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Arrow's Stephen Amell Drops Season 4 Hint: Is This What Brings Oliver Back?

Arrow Season 4 Spoilers

What could possibly prompt Arrow‘s Oliver Queen to cut short his idyllic, romantic retreat with lady love Felicity Smoak and return home to dark ‘n’ dangerous Starling City?

Series’ star Stephen Amell may have just shared a big clue.

Treating fans to a Thursday morning Twitter Q&A, Amell responded to a request to sum up the Season 4 premiere in three words, thusly:

Meaning, of course, that Thea — who at season’s end adopted her own costumed persona — is seemingly in need of some help, or guidance, in her brother’s absence.

Maybe the infamous side effects of the Lazarus Pit waters that brought Thea back to life after Ra’s al Ghul slayed her are beginning to manifest themselves? And plucky Thea is going a bit… mad?

Earlier in the week, the Arrow writers shared this peek at the premiere script, while obstructing our view of the title — though my Chloe O’Brian-esque zoom-in abilities suggest that it is a single word of 10 letters or less:

What are your own theories about Amell’s cryptic tweet?

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  1. Sarah T says:

    Hmmm-could be interesting. I’m looking forward to what could happen with Thea/Speedy. I just hope when he does come back, he and Felicity aren’t on the outs. We need to at least see them try at a relationship.

    • Josh says:

      I don’t see them breaking up over this Felicity cares about thea. The people who think they need to stick to toxic comic canon relationship Laurvier will beg to differ though.

      • bkwrm says:

        Now that it has been established that this is an alternate timeline, that whole “it’s not canon” argument has no legs to stand on.

        • nellie says:

          Really? It has been established. How exactly because I havent been watching the show like i used to so I’m curious about how. Could you explain how (if it’s not a problem for you) because i’m curious :)

        • John NYC says:

          Were you thinking of The Flash’s closing events? That may cross connect to Arrow but…..

          • carrionne says:

            But he didn’t go back in time at the end. He decided that he was living the life he was Always supposed to life and then he went back to it. Last time we say the Flash, he was running straight into a black Whole, not a time stravel vortex.

          • Hadouken555 says:

            Not the Flash closing events, but Reverse Flash going back in time to kill Barry, and though this is much later, the Flash going back in time by accident.

    • pem says:

      I would hope so as well. I dont see why they would have spent most of S3 getting them together just to break them up immediately. I think they’ll be happy and together for a while. Happier Oliver is closer to becoming GA. Plus w/all the angst between them last season, I would think that their togetherness will be treated as a fact, not a focus at all.

    • mac says:

      let’s hope he leaves her there and we never see her return

    • Arrow nerd says:

      Actually they did try it when they had there “date” that was actually one of there many dates we just didn’t see the others because it was in the middle of two seasons when the writes made them get together the first time they actually were dating for awhile before that episode

  2. HARD.

    Jordan and Oliver on the road fighting social injustice in the flashbacks, and Oliver dealing with drug-addicted Thea in the present-day sequences.

  3. Neal says:

    I honestly don’t care as long as they get rid of Olicity. It may seem like everybody loves it on Twitter and Tumblr, but honestly a lot of fans hate it. I hope the writers don’t just keep turning this into some love fanfiction

    • Felicity ends up with Firestorm’s dad…

      • Josh says:

        Well that’s not happening here Felicity is an older character in the comics and I don’t think they are following Lame comic Canon with Laurvier being as toxic as it is

        • Oliver and Laurel end up together, just like Lois & Clark, Barry and Iris, Hal and Carol, etc, etc.

          • Josh says:

            Really? Oliver and Laurel do not end up together if he cheats on her repeatldy and they aren’t together in comics

          • Dude, they got married in the comics.

          • And please don’t come back with “well, they aren’t married now” or something, heh. You’d be surprised how little relevance what currently happens in comics has to do with other media. When Donner’s Superman movie came out, Clark was an anchorman for WGBS in the comics. Was he one in the movie? No. When the Flash TV show of the 90’s came out, Barry was dead in the comics. Was he dead on TV? No. So even if Oliver and Laurel aren’t together in the comics now, it doesn’t mean they don’t belong together and won’t end up together, cheating aside. He cheated on her constantly in the comics, had kids with at least two different women (one of them Shado), and they still got married.

