Ratings: American Idol's Penultimate Finale Down 38 Percent vs. 2014

American Idol 13 Finale Ratings

American Idol‘s second-to-last finale ever drew 7.7 million viewers and a 1.6 rating on Wednesday night, up 10 percent and two tenths week-to-week but down 27 and 38 percent from last year’s coronation ceremony.


CBS | Survivor (9.4 mil/2.2) ticked up a tenth, while the final two episodes of CSI: Cyber’s freshman run averaged 6.8 mil/1.2, steady week-to-week.

THE CW | Arrow’s Season 3 finale (2.8 mil/1.0) added some eyeballs while steady in the demo, and was up a tenth versus last year’s closer. Supernatural (2.1 mil/0.8) surged 40 percent and two tenths.

NBC | Mysteries of Laura (6.1 mil/1.0) ticked up, SVU (6.8 mil/1.5) rose three tenths and Chicago PD (6.8 mil/1.6) grew two tenths.

ABC | The Middle (7 mil/1.7) and The Goldbergs (6.7 mil/2.) were steady with their finales, Modern Family (8.1 mil/2.7) slipped two tenths, black-ish (6.2 mil/2.1) dipped one tenth and Nashville (4.7 mil/1.3) matched its week-ago numbers and its previous finale.

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  1. ninamags says:

    Yay, Supernatural!!!!
    It was a fantastic, episode.

  2. KatsMom says:

    Do the Arrow numbers take into account the fact that the Cubs were on in Chicago last night? We’ve gotta wait until Sunday to see the flipping finale here.

  3. Mr. Tran K says:

    Really hope that AMERICAN IDOL goes out with a bang and bidding farewell next year.

    • I think Caleb and Jena last year were way more DYNAMIC as the top 2 left. Their performances on the finale were amazing, so I can see why the ratings dropped this year because these 2, Nick and Clark, were just so “Run OF The Mill” performers. I only watched the finale to see Quentin and Adanna come back to perform. Adanna could have been a star! From last year I will never forget Jena and Calebs “Gimmie Shelter”! and Calebs Dream On!So now we have Nick, who sounds like a Not As Good As Daughtry! But clearly tries to sound like Daughtry!

      • Jill Moy says:


        I liked Caleb. Mumbles I didn’t like on anything. Nick is just ok. But, if Scott can make stars out of wesk voiced Swift and Perry, one never knows. A lot of people like Nick.

        Lots of great singers should be big…Amber Holcomb, Doolittle, and especially Alice Fredenham, who can really sing!

        KAROKE BATTLE USA was a good show! I pulled a CWB….I heard Cassandra Mae Jopp sing for a few seconds and told friends she win win the USA title and The WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN IRELAND! I really wasn’t watching the show but I heard her and started watching. When there was a singoff, the 2 singers sang a duet on the same song, which is great! Cassandra sang with a talented black lady, I WILL SURVIVE and it was stellar! She won everything, beating out the other countries for 1st place! She is beautiful and can sing anything well. Check her out.

      • Blank Slate says:

        Where was Jena for this week’s finale? They gave Caleb a moment of silent screen time to hand over the trophy (?) but that was it for him. He didn’t even perform on any show this AI season, did he? Talk about hiding your skeletons in a closet.

        I loved when Quentin danced in the aisle with a random female during the Ricky Martin set. Quentin was HOT.

        • Blank State, I soooo agree! Quentin is a beautiful man. Those eyes, and I can tell he has inner beauty also! Yah I think everyone would have loved if Jena and Caleb did a duet on the show or something! I would have loved that! I loved Caleb, he’s not very hot, but I always wondered what he would do next!LOL Fall on the floor in front of Ricky Minor, or slam a microphone on the floor, and I loved his voice. He just didnt give a damn what anyone thought and was so hilarious and loud! LOL Last years finale was sooo much better! The fact that him and Jena were best friend made it interesting too! Quentin was the hottest! Do you watch the voice and do you have a favorite. I love Sawyer for sure!

          • Jill Moy says:


            AN EXTRA? She IS the WALKING DEAD! PRAISE GOD She didn’t win! Who was she supposed to be on night she was eliminated, wearing that cape….SUPER GIRL?

          • Jill, John fogerty going to be on the voice finale, as well Sheryl Crow, Megan Trainor, Slash from Guns and Roses? and Ed Sherran who Im sick of seeing. You can guess who John Fogerty will be performing with!! Sheryl Crow will be great to see. Havent seen her around in a while!

          • Jill well I thought that outfit reminded me of a terrible version of Star Wars Princess Leah that we got in the plastic bag a k-mart when we were children. And it comes out wrinkled and paper thin, with that stupid cape. You could not Pay me to wear that in front of America. LOL I think I saw your comment. Was it about her and Megan and lookin like Zombies?

