Ratings: Game of Thrones Finale Kills

Game of Thrones Finale Ratings

Game of Thrones‘ old ratings record has been put to shame.

Sunday’s finale — which featured the degradation of Cersei and the death of you-know-who — attracted a series-high 8.1 million viewers, according to TVBytheNumbers. That trumps the Season 5 premiere’s then-record breaking 8 million viewers. It’s also up 1 million viewers versus the Season 4 finale (7.1 million).

In the 18-49 demo, the finale was actually off a tenth from its April opener, scoring a 4.1 rating.

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  1. Dick Whitman says:

    Wow, so much for all the boycotters.

    • rowan77 says:

      This happens on every show where I see people saying they and everyone they know will boycott a show. The ratings are either just fine or great. At some point they need to realize that just because they make the loudest noise, it does not make then the majority opinion and usually their numbers are so small they don’t make a blip. Certainly they should feel free to complain and boycott anything they don’t like, they just need to keep in mind they may not be paid any attention to regardless.

  2. Kathy Felps says:

    Lena Headly should be the Performer of the Week! That Walk of Shame was brutal to watch and as much as you hate Cersi, I certainly felt empathy for her during that scene!

    • Dude says:

      I’m a world class Cersi hater. I wouldn’t say I felt something as strong as empathy for her but it was less than hatred which is an accomplishment for her.

    • Simon says:

      Show Cersei is so much more human and likable than Book Cersei, thanks to Lena Headley’s outstanding performance. She deserves ALL THE AWARDS (for supporting, the ones for lead are all going to Vera Farmiga)

    • Badpenny says:

      Considering much of it was a body double with her head CGIed onto it I am not certain how much credit she should get for the work.

      • Exactly what i was thinking, Badpenny – i’d give the performer of the week to the woman behind her ringing the bell going ‘Shame’ all the time, i bet she struggled learning that part of the script haha

      • KCC says:

        This a perfect example of how directing, editing, lighting, special FX, sound, makeup and everything else that goes into a scene dictates the impact of the scene. People like to give the actor all the credit when it’s sometimes more about everything that’s going on around the actor that makes the “performance” great.

    • rowan77 says:

      Apparently that was a body double for the vast amount of it. But it was a brilliant and brutal scene nonetheless. For the first time I actually felt sympathy for her (and that is jsut as much her performance as the content of the scene), and I hate that character (in the way she’s supposed to be hated as a villian).

    • AddieM says:

      Not a Cersei fan at all..but that walk of shame was a bit much…I know it was a body double but the emotion & tears that came through her face has she walked was all Lena and that’s the money shot. Especially when she broke down at the gates…
      I then started thinking ‘what has she done, that’s so bad anyway’…then I remembered; but still in that moment I really felt for her. And that was all Lena Heady who brought all those empathy & sympathy feeling into viewers who have hated her since day 1 of GoT She deserves an Emmy nod. TBH I cannot wait for her revenge , hope she starts with Lancel

  3. Luke says:

    I like how the article is all coy about who died, but the URL for this website spells out who died…

    • Patty says:

      This ^^^^. And I don’t like it, it’s a huge spoiler! Thankfully I watched it Sunday night, but for those who didn’t – oy!!!

  4. Jenna says:

    Wow. This episode was brutal…but awesome. Next season will be interesting, and probably awesome, as well.
    Well done, cast and crew. Lena Headly=Performer of the Week. GoT=TV Show of the Decade.

  5. But it’s time to think about the end soon.

  6. Mr. Tran K says:

    Hope I’ll continue to watch GoT until the new season begins but I’m wondering if the series is going to end after seven or go beyond an eighth.

  7. barbara says:

    Im glad for what they did to Cersei.i wish they had killed her instead of John Snow. I dont think ill watch it any more. They kill off all the good people.

  8. Azerty says:

    “and the death of You-Know-Who” What Voldemort is dead?

  9. Steph says:

    There’s no way you know who is staying dead with a certain fire God priestess in the same location. Let’s all hope Melisandre does something good for a change.

  10. sherry says:

    i cant beleive they killed john snow off they keep killing all the characters on the show i like off i hope it dosent ruin the show for next season

  11. TinLV says:

    Well, it will be interesting to see if the ratings for next years season premiere are as high as usual. I know a lot of people are saying they won’t be watching because they are mad right now. But I bet they get over it.. .I am one of those who think Melisandre will pull a rabbit out of her hat.. but they’re going to make us wait for it. In the final war with the white walkers, the good guys will need all the dragons and dragonglass and Valerian steel they can muster.. and 3 dragons need 3 riders…. and there are only 3 characters on the show that make sense to be the riders and can lead the war to defeat the Walkers.

  12. Definitely one of the best shows on Television.