Chasing Life Sneak Peek: A Wedding Scare, a Shocking Kiss and Flying Fists!

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Chasing Life‘s April and Leo aren’t just getting engaged — they’re walking down the aisle in TVLine’s exclusive promo for Season 2 (premiering July 6 at 10/9c)!

But will the couple actually say, “I do” when the ABC Family charmer returns, given all the obstacles standing in their way?

For starters, Dominic exclaims that he still loves his ex and wants her back, leading to a brawl with Ms. Carver’s soon-to-be hubby. Even more troubling: April’s health seems to be getting worse, and on her big day, too!

Also spotted in the juicy teaser: Brenna locking lips with a close friend (and it’s not Greer); Natalie laying down the law with Dominic; and some April/Leo sexytimes.

Press PLAY above to watch the preview, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the love triangle, surprise kiss and more.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tricia says:

    i freakin’ love this show.

    • K says:

      @Tricia (JIC): I love this show, too. From the beginning this show has been very good at avoiding the cliches. Throughout the seasons, I’ve watched with a hand over my eyes, when I think they are about to fall into the stupid drama pit and laugh when I see it made fun of an and actual logical choice is made or is simply avoided. In comparison to a couple of the other ABC Family shows, the writing is leagues better.

  2. rebecca says:

    Brenna & Ford?! What the…

    • Kyleigh says:

      Chasing life my view
      Okay Brenna and Greer just break up and now everything is turning weird like how Ford is a hipocrite because she was like I dont like you being with Greer because she changed you. And now she is makingout with Brenna how weird is that what to exept from the one and only Ford. Like I said Ford is a hipocrite for one she did like Greer for the way she dressed and she also didn’t like her cause she was rich I mean how weird is that. You would think that Brenna would not for give her for getting drunk at Greers party and kissing Kiraen or maybe even getting mad at her like one-thousand time and Ford saying she is not Brenna friend anymore like two time. Look at them now if it wasnt for Greer “Turning Brenna gay” as Ford would say. Or Greer moving in with her dad in Mantucet I think the will maybe turn out right by when I was watching the trailor to it Ford was SMILING and BLUSHING that is a FIRST I mean I think she has smiled like one time.
      Do I think they will be a good couple? Maybe I think depend what their reason is for kissing if Ford is just testing the waters than no. But if Ford really does “LOVE” Brenna than I guess there is something they need to explain. Rebecca I agree with you Brenna & Ford

  3. Jeff says:

    What the heck happens to April at her wedding!!!!!????

  4. Ian says:

    Why do all good shows have to turn into soap operas?

    • Nancy says:

      That’s why Leo has GOT to go. This whole love triangle is dragging the show down!

      • That’s why Dominic needs to go. His story with April is over.

        • Nancy says:

          Well I have news for you. That’s not happening. Because unlike Leo? Dominic is a MAIN CHARACTER! They were in love with each other first and as we all know the girl usually ends up with he guy she FIRST fell in love with. That’s how it always works. Leo is only a guest star and now that Scott has a new show that is filming IN UTAH? It looks like he won’t be able to do both shows. That’s pretty rare that an actor can do two shows at once.It’s obvious Dominic still loves her and even Italia says that April still has feelings for him too.And as long as she does? her marriage will never work.

          • Look at Steven Webber who plays the uncle. I’ve seen him on THREE different shows at the same time. To be honest, I love Leo and April together. I know Dominic cares for April, but any chance of them ever being together went out the door when he slept with Natalie.

          • Many actors and actresses nowadays are in multiple shows at once. Usually the filming is setup at different times to accommodate.

          • danielle says:

            Daniel gillies has two shows and does them both. It’s not unheard of.

      • Becca says:

        I’m pretty sure the show has invested more in the Leo/April story than the Dominic/April story. Dominic would be the one to go.

