Once Upon a Time Casting Rumple's Mom — Dare We Hope for Karen Gillan?

Once Upon a Time Season 5 Rumple Mother

Tick-tock, Dearie! If you’re a young actress who can brandish a Scottish burr, Once Upon a Time is looking for you.

TVLine has learned that for an early Season 5 episode, the ABC drama is guest-casting the role of Rumplestiltskin’s mother, Evanna, to appear in flashbacks.

To date, precious little is know about Evanna — she was already gone at the that time Rumple’s unscrupulous father Malcolm left the lad to be tended to by spinner spinsters (which really should be the name of an all-girl band), only to resurface for the gents’ first trip to Neverland.

But this much TVLine can now reveal: Once is seeking an actress in her mid-20s to early 30s to play the “stunningly beautiful” Evanna, who is described as “plucky, strong and imbued with an unshakeable sense of self-confidence.” Evanna sometimes acts before she thinks, though unlike her son she never acts out of pure self-interest. Rather, her noble spirit stands in stark contrast to the now-dark soul of her offspring.

Candidates must also be able to pull off a Scottish accent.

Mid-20s to early 30s? Scottish accent? Dare we hope for Whoniverse alum Karen Gillan? Or, maybe steal Rose Leslie aka Game of Thrones‘ Ygritte for an episode?

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  1. aurat22 says:

    So I am guessing even though Rumple is now free of the Dark One doesn’t mean he’s suddenly going to turn into Mother Theresa: “the now dark soul of her offspring.”

    • Val says:

      Anyone who thinks Rumple is some saint or even deemed good – is wrong. The man has always wanted power. And i hate ppl who makes excuse that his actions are coz it was down to him being a dark one as its the dark curse. No – he had a choice and he wanted to do those evil things. Still a villain to me, always since season 1.

      • aurat22 says:

        Oh I still think of him as a villain since he chose to take in the Dark One willingly just wasn’t sure how writers were going to play it.

      • Lucifer says:

        Yeah, same for Regina. I could care less that she’s a ‘mom’ now because all she ever wanted was power and revenge as well. She killed her own father! And it really gets difficult to even try and see her as anything but a villain when the writers keep doing flashbacks to make her kill or terrorize more innocent people.

        • Trinity says:

          If Regina doesn’t kill her own father for revenge. She would never met Henry, Emma’s son. Henry will put in the foster system, cause Emma doesn’t want her own son. But now Emma does want her son since in the 3rd season “Going Home” episode.

          • Katherine215 says:

            Well, Emma was only alone and pregnant because Regina killed her father to cast the spell that Snow and Charming sent Emma away to avoid. There is no getting aroudn the fact that Regina is responsible for a lot of terrible things, all because Daniel died.

      • crysania4 says:

        So the Dark One curse was just…nothing then? All that darkness that came out of him was just a pretty black cloud and nothing else? Really? What happens when Emma starts doing evil things? Is that going to be just “Emma is evil! She chooses to be evil!” or will you defend it and say it’s the Dark One curse?

        • K says:

          Emma won’t do evil things, obviously. She’ll just be absolutely normal Emma, because wow, that will be a fascinating story. Becoming the Dark One doesn’t change her a bit…she spends the whole season watching Netflix with her honeyboo (Regina) and Killian. Can’t wait!

        • Jones008 says:

          Firstly Emma didn’t kill anyone to become the Dark One and wanted the power and Emma isn’t hellbent on hurting ppl for the sake of it unlike Rumple was and does. Emma isn’t selfish, and Emma has faith in the ppl who love her – her parents, her son, and Killian which is what i am seeing and heard in the show and the last scenes.
          Rumple and Emma are MILES apart to the person they are. And Emma has pure magic that can balance the darkness. She wants the darkness stopped and to get rid of it. Rumple never wanted it gone from him.

          • crysania4 says:

            This is what you really think? I mean really. Rumple wanted the power to save his son. He wanted it for GOOD. He says this himself. On the show. It’s canon. He wasn’t hellbent on hurting people. He saved all the kids from a horrible war. That was what Rumple wanted. But guess what? The DARK ONE CURSE corrupts. It’s not just a happy magic blessing. It’s a curse. Did he kill someone? Yes. Because he thought that was the only way to be able to save his son and desperate parents do desperate things to protect their kids (also, Zoso wanted to die…he goaded him into it purposely…suicide by murder).

            And you’re right. Emma has faith in all those people. She has support. She has people who are going to search for a way to save her. And if she is exactly the same Emma under the curse then that is going to be some pretty horrible writing. Because they’ve established that it messes you up pretty bad. Why did Rumple want to hang onto it? Because he had it already. Because the curse wants to hang on. Would spinner!Rumple really want that sort of thing? No. But he was no longer spinner!Rumple. He had a dark entity living inside him for 300 years corrupting him.

            And who did Rumple have for support? No one. Just his young son. And no one else. No one who loved him or cared for him or who wanted to go to the end of the earth and find a way to free him. He had one young boy who did all he could, but that wasn’t enough. Emma has many people going to bat for her and they’re going to try to find a way to END the darkness, not just jump into a portal to a new land to try to free her of it.

