Bones Boss Explains Booth and Brennan's 'Upsetting' Arc, Previews Angela and Hodgins' Parisian Future

Bones Season 11

Bones fans, your cries of distress over Brennan and Booth’s recent marital struggles have been heard. But executive producer Stephen Nathan describes the current challenges posed to the couple as a necessary plot device.

“We certainly don’t want [the show] to be predictable all the time,” Nathan tells TVLine. “[The fans would] get bored, and they’d just go watch another show.”

To thwart that scenario, “it’s incumbent upon us to shake it up,” he continues. “We started to do that at the end of Season 10, and it’ll continue into Season 11.”

Below, the EP reveals what it’ll take to make things good between Booth and Brennan and whether or not Angela and Hodgins are packing their bags for France.

TVLINE | How is Booth’s progress coming along with regard to his gambling addiction and the meetings?
It’s unfolding in a very realistic and upsetting way for these two characters. Brennan is a very practical, rational person and understands the risks. Maybe in the past, this would have been a very cold decision for her. The logic she uses on a daily basis certainly comes into play, but there is real pain and difficulty involved in this for her. It’s torturous, because she truly loves Booth. So we had to find a way to deal with that and deal with a very, very proud man in Booth coming to terms with admitting to himself how enormous an act this was and how far-reaching the consequences. What we tried to do in the last few episodes is really contend with the emotional difficulty of that, and then see if there’s some kind of resolution going into the finale.

TVLINE | You mentioned how upsetting it’s been for the characters. The story has also been upsetting for some of the fans who really love Booth and Brennan. What would you say to them?
I’d say I would be very disappointed if people were not upset. These are two characters that you’ve come to love. You have expectations of people that are in your life. You don’t expect them to do this, and so you get upset. But you know what? People usually surprise us, and they do things often that we think they’re better than… And that goes for Brennan, too. Her reaction was very severe. But that’s what happens.

TVLINE | What does Brennan need from Booth to make things OK between the two of them?
It appears as if she needs some concrete evidence that he won’t do this again or that he is the man she thought he was. Since there are no guarantees, all she can hope for is to see the man that she thought he was… That’s the only thing that ultimately turns us in situations like this. Because every promise in the world is meaningless. You just have to decide, “OK, are we going to do this together?”

TVLINE | So far, Angela and Hodgins’ plans about Paris have been all talk.
What has been historically all talk between them about this Paris trip becomes much more concrete. It’s a very real choice now. Money has been exchanged. [Laughs] They’re going. That’s what they’re doing. Again, it’s our expectations [with] our characters that get us into trouble, because they don’t always behave as we expect them to.

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  1. Sally O'Malley says:

    I give major props to David and Emily for acting their absolute hearts out. This is a character arc they both seem to really be into, but this was a HUGE gamble from Stephen Nathan to throw in this storyline at the end of a 10-year run with the stars’ contracts, including his own, in need of renegotiation and not knowing if Fox was even going to renew the show until after they had already shot the finale. So either Booth & Brennan could’ve potentially ended the show with their relationship up in the air, which would’ve been a slap in the face to the fans and Hart Hanson’s original vision for the show, or he played it safe and Booth & Brennan will have all of these serious issues resolved and wrapped up with a nice little bow within 2 episodes, which will be contrived and totally unbelievable if it’s not written right. The time for Booth & Brennan to go through this kind of emotional difficulty and air-clearing was 4 seasons ago, not now.

  2. Yeah. No. Sorry not buying it. This arc was put in to create drama for drama’s sake. There is nothing about it that makes any sense character wise or story wise. The attempts to justify it just make me think of the Castle boss’s attempts to justify Pi’s existence a few seasons ago. In both cases the Eps realized that it wasn’t playing right and rather than just admitting it, they tried to justify it.

  3. Boiler says:

    For those complaining about this Booth is a gambling addict. There is no cure just stay away just like an alcoholic or druggie. It is unrealistic to think he would not fall off the wagon sometime and he got the trigger from the one case. Try and just enjoy the show. I sincerely doubt they are breaking them up. Not worth getting upset about people!!!

    • David4 says:

      The problem isn’t with the storyline, it’s with the timing. I feel that anytime in the last few years would have been fine. Even right after Sweets died would have been perfect, but now just feels like “I’m pregnant again!”, “Awesome, I’m an addict again!”. The way the storyline started out felt very wrong so the whole stole line just feels incredibly off.

      In short term, they handled it poorly.

      • Arlene Blondell says:

        Anyone familiar with addiction knows it is quite common for the “addict’ to sabotage his or her own happiness . That is what they have lived . Recovery isn’t guaranteed – it requires diligence . If a person begins to believe they are “stronger” than said addiction – they are not only in denial , they are in real danger of relapse . The way the episodes were written they portrayed a side of Booth where pride and the illusion that he could be stronger than his addiction were very realistic – REAL .

