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Is One NCIS Death Theory Boosted or Debunked by NCIS: LA Crossover?

NCIS Death Theory DiNozzo

A newly announced NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles crossover — and more curiously, the timing of it — seems to snuff one theory about the “significant loss” hitting the original series next Tuesday.

Or, maybe, supports it?

CBS’ official twitter feed on Wednesday night revealed that NCIS fave Michael Weatherly will cross over to the LA offshoot as Tony DiNozzo, as shown in the post and photo below:

Interestingly, TVLine hears that the actor’s crossover will actually air next season on NCIS: Los Angeles, suggesting that DiNozzo will not be the big NCIS death (as some have speculated, based on peculiar tweets made by Weatherly).

Then again, why go to the trouble of pre-shooting a Season 7 NCIS: LA episode unless Weatherly is going to be (gulp) “unavailable”?

Note: Neither NCIS nor NCIS: LA have yet to be officially picked up for fall, though our hand-crafted Renewal Scorecard lists each as a “sure thing.” New Orleans was renewed back in January.

Weatherly paid a visit to New Orleans earlier this season, but this marks his first time swinging by the CBS drama’s original spinoff.

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  1. Matthew says:

    Glad there is finally some crossover again between NCIS and NCIS: LA besides Director Vance there really hasn’t been much of a crossover between the two shows from what I have noticed. I could be wrong though seeing as I have stopped watching all of the NCIS shows until the summer I just have to many shows that I wanna watch. I stopped after the season premieres I am definitely going to start at least the main show back in the summer I haven’t decided if I will do the same with LA and New Orleans if II do start back with those two during the summer I will probably on watch the episodes that look interesting to me

  2. TaMara says:

    My money is on Jimmy, based on all the foreshadowing last week. Or a clever red herring.

  3. Personally, my money’s still on Vance. NCIS is due for a change in Director’s and there were plenty of hints of him having health problems earlier this season (just like there were for Jenny before she was killed).

    • Stacey says:

      True. But then that is cruel to do to his kids. After his health scare. So unless Gibbs adopts Kayla and Jared. I like that the health scare gave Vance some new prospective. So unless the actor is wanting to go. Why kill Vance. They don’t use Vance every episode…But then a new director would give the show new blood!

      • tyranthraxus says:

        I actually think it may be Ducky. The actor himself is getting on and might want to retire.. and never considered how long the show would go when he originally signed up!.

        Personally I think it will be Ducky or Abby. Abby would be a leftfield shot and nobody would expect it.

        • Pennagirl65 says:

          And that would kill the show.

          • tyranthraxus says:

            No way. I think people would react badly to it but kill the show? Unlikely. Lets face it NCIS only really has a couple of years left in it, so the change might not hurt it.

  4. Stacey says:

    Unless the crossover features a flashback case. Why would they use a Tony crossover in a episode NEXT SEASON if the character is already dead on the mothership. I don’t think it’s any of the main four. I think we have to worry about Ducky, Jimmy or the easiest guess Dorneget who suddenly shows up for two episodes… Unless Tim dies and they need a new tech guy next season and they promote Dorneget…But the actor has another show in MOM and wouldn’t be available.

    • D says:

      It isn’t McGee because he appears in the promo walking down the ramp on a plane next to a casket with a U.S. Flag.

      • Gail says:

        And there lies the answer about who is killed off, based on the press release for the episode. But reading all the wild speculation is wonderfully amusing, and hopefully people will actually watch the episode.

      • Elaine says:

        I didn’t think it would be Ducky with an American flag. He served in a war but not for the United States but he is an NCIS agent. I don’t want to lose anyone! Maybe it will be the Director and they’ll promote TONY to take his place. Gibbs doesn’t want to be Director. Tony as Gibbs’ boss would certainly be interesting.

      • Then it must be Dorneget. Shoot, hoping it was Abby.

    • John NYC says:

      The thing that trips me up about Dorneget is the description of a character “everyone loves”. Which, with all due respect to the actor, doesn’t seem to fit that occasionally recurring role (I had to look him up just to get a handle on WHO he was). Though, granted, Borin is rarely seen and she would fit so maybe it’s just me….

  5. Daniel says:

    NCIS: LA usually pre-shoots an episode, so I don’t think they are pre-shooting this one because of Weatherly’s supposed unavailability if he is killed off. At the end of season 5, they shot two episodes for season 6: the season premiere and the episode directed by Chris O’Donnell. They also pre-shot a season 5 episode after season 4 wrapped filming.

