The Island Sneak Peek: 'My Greatest Survival Skill Is Probably Google'

Ready to kick off most hellacious month of your life on Memorial Day? Actually, that doesn’t sound like much fun.

NBC’s The Island, on the other hand, promises a look at the “most hellacious month” in the lives of 14 dudes seeking long walks on the beach, access to their revoked “man cards” and the chance to prove “what the modern American man is made of.” Yep, that sounds a lot more promising.

Below, we’ve got an exclusive sneak-peek video of host Bear Grylls introducing these bros to the island where he’ll abandon them with a few machetes, a day’s supply of fresh water and (of course) cameras to record their personal breakthroughs/emotional breakdowns. Did we mention there’s a 12-foot hammerhead shark skulking around The Island‘s beach?

The Island premieres next Monday at 10/9c on NBC. Press PLAY below for the full preview!

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