    • AT says:

      I still didn’t understand why he took that case. Aubrey made it clear he didn’t have to. I thought the Booth that had been portrayed wouldn’t have even put himself in that situation. At least in earlier years he seemed very aware of his situation and just how dangerous that was. And now he has a family to protect. I understand how their current situation happened, but I don’t believe he would have put himself in that situation to begin with.

      • Jeri says:

        I agree with most of you. Booth has been in denial and he does put his family & home in danger and believes his is the only way.

        I don’t want them to split but Brennan has cause to be very angry.

        • Nancy says:

          I support what Brennan did 120%. I don’t fault her at all. I fault the men who run this show who prefer that the relationship be all about the woman forgiving the man and being submissive. Booth was wrong and he needs to admit it to Brennan not just the GA group.

          • bountypeaches says:

            THIS! I was wondering if I was the only one that felt that. Booth didn’t even apologize sincerely. Honestly if he is such a proud man maybe he shouldn’t be in a relationship because a relationship should be built on honesty and transparency.

  4. Lynn S. says:

    I think this gambling arc which seemed to be foreshadowed early in Season 10 has been some of the most compelling TV I have seen this television year. It has been very believable in how both characters have behaved while offering subtleties that have left me thinking about Booth and Brennan days after each episode aired. What I liked about this particular conflict is it has come internally from the couple, and is not remotely contrived. We knew from the pilot that Booth was a recovering gambling addict and given the incredible amount of trauma he suffered, a relapse was a very realistic result. I’m glad the show creators decided not to coast through the 10th year and instead allowed us to understand yet another aspect of these wonderful characters. They have not rushed this story at all and treated the issue of addiction very seriously. Glad there will be an 11th season but the 10th stands on its own as a stunning achievement.

  5. kmw says:

    I never thought to see this situation that way only because I always felt this separation was just a little bit forced. You are right David and Emily have been great in this arc, but if Nathan had really wanted to do this seriously he should have done it sooner. The one thing that I do think will end up being a positive is that Brennan will not hold Booth up on a pedestal so much always calling him ” a good man”. I think she already realizes that he did make a huge mistake and that everyone including herself are not perfect people. That being said, earlier this season Nathan said Booth’s story wouldn’t be about their marriage and then it became just that. And him talking about shaking things up to keep them interesting. Well it is hard to keep your lead couple interesting, especially earlier in the season when THEY HAD NO SCENES TOGETHER. While the second half of the season has been better the first half was not good. It sure would be nice if Booth and Brennan could face things together as a couple and as partners instead of separating them every year either at beginning of season or at the end. I hope new show runners will realize seeing them happy is a good thing too not just the crap that comes with marriage

    • anon says:

      I just don understand Stephen Nathan, as showrunner he first decided to break up B&B work partnership (this now gets two scenes per ep, just AWFUL) and now he broke up their personal partnership (when Hart & him both promised that they would NEVER do that)….Bones works best when Booth & Brennan work together as partners AND when B&B stand united facing the world TOGETHER, not separated…I hope the new showrunners get that – B&B are the center and they need to start focusing on their partnership & relationship and this cant be done when they only share 3 scenes per ep, that was a gawd awful decision Nathan made in S10…here is to more B&B focus both work partnership & personal next season. PLEASE.

      • Olie says:

        You do realize that Emily spent the entire season pregnant right? Which means she worked less. When people complain about B&B not working together as much this season, that really upsets me, either you didn’t know about Emily – then fine, you just find out! Okay, she needed more time off. ;) or you choose to be disrespectful by ignoring it and not accepting the fact that she might have asked them to have fewer scenes in the field (because first and foremost, Brennan is a scientist and her place is in the lab, so her scenes there are more important).

        • anon says:

          The fly in your logic is that Emily didnt tell ANYONE that she was pregnant until the filming of ep 200, which was shot late October/eary November this is fact stated by the crew, so they are liars & you know better?….you do realize that scripts are written MONTHS in advance, so it was late as ep 15 before they could adjust the scripts to accomodate Emilys perceived requests & introduce her pregnancy into the eps….Booth & Brennans partnership scenes were drastically reduced since ep 3, those scripts written early summer, again NOTHING to do with Emily being pregnant requests…so please dont YOU blame Emliy for the crappy narrative choices and direction of Stephen Nathan (who himself said that he made the decision to take away from B&B screentime and give it to others….this is on the SHOWRUNNER no one else)

          • a says:

            She announced that to public in December. The crew knew sooner than us for good sake’s. People were noticing her looks as soon as episode 10×07. Do you really think the writers etc didn’t notice/not know? They begin preps for episodes way before they shoot them, so what for them was “right before 200th episode” was actually much sooner than you think.

