Boom! Sneak Peek: Did Someone Say 'Beef Stroganoff Gravy Bomb'?

Plenty of game shows want you to think they’re the bomb diggity, but Fox’s Boom! is putting its money where its detonators are.

In the following exclusive sneak peek at the high-pressure quiz show (premiering Thursday, June 25 at 8/7c), host Tom Papa explains the Boom! concept: Each question has a corresponding bomb, while each multiple-choice answer is represented by a wire. Cut the correct one, you win cash; cut the wrong one, and the players, the audience, and even Papa himself receive a blast of Hollandaise sauce. Or melted cheddar. Or mint jelly.


There’s also a “Mega Money Bomb” at the end of the game — where players can multiply their winnings up to  half a million bucks.

Press PLAY above for the preview video, check out the official Boom! poster below, then share your anticipation level down in the comments!

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