Hannibal Cancellation Update: EP Bryan Fuller Touts 'Cool' Season 4 Plan — 'I Would Love To Do It'

Hannibal Season 4

NBC may not be hungry for more Hannibal, but Bryan Fuller sure is.

On Monday, the Peacock net cancelled the acclaimed drama, announcing that the show’s current third season would be its last. But Fuller — Hannibal‘s showrunner and chief architect — is game to keep the series going should producer Gaumont find it a new home.

In fact, the auteur already has Season 4 mapped out in his head.

“My idea for Season 4 was perhaps one of the coolest yet,” he tells TVLine. “So I would love to do it in some capacity.”

Fuller declined to provide too many specifics about the direction of a possible fourth season, except to say, “It would have explored the Hannibal-Will Graham relationship in a much deeper fashion than the series ever has before.”

What say you, Fannibals? Interested to see where Fuller would take Hannibal in Season 4? 

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  1. hpeterson169 says:

    It would still be about Will and Hannibal’s relationship?! Where the heck was Clarice Starling…

    • Russel says:

      Stuck in the vault of things mgm still has the rights to

    • J.B. says:

      Bryan Fuller has been trying for years to get the rights to Silence of the Lambs but MGM will NOT budge on giving it up or even leasing it. Without those rights the show can’t produce the material from the book.

      • Jooshua says:

        Could MGM buy Hannibal and make a movie that continues the show but ALSO covers Silence of the Lambs?! Or is that just crazy talk..

      • I’m pretty sure they could still have adapted the book, they just can’t use the characters that were first introduced in it. There are several small bits from the novel that made its way into the show and earlier comments from Fuller indicated that if they didn’t get the rights, they were just going to use a substitute.

        • The Grinch says:

          I thought I read something where Fuller would do the Buffalo Bill plot but sub in Will and maybe some other young FBI cadet as his protege.

  2. CKG says:

    Fingers crossed that Amazon or someone else steps up to the plate. I’d hate to lose this show.

  3. Ryan Toal says:

    Disgusted. With all the effortless trash and mindless programs on why would this gem be cancelled? It was only planned on going out a total of six seasons. Back to surfing through Springer, Housewives, Party down South, and every other thoughtful show. With few exceptions television is dead.

    • DL says:

      It was cancelled because its ratings were abysmal. Believe me, I hear where you’re coming from, and I adore the show. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Let’s just hope it finds another home. :-)

      • Jonathan says:

        Yeah. Even with the seeming pointlessness of this last episode (yes there were some great moments but there was also a lot of filler and treading water) I really want this show to continue.

      • mary says:

        It didn’t help that they pushed it back so much. I know shows like The Soprano & Mad Men did good with that much in between time. But I just don’t think it works anymore. I know it’s not the only reason for the low ratings. I really did think having it in summer would help. Although taking a look at the ratings overall for this summer, shows are doing bad.

  4. CCV says:

    Expecting this ax to fall for a while. Hoping those interested parties Fuller talked about before are still interested. FX would be the perfect place, but Netflix or Amazon would be nice too. Amazon already has streaming rights for the first two seasons….

    • Benington says:

      What about HBO, Showtime or Starz. You can not get much darker than Penny Dreadful or Game of Thrones. Maybe Starz would like to through their hat into the ring with some dark subject matter. Outlander has it’s moments of darkness’s (especiallythe finale) but nothing as dark as the other 2 shows.

  5. Kae says:

    They could have worked around Clarice Starling. A different character with hints of Starling would have been fun

  6. zac says:

    Do season 4 please then season 5 as you planned! Amazon, Netflix, Hulu come on

  7. Michelle Conway says:

    I would love to see what Byran and company will do for season 4, 5 and 6. You are a genius my dear.

  8. phantom says:

    I may be carelessly optimistic but I was never worried about this show, even last year when it was on the bubble, I was like “whatever, it is way too good for NBC anyway…and definitely too good NOT to be picked up by someone else just like the similarly prestigious, acclaimed and high-profile dramas like Damages (DirecTV), Friday Night Lights (DirecTV), Southland (TNT), The Killing (Netflix). Long story short, for some reason I have absolutely no doubt it will live to see a fourth season (and fifth season). The best bet is clearly Amazon (they already have a streaming deal in place), but I also wouldn’t rule out Showtime just yet.

  9. Anya says:

    It’s a shame it has such low ratings, it’s one of the best and most interesting shows on TV. I really hope they can continue somewhere else!

