to was x-files. This is what Mulder would of turned into had he been burned out, LOLOL. Lost some of that idealism and decided to kick some azz. Still makes me nervous about the x-files reboot. I am one who is over the moon with joy about it getting another chance. Now that Aquarius is saved will Duchovny put all he can into X-files?

  26. Azrielen says:

    Eh. The show itself is fine and I like David Duchovny in it. I don’t care for the subject matter so I’m not watching it with any sort of devotion. Yay for people keeping their jobs, I guess?

  27. yurie says:

    Oh my god. NBC cancels Hannibal but renews this generic garbage? :-/

  28. Luanne says:

    I watched the special ‘Binge’ option On Demand. Really like this show. Of course, I have been unable to watch due to misc. factors as it shows, what for me are repeats, weekly. I’m not a Neilson home, so my viewing does not factor into the ratings anyway. I suspect NBC has a way to monitor numbers On Demand as well as the mobile options they mentioned. I’m very pleased the show has been renewed

  29. K. C. Rhodes says:

    Sorry to see it renewed. What will happen to Charmayne. She cannot reveal to these creeps that she is a cop without blowing the other cop’s cover. Will she be forced to submit to them or will she “willingly” do so to get an undercover job she seems so want so bad. Could not stand to see her ravaged by these people. Also the episode where Manson knocked his mother down, fed her LSD and turned her over to be raped by his crowd was way way of over the top. I will not watch a second season. Cannot watch the triumph of evil however temporary.

  30. Barbara says:

    It’s about time a network listened to some one over the age of 30 and kept a good show on the air. Something other than American Idol or Bachlorette crap

  31. Mendy says:

    So can I get it on demand . For reasons I can’t disclose I am unable to access online for a couple of mths. Digital world can bring yours to a halt. This is a excellent program, guess you figured that out. Great!

  32. Mendy says:

    Love it! Thank you NBC

  33. Pat says:

    I love the show . I was aware of the 60s from my siblings but I am happy there is a show on about it. Thank you Aquarius I

  34. Elizabeth Grega says:

    I think Aquarius it is extremely exciting and interesting and I really enjoyed watching the show I am crossing my fingers that it comes back for season 2! I can’t wait to see what happens next!!

  35. Debby Lucas says:

    I could not wait for the entire season. I went straight to the entire season.

  36. kisaac says:


  37. L WILLIAMS says:

    I think Hannibal was the more high quality produced programme, Aquarius by comparison is rather cheap.
    Hannibal had a cult following because it was a dark tense thriller.
    Aquarius is limited by using Manson and not a fictional character based on the story.
    Neither shows shoukd be cancelled but if Aquarius is going to another season, apart from being limited, it needs to be better.
    Hannibal was good from the start, Aquarius took a long time to get into and even then the soundtrack was its best bit.
    Why can’t both be renewed if another company is paying for Hannibal

  38. Deanna Sabourin says:

    I love this show, and have been watching for it’s return. Either I have to look harder, or something is not right in NBCville, because I get NBC, and check the listings daily, and have not found anything on “Aquarius”.

  39. jennK says:

    anything with David Duchovny is watch worthy!!!

  40. Tina says:

    Im happy it’s returning! Not sad about Hannibal… I watched a few and couldn’t get into it.

    Aquarius at least has some truth to it!!!

  41. Lisa Parsons says:

    Loved Aquarius. I grew up in the 70’s and could relate to a lot of the storylines!!! I am so glad to hear that the show has been renewed for season 2. I can’t wait for it to start.

  42. Donna says:

    I love that show Aquairus please bring it back on so let’s bring it back on tv soon does anyone know when it will be back on tv five star drama show r let me say 10 star one of the best tv shows

  43. George Alessi says:

    I don’t watch network tv but I took a chance and watched this in one shot on Hulu….this show is HBO quality….thrilled to see it renewed

  44. Nancy King says:

    I freaking love this show…..
    So glad it’s comming back!!!!

  45. Lola says:

    I loved this show and I’m glad to see its coming back. Can’t wait

  46. June Welter says:

    Glad to hear this series is returning. It’s a compelling show. Thanks.