  6. Liz says:

    Well, I feel vindicated. I’ve thought all along that Booth wasn’t the only one making mistakes here. Brennan was far too harsh in throwing him out of the house, but the Brennanites have been crowing about how Booth screwed up, that Booth should grovel and beg at Brennan’s feet to be forgiven, and that Brennan has handled this whole situation perfectly.

    It’s nice to hear from the man himself that both of them have done things wrong here. The last thing we need in the B&B relationship is more reasons for Brennan to feel superior.

    • Bingo! says:

      BINGO BABY…Booth is an addict, that his behavior stemmed from that and I saw very little understanding from Brennan on what exactly that meant….I am so glad that Stephen Nathan called out Brennan, that she was too severe, that she did something to Booth that we thought that was better than her…now if only the show would actually have her say that to Booth too…Marriage should be made of equals and the way Brennan behaved was more like a dicatorship, I need this to stop, be addressed and be fixed going into S11.

      • Nancy says:

        Next thing Mr. Addict will start hitting her….should she just grin and bear it? Turn the other cheek. I am waiting to hear him thank her for paying off the Bookie. Booth is a jerk. Maybe DB has too much input into the character. Since his idea of marriage is pretty jerky too.

        • anon says:

          The only JERK here is you Nancy….go seek mental therapy help…stop dragging real life people over their fictional characters….GROW UP and separate the two…Stephen Nathan made this comment, the show direction lies with him…AGAIN GROW THE HELL UP

    • Kathy A says:

      Brennan’s reaction was way too harsh. Kicking him out of the house? No way. Marriage is a partnership (and I say this from the perspective of a 35-year marriage that has seen its share of ups and downs), and you help your partner when he so desperately needs it as Booth does now. You stand by him, you help in his recovery — and you give him a kick in the butt when he needs it. But kicking him out of the house? That’s not a kick in the butt — that’s a tactical nuke.

      • HS says:

        You can’t help an addict when he doesn’t want help. When he was lying to her face– that means he didn’t want help.

        One of the rules of helping an addict is allowing them to face the consequences of their actions. Brennan told him without the truth they have nothing– so if he lied they had nothing. Either he goes or she goes. I am pretty glad for what Brennan did– she even admitted him staying out of the house was what was motivating him.

    • bountypeaches says:

      Well it was clear from the episode that Brennan did handle things perfectly. Her reason for kicking Booth out was to motivate him.

  7. wake me when it's over says:

    The lengths some people will go to justify what these showrunners have done never surprises me. The only thing they haven’t done to turn Booth into his loser of a father is to have him hit Brennan and even if he had done that, we would have heard the same excuses. “He’s sick. This makes him even more of a hero because he’s fighting his demons.” Whatever. They took an honorable man and made him into a pathetic liar. And after a few woe is me episodes this year, next year it will never be brought up again. What a joke this show has become. It’s only good for watching to see how bad it will be before it fades into oblivion.

    • Boiler says:

      That’s ridiculous. Just stop watching

    • When will people learn that comments like this only make themselves look bad and not the show. Stop whining

    • smartysenior says:

      Booth used to be a crispy clean bright eyed superhero, now he’s an unshaven, disheveled hobo looking failure. I think they went too far. Even an addict shaves for work. I’m losing my crush on him so why shouldn’t Brennen.

      • Jeri says:

        David was on the cover of the Enquirer weeks before Tiger Woods with the same Rachel U, even though he is also married with family. It got dropped because Tiger was a bigger story. David plays hard.

        • anon says:

          Who is monitoring the comments at tvline? What the hell is this got to do with a fictional tv show and its characters? If this isnt off topic I dont know what is….there are several comments here NOT Talking smart about TV….TVLine use to be classy.

          • Jeri says:

            You’re right, I shouldn’t have posted it. His looking rough made me think of it. I apologize to all.

  8. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    I say, my hat (Mediforicately) off to Ms. Deschanel & Mr. Boreanaz for suburb acting on both their parts. Do I like them being apart? Absolutely No, but this story line has really held my interest along with the drama of it all. I mean this gambling line is a real issue in real life. There was alcohol in my family that ran along the same lines and yes there was (5) of us affected, a great Dad & provider, but weekends came and gone & my Mother was always there, but not Dad. Sorry, this is not about me. From what I gather from the above interview, this issue will still be addressed in Season 11. These episodes have been good as a twist, but, I sure hope B&B will be Re-United, because without their connection with each other this line of drama will they-won’t that will get old. Love Bones 🔜🚻♥️⬅️

  9. Amy says:

    It sounds like Brennan wants a guarantee/promise from Booth that this won’t happen again. What she needs to realize is that that’s a guarantee/promise that Booth can’t make, he never thought he would ever gamble again. The only thing he can promise her is that he’ll fight/try every day to not let it happen again and continue seeking help for his addiction.

