American Odyssey: Allison Mack Learns a Big Secret From Odelle's Daughter

This Sunday on American Odyssey (NBC, 10/9c), Sgt. Odelle Ballard’s daughter confides in her very new friend a potentially explosive secret.

As seen in the sneak peek below, Suzanne (played by Sadie Sink) is troubled, a fact that does not go unnoticed by Julia (Smallville alum Allison Mack), the woman she recently met at the bookstore. Will Suzanne share her suspicion that something is amiss with her mother’s “death”? If so, what will Julia do with that intel?

Regardless, the ladies’ bond will raise questions for both Suzanne’s dad (Jim True-Frost) and Col. Glen (Treat Williams).

Elsewhere in the midseason drama’s ninth episode, titled “FIGMO”: Frenchman Luc comes to Odelle and Aslam’s rescue; Sophia Tsaldari helps Peter get closer to Yusuf Qasim; and Bob tells Harrison the truth about Ruby, resulting in unintended consequences.

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