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Heroes Reborn: Cristine Rose Returning as Angela Petrelli in Revival Series

Heroes Reborn Cristine Rose

Heroes Reborn‘s latest piece of casting news is a real mother.

Cristine Rose, who played the manipulative Angela Petrelli — mom to Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) and Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) — in the original NBC series, will reprise her role in the upcoming revival, according to E! News.

Though details of Rose’s return are being kept under wraps, a quick refresher on her powers should be enough to get you excited for her reappearance: Not only could the devious diva see the past and future via her dreams, but she could also enter other people’s dreams for her own dark purposes.

Rose joins a long list of original Heroes cast members returning for the revival, one which already includes Sendhil Ramamurthy (as Mohinder), Greg Grunberg (as Matt Parkman), Jimmy Jean-Louis (as the Haitian), Masi Oka (as Hiro Nakamura) and Jack Coleman (as Noah “HRG” Bennet).

Are you excited for Mama Petrelli’s return? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Excellent. So, now it be easier to list the ones not coming back, which I think is only three of them.

    • Riana says:

      But those three are the most important. They’re the only ones who defined themselves past the show.

      • EW listed all five missing ones. Of those five, Pasdar’s character died, so he wouldn’t be expected to return, while the other actors are busy with shows of their own. The only one who SHOULD come back is Claire given the ending of the original show.

      • Riana says:

        It’d be like if True Blood did a new show but Sookie and Eric weren’t going to be in it. Even 90210 got a few of the stars from original series. (As in Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty. Sure they didn’t get Luke Perry) but the show really needs at least one of them.

        • Larter’s original character died. Her replacement was not that great. Pasdar’s character died. If he came back it would be as a duplicate, not him. Quinto’s bad guy was played out. He should have been removed long ago.

          That leaves the two leads, which should come back, but the actors are committed to other shows, so they can’t. Let us hope this revival gets a second season and that they can come back then, after their current shows end.

          • tvjunkie says:

            Let’s see if the writers learned their lessons from the increasingly bad final seasons of Heroes before asking for a second season of this. If they haven’t learned anything this revival will be over more quickly than it began.

          • Well, it’s sure to air at least the 13 episodes.

        • Temperance says:

          Honestly, it’s not like that at all. Heroes was a concept with rotating characters and worldbulding in place so that it could go anywhere, and reboot with a whole new cast. True Blood is the story of Sooke Stackhouse – full stop.

  2. Eric says:

    Great News! She was one of my favourite characters in the show!

  3. The Grinch says:

    Claire’s not coming back, we know this. Might as well get Pete on here now, and Ali Larter’s original “Hulk” character would be cool, but I guess she stayed dead

  4. Josh says:

    Am I excited about her return??? Uh… No. This show was horrible. Now they are rehashing the exact same horrible show over again with the same horrible creator and cast. Why would that excite me?

  5. Simon says:

    The problem with the original was that it never allowed itself to be a full on super hero/ comic book show. Here’s hoping that the success of Arrow, the Flash and Daredevil has taught show runners that people that watch comic books shows actually want to see comic book stuff

  6. Elz says:

    I don’t recall her being able to enter other people’s dreams? Am I forgetting something?

    • Azerty says:

      As far as I remember it was never confirmed. But Peter had that power in season 1 and it was heavily implied he got it from his mother.

      • Elz says:

        Ah, ok. I know what you are talking about. Certified Nerd Card being cashed in here but I always thought Peter was only able to enter Charles Deveaux’s dream because Charles was telepathic and so it was a merging of his power and Peter’s borrowed dream power from Angela.

  7. Julia says:

    Not excited. She and Mohinder were my least favorite characters and both are coming back. Sigh.

  8. Robert says:

    I love her , she was actually my favorite character on the show. Many people underestimated her powers but I think she could put a hurt on someone especially ,with her ability to enter other people’s dreams.

  9. Kacey Mcnatt says:

    You know who I’d would be excited to see coming back? Christopher Eccleson I wanted more on his character.

  10. robandco says:

    Great news. Angela was a central part of everything that had happened. She was also a badass mother.
    I guess *almost* everyone is coming back. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that Peter and Claire are not back. Even Sylar, I mean we left him in repentance but still almighty so if they are going to have the 3 main characters dead the new bad guy is going to be invincible.

    I mean come on. Let’s rewind to the last scene of season 4. *spoiler alert* Claire reveals herself in front of the cameras of the whole world by jumping off a crane of something. 2 possibilities here: they either stick with it or find a loophole to undo it. They could undo it with time-travelling Hiro, but I think that’d be pretty bad. If they stick with it how do a sequel with no Claire? It is impossible, she would be the face of the heroes. I just hope they can use her image because otherwise it will be bad.

    I do not really care for Peter but I wish they were really holding out on casting news for Claire. To think that Nashville of all shows is preventing her from returning… I know people like it but I tried and couldn’t go through the first episode.

  11. AW says:

    Wonderful! I thought she was so great in Season 1. I hope Peter and Claire can still make cameos instead, since they’re not in Reborn.

    • AW says:

      Nathan can still come back in flashbacks.

      • AW says:

        Or, Hiro can come back to save Nathan and reboot everything else that follows afterwards, where Claire doesn’t jump in front of the cameras. I would like to see Ando come back; he and Hiro were like Batman and Robin in Heroes.

  12. Ute Scott says:

    I can’t wait!!

  13. Álvaro says:

    I was excited for this show, but now it just looks like they care more about the cameos than the story.

  14. Allison says:

    Over the moon. Yay!

  15. Sheldon W. says:

    It wouldn’t be Heroes without HellMom!

  16. Howie says:

    was it not said===”Save the cheerleader, Save the World?”

  17. mona says:

    Yes, Angela yeah. Please please bring back Milo/Peter