  10. wake me when it's over says:

    “Necessary plot device” says it all. In other words, “We’re incapable of any actual creative ideas and none of the writers have actually seen the first six seasons of the show anyway so let’s destroy the character of one of our leads!”

  11. Lily21 says:

    It’s a ridiculous plot this late in the show, and Brennan’s character has turned into a total ass.. self righteous, heartless. And in order to get her onto her high horse of superiority, the showrunners made Booth an idiot and a liar. I stopped watching when she kicked him out, and *if* I read that they’re back together….. and *if* I read that she has apologized even a tiny bit, then I might watch it next season. I used to adore this show, but this year became as bad as the year Brennan ran away.

    • suzi says:

      IMO Brennan has nothing to apologize for. Booth put her and their daughter in danger, and lied to her about what was going on…and I think it was the lying that hurt her the most, not the return to gambling. Booth is an addict, and as anyone who has dealt with an addict knows, the possibility of a relapse and the lies that follow always exists. I have no doubt they will be back together, and stronger for all this…both of them.

      • anon says:

        Brennan staying in the house AFTER the bookie came by actually is putting herself & Christine in danger….The bookie can visit anytime he wants now regardless where Booth lives….actually Booth staying in the house whilst attending GA meetings would make more sense, as he could actually protect his home & family….there are so many plot holes with the bookie storyline but its used as a justification to defend Brennans severe/cold actions….the most logical thing for Brennan to do would of been either move to Maxs house or have him deal with bookie & live with her until Booth was in recovery.

        • She paid the bookie off before she confronted Booth…why would he (the bookie) come back?

        • suzi says:

          She paid off the debt, no reason for the bookie to visit, and her sense of betrayal made it impossible for them to live together. I also doubt she would ever let Max deal with the bookie, as his methods have always bothered her. If you believe she really is cold and severe, then your interpretation of the character is immensely different than mine. There have been numerous episodes that have showed how compassionate she can be and how she has hidden her feelings behind a wall of rationality due to her fear of being abandoned again. Finally, I think Booth needed a tough love approach to accept and deal with exactly what he had done.

          • anon says:

            ummm…because he is a bookie? And he already implied that he wasnt above using blackmail to get what he wanted…what is to stop him coming round to the house to blackmail & extort money out of Brennan so that he will keep quiet about Booths gambling to the FBI? he can do that ANYTIME he wants too to top up his money….In that ep he proved he was more than a bookie, he was a criminal too…..FYI, Stephen Nathan called Brennans treatment of Booth severe, guess he doesnt understand her either *eyeroll*

          • suzi says:

            Nathan–“The logic she uses on a daily basis certainly comes into play, but there is real pain and difficulty involved in this for her. It’s torturous, because she truly loves Booth. So we had to find a way to deal with that and deal with a very, very proud man in Booth coming to terms with admitting to himself how enormous an act this was and how far-reaching the consequences.”

    • Liz says:

      Brennan’s “high horse of superiority”…that’s the best phrase I’ve ever heard describing her!

    • kmw says:

      Brennan isn’t being superior and in fact what is coming across is that what she did hurt herself more than it did Booth. This story isn’t about Brennan being better than Booth or Booth being turned into a idiot. Addictions are a serious issue and Booth has always been a gambler. He had enough traumatic events happen to him that it made sense that he would relapse. Like I said, however, this story should have started sooner instead of right before season ends. As far as the bookie goes, once Brennan paid him off that part o f her worry about Booth was done. Booth being kicked out the house wasn’t just because their lives were threatened it was because a trust was broken. He lied and used her to feed his addiction. Brennan reacted the way she usually reacts when hurt; by running away. One of the reasons I love Brennan and Booth as well, is because they aren’t perfect and they both have a lot of flaws. To me its clear from part of last episode to what little I have seen of next one Brennan clearly wants Booth back and she will learn to accept what has happened and forgive and move on. I do not understand where this “high horse of superiority” is coming from. Since Brennan took Christine at end of season 7( to protect her child mind you, not to intentionally hurt Booth) Brennan has been much less selfish in lots of ways. She gave him the benefit of the doubt when he lied to her about not wanting to get married, was willing to get married in church and a religious ceremony she doesn’t believe in, was willing, without asking to uproot her family for Booth’s promotion, save his life after he got shot, risked jail time to get Booth out of jail Yes sounds really superior and selfish to me. Booth would never have gotten help for his addiction if he had stayed at home. He just would have continued his lies. That being said the real issue with BONES this year was Booth and Brennan’s lack of screen time together, especially earlier. Whether Emily’s pregnancy had something to do with it, I don’t know I just started seeing not as interesting of a show anymore because they weren’t together as a couple or partners. David and Emily are terrific together and that’s why some of us are displeased with this season. Also while I understand why they did this story the producers have got to stop separating them like this. Have them fight their problems together. And even more disappointing besides them not really being partners anymore is we didn’t get to enjoy any of this pregnancy at all and most likely won’t get to see a birth either. I hope next two episodes are good and hope new show runners will turn show aroud

