The TVLine Staff's DVR Confessions! What's (Still) Sitting on Your Playlist?

DVR Confessions Outlander Hannibal

May sweeps is long gone. Summer is around the corner. Thus, the time is now to finally tackle your stockpile of unwatched DVR recordings!

But will you?

Be honest. Those seven episodes of The Americans sure look impressive when a houseguest spies them on your playlist. But they aren’t going to watch themselves, are they? And while your loyalty to Modern Family is quite admirable, do you really see yourself ever being done with those many DVR’d Dunphys?

And that full season of The Following? Which isn’t even returning? C’mon.

Rest assured, the TVLine staff knows of your dilemma firsthand. So to break this awkward silence and get the confessional started, we’ve owned up to (some of) our own stockpiling — explaining why we’ve allowed certain shows to cripple our DVRs’ capacity, and sharing the outlook for ever polishing ’em off.

Check out what we’ve been hoarding, then share your own confessions.

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