            And we honestly don’t know how Emma is going to be under the curse. She may very well try to retain the power because THAT is what the Dark One curse wants.

          • Val says:

            Well Said Jones008

          • Fran68 says:

            Well said crysania4. Also remember that the Dark One is an entity in itself. It controls the one it’s inside. Rumple set out to do good. Not just for his son but for his wife earlier on. He wanted to do the right thing. If he was all evil then his happy ending would be to control everyone no matter what. But no, he wanted to use the power to help. To be in a world where the Dark One could not control his actions. That he controlled it to do good. To me, Ragina is more evil at heart then Rumple is. Team RumBelle all the way!!!

          • L says:

            Crysania4 – Rumple didn’t want the power to save his son. He wanted it so that he’d no longer be viewed a coward. He used it to get even with those who hurt his son because of who he was – a coward.

    • Jones008 says:

      I rather think he would want his power back. Its not like he gave it up due to his own choice. He will be a cunning man and want it back. He doesn’t care and never has especially when power is involved. We all know what he will choose

    • aurat22 says:

      Oh I still think of him as a villain since he chose to take in the Dark One willingly just wasn’t sure how writers were going to play it.

  2. Lysh says:

    Okay, the Spinner Spinsters is an excellent idea. I play ukulele, let’s do this.

    I doubt Karen would do this, though she’s friends with JMo, but that would be excellent.

  3. Ah interesting. Fans have been curious about his mom for a while too. Interesting description of her as well. I like your casting suggestions too. Not sure I would compare her to her son’s cursed self, but rather to his character prior to that curse. I think there is a difference, even though I love the character throughout pre-curse and during-curse. Should be interesting to see him post-curse removal too.

  4. Crysania says:

    Thank you so much for this scoop! I’m so excited. We’ve been wondering about Rumple’s mother for a very long time.

  5. iHeart says:

    maybe someone from game of thrones or something? I don’t do cast guessing games. I’m just waiting for Once to return and it’s going to be a long three months

  6. Val says:

    Stiltskin men are all cowards.
    Thank god Henry isnt like them!! Cowardice stops at him

    • Dean says:

      Henry’s a Charming through and through.

    • AJ says:

      Neal was a pretty good guy.

      • Jennifer says:

        Neal did have his cowardly moments but I agree he was a good guy at heart. However, can we all please give some credit to the woman who raised Henry?

        • Lucifer says:

          A vengeful woman who murdered her own father to get her revenge and when she became lonely and bored after doing so, she adopted a son who she named after her father to replace the sadness in her dark soul. There ya go.

      • Val says:

        Dean – “Henry’s a Charming through and through” . – YES!!!!

        Jennifer – I kinda agree with you.

        Neal was a coward and did cowardly things (and then try to pass it off like what he did was ok and justifying it eg sending Emma to prison as he didnt want to ever see his father and making it seem like he was getting her home – umm NO), being a good guy (who was insensitive to Emma) doesnt mean you dont do cowardly things.
        But once he knew he had Henry, he did try to be there but it was never going to be.
        Did not like Neal much to say the least. I thought Little Bae was ok

      • Jones008 says:

        AJ – Neal was a coward. Became a coward.

      • Katie says:

        Neal was literally the Webster definition of a good guy.

        • L says:

          I agree. Neal didn’t want to send Emma to jail. If they’d watched ALL episodes, they’d remember – Pinocchio told Neal to let her go to jail so she’d be safe to fulfill her destiny.

    • crysania4 says:

      I’m not really sure how maiming yourself in such a horrific way to make sure your son doesn’t grow up fatherless and taking on a dark curse to try to protect him and free all the children from an unwinnable war is “cowardly.” I’m not sure how Neal is a coward either. He seems to be rather brave, considering he was willing to jump into a portal to an unknown land to save his father. A bunch of creepy soldiers and an abusive wife claiming he’s a coward does not ACTUALLY make him a coward.

      • Lily says:

        Baelfire was brave in his youth, but when he grew up (into Neal) he became a coward.

        • Crysania says:

          Really? Because I’d think that going back to Storybrooke to face his father because he wanted to get to know his son was kind of not cowardly. Neither was facing down Peter Pan to get back Henry. Or using the shadow to make his way to Neverland, a place of nightmares for him. Or letting go of Emma’s hand and falling down the portal because he wanted to make sure Henry had one of his parents. Exactly what was so cowardly about Neal as an adult?

    • Jones008 says:

      Henry is more on Charmings side and Emma and has their fighting spirit and belief. He might be Stiltskin lineage but he isn’t like them and never had been. Thank Lord.

      • Theo says:

        Well, we know Henry got his intelligence from the Gold side of the family and not the Charming side. Charming is the guy who couldn’t keep 2 valentines day cards straight.

  7. Jones008 says:


  8. Jan says:

    I’m so excited! Thanks for the scoop. My question is does he still have a black soul now that the Dark One has been removed from him? He was a kind loving man pre-curse.