      • anon says:

        Brennan expects perfection. Her standards are so high that they are unattainable. Her belief systems make little leeway for imperfection or human failings….I cant imagine the strain that must cause in her work & personal relationships….I actually worry about Christine as she grows up, what if she doesnt get straight As or she doesnt turn out to be a progeny, the way Brennan expects? or she lies to her mother? will she get Brennan’s severe treatment too? .. Brennan made Booths gambling relapse all about her it affected HER (and Christine) I saw little compassion. If my husband relapsed after 10yrs the first thing I would ask him is why couldnt you tell me? And I sure would want to know why he relapsed, I would be attending GA meetings WITH him, showing support….Brennans first instinct was to push Booth away, to kick him out and to give him the cold shoulder treatment, to sink or swim by himself because he dared to be an addict because he dared showed the traits of an addict….even Booths recovery at GA is about her. (as another spoiler states re: Booths 30 days sobriety landmark)

        • kmw says:

          She did not make this all about her. Addicts do not need compassion when they are this deep. By the way just because I understand and believe Brennan was right doing this doesn’t mean ALL of her actions were right. Brennan is still deeply scarred by what her parents did ( and as someone else has suggested, and even I think, she needs counseling for her issues) and reacted like she does. She ran away from this problem by kicking him out and she is going to realize you do not handle things like that. When you think you are helping someone you do not always make good decisions and about the only thing Nathan got right in article was that is was harsh. Even if you suggest this is all about her well maybe but guess what? The show is called Bones. The show is not called Booth. And if she is overreacting about not being included in sobriety celebration, well also guess what? Brennan is pregnant and probably not thinking like she normally does. They have actually handled this pretty well all things considered but I wished they would have started it sooner and not rushed it

  12. Laura C says:

    I just want B & B back TOGETHER fighting crime with the squints like in the good old days (that’s why I enjoy the repeats so much). The current writers and showrunners have gotten away from the STORY, and the LEADS. Some personal stuff is ok but they have put B&B through hell with Pelant, separating them, etc. Why did they let them get married at all? They are not the loving couple working together on problems, they are split -again. Speaking of couples, I LOVE Hodgins and Angela and pray they are not actually leaving the show. Hart knew these things and I don’t believe he would have killed Sweets, and in such a horrid way. I know John wanted time off to do his movie, but wanted to come back, but Nathan thought this is what fans would want. He was wrong with THIS fan, Sweets was an integral part of the show/team and why kill him just as he was about to become a father? Made NO sense.

    • Olie says:

      The thing is, JFD was doing his movie so he would have to be gone for half (or more) a season anyway. So while I get why fans are upset why they couldn’t have just let him live, any other season, it would have worked, but in the S10 premiere, given Booth’s trauma and the horrible things that happened to him, what possible explanation could they give for Sweets to leave for half a season? He cared about Booth SO MUCH. He wouldn’t take a sabbatical or something at the worst moment of Booth’s live. He wouldn’t just leave. How else could they have him be gone for so long? From storytelling POV, killing him was the most rational choice. And by the way, I don’t really believe that they would have Daisy pregnant if they weren’t killing him. Daisy and Sweets broke up in S8 and in S9, they were clearly done and there have been no hits that they would be getting back together, but I think they wanted to give the fans at least that one sweet piece – Sweets’ child – so they made it work and used Carla Gallo’s real-life pregnancy. MO anyway.

  13. Moonlight4evr says:

    I think Sweet’s death hit Booth harder than anyone realize and as an addict he fell off the wagon. It is more realistic that he would do so than not.

    I am enjoying the storyline and both the actors are doing amazing work with it.

    I do not want any of the cast members leaving. Angela and King of the Lab are just as important as B&B.

  14. Laura says:

    Goodness. This would’ve been far more believable a little earlier – like say, sometime around when Christine was born. Though I feel like Booth and Bones getting together in the first place would also have been more believable a couple seasons earlier…Not a fan of how they’ve been writing B&B lately. For some reason, it seems to me like lately they have way more chemistry off screen than on screen.

  15. Olie says:

    I’m liking this storyline. These past few episodes have been done amazingly well. Can’t wait to see the last two episodes of this season. David and Emily have really been so fantastic.

