Reign Season Finale First Look: Who Ordered the Bloody Mary?

Reign Season Finale

Mary’s about to get caught red-handed on Thursday’s Reign season finale (The CW, 9/8c). But what did she do, exactly?

TVLine’s exclusive first look at the episode finds the Queen of Scots gripping a bloody knife and staring in horror at someone… or something. Honestly, based solely on the bit of fur at the bottom of the photo, Mary very well could have gone Wookiee-hunting for all I know.

But my gut tells me the victim is someone more important — a lover, perhaps. Despite Mary’s feelings for Condé, he remains the largest threat to the crown, which makes him fair game for stabbing. Or maybe Mary is pulling the dagger out of someone; this show does have a habit of killing kings on its season finales!

(Honestly, I care less about the identity of this bleeding dude than I do about whether or not Mary’s really pregnant. She had to be making that up… right?)

Browse the photo in full below, then drop a comment: What do you think is really going on here?

Reign Season Finale

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  1. It does looklike the coat Francis wore in the last episode… Oh oh

  2. Tracy says:


  3. brandydanforth81 says:

    Please be Conde & please let Mary be lying about being pregnant

  4. Belle says:

    Of course Mary is lying about being pregnant. That’s about the only thing she could have said to reason with Conde…otherwise Conde would push forward his plans of taking the French Crown!

  5. Ana Kuri says:

    Does someone recognizes that sword?

  6. what if they gave us that Mabastian hug as a precursor of Bash dying.

  7. S says:

    This show has really jumped the shark…. lets get a bit closer to historical fact please.

  8. pisces says:

    I want Mary and Francis together

  9. Omg please telle me it’s not Louis

  10. Shannon says:

    The writer’s portrayal of Mary has really bugged me this season. She went from a strong, determined woman to a weeping mess that can’ t even order breakfast without first running it by Conde. The whole, “I need Conde to get over my rape” plot line is thin at best. It’s very hard to root for her at all at this point. I can’t even adequately think of Conde as a villain because her actions and impulsiveness has pushed him into the situation he’s found himself in.

    • AddieM says:

      It’s funny how people find it so easy to forgive Francis who actions indirectly led to Mary’s attack but you cannot find it in you to understand the pain of rape. smh
      Her decisions were not the best but so were Francis’ actions! Double standard much! smh

      • Lynn says:

        There were many contributing factors to Mary’s rape and one of them was Mary killing Narcisse’s son. That’s the reason Narcisse was hell bent on seeking revenge in the first place. Ultimately, the Protestant farmer is solely responsible.

        Oh we understand the pain of rape but what I don’t understand is the rape being used to set up a love triangle! SMH

        • Shannon says:

          Thank you!!! It’s exploitative.

        • AddieM says:

          She needed solace, someone to make her feel safe and protected. Something that she feels she cannot get from Francis anymore. I agree with what Lola said, that what Mary feels for Conde is not love.
          The reason the protestant farmer did what he did was because of the death of his son brought about by Francis’ edict. Narcisse is an opportunist, with or without his son’s death he would have still found a way to manipulate Francis. It’s all about power and wealth for Narcisse.

          • Lynn says:

            Mary couldn’t stand to be around men except for Conde, really?! She should have turned to her ladies or Catherine, who had gone through the same thing. I loved the touching scene between Catherine and Mary right after the rape happened and was hoping for more bonding between them. Instead we got adultery and treason!

            Let’s go back to what actually started everything — Antoine’s poisoning Henry which resulted in Francis having to kill his mad father and Narcisse was able to use this as blackmail.

            You’re wrong . The radical Protestants killed the priest and made it look like Francis was responsible to further enrage the other Protestants. They killed one of their own. Also, Francis had no control over the Vatican and the Cardinal that was going around punishing the Protestants.

          • AddieM says:

            I’m aware that the Priest was killed by his own people but it was all started by the edict signed by Francis to weed out the Protestants.

          • Lynn says:

            That doesn’t even make sense.If they hadn’t killed one of their own, the other Protestants would not have been as enraged which means there would not have been an attack on the castle and no rape for Mary.

          • AddieM says:

            OK, I’m going to say this only once cause I don’t have time to keep repeating myself. Go and rewatch the episodes again.
            1) Francis kills Henry
            2) Narcisse finds out and starts blackmailing Francis
            3) Francis signs an edict to weed out the Protestants i.e All Protestants had to declare that this was their faith.
            4) Protestants are not happy because they fear discrimination from Catholics
            5) Protestants Radicals come up with a plan to enrage the other protestants into an uprise.
            6) They send in a minister to Francis with demands and a bomb threat in the hopes the crown will torture and kill and minister for information
            7) When the Protestants see that the minister has not been killed by Francis they kill him and make it seem as though the ‘Catholic’ Crown has killed a beloved protestant minister.
            8)This enrages the protestants which then leads to everything else that happened…..
            So they may have killed one of their own but it was to incite anger & violence within the other Protestants against the Crown (because of the edict)!

