Criminal Minds Finale Sneak Peek: Kate's Niece Hits the 'Panic' Button

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The treachery of a returning UnSub hits close to home for the BAU this Wednesday on the Criminal Minds Season 10 finale, as seen in this exclusive sneak peek.

As seen at the close of last episode, Kate’s niece Meg (played by Hailey Sole) and her BFF Markayla (Taylor Mosby) had gotten a lift to a concert from their friend Bobby’s minivan-driving mother. ‘Cept, that so was not Bobby’s mom, we had to fear.

In the above clip from Wednesday’s finale (CBS, 9/8c), titled “The Hunt,” Kate gets her first indication that something has in fact gone very wrong, teeing up an hour in which the season premiere’s human-trafficking baddie resurfaces in the worst of ways.

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