Salem Sneak Peek: Who's Watching the Countess Von Marburg's Back?

Ever get the feeling that you’re being watched? Salem’s formidable Countess Von Marburg (Lucy Lawless) certainly does. And, in this exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode, “The Beckoning Fair One” (airing at 10/9c on WGN America), it isn’t just her imagination that gives her the willies.

On the contrary, though the intruder in her bed chamber is standing close enough to touch the sorceress, she sees no one but herself reflected back from her mirror. Who is it? The answer to that question may not be who it appears to be. (You know how it is when there’s black magic involved!) But if you click below, you will see what the Countess can’t — the terrifying face of a nemesis that she thought was gone for good.

When you’re done, hit the comments. Do you think this character will be the key to Mary regaining control of Salem from the Countess? Or, given Mary’s last interaction with the individual, is their return only going to land her in cauldron-hot water?

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