Wayward Pines Video: Hope Davis Has a Few (Creepy) Qs for Ethan's Son

You might think that finding your MIA dad living in a strange, TV-less town, where the murderous sheriff just got dragged behind an electrified perimeter fence by some sort of creature, would get a kid a few days off from school. But such is not the case for Wayward Pines‘ Ben Burke.

In the above sneak peek from Episode 4 of 10 (airing Thursday at 9/8c, on Fox), Ben is welcomed to Wayward Pines Academy by Megan Fisher (guest star Hope Davis), a teacher who “gets to know” her new pupil by way of a series of increasingly curious, eventually probing (if not mind-effing) questions. What does Mrs. Fisher possibly stand to gain by toying with the lad’s noggin?

Elsewhere in Episode 4 of 10: After the Burkes’ run-in with Pope, they discover that Ethan has been named to a new leadership role in Wayward Pines, while Theresa is (under less-than-ideal circumstances) offered a job as a real estate agent.

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