          • Lynn says:

            @ AddieM
            I don’t need to rewatch anything. I’ll even give you that there may have been an attack on the castle regardless because of the edict. However, the Protestant farmer would not have raped Mary if his son had not been killed. And we both know who was responsible for his death. End of story!

      • Shannon says:

        Hi, rape victim here. Yes, I do understand the pain of rape. Irrationally leading a man into a political trap that would most certainly mean his death and her death because you’re attracted to him is not a good way to deal with that pain. You can go ahead and hop down off that moral high horse now.

        • Lynn says:

          Sorry to hear that. Conde is not innocent though since he took advantage of Mary’s emotional state. And having an affair with the Queen is treason and he knew what he was getting into. He’s just lucky that Francis was actually willing to protect him all along up to the point where Conde married Elizabeth’s proxy. That was the ultimately betrayal.

        • AddieM says:

          You cannot judge or dictate how people deal with their pain, Mary found that this was the way to try and get over what she had been through.
          Was it smart, probably not, but you cannot rationalize the pain that comes along with that trauma. She is the victim yet she gets all the blame for simply trying to put herself back together the est way she knows how.
          Queen or not, no one is born with the ability to function well and be rational after that kind of trauma! We do have a long way to go as a society in our empathy to such situations and victims.

          • Lynn says:

            Mary is getting the blame because that storyline is totally unrealistic. I’ve read tons of comments by actual rape survivors and reviewers calling out this BS storyline. Women recovering from rape can’t stand to be around men and are not going to start having an affair out of the blue, especially considering she put her life on the line as a queen.

          • AddieM says:

            And yet again, I say you cannot judge or dictate how people deal with their pain. There’s no right or wrong way to deal with such trauma. You cannot say that because she’s a rape victim she should not act in a certain manner. The one thing I know for a fact is that after that trauma, one needs solace, to feel grounded and protected and that’s what Mary sought in Conde.
            She could have gone to Catherine yes, but at the end of the day Francis is Catherine’s son and her loyalty lies with him.

          • Lynn says:

            @ AddieM
            To anyone besides Monde stans, this storyline is unrealistic. The end.

          • AddieM says:

            Ok..but stop blaming the victim :)

          • Shannon says:

            This isn’t an actual rape victim dealing with her pain. This is the writers fueling a plot line. It’s cheap and a bit insulting to actual rape victims.

      • Linda says:

        If you really think about it Conde’s brother caused all of this, by making the king mad. I personally blame Catherine.

      • Linda says:

        It’s really Conde’s brother’s fault, he made King Henry crazy.

        But I personally blame Catherine.

    • Jeri says:

      I agree. I understand her feelings regarding the rape, but I get lost seeing how Conde could cure her. Seems like just a yearning for a handsome man, nothing to do with her rape. She blames Francis, but that has nothing to do with wanting Conde. This Mary is not the Mary the show started with. She has lost herself along with her strengths. No longer has any strength, except in the area of personal wants.

  11. AddieM says:

    OMgoodness Mary..you did not just kill Louis…

  12. Looking at photos of season two, I actually think that may be Bash. The coat and sword look similar to his…

  13. Lane Wescott says:

    A bloody knife doesn’t mean anybody is dead! It could mean badly wounded! Poor Bash survived being run through with a sword twice! He was shot with an arrow! He survived. Maybe all it is is that Mary wounded Conde to stop him from hurting someone else.

  14. Adelaine says:

    I do hope its Conde Im sick of him already and please tell me Mary is lying about her pregnancy

  15. Morgan says:

    Francis wears frock coats, not brown capes like that. It was in the video they posted a few weeks ago. The other guys wear capes and doublets but he wears frock coats to show that he’s different from them.

  16. Alisha says:

    I think i see dark hair. I’m going to go with Mary stabbed Conde. But i hope I’m wrong since i am definitely a Conde fan!

  17. chom9 says:

    I feel she killed Conde and I am positive she is pregnant. She has to be for us to have more drama!

  18. It’s Conde! you can see his black hair to the left of Mary! :O shocker!!

  19. She’s in the tent, its Conde

  20. I hope it’s not conde because if it is she has made more trouble for herself whether she is lying about being pregnant it won’t matter killing conde puts her in danger what with him being in league with Elizabeth and a protested leader

  21. Karin Bortolato says:

    She’s not pregnant. She is trading sides to save herself

  22. Jessica says:

    it looks a lot like bash’s sword. I really hope its Louis though. I want him and Lola out of the picture so that Mary and Francis can get back together! Mary and Francis FOREVER!

  23. Iona Hamilton says:

    I think Mary could possibly be trying to pull a Kenna. Where she is pregnant with another mans child but she is trying to make her husband believe it’s his.

  24. dami.adelaide says:

    it deginiteli cannot b franciz.its conde am sure…