  9. kiki kiddo says:

    Maybe rose leslie is better fit,im saving karen gillan for brianna mckenzie jamie and claire’s daughter on outlander

  10. Kripe says:

    Because there aren’t enough characters on this show as it is.

  11. Jennifer says:

    More Rumple backstory sounds great. Hopefully this means Robert Carlyle won’t be sidelined. I’m curious as to how it will connect to the present storyline. Will it tie into the darkness now in Emma or will it be a new story for Rumple?

    • Nan says:

      I love Robert Carlyle (long term fan). He was the only reason I started watching this series in the first place. As long as he stays, I will be there. If he leaves or is let go, I am gone, f or sure.

      • jenn says:

        Me too!! :) I read thru some of the comments on this just had to stop all the negative on rumple. Have these people really been watching this show? Like Emma Rumple also took the dark curse for heroic reasons. Then I see people writing they are tired of seeing him and the other core characters. Umm hello A LOT of people watch this show because of him and the other core characters. Ugh I don’t get it. We’ll like you a huge fan of Robert Carlyle have seen just about every movie he has been in. Here is to season 5 and LOTS of rumple. And I hope that pisses off many LMAOF :) :)

  12. jenny says:

    Really? Enough with the Rumple, Regina and Snow White flashbacks. There are plenty of other characters on this show whose history I’m more interested in — Emma, Hook, Robin, etc. And I’m sure we’ll get some history about the new characters from Camelot. So why take up precious flashbacks with more of the same?

    • Casey says:

      AMEN! They keep going back to the same flashback characters over and over and over again. If I never see another Regina or Rumple flashback again, it will still be too soon. Trod some new ground, for heaven’s sake! There are other characters who need some backstory a heck of a lot more.

      Hook is the only main character (or at least the only one until Robin Hood was made a regular) where we haven’t met at least ONE of his parents. We’ll now have met both parents for every other character except Charming. They keep promising it, but never bother to actually do it. I mean, why show us something new when they can do Flashback #4,087 with Rumple or Regina? So. Tired. Of. Their. Flashbacks.

    • Tennessee says:

      Yes!!! The ONLY reason I give a crap about Once Upon A Time, is because of Killian Jones/Captain Hook. I am so tired of Rumple, Belle, Regina, and honestly see them as a bunch of whiners I can’t tolerate much more, of. The show is crap without Hook.

      • crysania4 says:

        And guess what? Plenty of people disagreed? Some of us even think the show would be better without Hook. Crazy, huh? We haven’t had a Rumple flashback in ages (he’s been IN flashbacks, but has not had one really focused directly on him) so it’s nice to see another one coming down the pike. A lot of people have wondered what happened to his mother.

        • Tennessee says:

          I would make the effort to disagree, but believe defensive comments to the contrary argue my case. If objections to Rumple Regina, etc were not legitimate, then they would not need to be argued.

          • crysania4 says:

            Sorry but I’ll disagree. The Snowing/Regina feud has been played out and so some of those flashbacks do get tiresome because it keeps rehashing that feud over and over again. But I’ve never seen the Rumple ones (which are usually 2 a season, though we haven’t had one in a long time) as anything but interesting. They always give us new information. Which is perhaps easier since he’s 300 years old or so. The last Rumple-centric we had was 3×08.

          • Sarah says:

            People tuned out when Hook was moved front and center? What BS. I tuned out because Once Upon A Time can’t stop beating dead horses. I’m tired of Rumpelstiltskin, and poooooor Regina. Over it. I didn’t watch the finale. Oh Hook was in it, but I lost my love for this show, and he’s not why.

          • 39 says:

            You can’t blame Hook for the ratings. The show is failing because it sucks. Hook was barely developed. He’s loverboy with half-a-backstoty. Rumple is 100% predictable, and both Belle is OUAT’s tragic diva.

            Give Hook more substance, get more creative with the characters, and toughen up the girls. That’s when ratings will go up.

        • Buttercup says:

          Hook is one of the most interesting characters on the show. No way it would be better without him. A lot of people would probably quit watching if he was gone. I like Rumple, but we’ve see so much of his backstory already. At least the mom is something new, but I’m more interested in the backstories for Hook and Robin Hood, of whom we know very little. We know nothing about either of their parents or even what realms they are from. More about Maleficent/Lily would be good, too.

          • K says:

            Many people DID tune out when Hook was moved front and center and Rumple demonized–literally millions, considering the drop in ratings during S4 from 3.5 to 1.8. Hook is a bore to many of us.

          • crysania4 says:

            See, I find Hook pretty snooze-worthy. His centrics have been some of the lowest points of the show for me. He’s pretty much just Emma’s love interest and that’s about it. He was missing from a couple episodes this season and I barely even noticed until someone pointed it out.

          • jenny says:

            K — The ratings didn’t drop because of Hook. The ratings dropped because the show got a bunch of new viewers from Frozen who left when the novelty wore off. There are some great TV ratings sites that have charts proving the big gain from Frozen was lost even before Elsa and Anna finally found their way back home.

