Undateable Goes Live: Ed Sheeran, the Scrubs Cast and 17 More Key Moments

NBC’s Undateable went live Tuesday night with the help of a few friends.

The Bill Lawrence-produced sitcom welcomed cast members from his previous shows Scrubs and Cougar Town — including Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn and Christa Miller — as well Nickelodeon starlet Victoria Justice, Scandal‘s Scott Foley, About a Boy‘s Minnie Driver, Loveline hosts Drew Pinksey and Mike Catherwood and, oh yeah, Grammy award nominated song-and-guitarman Ed Sheeran, whom Justin kicked out of his bar.

In the episode, Danny and Justin vied for the attention of an attractive back-up singer in town for a local music festival. Meanwhile, Leslie and Burski worked to keep Candace away from her numbskull of an ex as Shelly and Brett competed for most likable bartender.

Like the average Undateable episode, “A Live Show Walks Into a Bar” worked less because of its plot, and more because of the interactions between characters. Unlike, say, 30 Rock going live, the change in format wasn’t nearly as jarring as the Chris D’Elia comedy has always been shot before a live studio audience. It was nonetheless an impressive feat.

Browse through our gallery of the hour’s 20 most memorable moments, then drop a line in the comments section detailing your favorite moments. And West Coast viewers, consider yourself invited to pass along any changes made for the second presentation.

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