Hell on Wheels' Fifth and Final Season Premiere Date Set at AMC

Hell on Wheels Season 5

Hell on Wheels‘ fifth and final season will leave the proverbial station this summer.

AMC confirmed Thursday that the railroad drama will return with the first half of its 14-episode season on Saturday, July 18 at 9/8c. The second half will air in Summer 2016.

Here’s an official Season 5 teaser: “Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) finds himself a stranger in a strange land — the mountain town of Truckee, Calif., home to the Central Pacific Railroad. This rough railroad town teems with thousands of Chinese workers, foreign in language, culture and traditions. Despite the challenges of corralling his new workforce, Cullen leads the Herculean effort to tunnel through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, sometimes achieving only inches a day in the race to complete the first Transcontinental Railroad.”

AMC announced in November that Wheels‘ upcoming fifth season would be its last.

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  1. Jen says:

    Excited for Hell on Wheels to be back, but splitting the final season into two separate halves really ticks me off. (Hated it for Mad Men and Breaking Bad as well).

  2. billy says:

    this is such crap, splitting the final seasons of shows with 13/14 episodes, just another way to drum up ratings in a outdated system, so annoying

  3. Sue says:

    Can’t wait for the final season premiere, but this habit of splitting the seasons on AMC is getting old. You made the decision to cancel the show so have the courtesy to show the viewers the full season all at once.

  4. B says:

    Not sure I care anymore after last season’s events, and especially with the split season. Seriously AMC, consider bringing the second half back in January of 2016. As is, I may just wait for Netflix whenever.

  5. mike says:

    Love the show HATE the split season nonsense. I may just leave them on the DVR until next year

    • perry says:

      love HOW but don’t want cullen back with his wife just let him get his son and live happily ever after

      • pscheck2 says:

        I agree. I cannot understand how he all of a sudden he bed’s Naomi when there is no contact between them (eye or whatever) before the barn scene where he screws her! He does not come across as being the horny type ;too laid back when it comes to women! In spite of what Ruth wants him to do, I don’t think he really loves Naomi, but willing to take her as his wife to satisfy his noble Southern upbringing?.

  6. BKD says:

    This split season bullshiiit is for the birds. Great show, crappy network to do this to the fans

  7. escjill says:

    I agree with you Jen…..I do not understand the logic as to why season 5 episodes will be split with almost an entire year delay between them…..really stupid

  8. hud says:

    Clear networks don’t give two hoots for loyal viewers. We are seeing the end of TV as most of us have known it. Soon it will be as relevant as AM radio. Networks have only themselves to blame. As long as they dish it out, and we eat it up, this split season nonsense will never end.

  9. Kay says:

    After browsing the comments it appears we are all in agreement that a split season doesn’t make us happy.

  10. njartist says:

    Once again AMC pulls the split season act. It stinks and AMC could care less.
    A great idea would be to continue with Bohannan ‘s story after the completion
    of the railroad. There are still many more stories that can told. If AMC can
    develop a spinoff for TWD then it surely could develop a another western focusing
    once again on Mr. Bohannan.

    • Anson Mount says:

      After last season Bohannon is getting a little stale. Let’s wrap up his story and move on to something else. They could always develop another western because it obviously worked out for them here. Hopefully next time around they could develop a character who can grow, but still doesn’t have his violent tendencies castrated.

      • Would you do another western? You suit them. Hell on Wheels will be missed.

      • Cee says:

        we don’t want you castrated… go easy here. Just want to see the show survive. There is not much out here worth watching. Have you watched regular TV lately? Your show is so much better. We want quality programs. This one still has a lot to offer.

      • Paula G. says:

        Hell on Wheels is done so well, the story line is period correct as are the actor’s personalities. It has given the viewers who enjoy history a chance to view a raw look at the way our country was shaped. Hats off to the folks who took part in making this happen.

        • pat Garlick says:

          We have enjoyed hell on wheels its Americas equivalent. Of downtown abbey. Please allow us to see season 5 and 6. I am so disgusted with cable and directv not allowing us to see it. If I find a provider that allows us to see it I will go with them.

      • Kathleen Kennedy says:

        Oh gosh, I don’t think he’s stale at all– I think his depth is limitless…..

      • Kathleen Kennedy says:

        I purchased season 4 on VUDU TV shows, because I loved the first 3 seasons so very much. Second time I’ve ever done that. Cullen is a rugged, yet sensitive and loving man who people look to for help and protection, which he delivers, usually one way or the other. He (you) are the whole show!!
        PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t cancel this series!!!!!
        How about after he’s tired of the railroad, becomes a cowboy and it suits him for a while, then he tires of it too……….
        I would love to see more of Cullen!