          • K says:

            Jenny–We don’t know if the ratings dropped ONLY because of Hook, but it was definitely not just the Frozen fans leaving. Ratings at the end of S3 were at about 2.3; they dropped as low as 1.6 in 4B, long after the Frozen folks were (thankfully) gone. (And the freefall of the ratings in 4B only stabilized at 1.7, “coincidentally” exactly around the time that Hook was relegated to the background for three or four eps.)

          • jenny says:

            K – The Frozen fans leaving was a BIG factor! The numbers don’t lie. Season 4A started at 3.5 and ended with a 1.7. That’s pretty much the entire freefall you’re talking about. For season 3B, the ratings started at 2.2 — 1.3 shares lower than the 4A premiere — and ended at 1.8. So 4A fell 1.8 shares while 4B only fell .4 from beginning to end. The 4B finale actually ended a tenth HIGHER than the 4A finale. And if you want to get technical, the ratings in 4B fell AFTER Hook’s one centric episode and never got back up to the level of his centric for the rest of the season at a time when you correctly say he was pushed into the background.

          • aurat22 says:

            What most people fail to note is the biggest drop in ratings came for season 4B which was Queens of Darkness. That arc was very Regina/Rumple centric . Hook had little to no scenes with exception of Poor Unfortunate Soul which was one of the higher rated episodes actually. Charmings also on backburner. Don’t get me wrong I like both Regina and Rumple, just think it’s time to spread the wealth of story out a little.

          • aurat22 says:

            Looking at 10/19/2014. That was the Apprentice..Killian heavy episode. One of higher rated episodes. 3/22/2015 one of higher rated episodes in 4 b that’s Poor Unfortunate Soul. So while there are those that don’t like him, and that’s their right, ratings didn’t drop because of him. His episodes were popular and watched.

          • Buttercup says:

            Actually, the biggest ratings drops occurred when Hook started getting less screen time. People tuned in big at the beginning of 4a after 3b ended with two things–Hook and Emma finally getting together, and Frozen. But after the date episode in 4×4, we didn’t see much of Hook and Emma together, because Emma was too busy with Elsa and the Snow Queen. Ratings started to go down at that point (guess Frozen could only hold people’s attention for so long). The biggest drop came in 4b when Hook started getting less screen time with so much focus on the Queens of Darkness and Regina’s search for the author. Other than Poor Unfortunate Soul and the second half of the finale, Hook only had a few minutes here and there, and the ratings suffered.

          • K says:

            Sorry guys, but none of those claims about the ratings are true. You can find detailed records of every character’s screen time per ep and for the full season here: http://lanaptheevilpanda.tumblr.com/tagged/ouat+screentime. You can find the ratings here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Once_Upon_a_Time_(season_4)#U.S._live_ratings.
            The biggest drop was not in 4B (premiere 2.2, low 1.6) but in 4A (even assuming that the premiere was outrageously inflated by Frozen, they dropped from 2.7 to 1.7). While the influx and drop off of Frozen fans was significant, by 4×8 (2.4 ratings, season 3 level), the Frozen bump was gone but the show was still bleeding viewers. Hook had the third highest screen time among the regulars for 4A (after only Emma and Rumple, and he was tied with or had more screentime than Rumple right up to episode 11). Captain Swan had one or more scenes in nearly every 4A episode. It is ridiculous assume that that 4A ratings bleed was because there wasn’t ENOUGH Hook/CS.

            Moreover, Hook’s screentime did not notably drop in 4B (79 minutes vs. 85 in 4A), though, far from being backburnered, the Charmings had a much greater presence (Snow had 95 minutes vs. 56, Charming 88 vs. 74). For the full season Hook came in fourth for screentime (following only Emma, Regina, and Rumple). The ratings followed an almost uninterrupted downward trajectory for most of the season (interrupted only by the spring premiere, and a few tiny blips, one of which, yes, was 4×15). However, they finally stabilized at 1.7 for three eps 4×18-4×20, which, yes, were eps when Hook got noticeably less screentime. Correlation is not necessarily causation, but if you’re going to claim that people will quit the show if Hook’s not on, you have to face that many, many, MANY people quit during a very Hook-heavy season.

          • K says:

            Sorry guys, but none of those claims about the ratings are true. You can find detailed records of every character’s screen time per ep and for the full season on Tumblr, compiled by the poster lanaptheevilpanda (see her OUAT screentime tag). You can find the ratings on Wikipedia.
            The biggest drop was not in 4B (premiere 2.2, low 1.6) but in 4A (even assuming that the premiere was outrageously inflated by Frozen, they dropped from 2.7 to 1.7). While the influx and drop off of Frozen fans was significant, by 4×8 (2.4 ratings, season 3 level), the Frozen bump was gone but the show was still bleeding viewers. Hook had the third highest screen time among the regulars for 4A (after only Emma and Rumple, and he was tied with or had more screentime than Rumple right up to episode 11). Captain Swan had one or more scenes in nearly every 4A episode. It is ridiculous assume that that 4A ratings bleed was because there wasn’t ENOUGH Hook/CS.

