Wayward Pines Sneak Peek: Ethan Learns of the Town's 'Illegal' Origin

Wayward Pines returns this Thursday (Fox, 9/8c), and with it comes more answers about what, where and when Ethan Burke has gotten himself wrapped up in.

When last we tuned into the midseason thriller, just as his son Ben was getting the jaw-dropping download from Mrs. Fisher — about the violent “abbies” roaming outside the fence, and the none-too-small fact that it’s now the year 4028 (!!!) — Ethan’s exploration of the wilderness beyond Wayward Pines (rudely) introduced him to not just an abby, but also to super-scientist David Pilcher (whom he previously had known as “Dr. Jenkins”).

In the sneak peek above, Pilcher gives Ethan a tour of the superstructure built into the mountain, where Wayward Pines’ inner workings can be found. Along the way, Ethan of course has questions, and Pilcher is extremely generous with his answers — as shocking as they can be.

Elsewhere in the episode, Theresa begins poking around the mysterious Plot 33, and it’s revealed that Kate and Harold are harboring a secret of their own.

Revisit Wayward Pines‘ First 5 Episodes in 5 Minutes

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  1. DL says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but the whole set of reveals made absolutely no sense. Yet another promising story descending into facepalm-worthy Shyama-lama-dingdong territory.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic says:

      If you were interested in the story to begin with, you should read the books by Blake Crouch (Pines, Wayward, The Last Town). They’re fantastic books!

      • Normandy says:

        I don’t think DL cares. Seems pretty set in his/her mind that despite the show being run by Chad Hodge and based on novels by Blake Crouch, the guy who directed the pilot is the one pulling all the strings.

    • Britt says:

      Same here.
      First two episodes were great. Reminded me of Persons Unknown a bit.

      But now… I mean, the little doctor guy was in Seattle. So we know it’s all bs. Now all I care about is if it’s a hallucination or a government experiment. Or there’s something in the water that makes everyone very stupid.

      I don’t want the explanation to be the TARDIS.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        1) Pilcher/Jennings was in Seattle… during our time, yes. But now everyone we see is in 4028.

        2) I’ve previously reported that it’s not a “hallucination” or the like, all very real.

      • Normandy says:

        There’s no time travel or anything of the sort. Just because you saw the different plots with Burke and his family in the same episode doesn’t mean they were taking place at the same time. It was misdirection.

  2. Christine says:

    I still don’t understand why they don’t tell the adults what’s going on. One couple kills themselves, and they think that just leaving the adults out of it altogether is the best way to handle this? I don’t understand why they think it’s more productive to have the adults terrified that they’re being watched and that they may possible have their throats slit in the center of town.
    Being so secretive about everything has made the adults untrustworthy and on more than one occasion they people have tried to escape and gotten killed. How is this current setup less stressful for the adults?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      That is explained tonight.

      • Carl Kalmick says:

        You mean tomorrow? I don’t know why people are so upset, the show is a whirlwind so far and I love it. Im riding it.

      • RealityEngineer says:

        They may give excuses, but the real explanation is that the writers didn’t think this through very well. Obviously the people who run things behind the scenes (someone needs to be reviving these people) are people who know what is going on so it isn’t clear why they weren’t able to get yet more volunteers to fill in the town who would cope with the explanation. Cults have no trouble recruiting people, a far out claim by a supposed scientist would I’m sure generate lots of recruits willing to take part in an “ark”.

        Although there are interesting aspect to the story, it is written by some folks that are a bit clueless about the world. People that actually grasp evolution realize it doesn’t take place in tens of years, which they suggest here it does since the latest coin they found suggest civilization died soon after 2095 (or at most within a couple of thousand years). I suspect these clueless folks weren’t implying we switched to digital currency. Anyone remotely aware of technological progress would realize that by then we’d have automated drones able to pick off these “aberrations” if they appeared in the wild. Except of course they wouldn’t since if people started having aberrant babies they’d be locked up and fairly quickly there would be genetic screening and then genetic editing out of the aberrant DNA.

        Except of course people aren’t going to start having aberrant babies since contrary to the religious-like anti-technology rant about the world deciding to get rid of humans because of the damage they are doing, that delusional fantasy is far removed from anything that would be considered remotely credible by anyone with the slightest understanding of evolution and genetics. There isn’t some hidden clue in DNA that will suddenly start manifesting these monsters, if a scientist claimed that they would be made a laughing stock as Pilcher was, but that would be because they deserved it which these scientifically illiterate authors don’t seem to grasp. Science fiction should be based on science which merely goes beyond what we know now, not bad science which contradicts fairly well understood ideas. Fantasy can use things that run counter to science because it doesn’t pretend to be operating in this real world.

        The only saving explanation would be if Pilcher is lying and he or some other evil genius genetically engineered these creatures, and engineered a plague that wiped out the rest of humanity.

        • KCC says:

          You’re basing your entire hypothesis on what makes sense to you with the information revealed so far. We don’t know the whole story yet, unless you read the books, I haven’t. There are an infinite number of scenarios possible with the information we currently have, yours is just one. We don’t know if something along with evolution created the abbies like a virus or toxin that ravaged the population. Something wide spread could have infected the population and within a generation or two wiped out humanity as we know it. Or there might be pockets of humans still alive that no one knows about in Wayward Pines. That’s only a couple of different possibilities. There’s only 5 more episodes and I’m going to wait until the whole series plays out before condemning it as bad sci-fi.

  3. N says:

    Love this show!

  4. dq18 says:

    I’ve really enjoyed how the show is unfolding. So far, I’ve found nothing more far-fetched than some of the things you get on Under the Dome – and at least here I feel like we’re getting answers!

  5. AngelWasHere says:

    Meh I want to love this show, but the big twist was such a disappointment! I don’t know if I’ll be tuning in anymore. :( Good luck to those still watching.

  6. annebeth66 says:

    Jenkins/ Pilcher had to realize that something entered the human genome that would cause the start of the devolution process, which in reality just another step in evolution. There had to be a massive release of maybe a toxin in the bombing that took place in the first episode. The year that is referred to is 2014 but somehow the last relic of civilization is a 2095 coin, so what happened to the world in 81 years? Can’t wait to find out the big disaster that ended most of the world.