          • Gee bamonde says:

            Hate to see it go….hey Netflix how about picking it up

          • Liz says:

            Love love that show!! It was executed perfectly with everyone who played the part! Well done but don’t let it end yet!!! Put your heads together AMC and make it happen! Bring Lilly back, keep knocking out socks off!!! You can do it!!!!!!!

        • Monte R says:

          Only through episode 7 then…..nothing! Not pleased at all about having to wait so long to finish the story!!!
          After the railroad, he could go back to Meridian and deal with Carpetbaggers and reconstruction. I’t the history and authentic look of the cinematography that makes this character and the story work. Of course you need the original star to make the energy behind it all continue.

          • marycowger says:

            Hopefully there will be a season 8 too. Season 5 got dropped how did you see a season 6 with out us ?

      • Denise N. says:

        Can’t get enough of Collin Bohannon – would love to have a spin off (like what does he do when he’s done with the railroad)? Does he go back to farming and “taming the west”? Does he move on to become a sheriff somewhere? Poker player? gunslinger? ha More please!

      • lori says:

        I loved every single episode. So very sad to see it go.

      • cookingcutie002 says:

        I love the show but Anson Mount is right. We have pretty much seen all sides of Bohannon. Lets see an Ava and Mickie spin off.

        • marycowger says:

          That would be COOL. Eva is one hell of a tough girl, especially after what she was put through. Tuff as nails and good looking too.

      • barblgill says:

        I watched Season 4 again and thought it was great. Well written and acted Bohannon is refraining self and Durant Mickey and Ruth all lkilled for revenge. I wish there would be some reconsideration to continue series We”re stuck with more Zombies Vampires and ‘reality’ shows with ridiculous people. Please save us.

      • ron runner says:

        Have you watched ‘Longmire’? That’s another good one, but instead of horses, they ride around in SUVs.

        • Beorn says:

          You’re correct. “Longmire” is another very good series : )

          • Joan says:

            I loved Longmire and would really like it see it again! They canceled it also and it was one of the best things on TV !!!!

        • Beorn says:

          As a railfan and one who loves series/shows that aren’t full of technology, this is one of my favourites to watch. The thing is, I had no idea that this show even existed, until a commercial made me aware of it while I was watching “The Walking Dead”, on PVR. After that, I watched each episode one right after the other, and I’m blown way by it.

          On a more personal note, I’m not a fan of the split season, either, but I’ll take what I can get as I’m really looking forward to season 5 : )

      • Talshani says:

        I just miss great western. This show has been a great one! My husband and I have enjoyed it so much. Only wish Lily wasn’t killed off so soon. We actually canceled cable years ago and only watch Netflix. Tv stations just make you mad with the cost you pay and you do not get what you pay for.
        Anson Mount maybe you can do another western with some of your crew. A mini series maybe. Th a ks so much

      • Christine says:

        I agree, the story needs to be put to rest. I mean the railroad does eventually get finished. However, I like Bohannon. I know the character cannot go on to live in another story, and I hope his story end happily but I will miss him. It is hard to find characters worthwhile and Bohannon is good one.

      • Dolores says:

        Sounds like a good plan. It is too bad your love interests disappear for one reason or another. The Swede gives me the creeps as he is always up to no good. Great for the story line.

      • One of the reasons that I enjoy the series is the historic conquest of the west…it is unfathomable how these people survived & prospered. The acting is well done and another series covering the Truckee-Sierra Nevada early era to San Fran would be rich in history & drama…oh and gunslingers!

      • Lisa says:

        I must say…. You bring so much to Bohannon’s character. I love the way your eyes and facial expressions say it all. Hope to see you in other projects soon.

      • Aring Tutu says:

        I agree. Personally i thought Cullen became too much of a nice guy after season 2.

      • Carole Chufo says:

        I really liked most of Hell on wheels. I loved Bohannon, the western theme, and I will miss it. We watched it on Netflix. Our son told us about it so we watched the four seasons. Trying to find the fifth on AMC. Don’t understand the split season. My family loves Westerns. Life was simpler in some ways then.

      • Mrs. Bohannon says:

        Yes! I agree 100%. With this last season I found myself repeatedly saying, “the old Bohannon wouldn’t have done that”. Sad to see his bada$$ character sissified. HOWEVER, I watch the previous 4 seasons often.

      • Rosemary Terry says:

        If they do develop another western would you be interested in taking the part if offered to you? You do a Hell of a job! Maybe they could conjure up something about the coal mines when and if you all reach them.

