Revenge Series Finale Video: Amanda Guns Down Victoria in Final Face-Off

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It’s the dramatic showdown four seasons — and two faked deaths — in the making: Amanda Clarke and Victoria Grayson will come to blows for the last time on Sunday’s Revenge finale (ABC, 10/9c).

But which Hamptonite will be left standing? Based solely on the above clip, in which an emotionally rattled Amanda fires a gun at her arch nemesis from an extremely short distance, most betting men would put their money on good ol’ Mandy.

Then again, this show — especially in its final season — is famous for throwing curveballs at us, and we mustn’t forget that quick shot from the series finale promo of Amanda swimming in a pool of her own blood. Could Victoria really come out the winner?

“I died long before you were born,” she tells Amanda, inching closer to the loaded gun. “This is just a formality. … Are you ready now?” (Editor’s note: Amanda may be, but I’m not!)

Hit PLAY on the above clip, then drop a comment below: How do you predict this finale will play out?

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