        • Nancy says:

          1. Leo is a GUEST star. Dominic is the MAIN star. 2 In shows like this the girl always ends up with the guy she FIRST feel for. And that would be Dominic. Not Leo. 3. Scott would be the one to go since he has a new show. 4. The producer said they do NOT cater to fans.

          • Dianna says:

            um….your theory is off….hello Dawson’s Creek….yea Dawson didnt get the girl…his sidekick/best friend did!

          • JaneM says:

            Scott may be a guest star but his character is more important to the show than Dominic. And apparently Scott’s new show will be shooting at a different time than Chasing Life so he can do both!

          • 1. Leo is a GUEST Star. Dominic the Dog is a Series Regular. 2. possible but not now because Dominic did the mambo with Natalie ewww! 3. True – but they shows shoot on a different time schedule so he COULD do both. 4. They do listen to fans – just not to ones that threaten them with violence and bodily harm like you do on twitter.

          • Shirmel Danielle says:

            Dominic has been such a playboy pre and post dating April. He knowingly hooked up with her sister .. like who does that with someone they still have feelings for? He is very emotionally messed up. Why advocate so hard for him, because he was a decent boyfriend to April for the most part? There has been way more character development for Leo than there has been for Dominic. I thought the MAIN star was April.Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the Leo thing will last, or rather it is doomed until she gets closure with Dominic. I think they are also developing a storyline for Dominic outside of April. But we shall see what happens.

      • I agree with you Nancy! Leo has got to go! I like April & Dominic together!

        • Nancy says:

          THANK YOU. The rabid Leo fans need to cool their heels. I am SICK of being attacked.

          • Courtney Dawn says:

            You obviously didn’t read the interview with the producer who said Scott would stay on because the character of Leo means so much to the show. I think you’re fighting a losing battle. It was also stated that they may end the show with April dying though, so all the fighting may be for nothing.

      • Nancy – What love triangle? Dominic the Dog is with the ho-donor-sister Natalie who were hooking up secretly behind everyones back – what boy does the horizontal mambo with his ex-girlfriend’s half sister? April is marrying Leo – those are two straight lines NOT a “L-O-V-E triangle. So stop saying LOVE TRIANGLE – you are wrong wrong wrong.

    • johnhelvete says:

      The show is based on a Mexican Telenovela and had the big secret sister reveal in the final scene of the first episode, which was immediately after April “telling” her father that she has cancer. The show had soap elements from the very first episode.

  5. Nancy says:

    I knew he still loved April. And he doesn’t belong with Natalie. She is too selfish.

  6. Lerbert says:

    Mixed feelings about many of the storylines going down in this preview. And wow…not trying to be snarky but that collapse on the aisle…yeesh. Maybe it was sped up for the sake of the promo?

    • Nancy says:

      Yeah I can’t see her dying.The spoiler I read says she gets bad news IMMEDIATELY in the premiere. So it’s too soon to tell her the transplant didn’t work as she has not had it yet and they are apparently picking up right where they left off. So it has to be Leo that they are referring too. They can’t kill her off as the show would be over.I have learned to never trust promos. So I don’t think it’s what we think it is.

      • JaneM says:

        It doesn’t have to be Leo they are referring to in the spoiler. And Leo isn’t dying. He looked pretty healthy when he punched Dominic! That spoiler could be about so many things that it is impossible to know what it is for sure. We can guess but no one knows what is going to happen this season. (Except the writers and the cast).

        • Nancy says:

          Ever heard the saying “you don’t need to LOOK sick to BE sick”?Just because he LOOKS fine does not mean he IS. Who else would it be about? It says it will affect EVERYONE and change the course of the show. If they kill April the show dies. So who else would it be about? It has to be about Leo. If Dominic died who would care? Leo wouldn’t. Scott has a new show.

        • smartysenior says:

          I thought Leo had brain cancer. Google it, you get maybe two years after surgery. So he’s dying for sure.