          • Linda says:

            Oliver is already married…to Chloe Sullivan. :)

          • pem says:

            Oliver & Laurel do not “end up together”. They “End Up Divorced”. The Only reason the comic books even had them get married in the first place, was because back then, the comic book writers HAD to adhere to a comic book writers Code Of Ethics. Oliver and Dinah/laurel whatever, couldnt have any kind of intimate relationship Uless they were married.

          • I’m not sure what you’re talking about. They were married in 2007 in a series that ended in 2010. You make it sound as if they were married in the 50’s or 60’s.

          • Mike R. says:

            Puhlease, it has been stated comic canon doesn’t really matter in the realms of the tv show, but if you think just because Ollie and Laurel are currently divorced in comic canon that they won’t ultimately end up together again you are sadly mistaken. Give it a few more years and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re married again.

            Oliver and Laurel, no matter what you think of them in the show, are one of DC’s most iconic couples. The comics will never abandon that. And once we eventually get a Green Arrow movie I’m sure Ollie and Laurel will be together in that as well.

          • They’re not divorced in so much as they’ve been rebooted so that their marriage no longer “counts” in the current narrative thread. As for them ending together, *I’m* not the one doubting it, I’m the one who is pointing it out, heh.

          • Joe says:

            Yes just as Ollie and canary got together on smallville…oh right they did not…

          • Canary was awful in Smallville, though.

          • Joe says:

            In fact Ollie and Laurel/Dinah is such an “iconic” couple that in neither show where green arrow was a featured character did they end up together…

          • Mike R. says:

            Oh I know I was replying to Pem…

          • Mike R. says:

            @Joe, Yes two shows with very large and influential fanbases, if it wasn’t for pandering for Fans, the creators would have certainly followed comic canon, and slim as it may be Oliver and Laurel could still end up together in Arrow. Just because in both shows they largely screwed up the character of Laurel Lance does not diminish the decades long history of the couple that exists in the comics. They are iconic, maybe not in TV media, but in the comics that fact is in indisputable.

          • Clara says:


          • Kat says:

            Laurel and Oliver are nowhere near the iconic status of Lois and Clark. Besides, they tried those two and it never worked. First because the two actors have zero romantic chemistry and second because he cheated on her with HER SISTER. How people think they could ever get past that is so confusing to me. It’s disgusting. Even if Felicity wasn’t around, I would NEVER want Oliver and Laurel to end up together. Their back story is too toxic and gross. I’d rather he ended up with someone else if things didn’t work out with Felicity, although I don’t see that happening because they’ve made Felicity the love of his life and linked to his humanity and happiness.

      • Sammy says:

        LOL. Not in this universe she doesn’t. Let it go dude. They’re never gonna stick to 100% comic canon.

    • brenna says:

      I don’t do twitter or tumbler, but I love this show and read comments. I’ll have to say that there are a few comic book fans that complain/whine constantly and much more than any “shippers” I have seen. We’re fortunate to have comic book shows to watch and they give us so much great comic book action. The romantic side is such a small amount. I wish people would just enjoy the part they love and let others do the same! Arrow is a very long way from being just love fanfiction. It’s a great show. Just my opinion.

      • Sammy says:

        THIS. I don’t want to generalise because there are a lot of comic book fans who are perfectly reasonable and happy to accept that the TV show is and will be different than the comic book universe. But I see so much whining about how certain stories and relationships will never last because they didn’t in the comics and it’s exhausting and boring. I’d hate to watch a show where I knew everything that was gonna happen. I’d rather they just embrace some comic elements and surprise me. Sometimes what works in comics doesn’t work on screen and I wish people realised that.

