Revenge Stars Say Goodbye to 'Unbelievable' ABC Drama on Twitter

Revenge Ending

Now that Revenge‘s fate has (officially) been sealed, the stars of ABC’s twisty drama are tweeting their farewells to the characters you’ve spent the past four years loving, hating, loving to hate, etc.

Let’s begin with the Queen of Revenge, herself, Ms. Emily VanCamp:

Christa B. Allen — who’s back this Sunday! — chose to invoke the Clarke family mantra in her goodbye:

Are you tearing up yet? No? Hmm… Perhaps this double dose of emotion from the Hamptons’ Wonder Twins (aka Gabriel Mann and Elena Satine) will do the trick:

Still not emotional? God, you’re heartless. All right, it’s time to pull out the big guns. Presenting… Mr. Barry Sloane:

Sorry, that was cruel. Here’s a sad-yet-sexy message from Ashley Madekwe to cleanse your emotional palate:


Revenge fans, now that we’ve all had a good cry, drop a comment with your thoughts on the series’ ending below. What do you hope to see?

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