          • JaneM says:

            Yes, he had brain cancer. He had it operated on and removed. It could might grow back and it might not. I don’t know where you’re getting that two years from but that is some seriously wrong information. There are different kinds of brain cancers so making a statement like that shows how little you actually know about the subject. You might want to take your own suggestion and google the subject.

  7. Christine says:

    Omg she better stay with leo! They are perfect together!

  8. rebecca says:

    Does anyone know if George is back? I adore him and Sara.

  9. cocoayo says:

    Dom needs to step aside!

    • Nancy says:

      NO he doesn’t He needs to FIGHT. Even Italia said “I hope this lights a fire under Dom’s butt” So even SHE thinks he needs to fight and she also said that because they ended things April will always wonder what could have been.

  10. Nancy says:

    Um Alicia? That’s because Steven is only a GUEST star on those 3 shows! Scott is only a guest on CL but he will a be MAIN character on this new show of his And as I said, his new show films in UTAH, not CA. So it’s going to be very difficult to be in two places at once. Especially if they film at the SAME time. If you still don’t get that then well I cant help.

    • JaneM says:

      He doesn’t have to be at two places at the same time. His new series starts shooting in August (and Chasing Life will be done) since it is scheduled to be on in the Fall. It is only 13 episodes so they will be finished filming long before season 3 of Chasing Life starts filming again. I know you don’t like Leo and want him gone but Scott being in another series is not going to keep him from being on Chasing Life. Leo is here to stay which I am very happy about because I am so excited to see him and April get married!

      • Nancy says:

        You don’t KNOW that he is “here to stay” It is what you WANT but that does not mean you will get it. And I am not talking about THIS season of CL you idiot. if they get a season 3? HE WON”T BE ABLE TO DO BOTH! YOU WANT LEO TO STAY BUT YOU CAN’T PROVE THAT HE WILL!!!

      • johnhelvete says:

        In fairness to Nancy, Blood and Oil is one of the fall shows on ABC that seems like it could get a back 9 episode order if the show is successful. If that happens, SMF will not be done filming Blood and Oil if Chasing Life gets a third season, though the writers/producers for the two shows would likely work something out to allow SMF to appear on Chasing Life and there would be the hiatus when season 1 is done filming. The bigger concern though is Chasing Life getting renewed for season 3.

    • Victoria says:

      SMF did Once Upon A Time in Vancouver at the same time he did Chasing Life in Los Angeles. Sooooo…it is possible.

  11. Nancy says:

    What in the hell does Dawson’s Creek have to do with a hill of beans? I can tell you plenty other shows where the guy DID get the girl he was with. Grey’s Anatomy and more. So your theory doesn’t hold water.

  12. Nancy says:

    It’s your OPINION that Leo is more important to the show then Dominic and you don’t KNOW that they will be filming at different times. Who told you that? Dominic is a MAIN character. Deal with that and move on. Leo? Is a GUEST star. If they get married this show is going to tank. Faster then you can sneeze.

    • Melissa Mens says:

      .. its her opinion just as its yours that Dominic is more important. And people film more than one thing all the time. It’s called private jets and cash. Plus, Chasing Life has small filming windows. They take a huge break midseason or when they go on hiatus only to leave us wondering what will happen rest of the season. Relax. We get it. You like Dom, but other people can have a voice too. #TeamLeo #stfu

      • Melissa Mens says:

        Oh and Dawsons Creek was awesome. Don’t mess with m Creek. #IDontWannaWait

      • Nancy says:

        Wow. rude much? I am reporting you So goodbye! You are an IDIOT if you think private jets are going to work here. No last season they took a break(at least on screen. They were still filming!) but this season there is only 13 episodes and who knows about season 3. I am SICk of you attacking me for liking Dominic. It’s the LEO fans who need to STFU!

