Jessie Sneak Peek: Have the Ross Kids Reeled In a Real, Live Mermaid?

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Jessie and her charges are “Rossed at Sea” in the Disney Channel comedy’s weekend-long programming event, and TVLine has a sneak peek at the big splash that sets things in motion.

In Part 1 of the three-night story (airing Friday at 8/7c), the Ross family finds a beautiful girl stranded in the middle of the ocean and invites her aboard their yacht. But as the mysterious Delphina (played by Camp Rock‘s Meaghan Jette Martin) gets to telling her tail tale in the above sneak peek, the kids can’t help but wonder if they reeled in a mythical creature.

In “Rossed at Sea, Part 2” (Saturday, 8 pm), the Ross family’s tour guide in Italy spins a story about Jessie’s “cursed” tiki necklace, while the conclusion (Sunday, 8 pm) finds the nanny and the kids waking on the yacht one morning in the middle of the sea… with no captain or crew in sight!

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