    Also, it makes sense to have Weatherly over to LA now, because NCIS has wrapped filming season 12 (I believe) so he has some time. Otherwise he would have to juggle two shows next season even if it’s just for one episode.

  6. Jess says:

    What about Gibbs? He did get injured when that bomb went off. And he would be a significant loss. Definitely have more impact than another character.

    • Stacey says:

      And Mark’s contract was on the off year cycle (Michael, Sean, Pauley and David would have contracts for one more year) so it could be why the hold up on any renewal. But then that would be a MAJOR loss. And I don’t think this loss will be epic proportions like Gibbs dying would make it. But then the show could go on with Tony moving up to team leader, but still I can’t see that. That would be worse death for many than McDreamy on Grey’s Anatomy.

      • Pennagirl65 says:

        And Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy) still had a year left on his contract when his character was killed off.

    • John NYC says:

      That would be like losing Rabb on J.A.G., while the show’s an ensemble it’s not THAT much of an ensemble (IMHO anyway), lose the Gibbs centerpiece and I would doubt the show would work. But hey that would open a slot for Borin!

      IIRC Mark’s contract was a multi-year signed not that long ago (last season?)

    • Rob says:

      Yes Gibbs. Nobody wants to think it and CIA agent Teague will take his place.

  7. Well, I for one am looking forward to seeing DiNozzo on NCIS Los Angeles!!! DiNozzo interacting with Deeks would be so hilarious to see!!! Also, it’s cool that NCIS Los Angeles films an episode or two of the next season ahead of time!!! Can’t wait to hear more about this during the summer. And thank you for the scoop, Team TVLine. :-)

  8. Darlene says:

    I’m very excited about the news. A little change of pace for Michael and for The DiNozzo! I really hope Tony will be working undercover with the LA group.

  9. Sue S says:

    I think the death will be Dr Mallard – Ducky

    • piebokou says:

      I was thinking Ducky or Palmer too. Or Dormogett

    • msille says:

      Although he looks much younger, David McCallum (Ducky) is 82 years old. Palmer seems to be getting more reponsibility. the producer might want to kill off his character before something happens to the actor in the middle of filming

  10. hello says:

    If there is a death it is going to be Bishop’s husband.

  11. Emma says:

    They haven’t said it was a main cast member, just a ‘fan favourite’ could be ‘Dorney or even Bert the farting hippo’.

  12. John says:

    I am guessing the death will be either Bishop’s husband or the recurring NCIS agent (name eludes me) who in the past was more comic relief but is suddenly a great cyber person.

    • Pennagirl65 says:

      IS Bishop’s husband Jake considered a fan favorite? Dorneget is a fan favorite, Dinozzo Sr., Abby, Ducky, Jimmy are too. But Jake …we’ve seen him two or three times. Abby’s boyfriend??

  13. piebokou says:

    Well debunked or not they better not kill Dinozzo.

  14. Why breaking news it now if it’s not airing until September?

    • Oh, cause they did the table read yesterday for the episode they’re filming for next season!!! :-)

    • 'A' Has Been Revived says:

      The episode is being filmed soon (or now). They are pre-shooting an episode (like they’ve done since like season 4). Sometimes its one, sometimes its 2 (like in season 6). Also worth noting is it doesn’t have to be the premiere since they shot the Chris O’Donnell episode at the end of season 5 and aired it as episode 6 of season 6. So it’ll either be the premiere or an episode airing in the fall.

  15. piebokou says:

    Can you really Call Bishop hubby a fan favorite ?

  16. Mel says:

    It sounds like TV Line is as confused as we are! That said, great to see Michael Weatherly being utilized by someone, and hopefully Tony will get a little action. It would be great to see the sharp Tony of old using his cop instincts and actually contributing to a case. I’m hoping for a Tony/Hetty scene!

    • Nubiesque says:

      (((((Mel)))))) Hi there. ITA re: DiNozzo Action. I’m really surprised that Tony has never teamed up with LA after all these years. WAY overdue & fans asked for that a long time ago. I’m curious as to the storyline – special ops? I hope it leads Densi/ Tony overseas somewhere (Tel-Aviv would be nice)

      • sandi says:

        Very nice. Ziva’s done enough guilt driven penance in her life. Tony never smiles asarge since his ninja left.