    • JaneM says:

      I’m going to have to disagree with you Nancy. I don’t think April and Leo getting married will tank the show at all. Do you ever go on the Chasing Life FB page? Every time they have a thread about Dominic Vs. Leo, there are always a hundred #TeamLeo votes for every one #TeamDominic vote. I’m not exaggerating either. The overwhelming majority want Leo and April to stay together and from what I have read it is clear that their relationship is going to be a big part of Season 2.

      • Nancy says:

        Um a message board with 20 or so people posting proves NOTHING! Yes you ARE exaggerating. The REASON you say no Dominic posters? because people like YOU? ATTACKED THE DOMINIC FANS WHENEVER THEY TRY TO POST! DOES NOT MEAN HE WON’T DIE! GOD.

        • JaneM says:

          Leo fans aren’t attacking Dominic fans. Now you’re just making things up. And the only one attacking anyone is you Nancy. You are the only one shouting and calling others idiots. It’s a TV show. No need to get so worked up over people posting their opinions. You seem to be under the impression that when someone disagrees with your opinion that they are “attacking” you. I’m afraid you don’t understand what the word attack means so I suggest you might want to look the word up on Google.

  13. Lori says:

    April and Leo > April and Dominic

  14. Nancy says:

    Yeah Courtney he never said that. But nice try. Show a link to where he said this. Because I have read most of his interviews and I have never seen him say this!

    • Nicole says:

      Ok I’ve sat back enough and read all the comments and the only one attacking anyone is you. Just because we don’t want April with Dom and you do and there’s only a few people who actually agree, with you. Your getting mad and freaking out on everyone. Go and read the interview woth Patrick Sean Smith the writer for Chasing Life he says in an imterview when asked about Scott that he has commited to the show completely, even with his new show he cares about the character of Leo and wants to be a part of the show. So he’s not going anywhere unless the story warrents it.
      You need to get over yourself just because the couple you want to be together isn’t together doesnt mean you have to right to attack, and talk to these people as you are. And reporting someone for being sarcastic whwn youe being overly rude. Nice. Real class act you are.

      And to all my fellow Leo and April fans, ignore this girl. We know what’s going on, she’s delusional.. don’t feed into the troll.

  15. Jess says:

    Nancy, I’m glad that you like Dominic and see a purpose for him, because I honestly don’t. I think he’s made awful choice throughout the series, especially after April’s cancer reveal. I see no chemistry between them and don’t think him and April should get back together. I like Leo and think he has a purpose on this show, even outside of April. He provides a fresh outlook on cancer and it’s been good to see him find himself again after being ‘cured’. I enjoy that he gets storylines outside of April, while Dominic’s storylines have all centered around April. I have tried to like Dominic but I sadly cannot anymore.

    Also, the promo monkeys love April/Leo and the hashtag police do too. I remember one episode last season when Dominic was referred to as #AprilsEx, while Leo got so many hashtags. Plus, the online group goes crazy over him. I appreciate the fact that you like Dominic but I don’t think Leo’s going anywhere and I’m not even sure that would be the best idea.

    Also, it’s cool that they’re not completely pushing for their first endgame couple. I think once they saw what a flop it turned out to be, they’re starting to back off from it. But obviously with Scott’s new show, they need to have a plan B just in case his role is drastically reduced, or if he chooses to leave the show.

    • Nancy says:

      Then you clearly didn’t see the point of WHY Dominic reacted the way he did. Hell even he producer feels the fans are being too hard on the guy. Leo is an ASSHOLE who needs to GO. NOW. The promos? seriously? That proves NOTHING! And neither do the GD hashtags. You need to chill. And I mean that! Um you get that the producers don’t cater to fans? Because they DON’T! And if they let them marry? they are going to lose a TONS of fans. And then it’s GOODBYE CHASING LIFE! And as for the online groups?You want to know WHY there is no Dominic supporters on them? Because the LEO fans attack us like rabid DOGS! CALM DOWN!