        • Shelley says:

          Thank you, Sammie, that is me too. If it was a copy of what was in the comics, then why watch the show, we already know how it ends. I love Arrow. The stories are their own. How things evolve for Oliver is what is important to me. My favorite character, which Stephen Amell portrays so beautifully. No one or fanbase has manipulated my desires and emotions about what has transpired on the show. Laurel has been written poorly, portrayed as hurt, resentful, embittered, spiteful, lost, distrusting, weak, soon to be empowered strong willed, fighting force, committed hero of Starling City. I haven’t embraced that character, nor, do I believe in her story season 3. This is my opinion and how I perceive her character as a fighter only. She had more loving personality with Sara, her dad and, especially, with Tommy. She seems aloof with Oliver. So, for me, she does not belong with Oliver. Right now in the show. I don’t know if she’ll be written differently where the story will take Oliver and Laurel back together. We have to wait and see. I’m just happy that Oliver is happy for once since the show started. He was so tormented. He’s gone through so much that would destroy anyone. I’m glad that Felicity has been there for him along with Diggle to help him get through his he$$. He and Laurel have been the tormented ones. Going through hard times. I immediately sympathized with Oliver. Embittered Laurel, I didn’t. But, she’s growing me. I’m going to allow the show to tell its story. I’m not going to follow all the raving ranters of the show. All that does is debase what the show is trying to do. Last season was difficult for me to watch. I didn’t like what Oliver had to go through. But, in the end he accepts the value of others and feels his city would be in good hands. He needed a vacation. After all, he died, was manipulated, branded, saw his sister almost die in one year.
          I’m hoping season 4 will be a good one. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Kat says:

      Good Lord. Romance is part of life and TV shows. Every comic hero has a love interest and it just happens to be Felicity on Arrow. I don’t know why some people insist it’s love fan fiction just because the male lead is in love with someone.

      • Amber2 says:

        Yes. Love is one of the most powerful human drives and so is great fuel for good storytelling. That’s why many superheroe stories have a central love theme. I think Felicity is a great ‘partner’ for Oliver as she is his equal but is totally different. From purely a storytelling POV it makes sense to have that difference as it allows for both collaboration and conflict.

    • Stephen says:

      A lot of fans also hate Lauriver so I guess the writers are going with olicity cos its the least hated.

  4. spindae2 says:

    Them dealing with Thea’s post LP status sounds good. This hiatus is so painful. Hoping for more scoop to follow soon.

  5. Kevin H. says:

    Matt, I think you’re getting your Days of Our Lives (Chloe O’Brien) and Smallville (Chloe Sullivan) confused.

  6. Bet you it’s called Reawakening.

  7. Vc says:

    Make Thea Talia, the enemy of DC characters. Since his father is the new Ra’s and she will be brain wash and her enemy is the arrow and the flash but this time she is much better.

  8. Ninoska says:

    No more Olicity plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Anon says:


      • Ninoska says:

        I mean the way the season 3 ended with both of them driving into the sunset like it was a soap opera was the lamest dumbest scene I have ever watched in a TV show. We did not need to watch that. I like better when Felicity was in S1 or 2, always there to help Oliver be there for him, no strings attached and behave like very very good friends who support each other, once they made each other fall in love or have feelings for each other and brought Ray into the picture, the season really FLOPPED…
        Why fix something if aint broken??

    • A.M says:

      Yes Yes Yes!

    • Kat says:

      No more people moaning about Olicity plzzzzzzz. I swear people spend more time moaning about things like dislike than supporting things they love. Why not just hit up the comments with stuff you’re looking forward to?

    • maya says:

      um..not trying to be rude but can you tell me why you hate olicity so much.
      ps:you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

  9. brenna says:

    Can’t wait for Season 4. I’m looking forward to seeing what is happening with Thea, Diggle, and I also look forward to seeing Oliver and Felicity working together as partners as well as part of the entire team. Should be a lot of fun!

    • Sil says:

      That’s me too. I love Oliver, Diggle, Thea and Felicity. Cannot wait to see all of them as a team. And, I really love a happy Oliver. This seems to be a really interesting start to season 4. Felicity and Oliver returning to Starling City on Speedy’s request. Felicity and Oliver are partners now, returning as partners to be a part of a team.

  10. ashleytwo says:

    It would be nice if they came back because Felicity found out she’s in charge of Palmer tech rather than Oli being dragged back.