        Cote has said both that shes willing to do episodes, and that she was willing to do more episodes that TPTB were willing to do at start of S11. Maybe LA SR can finagle a reuniting thats long overdue.

  17. I still think it’s going to be Delilah. But possibly Ducky – he was acting really weird
    I don’t think it will be Palmer, the writers went through too much work to with the baby story to kill him off.

    • DeeDee says:

      Delilah, I never thought of her. Interesting. We could call her a fan favorite even though she hasn’t had much airtime.

      I still think it is Ziva; definitely a fan favorite and I think her death would be a profound loss because it tells us she is never coming back to the show. I know I keep hoping. Except her body would not be coming back to the US. Maybe that casket coming off the plane was a victim that the crew was investigating ~ therefore, a red herring. It is definitely not going to be Gibbs. He is NCIS~ period. I don’t think the remaining cast would be able to carry the show.

      • Meredith says:

        Not just that, the show would crumble apart without Gibbs. You have this bizarre group of people: slightly neurotic Bishop, confidant Vance, joker Tony, McGee, grandpa Ducky, inappropriate Palmer, hyper Abby. Half of those antics wouldn’t work anymore without stoic, no-nonsense, but good-hearted, Gibbs in the picture.

        • Steven says:

          My enjoyment would be to see N.C.I.S. as long as possible.
          Also with the same cast, except that a TONY may go over to N.C.I.S. LA.
          If that happens it would be nice to see either Abby or Diane Neal takes his place.
          And have someone else take over Abby’s Lab.

  18. Lynne says:

    Based on old Glasberg interviews and the current teasing, I’m guessing that the death this week is a red herring. It will be “an emotional death to propel the team into the finale”, most likely Dorneget or Ziva. The death that is the loss will be in the final scene of the finale. My money (okay, maybe it’s my wish) is on Gibbs. Weatherly’s Q rating alone pretty much guarantees they won’t kill him off.
    All that being said, I haven’t watched the show since they killed off Diane so I can’t say I’m invested anymore.

    • arial2 says:

      Gibbs, only if they’re planning to kill off the number one show in the world. Without Mark Harmon there is no NCIS. As much as Mark Harmon might like to spend even more time behind the camera (he already is involved in most of the episodes), I think he knows Gibbs is the heart of the show, the only one whose absence would guarantee a loss of viewers. I think the day Mark Harmon decides to leave the cast, they would have to start working on Tony’s leadership, maturity. They seemed to have started that earlier, but he now seems to be a bit of a “player” again. Too bad they so totally destroyed his relationship with Jeanne several seasons back; I could have seen them as a very stable couple.

  19. Larc says:

    I’ve never thought Tony would be the big loss. The hints so far don’t seem to go in his direction. The loss of any major NCIS character would bother me, except for one that I won’t name. But the loss of that lone exception would be good cause for breakout of a celebratory bottle of Champagne, IMO.

  20. dontlikesockpuppets says:

    It is Dorney that gets killed. Can’t wait to MW on the LA show.

  21. Jane says:

    I’m going with Delilah although I’m afraid it might be Ducky. I know this is terrible but I sort of wish it was Abbey. That character has become so pathetic the way she still acts and dresses like she’s a teenager. Wish they would at least let her ditch the pig tails.

  22. Michael says:

    to be honest i don’t what to think about who will die..in the other day’s episode , seemed like Jimmy was the “target” given how nice Gibbs treated him & in all the interactions he had was given a hint about death.But then again,why would Jimmy’s body will come home in a casket.he is not the type to travel with the team away from D.C.i just hope it won’t be any of the main cast !

  23. James says:

    Maybe this is an indication they have finally remembered that NCIS works for the navy. The LA office seems to have forgotten that years ago.

    • njartist says:

      NCIS LA deals with “special operations”. Translated that means that they cover
      a variety of situations involving not only the Navy & Marines but situations
      surrounding national security that have some degree of overlap with Naval
      and Marine Corp personal and/or non-personal such as weapons etc.

  24. Ben says:

    I haven’t watched any of this season, or som of lasts. Is Fornell still around? Not sure about my spelling. The FBI guy Gibbs is pals with.

    • Sharon says:

      Fornell is still around, but we lost Diane Fornell and Gibbs shared ex. She and Fornell were going to remarry when Ari’s half brother kills her like Kate Todd was killed by Ari.