    One thing to people who complain about “drama” etc. What other stories would you have for them? When they are happy, enjoying life, that’s great for a while, but sooner or later, people say “nothing happens”. So yeah, they do need drama every once in a while. And Booth and Brennan have been happy most of the time since they got together. It’s only a few episodes at the end/begining of seasons. In between, they are doing so well, their relationship is so mature and full of love and beautiful. Why can’t you just have some patience and “enjoy” the drama they do once a year? I mean, any other drama would envolve what, cheating? Not enjoying their relationship anymore? What else could they do? They want to continue at least one more year, most fans and viewers want to see at least one more year, creatively, something HAD TO happen. It always does. It can’t be all about happiness, it just can’t. What they’re going through is very real.

    And maybe they could have done the gambling arc sooner, but then again, it seems to be there because of what Booth went through (S9 finale/S10 premiere), and at any other point of the series, would B&B be able to survive this? They are SO STRONG – but they had to come to being this strong, and years of living together, being married, having kids, that made them stronger. They will be fine. It made the end of the season very interesting. Just enjoy the story and wait what happens next.

    • Smile4Me says:

      What a fabulous post and I completely echo your sentiments. Watching B&B discussing unicorns and rainbows can only last so long before viewers get bored. And you can guarantee that other similar shows would introduce cheating and/or doubting each other as a plot device, whereas here they have chosen something far more believable. An addict is a ticking bomb for the rest of their lives!. You may not like they chose to do this now but every tv show in existence have inserted an element of drama at some point during a season – they have to. Thank you for being the voice of reason – at least to my mind you are!

    • Boiler says:

      Well said!!!

    • qasim says:

      What Booth went through at the beginning of the season seems to have been forgotten by the defenders of St.Brennan’s actions.No person in their right mind would excuse Booth for what he did but we must look into his past to be more understanding of his actions .Brennan’s defenders keptbringing up her past as a foster child but they appear to have forgotten Booth’s past as an abused child of an alcoholic parent.Most of the comments appear to be made by people who have very little understanding of addictive behavior. The “just throw the bum out”technique is one of the least effective techniques in the field of addictions and telling the person thatyou love him after throwing him out doesn’t lessen the blow.After all that could be interpreted as “I love you even though you’re a piece of crap”.The same action could have been undertaken with more of an explanation than “you put me and Christine in danger”.

  16. ljd213 says:

    “Fans would get bored and go watch another show.” Yeah, I’ve already done that. Figured I’d miss “Bones” but not that big a deal, I check in on these summaries occasionally and don’t feel like I’m really missing anything.

  17. paco says:

    Anyone else digging the new red-haired squint on the show? I like her.

    • Laura C says:

      The new girl is even more annoying than Daisy was, although I started liking her subdued version more after Sweets died. I don’t like her OR Aubrey so they make a perfect pair, maybe they’ll disappear in the bedroom, never to come out again.

    • Lana says:

      I love the new red head and I love Aubrey so I like the match. For awhile I was afraid she was after Hodgins, but she is cool. I am not happy about Hodgins and Angela leaving for Paris as they are my favorite couple, have been even when they weren’t a couple so I really don’t want to lose those two!!

  18. People are never happy with anything. I read a lot of stupid comments from some of you. Also some Brennan’s haters nice, I think you are the one not understanding her character at all.
    I think this storyline is really well done. Brennan wasn’t harse, she was right to kick Booth out of the house She knew he was lying but he kept lying to her when he said he wasn’t gambling. He needed to work on himself and that’s he did last episode so Brennan was right. He has to regain Brennan’s truth and attend his meetings. Of course Booth and Brennan will get things work out between them.

  19. I am so glad the writers did not make it they lived happily ever after show all marriages have problems Thanks

  20. dman6015 says:

    “You just have to decide, ‘OK, are we going to do this together?’” Exactly what you didn’t do on the show. Success stories for couples going through issues like gambling or drug addictions work TOGETHER to find the answers. First thing you do is have her throw him out of the house. Yeah, that’s going to help, because it doesn’t help in the real world.

  21. Mel Davis says:

    oh yawn, angela and hodgkins are off….again, haven’t we done this one before, didn’t they come crawling back again, mind I won’t be sick of hearing Angela’s constant whining about how down her job is, wasn’t she supposed to only do it part time yet is still on screen as much as was before and Hodgkins is only moving because she wants too not because he wants too, yeah that’s a happy ending right there for two characters you messed about getting together for seasons!! lol either stick to what works or finish the show, this season has become mundane, the solving crime part used to be the main part of the episode, you’d wait for the twists and turns, now it’s like all the character’s drama’s are more important and the murder they’re solving is just a sideline to get them together and even worse is every single episode we’ve guessed within 5 minutes who the murderer was…..wasn’t like that before neither!!!