  11. BrianR says:

    Ollie I saw Sara.

  12. Joey Padron says:

    good to know a bit of about season 4 premiere. can’t wait to see the trailer for new season next month!

  13. James D says:

    sounds ok I guess. Honestly after such a cruddy season 3 I just hope and prey they can redeem themselves by going back to basics forget all the soap operay stuff with the arrow team and Olicity, in fact can we be over with the Olicity thing now it’s stale and not entertaining (just my Opinion Olicity fans please don’t send ninjas to murder me in my sleep :)) the idea of Thea going mad because of the LP sounds like it will get old very fast but I guess it makes sense thematically. I am interested to see how they go forward with the story, not only Ollies, but Laurels and Digs as well.

    • Sil says:

      You’re entitled to an opinion. I won’t judge. We all love different things about shows. This is a great way for each of us to speak about our hopes. I just don’t get involved in all the social media fighting between different fandoms. People need to let people speak what they feel, and let the rest go. When I read all the comments, as in this article, I pass over the disagreeable bantering. That to me is not productive. Arrow has not even started season 4. I hope that all Arrow fans can get excited for the start of season 4 with zeal. And not be on a destructive path for fans already. As the song says, be happy.

  14. hello says:

    Wish it was the death of Felicity

  15. GildedRose says:

    Can’t wait for Arrow to return and see what brings Oliver and Felicity back to town. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if Thea is what brings them back or even Diggle (even if it’s Thea calling them about Diggle). I can’t wait to see Oliver and Felicity tackle things together as a couple and want them to go through all the conflicts & drama together as partners and a romantic team. So much good stuff to anticipate from Arrow, hopefully, this year like the Bratva, HIVE, Felicity’s dad, hopefully a story for Quentin (and one that will bring Donna Smoak in for him).

  16. Kelly says:

    I am looking forward to Felicity and Diggle’s stories in season 4 and more of Felicity/Oliver and more Felicity/Oliver/Diggle

  17. albamin says:

    Well, we were expecting there to be fallout from her dip in the Lazarus Pit. I wouldn’t be surprised if this the impetus for Oliver to return to Starling City. I’m very excited to see where they take her character next season.

    Looking forward to a return to Team Arrow awesome with Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. Also excited for established Olicity. I can’t wait to see them in this new dynamic, as partners in every sense of the word.

  18. silvia says:

    I can’t wait for S4 and for see more of my favourites Oliver, Felicity and Diggle…. and of course!!! My favourite TV Couple Oliver & Felicity

    • Kate says:

      Me too. I think the show is fantastic when it remembers what made it work in the first place and that’s Oliver, Felicity and Diggle. Team Arrow at its finest. Plus a little of Olicity thrown in. ;P

  19. jannief2001 says:

    Sounds like it could be the case or Thea/Speedy is requesting help for Diggle? Doesn’t matter. I can’t wait for Season 4. Hoping to see the positive progression of Oliver’s & Felicity’s relationship, the repair of the Diggle/Oliver relationship, the reveal of the big bad and Felicity’s father! Hurry October!!!

  20. Amber says:

    Ooh, interesting……that line could be a lot of different things. Cant wait to see :)
    People are still complaining about Olicity? Personally I like them and if the writers want to keep them…..then the writers keep them. If they ever do break up (fingers crossed they dont!), I cant see Laurel and Oliver together again after everything that has happened. Plus, the chemistry is almost non-existent – especially in the romantic scenes. Can’t keep a tv show on the air if fans turn off because the main couple aren’t believable! Even if the couple is ‘comic canon’.

  21. Gina says:

    One does not simply jump out of the pit like a maniac and expect not to be possessed by some demon afterwards. Literally or figuratively. I actually am looking forward to watching Willa kick this storyline’s ass. S3 turned Thea into my 4th favorite (after the Team) so throw everything at her writers. Not to mention what a nice bonus that it gives us more Merlyn. I cannot wait.

  22. ariane says:

    I hope next season will be happier, I got to much angst last season. But With Felicity and Oliver finally together, I will be awesome! Oliver will no longer make me cry because he is a cinnamon roll who must be protect at all cost.