          • Jill Moy says:


            Comments were about JAX, if she won, the integrity of all the years of AI would be breached, making us believe they were all fixed, as JAX A$$ is so bad! Also, JAX A$$ (you knew that was coming) was one of the worst singers on any talent show….EVER, with her phony whispering off pitch voice!

          • Jill Oh Yes I did read that comment you wrote about the integrity of AI if Jax won! And thats exactly right! Im still trying to figure out how she made it as far as she did. J-lo, Harry and Keith also pimped her a lot, along with the entire show! WHY??? NOT SURE I think you and I could pick some great talent. Only we would pick people like Krajik, Jeff Gutt, Haley.People with that calibur or even higher! Do you remember when Melinda was on the show, there was another black woman who was also just amazing. I can never remember her name. She was really just as good as melinda! Actually my son always reminds me of “the other lady that was just as good as melinda”and its not Sparks. I believe the girl may have been a little heavier set? It drives me nuts because she was sooo good!

          • Blank Slate says:

            I do watch THE VOICE. Not as invested in a top winner there but Sawyer feels right and should win. I watch The Voice but I never feel connected and close to the talent as I do on Anetican Idol.

            I’m starting to miss it already but all shows know they have an expiration date coming…..

          • Blank State, Im exactly the same. its weird but I get way more attached to Ai contestants. That also happened with x factor. But not so much The Voice. I have seen quite a few people comment about “no attachment” to the voice!

      • Jake says:

        This year’s top ten was considerably less talented than past year’s. (as a whole). I don’t agree that Adanna could have been a star. If she could sing, she should have been able to leap past most of the others to the top 5, at least. She was lucky to make it as far as she did.

      • Jill Moy says:


        I know who you mean! That black girl was great! I’m trying to think of her name!

      • Jill Moy says:


        Are you talking about LAKISHA JONES? She was really, really good!

        • Jill Yes Lakisha Jones!!!! she was as good as Melinda, and my son and I could not decide between the two! They were like BEASTS over the other contestants! SO, So good!

  4. Gerald says:

    Last Years Arrow closer was better than this years, but glad it is holding steady. I’m looking forward to next year without Raz and without Ray. Glad to see Det Lance is getting over his issues and is sort of trusting Team Arrow again.
    Supernatural ratings were great considering it was not even the finale.
    Survivor is lame, but this episode was probably one of the better once since Joe went home.

  5. SPAMMER says:


  6. River City says:

    A 38% drop for Idol from last year, which has been sinking for the past several years. even with all the star-power they added for the finale. The show clearly has self-destructed as it became just a playground for Celebrities and a Host making High multi-millions — and doing a poor job of developing a good talent show the past couple years.

  7. Ginger Snap says:

    I’m not surprised by the Idol numbers. Just never got invested in Idol this season, not even enough to catch it on Hulu or the other online providers.

    Now Arrow has kept me interested all y

    • Donny Brook says:

      Idol could have saved the name and the fame — if they had cleaned house and hired some Judges, coaches, mentors , Host from other sources — rid of the grossly overpaid, unmerited, insider expenses of the current group. … many ex-idols and other good people in the music business would take-over the running of the show, saving at least 35 million in production costs, even if the new group were paid a million each per season. They could even have duets again like Haley and Casey, find good talent to develop and have successful tours, get rid of people like Borchetta taking-up valuable time on the show, keep the Judges comments to 30 seconds each — and presto, a valid show again.

      • Rip Tide says:

        Congratulations, the only poster on here who gets these horrid ratings numbers. The judges, Borchetta, Per Blankens and everyone involved with this show completely forgot what this show was about…the singers, their backstories and making us want to care about them. Idol also completely forgot about the past and honoring it (they dropped the section on their Web site showcasing all past finalists. I know one finalist who used to love to talk about her Idol experiences but now barely mentions them. Too late now geniuses. In a few years someone a little smarter than these morons will revive Idol and get it right.

  8. screan says:

    Too bad, people missed a really entertaining show! I have to admit, I am a huge Idok fan but I really wasn’t invested in this final.

  9. cortezskillers says:

    What a complete disgrace.
    America you voted a complete hack as your idol.
    poor Clark!
    I can’t believe it.
    Did you see that amazing duet with Michael Mc Donald?
    can you not tell the difference between real God given talent, and a boring cover band type singer.
    Shame on all of you for voting that way.

  10. aaronv923 says:

    Why is Clark the thumbnail photo for an article about American Idol dropping in the ratings? Shouldn’t it be a photo of Nick, who is the American Idol? There’s been a lot of shade cast on Clark for no real reason. In fact, for an article about people losing interest in Idol, shouldn’t you put the picture of he contestant that, according to this website, kept things pretty bland and dwelt in the middle of WGWG land?