            Moreover, Hook’s screentime did not notably drop in 4B (79 minutes vs. 85 in 4A), though, far from being backburnered, the Charmings had a much greater presence (Snow had 95 minutes vs. 56, Charming 88 vs. 74). For the full season Hook came in fourth for screentime (following only Emma, Regina, and Rumple). The ratings followed an almost uninterrupted downward trajectory for most of the season (interrupted only by the spring premiere, and a few tiny blips, one of which, yes, was 4×15). However, they finally stabilized at 1.7 for three eps 4×18-4×20, which, yes, were eps when Hook got noticeably less screentime. Correlation is not necessarily causation, but if you’re going to claim that people will quit the show if Hook’s not on, you have to face that many, many, MANY people quit during a very Hook-heavy season.

          • Buttercup says:

            Hook and Emma had very few scenes together in the second half of 4A. There was a token scene here and there, but most of Hook’s scenes were with Rumple and most of Emma’s scenes were with the Frozen crew. In fact, there were a couple episodes where they had no scenes together at all. For example, the episode with the Spell of Shattered Sight comes to mind. Even when Hook finally got his heart back in the 4A finale, the focus was on Rumple and Belle, and Captain Swan got a 26-second scene for Emma to put his heart back in.

            Like another person said, some of the highest rated episodes were Hook/Captain Swan-heavy episodes, like the Apprentice in 4A. And Poor Unfortunate Soul was one of the highest rated in 4B. Further, don’t know how you can say Hook caused a decline in ratings when Emma, Regina, and Rumple all got more screen time in season 4. It’s not like Hook was a new character in season 4. He’s been around for three years now. No reason to put the blame on him when he was only 4th in screen time.

        • Val says:

          Why am i not surprised with an Hook comment. Lets all argue about Hook when someone makes a comment on either Rumple or Neal or Regina lol.
          Firstly i like Hook – i am impressed with the character and more so the acting (if acting was to standard – i dont think i would care that much however much someone was so HOT – seeing as i needed to get this bit of info out there) . I think he has a interesting backstory, an rich backstory. When he was a lieutenant, when he became a pirate, when he became Captain Hook (you know due to Rumple) and living for centuries to get the dark one. And now the woman he loves is the dark one. That is one iconic and poetic parallel.
          And as far as i can see i think the show was missing a character like Hook since season 1 (which by the way they wanted since season 1 but couldnt get the rights to it in time, so yes he would of been there since season 1 with the others)

          • K says:

            People are talking about Hook because someone said he was the only reason he/she watched the show. I find Hook boring and would much rather talk about Rumple but if he’s brought up people will comment. And Hook’s enemy has never been “the Dark One”–it’s been Rumple, Milah’s former husband and the person who killed her. The Dark One is a monster of the week to Hook. Now, if Neal was still around, and was facing seeing the woman he loved devoured by the same darkness that took his father, and seeing his son go through the same ordeal that he did…THAT would be an iconic, fascinating, and dramatic parallel.

        • jenn says:

          Again so well put!! I love reading your comments. Without rumple and the other core this show would not keep going!! Rumple is awesome :) here is to many many flashbacks with rumple LOL ok I am done venting :)

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I’m with you, Tennessee. I was on the verge of giving up OUAT until Hook came along & since season 3 it’s must-watch-live for me (which I can only say for 2 or 3 shows). My favorite moments in every episode are Hook’s scenes, with or without Emma. If he weren’t around, I don’t know that there’d be much left to hold my interest.

    • K says:

      Rumple’s mother is not “more of the same.” While we’ve had every excruciating detail of the Snowing/Regina feud, we’ve seen more of Emma’s childhood now than we have of Rumple’s. Considering that he hasn’t had a centric is nearly two years (in that period Emma and Hook have both had three), I don’t think it’s asking too much.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I agree with you. I’ve had enough Rumple (& Snow & Regina) flashbacks to last a lifetime. Frankly, I’ve never had any sympathy for Rumple and I doubt learning anything about his mom will change that. I do love both of Matt’s casting suggestions though.

    • Rigerty says:

      These characters are the heart of the show. Every core character should at the very least have one centric episode per season. I want to see more of Robin for example too, but the centrics for the core characters are not what needs to be cut in order for that to happen.

  13. Boo says:

    Do we really need to guest star his mother, who’ll be there for a minimum of 5 minutes of screentime, in ANOTHER Rumple-centric flashback? Cause I think the show can survive without it tbh.

    • Lily says:

      Lol…. that would finally give Rumple something to have in common with Belle.

    • crysania4 says:

      I don’t think we’ve had a Rumple-centric flashback since 3a. We had none in season 4 and I can’t remember any in season 4b either.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Right? I was gonna say….

        Surely someone out there has a handy chart of how many centrics per character thus far.

        • crysania4 says:

          I think the reality is that even ONE is too many centrics when someone doesn’t like a character. I think Rumple’s centrics have dried up since season 2. We got 3×04 and 3×08 in 3a and that was the end of them. He’s appeared in many people’s flashbacks, so maybe that’s where the confusion is?

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            Cool beans!