  22. Pat says:

    I am just happy that we are going into an 11th season. I just hope that Hodgins and Angela will be present on the show next fall and not have their characters do an exit by having them move to Paris. As for Booth and Brennan I have faith that they will be back together. Booth definitely needs help. Yes, he goes to a gambling anonymous meeting but he really needs another Gordon-Gordon or a Sweets who he can truly turn to to help with all that he has endured. I could never understand why he was not in therapy after coming out of prison. I know Sweets was there but his character was short lived.

  23. Cookely says:

    I don’t really care what happens on bones as long as David Boreanaz gets another series.

  24. dave says:

    Good bye and good riddance Stephan Nathan. You have presided over the largest ratings slide in Bones history.It’s obvious the fans and FOX don’t share your vision for the show.

    • Laura C says:

      Amen, Hart put the HEART in Booth & Bones, you only need to go back to EARLIER seasons to see WHY the show was GREAT then. Nathan reached too far for shock value, not taking into account the characters at all. Now we have to put up with Pelant AGAIN, I absolutely HATE him and don’t watch the earlier eps with him in it. Nathan should have killed HIM off, NOT Sweets.

  25. Marlene says:

    I love Bones. I have seen every episode. I love all the characters and wished ths Sweets was still on. I hope it is renewed for a long time. I think it is good that Bones and Sully to have a little strife. But please keep them married.

  26. Joan Ingalls says:

    Just wanted to say I approve of everything you guy’s have done so far. And I trust you all to continue the great work you’ve been doing. I have seen every show at least twice. I love it, thank you!

  27. Teresa says:

    I sometimes wonder what peoole running these shows are smoking. The conflict, change, mystery, whatever comes from outside, from the crimes they solve, from what other people do and the normal stuff that happens to people. We don’t like, need, want to see crap like booth and brennan living apart or worrying that favorite characters are leaving. Those are not things that make me pull back from the show not things that keep me watching. If I wanted to watch soap operas I would. I don’t. Not all people like to see bad things happen to people we care about. I don’t know who tells them this crap but so many writers seem to believe it that it’s some sort of urban legend in their world. Have they ever asked us if that’s what we want to see? No. I don’t want that stuff in my real life and I don’t want to see it in the lives of characters I’ve come to love. Wish they would get a clue and realize that we can enjoy watching people be happy while solving clever crimes. The stupid, manufactured, emotionally manipulative drama is just plain crap and spoils the show for me. While they all want to believe they need to do that bs I am pretty certain that they don’t. I didn’t watch the last 3 episodes of last season just for that reason. So while they think that they are doing it to hold onto fans I’m sure I’m not the only one they nearly lost. Have been a fan from day one. After watching the 2nd or 3rd episode of this season I did go back and watch what I had skipped. But if that stuff hadn’t been resolved and gone they would have lost this fan permanently. I do not like having my emotions manipulated. The worst sort of lazy, crap writing are these episodes that everyone seems to do where people are out to get our heroes and we are supposed to be so worried and upset and invested… I turn the channel. Sad. The show was doing fine. Too bad the people in charge drank that particular flavor of coolaid.

  28. Karyn Abbinett says:

    It seems the longer the show goes along, the stiffer Bones gets. She talks different than she did when the show first started and is much “stiffer” and quicker, why? She was so cute and normal in the beginning. I won’t watch show if they break up and Angie & Jack leave. Sweets leaving was enough drama!!

    • clsaner says:

      i totally agree that they over dramatized her character and that she was much softer in the beginning. she did talk different sven her mannerisms were different, watching the begining 4 seasons are the best. it’s hard to watch her when she is nothing like her character in the beginning. wish they would go back to what make bones a hit.

    • clsaner says:

      i totally agree that they over dramatized her character and that she was much softer in the beginning. she did talk different even her mannerisms were different, watching the begining 4 seasons are the best. it’s hard to watch her when she is nothing like her character in the beginning. wish they would go back to what made bones a hit. Booth and Bones were so natural not awkward. Still a faithful viewer though.

  29. Has anyone considered with Sweets dying that Booth really isn’t passed losing his friend. Sweets would have been right there with Booth all the way, even if it meant waiting outside after the gambling. Sweets would have known beforehand if Booth was in trouble because he kept Booth in check. With his military background and losing another buddy anything was bound to happen. I think that is why he took the case even knowing he has a problem. He hasn’t dealt with the losses in his life and now another wammy. Brennan has put him out. I hope they aren’t going to work on a PTSD angle. That wouldn’t be cool.

  30. Wayne Akin says:

    This is a t.v. show. It isn’t real life. I’m sick and tired of shows that tease two characters getting together for season after season after season and then as soon as they get them together, they tear them apart. And then tease them getting back together again, and again. This is a stupid way to run a series and, like so many have said, it just becomes drama for drama’s sake and I, as a very, begin to feel very manipulated. Honestly, since the whole gambling thing I haven’t watched the show. They jumped the shark. Too bad, Bones was a great show before they distrusted what they had and the characters they had and went in the direction they did.

