Graceland: Will a 'Cool' New Trooper Make Trouble for [Spoiler]?

Graceland Season 3 Tom Schanley

Season 3 of USA Network’s Graceland is introducing a trooper who may be super… troublesome for one of the housemates.

TVLine has learned that Tom Schanley has been cast in the recurring role of Cash Windgate, a charismatic state trooper who is described as being “straight out of Cool Hand Luke, mirrored sunglasses and all.”

Charlie (played by Vanessa Ferlito) will cross paths with the smooth-talking lawman in her pursuit of British money launderer Germaine — though perhaps everything is not as it seems with charming Cash….

Having gotten his start with roles on the 1980s NBC drama The Yellow Rose and ABC’s Dynasty, Schanley’s most recent TV credits include NCIS: Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-0, NCIS and Castle.

Season 3 of Graceland premieres Thursday, June 25 at 10/9c.

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  1. m3rcnate says:

    I’ll watch but this show has a LOT to make up for from last season. The first season was really fun and cool and a good time (classic USA show), the second season was dark, and depressing, and not written very well and had one of my favorite characters cross a line that she can never come back from….
    And if they write her (Paige) as coming back from it, i might be done with this show. If the Mike who has been teased as “maybe dead” is actually dead, i’m done with the show.
    Specifically; Paige, a US Federal Agent put out a hit on another Federal Agent (Mike)….she gave someone that wanted him dead his address so that person could kill him. There is no coming back from that, there is no redemption, she needs to either be under arrest in the first episode or Mike needs to be alive and when he finds her, arrests her. You don’t just forgive and forget having a hit put out on you by a Federal Agent. That is a lethal injection level crime.

    • Liam says:

      I agree with everything you say 100%. But, this being a tv show, I’m fully expecting them to have Mike forgive Paige due to the huge amount of stress she was under and they will rehabilitate her, making her a fully functioning member of the family again. I mean, look at everything that Briggs has done, and he is still an agent and still not in jail.

      • m3rcnate says:

        Yeah i know but what Briggs did was sell drugs, and his reasoning was pretty damn solid (tortured, forced to be addicted to heroine, under torture gave up Gracelands location which got his friends and lover killed)…its not like he went around killing people left and right.
        Compare that to Paige who did basically the worst thing you could do…attempted murder of a Federal Agent (a man she supposedly loved and cares for). And what stress was she under? Feeling betrayed cause he had another GF? Cause she had this weird sisterly bond that came out of nowhere with a sexslave and Mike burned her body (already dead, tried to save her) so the investigation could continue?
        It was the most “im a girl! Im emotional!” BS story line ever… “I hated him! He burned her! So i told Sid!” its so highschool, these are supposedly highly trained best of the best Federal Agents from each agency…
        You can’t come back from betraying and giving up a Federal Agent, by all intents and purposes putting a hit out on a Federal Agent, and his almost dying (might actually die i dont know). Thats not just a forgive and forget, a “you were emotional i understand”…thats BS.
        I hate it because i liked her so much in S1 and i liked her and Mike in S1, but the only story line i will respect is when the season picks up she is turning herself in and goes to Prison, or Mike is alive and arrests her and she goes to prison. I hate it cause that would end her on the show (actress wouldn’t need to be employed) but forgive and forget?
        Remember how cops on cop shows HATE narcs? They HATE Internal Affairs? They HATE under cover cops who betray them (even if all he/she did was arrest dirty cops)? Well imagine the hate and betrayal the group would feel because of what Paige did. Its a full blown 10 outta 10 betrayal and attempted murder/assassination of a Federal Agent. Lethal injection time.

        • Liam says:

          I couldn’t agree more. I liked her and mike in season 1 too. I think the only acceptable outcome for her is being arrested, hopefully by mike. As you can probably tell, I am really holding out hope he survived the season finale. Story wise, I doubt they will have Paige arrested in the 1st new episode. If that’s the direction they decide to take then it will probably take most of the new season. But it has to happen. Now, if mike didn’t survive, well, I will never get to see if they arrest Paige because I won’t be watching any longer.