          • Kyle says:

            There’s a lot about that post that’s plain incorrect to be honest. I have no idea where this person is pulling her numbers from, but not every episode in which a certain character is featured pretty heavily is automatically a character centric episode. I tried multiple times and there’s just no way I come even close to the number of centrics this person claims Regina had over the course of the show so far. That’s just one number that’s plain unrealistic. But the fact that this post was tagged “anti Rumple” and “anti Regina” already tells you that someone possibly wasn’t being overly objective there.

          • crysania4 says:

            I’d love to know where they got 13 for Rumple. I got 11 and that includes the Rumbelle episodes…there’s 5 Rumple centrics (mostly about him and Bae, but also one about him and his father), 4 Rumbelle centrics, and 2 that are Rumple/Hook centrics (The Crocodile and The Apprentice).

            Hook, btw, has more than that. There have been three Hook centrics (3×05, 3×17, and 4×16) and the two Rumple/Hook ones.

          • Not sure I agree with that count for Rumple. For me it’s 9 centrics: 1×04 The Price of Gold, 1×08 Desperate Souls, 1×12 Skin Deep (Rumbelle but really a Rumple centric to start because it is so early in the show), 1×19 The Return, 2×04 The Crocodile, 2×14 Manhattan, 2×16 The Miller’s Daughter, 3×04 Nasy Habits, and 3×08 Think Lovely Thoughts. Now you can count 2×19 Lacey (Rumbelle centric) or 4×11 Heroes and Villains (Rumbelle centric) and it would bring it up to 11. A centric contains a flashback that is largely about the character in question. So something that heavily features Rumple, but isn’t really about Rumple wouldn’t be a Rumple centric. For example, It’s Not Easy Being Green features Rumple heavily, but it’s a Zelena centric. The Apprentice featured Rumple heavily, but I wouldn’t call it his centric because we didn’t get into his POV in the flashback. It was more of a Frozen/Anna centric as most of 4A was. An exception to the mostly Frozen centrics would be 4×02 White Out as a Charming centric, and in keeping with how centrics normally work on this show. I wouldn’t call The Heart of Gold a Rumple centric either. He featured heavily, but it was a Robin centric because the flashback was his story, and it informed us about his character, and not Rumple. So IMO, the way this show has treated centrics in the past works more with the POV that Rumple has not gotten a real centric since 3×08, which is around 36 episodes ago. It’s been quite a while since a Rumple centric as defined by this show since season 1. IMO.

          • K says:

            I agree; a character centric is not about screentime but about who gets the POV of the story, and by that metric (apart from the Rumbelle ep 4×11), Rumple hasn’t gotten one since 3×8, nearly half the run of the show, in a period when he was raised from the dead, enslaved, saw his son die twice, and supposedly became a supervillain. It would be sheer relief to get his POV. (And let’s be real, his mom will probably only appear for about two minutes. I like the idea of Rose Leslie, though.)

          • Autumn T says:

            I am just tired of not enough character development for Hook, and too many one or two line appearances from him. We had rhat last season prior to the finale, abd only heard about a tidbit from his childhood in the S3 finale. People are fussing about too much Hook but that’s only because he stands as an obstacle to their own personal preferences for Emma. The argument that ratings suffered because of Hook is laughable. We have already seen information about Rumple’s Dad, his childhood, and certainly a large wealth of Regina’s tortured past Honestly, I am tired of seeing Rumplestiltskin’s face, Regina’s smirk, and need a long break from then both. I’d love more story development for Killian Jones. I might actually have to make it a point to see that if we are so lucky to get that, and more actual story writing for him.

      • K says:

        Rumple’s last centric was 3.8, Think Lovely Thoughts, in late 2013. By the time this ep airs, it will have been nearly TWO YEARS. That’s a long time to not get the POV or new info about the show’s best character played by its best actor.

        • I concur. Rumple’s last centric was 3.08, unless you count the 4A finale, which was a sort of Rumbelle centric. Also, Rumple is a founding member of this cast and the over-reaching story of the show. He should have more centrics than some of the newer characters. He’s been around longer, and is a large component of the mythology of the show. IMO.

          • jenny says:

            I think you need to count any flashback where the character plays a central role. The show rarely seemed to have any flashbacks dedicated to a core character in season 4 when you consider all the Frozen and Queens of Darkness stuff. So with that in mind, the Rumbelle flashback counts, the flashback with Anna counts, the flashback with Ingrid and her sisters counts, and the meeting with the Queens of Darkness counts. So that’s four vs. the one flashback Hook was in, which is where my frustration lies. Perhaps the bigger issue may be the fact that many of the flashbacks in the past season didn’t focus on ANY of the main cast but rather on the guest stars, which was another big frustration of mine.

          • K says:

            It makes no sense to count flashbacks where Rumple was just serving another character (such as Anna or Ingrid).

      • ninergrl6 says:

        I feel like most of season 4 was Rumple-centric.