  23. Katt says:

    So hoping to finally see Green Arrow this season. Dark Oliver was fine, but the brooding was getting old. Green Arrow is a smart and funny guy, glad the writers are giving him the chance to show that.

  24. Athena says:

    So excited to see what brings Oliver and Felicity back to Starling City. Definitely could see it being Thea, maybe even Diggle. Looking forward to seeing Oliver and Felicity as a couple AND staying a couple. They’re partners in life and in crime-fighting, I think “Arrow” has done an awesome job establishing that. So I’m excited to see them face conflict together and come out better for it. Give me Olicity, Original Team Arrow, Thea/Felicity friendship, more Diggle/Felicity interactions, Dig/Oliver mending fences, HIVE, Papa Smoak, Mama Smoak, more OG3/Olicity action/stunts AND Quentin working together again with Original Team Arrow and I’ll be a happy fangirl.

  25. Sophie says:

    I’m so excited for season 4 and to see more of a balance like we saw in season 2. Season 3 did some things wrong but Oliver and Felicity’s relationship was not one of them, so I’m excited to see them work on their established relationship and show growth.

    I’m hoping to see more of a clear arc with the big bad next season and seeing them weaved into the story better. I’m also hoping to see more of the core team (Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle) working together and leading team arrow because they have the most experience and have a great dynamic that makes the show. I hope they also establish Oliver’s life outside “The Arrow” in terms of getting his own place, a job, etc. Also, I’m very curious about the long term effects of the pit on Thea. You know it isn’t going to be pretty.

    Overall, I’m just incredily excited for season 4 and I can’t wait to see the growth in Oliver and Felicity as an individuals and their relationship together. ☺️

  26. Kate says:

    I think it’s great that Thea will be the one to draw Oliver and Felicity back to Starling. I love that their sibling relationship was a focus in S3. About one of the only things S3 got right. As much as I LOVE Olicity, I hope this season focuses on them being a couple, together, no more drama or dumb love triangle stuff. That never works out favorably for anyone. I think they’re really great together when they’re actually in tune with each other and on the same side. I think S3 let them down in the sense that they were opposing a lot of the time and it just didn’t work. So I want to see the Olicity I love from the first two seasons, with a bit of hot sexy times thrown in because wowsa, their love scene is still one of the hottest and most emotional sex scenes I’ve watched.

    Also excited about Diggle getting lots of focus this season. ABOUT DAMN TIME.

  27. Sammy says:

    I’m excited about Thea maybe being affected by the pit. I thought they’d start that in season 3 but I guess they didn’t have time. Also looking forward to some happy Olicity. I don’t care what some haters say. I think they’re fantastic together and I’ve really enjoyed watching their love story unfold. It was a bit hard going in season 3 but I’m just happy they got all that angst out of the way, for now. Can’t wait for Diggle and H.I.V.E. and also seeing Thea as Speedy! I do wish Roy was still around though. I got really attached to him last season!

  28. Maria says:

    I am looking forward to season 4 so much. I am so done with angst and Marc Guggenheim has promised a lighter season this year. Thank goodness. I LOVE the dynamic of Olicity when they are not so angst u and we need the humor back. I can’t wait to see what is Going n wit Thea and to see that dynamic. Original Team Arrow all the way please.

  29. Amber2 says:

    It makes sense that Thea would be the reason Oliver came back. Looking forward to that and some Olicity goodness in season 4. Oh yeah, the action is great too 😀

  30. The more I reacquaint myself with early Oliver, the more I see exactly how important Thea has always been to him. If anyone can bring Oliver back from his time away, Thea can.
    And yes, I’m excited about Olicity, though I’m not sure how much is going to change, even if they are more affectionate towards each other. They’ve always worked well together, and I don’t see a newly-minted relationship changing that. If anything, it’ll make them closer.
    And of course, I’m excited for the rest of the team to make their appearance and just what Oliver is going to do help whatever situation they’re in. Can’t wait to see the field team in action once more, with that ever-present voice in their ears…

  31. Shadow82 says:

    I don’t want to see Oliver end up with either Felicity or Laurel. Have him end up with Sarah or some-one else.