Wayward Pines Sneak Peek: Ethan Learns of the Town's 'Illegal' Origin

Wayward Pines returns this Thursday (Fox, 9/8c), and with it comes more answers about what, where and when Ethan Burke has gotten himself wrapped up in.

When last we tuned into the midseason thriller, just as his son Ben was getting the jaw-dropping download from Mrs. Fisher — about the violent “abbies” roaming outside the fence, and the none-too-small fact that it’s now the year 4028 (!!!) — Ethan’s exploration of the wilderness beyond Wayward Pines (rudely) introduced him to not just an abby, but also to super-scientist David Pilcher (whom he previously had known as “Dr. Jenkins”).

In the sneak peek above, Pilcher gives Ethan a tour of the superstructure built into the mountain, where Wayward Pines’ inner workings can be found. Along the way, Ethan of course has questions, and Pilcher is extremely generous with his answers — as shocking as they can be.

Elsewhere in the episode, Theresa begins poking around the mysterious Plot 33, and it’s revealed that Kate and Harold are harboring a secret of their own.

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