        • I felt the opposite. I felt he was given very few scenes where we were able to get insight into where he was coming from. He was mostly interacting with his antagonists, which doesn’t work for getting deeper into Rumple. A centric would allow for that. If this season was centric on any of the main characters it was Emma and Regina, IMO. Also, when most people talk about centrics though they talk about the flashbacks being about that character, and not just the character being featured in them. So the Anna and Charming flashback was more of a Charming centric because it informed the viewer about his character. I don’t feel any of the episodes where Rumple appeared in a flashback did that except for Heroes and Villains, but that was more a Rumbelle-centric, if one can even say that since it was a vehicle to introduce the Queens of Darkness.

        • Autumn T says:

          It was. The whole show is. Bleccchh!

        • K says:

          I agree with Boushh. In the entirety of 4A Rumple had a total of four scenes in which he got to express anything like his POV (and one of those was just saying “I’m selfish and always pick me,” when he’s done otherwise quite a few times).

  14. Kayla says:

    It’s about time we got a flashback about Rumple’s mom. He’s one of the driving forces of the show and we never got to see who his mom was or what happened to her. Instead we’ve seen countless flashbacks of some of the other characters that rehash the same material over and over again. I’m excited about this!

  15. Nichole says:

    Mom sounds like Merida. Just sayin’.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Let me look again at the casting call, see if it says anything about archery skillz…. ;)


  16. Nan says:

    I don’t miss Peter Pan at all. He seemed like a bit of a sociopath and not necessary for the overall story. Second, I am so, so, so happy that any part of the “Frozen” arc is gone. I hope that storyline is long gone.

  17. Rachel says:

    I hope this means we’re going back to the complex and layered characterization of Rumple that they so carefully crafted in seasons 1-3. Season 4 threw all of that away to force a completely unsatisfying story arc on him that lost the show many Rumple and Rumbelle fans. And I hope they clarify just how much the Dark Curse affected him. It didn’t just reside in him without having any influence on him whatsoever.

    • It's Delovely says:

      Totally agree. Anyone who really paid attention to the first three seasons knows that the complicated character of Rumplestiltskin can’t be explained away with a simple, black-and-white “he always acts in his self interest”. He became the Dark One to save Bae from going to war. He sacrificed himself to defeat Pan and saved the whole town. That’s why Season 4 was so unsatisfying: the writing took a complex character and reduced him to cardboard villain without delving into his psychology after the events of Season 3. I hope that, with him freed from the Dark One and this flashback to his mother, we’ll get a more layered look at Rumple. Robert Carlyle is the best actor on this show and he deserves some good material.

      • Agreed on everything. 4B did a bit better for Rumple, but 4A did a lot of damage. It kills me that we had all of this stuff about the Dark One curse and we didn’t have one “previously on” or other type of reference to how Rumple became the Dark One in the first place. There weren’t that many call backs to the previous seasons overall in S4. It felt really disconnected to me a lot of the time. Hopefully we’ll be more satisfied with S5.

        • Rachel says:

          They really need to revisit how Rumple became the Dark One. It’s obvious from a lot of these comments that either people have forgotten or just like making things up to make their favorites look better. I hope they go into that in S5.

    • jenny says:

      It wasn’t just Rumple. Think about how many flashbacks we had in season 4 that had nothing or little to do with the main cast. Lots of Elsa in Arendelle, lots of Anna on her adventures, lots of Queens of Darkness. And now with Camelot coming into play, I’m worried about our main characters being pushed to the side again for Merlin and King Arthur flashbacks.

      • darlene says:

        I agree season four was kinda screwy. If the want someone who can do a Scottish brogue get a Scottish actress.

    • honeycrisp says:

      I completely agree! s4 killed my love for Rumple & Rumbelle after they had been my favorite parts of OUAT from s1-3.

  18. TG says:

    Thanks so much for the scoop :). Rumple is my joint fave character on the show, and I’m excited to read that we’re going to be seeing more of his family background. Been waiting to see the appearance of Rumple’s Mum for a while, so all good news for me :D

    Yay for this! :)

  19. K says:

    Thank you for the first interesting season 5 casting news! Beautiful, plucky, strong, impulsive, and with a noble spirit…hmm, sounds like another woman Rumple knows…

  20. spindae2 says:

    Matt U always bring out the big guns/news. Love this casting scoop. Please put Arrow next on Ur to do list. ^^

    Shame they are going for a younger one, Kate Walah would be a nice choice.

  21. Malcolm didn’t run away to dodge the ogres war…he ran away because he was a cheater and a liar and as little Rumple told him “nobody trusts {him}” So I’m curious where you got that idea from? I don’t think the ogres wars were even happening then – Adam and Eddie have said Rumple was called to fight in the first ogres war. And there was no mention of any wars in “Think Lovely Thoughts” – ???

  22. Ramona says:

    I say Ruth Connel from Supernatural should pay Rumple’s mother.

  23. AM68 says:

    Karen Gillan as Rump’s mother?! Yes, please!

  24. Leah says:

    What about the wonderful Ruth Connell who’s already played the mother of a rather charming snarky villain ;)

  25. Yes!!! I have to disagree about the comparison of mother and son since the real Rumplestiltskin is a good man with a huge heart – and he was a very unselfish, loving little boy who grew into a good and kind man. Comparing her to a cursed man isn’t the best analogy.I HOPE that she is just as I expect, that she loved and cherished her little boy – and I think she will be. I can’t wait; thank you!