  10. Brian H says:

    I love this show. It just screams Netflix.

  11. Sara says:

    I really, really, really hope they can make something work with another network. From what I understand, the show doesn’t cost much per episode for NBC, so I would assume that would also be true for any network willing to take a gamble on this outstanding show.

  12. Michael says:

    In the end it will boil down to rights. MGM has them, Fuller and Co want them, and neither is going to give any ground. Netflix should try to do it, at the very least, but as good as the show is, unless there is some financially viable work around, the shows continuing life is doomed. If MGM had any play to make in the matter, they should partner up and co-finance the production. It may help breath new life to the already flat studio.

  13. Jessica T. says:

    OH GOD, he just had to tease us with the idea that Will Graham and Hannibal’s relationship could get even DEEPER!!! Please, please, pleaaassseee let this be picked up by somebody else.

  14. Stanislava says:

    Fingers crossed they find the show a new home :)

  15. Miranda says:

    This plan is fail-proof. Let’s do this Amazon/Netflix/A&E etc etc.

  16. yurie says:

    I’ve always liked shows that did different stuff in every season and Hannibal is no exception. I really wish Netflix/Hulu/Amazon or anyone picks up the show..

  17. Marlene Dee says:

    This show has, without question, the best camera work I have ever seen. Each scene is a work of art, that could be framed and admired. I am in awe of the people who plan and film Hannibal.

    • lechatnoir says:


      Best camera work. definetely best picture and the finest use of shallow depth of field. and I love the themes that they used each seasons and how set dressing , clothes , narrative . They paid hommage to about 6 different artists in a very subtle way .

  18. AM68 says:

    Please let Amazon or Netflix pick up this show!

  19. Ann De Vries says:

    NBC proudly continuing its habit of cancelling good shows far too early. Yet another reason not watch that Network

    • heLLpaso says:

      Yes, allowing a show to air for 3 seasons with miserable ratings is all their fault. It’s a minor miracle it aired for this long, you should be grateful.

  20. Jamie Johnson says:

    I love the show, but I want more of Hannibal and less Will Graham. They’ve about run it into the ground. I didn’t know abt the MGM thing, but it makes sense. I really hope it gets picked up by another network. Isn’t any network “hungry” for some good tv? I’m so sick of nothing being on!

  21. Jonathan says:

    There’s a petition to save the show on Change dot org. #SaveHannibal

  22. Jessie says:

    Like others have said, I pretty much knew this was coming, but that didn’t make it any less painful! Still fingers crossed for a pick up elsewhere. The Fannibals have a huge social media and online presence, hopefully Amazon, or Netflix, or whoever will see the value in that and give us Season 4!

  23. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! You know how many people I got to watch seasons 1 and two, because it was such a good show and they believed me….all 5 of these people believed me, just to catch up so they can watch season three and now it’s CANCELLED?!?!?!?

    I am putting it out into the universe right now…..NETFLIX PLEASE PICK THIS SHOW UP!!!!

  24. Blake says:

    I’m still ticked at NBC for canceling American Dreams, so I try not to get too invested in their programming, but Hannibal quickly became one of my favorites! I’m not surprised with the news of cancellation, but this show is too good to let go!

  25. Jazzmom says:

    Love this show!! Maybe Netflix could pick it up. So upset NBC cancelled. Hannibal rocks!

  26. zarik stern says:

    Somebody! Have mercy to save souls of hannibaltrash all over the world! Adopt this cruel but brilliant child of Fuller’s × Harris imagination and let our grandsons and granddoughters have a joy of watching more than three seasons of Hannibal!

  27. grandmal006 says:

    What in the world is wrong with NBC? Hannibal is a great show! Some of these networks don’t know what the heck they are doing.

  28. So disappointed in NBC for cancelling a brilliant show. Why on earth did NBC to show the first two episodes during the NBA Finals? Hope Hulu saves “Hannibal” like they did with “The Mindy Project”.

  29. di inscoe says:

    yes! yes! yeassir!!!; please don’t cancel hannibal, it’s the only show worth watching besides the black list and hell on wheels!

  30. I will pay Amazon, Hulu, Netflix to view what i want to view.

  31. doina mochi says:

    Yes, I would love to see season 4. I do not care about your eroding rates. But I cannot stand Downtown Abey or whatever is called/ Well, talking about tastes…we are not the same, we are not clones