Red Nose Day on NBC: Best and Worst Moments

It’s hard to criticize Red Nose Day as a charitable event — only an actual monster would object to raising money for needy kids in the U.S. and abroad — but that doesn’t mean NBC’s accompanying three-hour telecast is exempt from a critical eye.

With dozens of A-listers including Gwyneth Paltrow, Will Ferrell, Ed Sheeran, Matt Lauer and Helen Mirren in the lineup, expectations were high. And while some folks vastly exceeded our predictions (hi, Jack Black, could you please pass all the Kleenex?), others fell just a tad short. (And no, that’s not a passive-aggressive dig at Martin Short — who was very, very funny.)

So who left us howling, who made us blush and whose shtick proved a little cringe-worthy? (Before we answer that, we should mention you can donate at RedNoseDay.org or by calling 844-446-6673.)

With that said, check out our gallery of Best and Worst Moments — or click here for direct access to the photos — then hit the comments and tell us where we got it right, what we messed up and which unmentioned moments would make your highlight reel!

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