  26. John NYC says:

    As long as there’s one scene set in the present where she picks up a cellphone, looks at it, shrugs regretfully and sets it down…..

  27. B says:

    I was so underwhelmed by the finale the bad special effects and too much focus on Henry the actor that portrays Henry was just so bad it was painful

  28. MR says:

    I am so excited I can’t even speak. Karen Gillan PLEASE!

  29. greysfan says:

    Karen Gillan would be perfect!!!

  30. dreatine says:

    The writers have made it clear that the Dark One curse is a separate entity from the host. It showed in 4B that the darkness was taking over despite Rumple trying to stop it thereby the Dark Once curse was not adhering to Rumple’s wishes. So, its a separate thing. Unlike Hook and Regina, whose evilness is all on them, Rumple was cursed and it influenced his decisions. We don’t know if any of his dark decisions he made as the Dark One would he have made if he wasn’t cursed. We know Regina and Hook would still because their villainy is all on them. No curse.

  31. 39 says:

    I thought there might be something about Hook in here. It’s an article about Rumplestiltskin. I’m bored. :(

    • Kay says:

      It always helps to read the headline before you click on an article.
      Seriously, so many Hook fans in the comments to this are once again coming off as spoiled children who are throwing temper tantrums whenever news come in that aren’t about their favorite character.
      Once Upon a Time is an ensemble show and Snow White and Prince Charming, Regina, Rumplestiltskin, Emma and Henry are the central characters who have carried the show since the Pilot.

    • K says:

      The TITLE of the article is about Rumple’s mom. Unless you think Hook gave birth to him, why would he even be mentioned in an article? This is the first Rumple article in many many many months, after dozens about Hook, the show’s most boring and irrelevant character.

    • Sarah says:

      Spoiled kids? Consumers are spoiled children? Ummmmm…. No.

  32. I wonder what fairy tale character she will turn out to be.

  33. Kate says:

    Rumple seems to inspire great passion from Hook fans. Why else are they commenting endlessly on this article? I would never dream of making negative comments on a Hook article. But then again,I have so little interest in his character that I wouldn’t waste my time reading the article to begin with.

    • Sarah says:

      Well you know what they say. Even bad discussion is good discussion. PR logic because it means people are talking.

  34. I need, no..I want…no..I demand Karen Gillan on OUAT!

  35. Shelby G says:

    Okay. I’m not a fan of Hook. I will say that I give him kudos for kicking the evil shtick and being one of the good guys. But the difference between Hook and Rumplestiltskin is that Hook chose to be evil. Rumple didn’t choose to be evil. Yes, he willingly took on the Dark Curse but his intentions were good. He wanted to put a stop to children being drafted to the front line. Now, did he become evil? Yes. BUT it was only because the DC consumed him, which was his focus for 4B. The DC is its own entity, which we saw get sucked out of Rumple in the 4B finale. So bottom line, the only reason Rumple became evil was because of the Dark Curse. Yes he was selfish and mean but again, it was the Dark Curse taking over him. Not to mention he was imprison because of the DC AND he watched his only son, the most important person to him, die right before his very eyes because of said woman who imprisoned him. Do I think that Rumple will suddenly be a totally different person now that he is no longer the Dark One? No, I don’t since he was the D0 for over 300 years. However, if Hook (who chose to be evil) can over come that, then why can’t Rumple? Not trying to personally attack anyone, but there is so much hypocrisy among the Hook fans saying that Rumple will always be evil. Both of them started out good. If one can or can’t go back to that then neither of them can.

    • Sarah says:

      I am fan of Hook, but you bring up a good point. If Hook can change, why can’t Rumple? I think he will, and soon!!! I have my own theories about what writers are planning for them both. I hope they won’t be enemies forever.

  36. Samoyedjack says:

    Rumple bumples’ mother is here, Rumple bumples’ fans all cheer! Will Rumple bumples’ papa be seen, back before he dressed in green?

  37. brillador says:

    Very glad to have Rumple’s mother on board. But why are they making BOTH his parents Scottish when Rumple’s name is German? I think there should be an explanation as to why they chose it. You don’t name your kid “Rumplestiltskin” unless you have a good reason.

  38. So it is like Emma and Rumple switched

  39. Katie says:

    What if she went to neverland

  40. This tells us a number of things. 1. Rumple Lives! (As if anyone believed him to be dead, to begin with.) 2. Though already confirmed, Evanna is good and spunky. The name means “young fighter” but also in Scottish it means “right-handed” which in a Biblical sense means good. 3. She may be tied to Camelot in some way. Rumple once visited Camelot but never elaborated on it except to say that it didn’t go well, if memory serves. 4. This is pure conjecture, but Evanna is close to Vivien, the woman that Merlin fell in love with and was the Lady of the Lake.

    I can scarcely wait for Sep 27th!

  41. Ruth Connell as his mother!

  42. bethduffy95 says:

    They should use the actress who plays Rowena on Supernatural!