      • John Aspen says:

        Hey if you are Anson, you’ve got a great thing going with the western persona. A great following. I think the western fan base may have just found our new Clint Eastwood,or at least a very cool and righteous similarity. A little more violent but so are the times. Keep this in mind, we love to see you on the big screen !!! I don’t go to the movie theater any more, haven’t for years. I would for another great American western Icon …. think about that, if you will….

      • Angela says:

        No one wants a great thing to end but as a lover of good story telling, I am so proud you all for knowing when to stop while it’s still legendary. Will miss Bohannon! Wish you all the best in your next venture!

      • Jackie Lamach says:

        Anson I’m a fan of yours and you played Cullen Bohannon so well. I like seeing the softer side to him as time goes on and hope that the Series ends well for him that he finally finds some peace by reuniting with his wife and son. Please do another Western in the Future! Can’t get enough of a good one??!

        • Lisa says:

          I totally agree. I love this show. So sad to see it end. Hopefully we will see you in a similar role sometime soon. ❤️❤️❤️

      • marycowger says:

        Is that really YOU Anson?

      • Annie Unwin says:

        I’ve never anticipated watching a show as much as I did Hell on Wheels. I believe when interesting characters are killed off, it often hurts the storyline. People invest in certain ones like Ruth and Elam. When they disappear, it changes how we feel about the story. Thank you for investing yourself into this series. I’ve really enjoyed it.

    • Jan says:

      I totally agree. He is so good in this role. I hate to see his character go away.

    • Lori says:

      Totally agree with you.I don’t want to c it end

    • Donna K. says:

      I agree with njartist…….I would love to see Bohannan’s story continue in a spinoff!!! I find him such a complex and interesting character and think there is potential for a lot of great storytelling, if the writer’s are given the chance. I did not find this program until I started watching Netflix, but now I am hooked!! Please find a way to keep Bohannan’s character alive!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ann Rolf says:


    • Becky West says:

      Love, love, love Hell on Wheels & really hate that it’s ending! Maybe you could do a spinoff similar in another setting or area. Can’t find many good western series anymore.

    • Hell on Wheels is my favorite show ever and sad it won’t continue. I hope they will reconsider to keep it going. And this split season for a yr really sucks. It doesn’t matter what the views want. And why don’t they keep a great show going? These days they don’t come up with a cool actor like Cullin

      • Chk says:

        I watched all 4 seasons in a couple of days when turned on Netflix. Never even heard about the show. Come on people, KEEP IT GOING !!!!!!!

    • Chris says:

      I love the idea but AMC won’t fallow

    • Interesting idea, if Mount would do it. He might prefer to move on to something different; six years in the saddle is a long time.

  11. LugNut says:

    A 7 episode season? And then they want you to wait another whole year for the last 7 episodes? What a bunch of a-holes! It’s no longer that important to me to continue to watch Hell on Wheels. Too many other shows out there to pick from.

    • Greg says:

      You watched it this far and now you’re gonna stop ? Do you drive 3/4ths of a road trip and then turn around ?? See it to the end !!!

      • Pat Sweatman says:

        Sure wish I knew who to contact on History Channel, they could take the present show and turn it into something great. Why doesn’t the BRASS AT AMC take into note just how many viewers like this show.

        • marycowger says:

          I am dropping AMC , if they drop HELL ON WHEELS! Anyone who likes Hell on wheels should too. It really sucks that DEAD shows are what this generation appreciates, instead of something with HISTORY.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    There’s such a huge span of time between some of these great shows, like Hell On Wheels, I lose interest. I really dislike, that this has become the norm.

  13. Hossam Ramzy says:

    While I am totally pleased that there will be a 5th season, I am disappointed that I will have to wait so long for it.. I want to that all the amazing cast of the series and the writers, producers, sound creators and the set makers, lighting engineers and director,,, my heartiest congratulations in such a magnificent series… I am a huge fan…

  14. Hossam Ramzy says:

    While I am totally pleased that there will be a 5th season, I am disappointed that I will have to wait so long for it.. I want to that all the amazing cast of the series and the writers, producers, sound creators and the set makers, lighting engineers and director,,, my heartiest and strongest congratulations in such a magnificent series… I am a huge fan…

  15. nola eades says:

    I love hell on wheels it’s at the top of my watch list please decide to renew it again don’t cancel it do this for us fans.

  16. Susie says:

    I have enjoyed this show so much. I will be so happy when it starts back in July. Really sorry that it will come to an end.

  17. nanci says:

    I agree about the lousy split, but I love this show so I’ll have to go along it. Cable networks are getting more and more like regular networks all the time. They broadcast a few new episodes, then four weeks of reruns, then two new ones, etc. Thank goodness for DVR. I can tape them, then watch them one in a row which at least keeps the storyline in tact for the viewer.