      • Rhiannah says:

        Nancy, you a making such a big deal over nothing? This show is about april an how she is coping with having cancer an how her family an friends are coping with there loved one having cancer. CALM DOWN! You are ruining the show by making the love triangle with april leo and dominic something it shouldnt be! Stop going crazy over it, if someone wants to post that they like april an leo together then let them! Your saying that its your opinion that u rather have april an dominic together well let everyone else have there own opinion an stop attacking everyone that disagrees with you, its pethetic seriously!
        And for tvline i seriously cant wait till the show starts i love april #teamapril

  16. Tracy says:

    Wow just wow can’t wait.

  17. Joey Padron says:

    good first preview of new season. can’t wait to see season premiere next month!

  18. Ana says:

    So my understanding is that the writers and producers wanted to keep the show with a real vibe, so far it has my only thing with the April Leo wedding is there are a few things seem off (I am not trying upset anyone just some observations I have)
    1 if April love Leo so much why did she react the way she did when Natalie told her about her and Dom. (Yes I get the sleeping with the sister thing, but they’re not that close and her reaction seemed more jealous than hurt)
    2 why when she had a cancer scare the fist person she went to was Dom instead of Leo (I would think the first one you tell is the person you are involved with even if you are fighting)
    3 why was she so adamant about having to know what Dom was up to when he released his book?
    4 why was Dom the one that took her to the hospital to get checked out for her cancer scare? (I don’t even Remer her mentioning it to Leo)
    the wedding feels a little rushed is all. Would I like her Dom yes but I also think Leo brings out a nice side of her too. I think Dom is more grounded and Leo is seat off your pants kind of guy

  19. Callie says:

    Based on many of the comments on this article, as well as other social media, it seems that the love triangle is eclipsing. Which is a shame. Not only because I personally despise love triangles, but because it trivializes the issue of young adult cancer. I’m a 30 year old cancer survivor who was drawn to the show for exploring a devastating disease with humor and grace. It wasn’t documentary levels of realism, but I was able to identify with April in many ways and I felt comforted and inspired. I loved the idea of exploring dating/relationships (I met my husband when I was in chemo) but love triangles just bring out the worst – in the fandoms and in the writing. I guess because it’s aimed at a younger population/on ABC Family they felt the need to add the triangle, but it’s disappointing that so many people only care about that.

    Or maybe I just need to stop reading comments. Is anyone else just #TeamApril?

    • JaneM says:

      I’m with you. I would be glad if the show dropped the whole love triangle completely. It was interesting for a couple of episodes last season but I would like to see season 2 focus on April and how she is dealing with having cancer while being newly married and trying to get her career going again. I would like to see more of April’s family and what’s happening in their lives. That whole love triangle storyline is played out and IMO is really not needed on the show anymore.

  20. E says:

    Omg, Nancy! Are you 12? Is this show your life? Calm the Frick down! I’ve seen Plenty of shows in my lifetime where a guest star stayed for almost the entire series. Dom is a jerk, and a womanizer. Just saying. Grow up, child! This comment section is about the show, NOT you!

  21. Linz says:

    Everyone will always have their likes and dislikes of any character or couples on a show, but I think Leo is good for April. If you really watch them they connect because of the cancer yes, but he also gives her something Dominic can’t. Life. Dominic saw who he thought April was and Leo saw everything underneath, the true April and is helping her to embrace it… And as for April, Dominic was everything she didn’t need but always thought she wanted, however, Leo is everything she didn’t know she wanted but has always needed. I love seeing them together, their scenes make me smile. Disagree if you like, but I like it the way it is now, if they change it then ok, if not then ok too.

  22. Shayla says:

    Hmmm…this doesn’t say much (or anything actually) about the new storyline that really piqued my interest at the end of season one, the thing with Brenna being a donor for Finn? Anywho, I’m excited! Lol at Leo punching Dominic though. I really thought Dom was over April, but I guess not! Poor sister-whose-name-I- forget!

  23. Lexi says:

    I don’t know if I could continue watching without Lapril. Sigh.