        • ndixit says:

          Honestly, I don’t really think Briggs’ reasoning was solid at all. I mean he was drug dealer, even if it was just for revenge. And in season 2, he almost killed Mike in cold blood without a shred of evidence that he was the one who had the tape. If it wasn’t for Charlie, Briggs would have murdered Mike. Then there is Jakes who is an accomplice to all of Briggs’ actions. He knew Briggs was going to try and kill Mike and he did nothing to stop him. All in all, season 2 was just a giant mess. The irritating thing is that they didn’t even accomplish anything.

    • Qwerty says:

      I expect that Paige giving away Mike’s location is going to part of some plan to catch the bad guys. At least that is what I’m hoping for.

      • m3rcnate says:

        No, go back and watch that season, her motives and guilt is clear and there’s no reason for her to say or do certain things in certain situations that she did if it was all a ruse to catch the bad guys.

        • Paula says:

          Yeah, I thought that, too, that she had to be undercover. But I re-watched the last episode and you’re right. What also bugged me is why she didn’t just ask Mike point-blank what happened and said, don’t try lying because I know Lina’s dead. Then Mike could have explained that he before he could get her out of there, that bad dude killed her. The previews do show Paul kicking someone out of the house, which I hope is her, but she should get arrested, too. I hope they fake Mike’s death to get Sid.

  2. Lilly77 says:

    I agree with your assessment – season one was great, season two seemed like a different show. Even before Paige crossed the line, they’d turned her into a neurotic, irrational mess instead of a capable woman and agent. They came very close to doing the same thing to Charlie. I’m hoping for a bit of a reboot from season three.

  3. safistikaytdlayd says:

    I agree with a lot of the statements!!! S1 was a great season!!! S2 seemed so muddled, and as one commenter mentioned, it was almost as if it were a different show. I too feel that they made Paige into this emotional high strung female who let her emotions rule her as opposed to how strong positive and insightful she was in S1. Sad to say it looks like they were pulling Charlie in that same direction! I do hope Mike survives!!!

  4. Mara says:

    I hope Mike is dead. His character was so self righteous and hypocritical as he crossed way over the line, putting civilians in jeopardy so he could close a bigger case and look good to his superiors. His character made me fast forward through the scenes he was in. I am much more interested in the other characters and will be delighted if Mike is gone. Frankly if he’s still around I am not inclined to keep watching.

    • ndixit says:

      He was trying to stop a much larger threat. He was self-righteous for sure, but he still was doing it for the right reasons. Barring Charlie, the others are all completely self motivated. Paige is completely nuts. Her attitude and actions made it clear that she only cared for that one girl who died. She showed no concern for any of the other girls. Then there’s Briggs who seems to get a pass for drug dealing, accidental murder, and attempted murder. There’s Jakes who is a knowing accomplice to everything Briggs does or has done and does nothing to stop it and chooses to wile away in his misery. There’s Johnny, who is a class A idiot and messed up the operation for a girl. Even Charlie, who was such a confident and competent agent in season 1 became an emotional mess. The only time when she became the Charlie of season 1 was when she confronted Briggs about the tape and about his attempted murder of Mike. Mike was a bit annoying in his attitude in season 2 but he did everything for a purpose which made sense. The others, not so much.

      • Coal says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but what you are basically saying is that Mike was willing try sacrifice a few to save many right ? I doubt the actual people being sacrificed for “the greater good” would agree with that synopsis.

        • ndixit says:

          Firstly, he wasn’t sacrificing anyone’s life on purpose. He was keeping the women trafficking operation open so that he could connect the case back down to the drug cartel so he could bring everyone down instead of just bits and pieces. He went into the women trafficking house himself at personal risk to try and make sure none of the girls were harmed and the team was making sure that every girl who was being sold, got rescued. I am not saying the decision was wise, but there was an understandable reason behind it, unlike decisions made by other team members. He wasn’t doing it for personal glory. If that was all he cared about, he would have taken the win of stopping the buses like his supervisor told him to and gone back to DC.

  5. Jason says:

    I will say last season they walked a line with Johnny who completely took his assignment in the wrong direction. Let’s see if they fix his story line this season. They definitely built it up to be epic last season but completely let us down. U see agents sleeping with the bad guys all the time. The setup for Johnny would have been the first. But USA was afraid to push the envelope