Amy Schumer 'Defends' Bill Cosby in Court of Public Opinion — Watch Video

Bill Cosby on Tuesday found himself on trial for allegedly raping more than 40 women. Sort of.

To be fair, it wasn’t exactly a “real” trial, and Cosby wasn’t technically “present” for any of it. It was all part of a sketch on Inside Amy Schumer, in which the titular comedian posed as Cosby’s defense attorney in the Court of Public Opinion.

Schumer‘s opening remarks included her own interpretation of the infamous Cosby Show dance routine, followed by a screening of a brief scene between Dr. Huxtable and his son Theo.

“Did anyone feel raped by that?” Schumer asked the jury. “How about drugged? Me neither. I felt comforted by a familiar father figure. Nostalgia. Laughter. … Last time I checked, good plus good does not equal guilty.”

But it was Schumer’s next move — offering Pudding Pops and ugly sweaters to the jury — that really clinched her victory. “How could the face of such a yummy treat even do anything bad?” she asked. “I mean, how would that even work?”

In conclusion, she said, “This is about us not punishing ourselves for loving great comedy. If convicted, the next time you put on a rerun of The Cosby Show, you might wince a little … and none of us deserve to feel that. We deserve to dance like no one’s watching — and watch like no one’s raping.”

Cosby was so thankful for Schumer’s defense that he sent her a mixed drink… which immediately declined.

Your take on Schumer’s Cosby sketch? Not funny enough? Too funny? Whatever your thoughts, drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Coal says:

    “This is about us not punishing ourselves for loving great comedy. If convicted, the next time you put on a rerun of The Cosby Show, you might wince a little … and none of us deserve to feel that. We deserve to dance like no one’s watching”

  2. Idiotic that celebrities character-lynching of Bill Cosby is passing people’s smell test. Zero facts, yet some celebrities are joining the lynch mob to destroy this innocent man.

    • Tori says:

      LOL. Innocent? He destroyed himself by raping all those women,

      • 31.5 percent of women raped received a physical injury, and 36 percent of those injured sought and received medical care. However, none of the alleged Bill Cosby victims – now at 50 – sought or received medical care. This statistical inconsistency in light of Occam’s Razor’s scientific rule postulates that the Cosby sexual assault allegations are fabrications.

        Source: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

    • karettop says:

      The only relevant fact is that he is hiding behind the SOL, which, btw, has just been changed from four to twenty years in Nevada. Just the beginning……………and it’s about time! The guilty coward needs to fess up before he croaks and meets his maker…………

    • Dude says:

      Bahahahaha. Is it nice in the dream world you live in? How’s OJ doing up there?

    • Lucifer says:

      It’s actually quite interesting because people are attacking him and declaring him a rapist solely because many women are accusing him but they ignore plenty of others. Bill Clinton has been accused of raping and assaulting many women and he’s friends with men who allegedly ran a sex trafficking ring. Not to mention his wife shamed a rape victim when she was a lawyer and helped get the case thrown out as a favor for the accused. Hillary also takes donations for her organization that helps girls from countries that treat them worse than garbage, nice. And then you have people who don’t care that Lena Dunham admitted to sexually and psychologically abusing her sister for at least 10 years. Dunham also falsely accused a man of raping her, slandering his name. Lastly, Schumer admitted to having ‘sex’ with a man who was so drunk she even said it was like “he wasn’t there” which last time I checked, was considered rape. Not to mention Schumer framed it as her being the victim and overcoming some horrible event. But most don’t care because those four I mentioned push too many political and social agendas that people suck onto.

      • S. says:

        It’s a logical fallacy that anything about anybody else’s alleged sexual assaults is in any way relevant to the acts of Bill Cosby. You can’t defend him by bringing up anyone else or anybody’s judgment or lack of judgment of that person. He either did it or he didn’t (and sure looks like he did). Argue his case and *only* his case which you can’t really do because it doesn’t hold water. Then again, you already knew that because you spent most of the time talking about other things.

        • Lucifer says:

          So pointing out that there is clearly a double standard going on here is a logical fallacy? I think it’s extremely hypocritical of people and the media to be continuously calling out Cosby when they ignore others. The fact that you are telling me I am not allowed to bring up cases in which famous people have had situations like or similar to Cosby but faced little repercussions says a great deal. Especially considering this conversation was reopened by Amy Schumer, was one of my examples of a self-confessed rapist. I also did not defending him in my previous post. But there are plenty of holes in the Cosby accusers’ stories, not to mention the fact that not one woman coming forward out of 40 is extremely questionable especially considering there are several alleged assaults before he was a household name. We really don’t know if he’s guilty or innocent, but ignoring people who are in the same boat as him or who have even admitted to sexually assaulting someone for whatever reason is the definition of the so-called “rape culture.”

          • And many of the alleged rapes occurred during the 1960’s and 70’s when Black men were being physically lynched and Cosby is able to rape multiple White women with no police involvement?

        • The past is the best predictor of the present and future. Every area of human study consider past behaviors and realize they are relevant.

      • Preacher Book says:

        Sure living up to your name. False correlation and faulty logic at best.

      • Thanks for the information Lucifer. What a hypocrite Schumer is. And why aren’t anyone going after Hefner for the alleged underaged rapes at his Playboy Mansion?

  3. hud says:

    Her 15 minutes should just about be over, don’t ya think?

  4. karettop says:

    An ‘innocent’ man wouldn’t stay silent and avoid his own defense. And an ‘innocent’ man would have ended this debacle years ago and faced the accusations in a courtroom. Guilty as charged !

    • Sally Mander says:

      I’ve got a bridge AND some swamp land to sell you. Please contact me!

    • Amanda says:

      How could he “face the accusations in a courtroom” if there was no courtroom to go to? Hence the “court of public opinion”, it wasn’t that he ran from the charges, up to about a year ago, there were no charges to run from. He didn’t dodge the law until the statue of limitations ran out, they WAITED to the statue of limitation ran out to say something. He’s silent because I think he doesn’t remember these women, the man is in his late 70s….it’s a known fact he was a cheating man I don’t think he took the time to learn their names 30 years ago.

    • Bob Backus says:

      Really brain-dead statements like that are the reason why we have court rooms, where facts and not opinions are supposed to rule the day. Your statement is a stupid as the jurors in the 1st Menedez trial who didn’t want to punish them because they lost their parents- duh! They killed them! Personally I thinks he’s guilty (but that doesn’t matter), but I’d guess any lawyer would tell you (and him) to not say a thing in case a case is brought. So your reasoning is really flawed.

  5. Dr. Brian D. Wilson says:

    That’s funny, better than the OJ trial.

  6. Superfan of Funny says:

    Not funny enough. Sometimes her sketches are great. But this one was tedious, obvious and slow.