New Girl Finale Video: Hear Winston's Uber-Crucial Voicemail for Cece

Forget, for a moment, that New Girl‘s Winston has a best friend who’s a cat. And that he’s terrible at pranks. And that he once spent an episode wearing a sweatshirt as pants.

All that oddness aside, you’ve got to admit: Dude is smooth on the phone.

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And that special talent comes in handy in Tuesday’s season finale (Fox, 9/8c), when Jess and Winston work frantically to let a lovelorn Cece know that Schmidt and Fawn are kaput. Cece is off climbing Mt. Shasta in a last-ditch bid to find herself, but that doesn’t keep the pair from leaving yet another voicemail for her.

Press PLAY on the exclusive clip above to watch the new cop put his old skills to use, then hit the comments: Is this the season that Schmidt and Cece will finally get it together?

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