  18. KAT says:

    I’ll really miss Hell on wheels I like westerns and this was a great TV show. Just not long enough and to far in between I tried watching Longmire but couldn’t get into it.

  19. Kris says:

    I can’t believe AMC is cancelling Hell on Wheels. How can they let a show that has so much future go? Bohannon’s personal life, the life in Cheyenne, the finishing of the railroad…the list is endless. The fact that I think Anson Mount is the hottest and one of the most talented actors to ever grace us with his presence is only a small factor. AMC will keep running (ad nauseum) a show about a drug making teacher forever but won’t give adequate time to a show that teaches and entertains. Maybe the makers of Hell on Wheels ought to find a network that cares more about the viewers. Shouldn’t our opinion count?

    • Nanci says:

      As far as what viewers want- dream on. Bottom line is cash in the bank and that’s it. Sad, but this has always been true. We are at their mercy. We’ll just have to enjoy every minute of what’s left of this show. Hopefully, they’ll at least wrap up loose ends. Most cancelled shows just stop production and viewers are left hanging.

      P.S. I agree – Anson is totally hot!!! I just love cowboys!!!

    • Kathleen Kennedy says:

      Yes, I agree with EVERYTHING!!!

    • Ryan says:

      Uhh… Breaking Bad literally had the exact same number of seasons as this show will have. There were 5 seasons, with the last one being split into two halves. In total, Breaking Bad had 63 episodes, Hell on Wheels will have 57… so how about not making statements about “running a show forever” when obviously you have no clue. Also, I like Hell on Wheels, but Breaking Bad is sooo much better in literally every way. If you want to get upset about an AMC show going on too long, bring up the atrocity that is Mad Men, not the best rated series of all time that actually had almost the exact same number of episodes as the show you’re complaining about “ending too early.”

      Also, just thought I’d throw this out there, but sometimes it’s better to end a series early, even if it’s the best rated one on TV (e.g. Breaking Bad), than let it go 13 seasons and turn to garbage (reference: Dexter).

  20. Gunny says:

    As a Nielson Ratings home of late.. this splitting of seasons piss me off too. Therefore.. I am going to my neighbors to watch it and leave my sets off! How’s that Mr Big Shot AMC.. screwed up thinking .. I’m joining your screwy thinking too.

  21. J says:

    This was a good western, until it jumped the shark. Now it is loud, graphic and borders on ridiculous. Hope the final season gets back to the basics of a good western series.

  22. Barbara Gill says:

    I am pleased to find out when season 5 will begin. Although I started watching this late in the game, I had hoped that there would be a few more seasons. The acting is great;especially the expressions. The trauma that the characters experience appears authentic based on the work I do. Great job to all. With a split season, maybe that will give some time for the characters to develop. I’ll just be happy to see another season.

  23. SUSAN PRINE says:


  24. wheels says:

    there is so much junk on television, please leave something on like this quality show.

  25. Dee says:

    This show had so much to offer. It died off too fast. Never seen anything like it. And you are wrong Anson, there is much more to being a man. Would have been real interesting.

  26. I really wish you would NOT take Hell on Wheels of AMC – this is the BEST show tv
    has had for many many years since GUNSMOKE. I guess because I love westerns and horses. And
    also Anson (Cullin) is such a wonderful actor?

  27. R. Greg says:

    I could be dead by then! Loved this series, but hate the way it has been presented.

  28. Greg says:

    We’re SO excited they’re bringing back Hell on Wheels! The storylines are so interesting, although some are a bit bloody and harsh, but probably that’s how it really was when the Western railroads were being built. I wish they were going to show all the segments instead of just 7 of them this summer, but we’re just happy to have something to watch that’s as well done as this series! BRAVO!

  29. Kathleen Kennedy says:

    I don’t understand a) why you split the season and b) why you would EVER cancel the series?? It is clear there is a strong following for this series! PLEASE reconsider!

  30. Gina says:

    I don’t watch much TV, but really enjoy Hell on Wheels with Anson Mount.

    • Kathleen Kennedy says:

      Exactly! I don’t really watch TV either, but Anson Mount in Hell on Wheels?? That’s what TV should be made of!!!!

  31. r pixley says:

    AMC why are u canceling hell on wheels there’s so much your leaving on the table to wright into the script .I’m truly going to miss hell on wheels been watching every week for 5 summers now we wait all winter for u to cancel it an then to split the last season sucks ass

  32. Eleanor says:

    Love the show. One of the best series ever have enjoyed the acting as well as the story about the railroad and its history please keep the series or the show for more seasons. Other series are so brainless that is why I want the series to continue. So exciting to watch look forward to the next story and the next and so on please keep the series

  33. Susan says:

    love the show, but HATE they way they say they are splitting a season,,, get real, you are doing a 7 episode season, and another 7 episode season… this is the most annoying thing since
    A&E canceled the Glades..