  31. jb rb says:

    Done with the show for now. If and when they fix this drama for drama’s sake I might return.

    • The silly fools truly believe that we get bored seeing people be happy and just dealing with the normal things that life throws at us. They also believe that we somehow get off on seeing bad stuff happen to people. Now I’m sure that may be true for some, but it is not true for all or even most. It certainly is not true of the people who have been watching Bones all these years. Plot device be damned. I don’t know what planet they live on or what color the sky is in their world but they are so far removed from our reality that they have no idea what we want. That’s why so many shows are ruined and lose viewers. And they never seem to understand that it was because of what they did to keep us watching! New guys come in and want to leave their mark and show that they can do better than the ones they replaced, justify their existance, whatever. There is a very simple rule that they should remember: IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT! Bones wasn’t broken, at least not till last season. Hopefully they will stop the crap and just let us enjoy watching characters we love solve interesting crimes. Is that really too much to ask? Should be pretty easy. If they put their creativity into coming up with really good puzzles and leave our characters alone the show will do fine. I would really like to slap the people who teach them that doing this crap is a good idea! Necessary plot device my a$$.

  32. Kerry Kolsch says:

    To me any “addict” storyline is boring. I hate all of the sappy meeting bull. To me it diminished the show. Why can’t true love run smooth and have outside events bring in the excitement? I think that this was dull, unimaginative writing.

  33. martin says:

    B&B wont seperate but what happens to Angelia and whats his name? If they do go to Paris I think the sshow is on its last season

  34. Mad Dawg says:

    I just hope whatever they do in the next episode, it doesn’t end with a “to be continued” sign. I absolutely end of season shows like that. The Glades ended their last season that way and the show was canceled with no ending. The show runners seem to think this will make people come back for the next season. If I like the show and have watched it all season, I will be back. However, ending a show with a to be continued when the show hasn’t yet been renewed is a slap in the face to the viewers.

  35. Rev. Perry says:


  36. wake me when it's over says:

    This is just another crap excuse for crap writing. Actresses get pregnant all the time. Sometimes the pregnancy is written into the show and sometimes it’s not but you know what happens? They do their flipping jobs. Just like women in all kinds of jobs who have to show up and put in their 40 hours because that’s what being a professional is all about.

    All the pearl clutching about Emily being pregnant as an excuse for everything from not wanting Brennan to kiss Booth to not having any scenes is just more lame excuses for sloppy writing and a show that is consistently losing viewers, to the point that fans cheer when it only gets a 1.0. The ratings went up for the last episode because there’s nothing else on since all other shows that are produced and handled in a professional manner and not left to rot in hiatuses that stretch out into infinity have had their season finales already.

    The only people left watching this show are the ones who accept and make excuses for everything and the ones like me, who are now watching just to see how god awful bad it will get before it goes away.

    Bones has become an exercise in how not to write a TV show.

  37. * says:

    Bones scheduling is down to FOX….it has nothing to do with anyone working on Bones or their narrative choices…..but dont let that logic stop your bitter party of ranting.

  38. * says:

    DUDE…wake me up? do you have any idea how angry & aggressive you sound? please go watch some kittens on youtube…chill, its not real.

  39. Benjamin says:

    People seem to forget that Brennan DID want to help Booth and told him the warning signs of a relaspe. Booth was in denial the entire time, claiming that he had it under control.

    Brennan gave Booth every opportunity to tell her the truth, even after she knew the truth herself. I think Brennan wanted Booth to admit his addiction so that he could get help. But he lied to her face.

    I certainly didn’t want her to kick him out, but ultimately I think it was necessary. If you truly love someone, then you really just can’t ignore a situation like this and “hope for the best” as they say. What Brennan did was harsh, but IMO she gave a dose of tough love because she truly loves him.

    In case anyone missed it, she HASN’T signed any divorce papers YET. She HASN’T taken off the wedding ring YET. She told him she LOVES him AFTER she kicked him out of the house.

    Enough said.

  40. kmw says:

    Exactly right. Despite the season not being their best ” wake me up’s ” bringing Emily Deschanel’s professionalism into it is just silly. It is quite possible she has had a difficult pregnancy and even if she didn’t they wouldn’t be able to have Brennan running around with Booth like normal. Brennan does feel bad about kicking him and more so because of their daughter. Not everything in life is black and white. Booth and Brennan will make it through this and move on just like many couples do

  41. HS says:

    I think people enjoy demonizing Brennan and making a victim out of Booth. People forget how many chances Brennan actually gave Booth to come clean. She even made it a point of bringing up his sobriety coin.