  34. Sylvia Brown says:

    Why do they cancel good shows then torture you with this crap. If Anson Mount wasn’t so hot I wouldn’t bother!

  35. Shelley says:

    I’m not sure whether any of the “powers” are even reading our comments, but it seems that almost all of us think that AMC has a great series here. Anson has made the lead character so enticing that I look forward to each and every one. I love the historical aspect of how important the railroad was in settling this vast country of ours inspite of the huge difficulties encountered. Taking the final season (gulp) and dividing it into two summer seasons a year apart is completely ridiculous. Let’s hope someone with some clout wises up, continues this show beyond 5 seasons and gives us a complete season this summer.

  36. njartist says:

    I agree with many fans of HOW that dividing the season into 2 parts stinks.
    I also agree that the Bohannan character can continue-of course the
    story of the American west did not stop with the completion of the railroad.
    Then again I doubt AMC listens to its viewers nor cares about their opinions.
    They present a website that seems to indicate that value us as viewers
    then again we know they do really care.

  37. njartist says:

    OOPS!! I meant to write that they do not care what we think at all.

  38. Cecelia Kraemer says:

    I enjoy this Western, good scenery, good story lines, love the horses, great to see our History and OLD and real stories how we came to be this far. I live close to railroad tracks since the late 40’s, train still comes every day and blows the whistle, love it. Sorry to see this program leave our enjoyment each week, always looked forward to watching it. Thanks for all the enjoyment though.

  39. Jerrie says:

    What kind of crap is this? Only have half of the final season on this year and the rest in 2016! This show should not be cancelled!! We love it!!!

  40. Well AMC this is your loss. For once there’s a “REAL” program to watch instead of these stupid “reality” shows and you pull it. Way to go… This is the BIGGEST screw up I’ve seen to date.

  41. Les Vogt says:

    Best to keep the season going to the end rather than losing viewers after a year’s wait. No one new is going to tune in to the last half of a final season. It’s a great show, I love it, but it doesn’t have Mad Men’s cache to hold everyone for 10 months.

  42. cindy Suitor says:

    Just want to say how much I love this show and will be so sad when it ends. I hope the ending is a happy one for Bohannon. Great acting by Anson Mount and I so hope to see him in the future. Thank you for such wonderful entertainment. All actors and actresses did an amazing job and wardrobe were so realistic. Thanks again!

  43. Shane says:

    Hell on Wheels is a FANTASTIC Show i was hooked straight in and its a real shame that it ends with Seaso 5 Well done to all the Cast HELL ON WHEELS ALL THE WAY LOOKING FORWARD TO THE FINAL SEASON.

  44. Tyler says:

    Fuk off last season 5 good show why stop it STUPID

  45. Pete says:

    Westerns in general are a dead issue.Having said that and the fact that this show has been so GREAT is a tribute to the writers and actors.What other type of show could continually kill off it’s best actors starting with the “fair haired maiden of the west” and ending with Common.MY hat is off to AMC.I love your westerns.

  46. Nickki says:

    This show is awesome. I really like the fellow Native American actors. How about the horse against the train scene?

  47. Greg Hanks says:

    Hell on Wheels is an amazing show and should be picked up and continued by NETFLIX.

  48. Gary says:

    Well, I am glad it is back and look forward to the final season. Hate to see it end

    • This show is about us, our past our history. If we don’t preserve and reord it the next generation will not undersand why we are as we are.Most of all it’s filmed on location, not some hollywood set. Please reconsider and keep the story going.

  49. shirley simmons says:

    just wish it wasnt the final season i really love this show

  50. Tabitha says:

    The show is too good it is just stupid to take it away.

    • Zaz Mac says:

      I don’t mind split seasons but this is beyond the ridiculous….an entire year is simply outrageous. I am bananas for this show, one of the finest on television! I had no idea there were 14 episodes until it slowly dawned that something was very wrong as I watched episode 7. @#$#@! unbelievable another year for the rest…I am somewhat speechless AMC

      • karen egan says:

        I just watched all of the shows through season four. I can watch the first half of season 5, but I have to pay for it on Amazon. I am already having withdrawals. There is no telling when season 5 will be on netflix. I hate this! Such a great show and you are going to quit on us! Shame on you AMC. The cast and characters on this show are amazing. Best tv show in a long, long time.