  25. Kim R says:

    The crossover could be for flashbacks that are needed next Fall so I’m not comforted. :) I had the impression that the death will be someone we love and will find heartbreaking. For me, this would not be an occasional guest star. (But the Mentalist fooled me with the same words so I was not expecting a fairly new character to be the one to go. While sad, I was not overly invested.)
    Gibbs being overly nice to Jimmy stood out so obvious that I am assuming it can’t be Jim. I’m dreading if it is one of our team. We shall see.

  26. Pat says:

    It is obvious that it would have to be someone who is an agent because I read other commenters saying that they saw a picture I believe it was Tony with the black ban across his badge. Ducky and Jimmy are not in law enforcement. They work for NCIS as medical examiners.

    • Meredith says:

      I suspect that if Ducky were to die, they might make an exception to the rules though. Typically it is reserved for active LEO’s, true, but upon direction of Director Vance, they might wear it for Ducky too. The man is an NCIS-legend, and has been seen to be relatively close with the aforementioned director. :)

      “At the direction of your sheriff, agency director or chief of police, when special circumstances dictate that a department display of official mourning is appropriate.”

  27. paula says:

    I’m voting for Dornie with Jake a close second but if the death is in the Middle East it could be Ziva or Delilah. I think replacing Vance would be more likely to happen with him being promoted (could they kill another Sec Navy so soon or maybe kill Tom Morrow?). Remember fan favorite can be a very broad description so that could cover any one from Borne to Palmer.

  28. Patty says:

    I was thinking it might be Tobias Fornell. He has come to be a fan favorite.

    • Pennagirl65 says:

      But would they kill him off and leave his teenage daughter an orphan? It could work, since Uncle Gibbs could be a stand in dad. Gives Gibbs a storyline in his personal life.

  29. Larc says:

    According to available info, the loss results from a deadly bombing overseas. We know that McGee and Dorneget will be going to Cairo, Egypt. Whether anybody else will be anywhere that could be classified as overseas hasn’t been revealed. But this is reported to be “an emotional and surprising loss for the team.”

    • Erin says:

      I don’t watch NCIS LA but I’ll make an exception to see Weatherly. Maybe the writers at LA will be allowed to show him handling danger or give him some action scenes. The mothership writers are apparently only allowed to feature anyone but Gibbs and McGee in the exciting scenes, so maybe this will be an opportunity for Tony fans to see him do something besides be the insignificant team member or the butt of the episode’s joke. I’ve all but given up on the McGibbs show.

    • arial2 says:

      Overseas? Maybe it is Ziva, though I would have thought not. I can see a practical reason for that. On the other hand, maybe Ellie goes overseas again, is killed. If Cote de Pablo has decided she wants to return after all, I can see that happening, cold-blooded as the move might be. Pure speculation: perhaps, if Ellie dies, Gibbs’ new friendship with Ellie’s hubby is a way to make Jamie Bamber a recurring guest without it seeming odd. He has a whole fan base out there who would watch every week.

  30. Kim says:

    Maybe Dorniget is the victim.

  31. skrable2 says:

    At first I thought it would be Fornell, but I’m switching to McGee. The trip overseas clinches it for me, since losing Dorn… hardly seems like a huge loss.

    The American flag on the casket, for me, rules out Ducky and Ziva. Yes, I know Ziva became an American citizen … but her body wouldn’t be returned to the U.S. She’d be buried in Israel.

    McGee’s storyline has worn itself out, and Dorn… can take his place as the computer expert on the team.Finally, the preview shots of McGee are in a) the bombed out school bus and b) in Cairo with Dorn… I think they’re setting it up for the auxilliary piece to be killed, when in reality it becomes McGee

  32. There are bts pics that show DiNozzo with a black band on his badge, so unless there’s two deaths, he won’t be the one that’s killed.

    Personally, my money is on Gibbs.

  33. Ange says:

    They actually hinted about this earlier this season. I heard/read Chris O’Donnell talking about it. Don’t get too far ahead, it could be a flashback episode like say Person of Interest :)

  34. When it ain’t broke, why fix it. NCIS is the only TV program I can watch reruns of. In fact its the only TV series I care to even watch at all. Just love the combination of characters, sure I miss Zeva. Strangely enuf I find myself thinking, maybe she’ll make a guest appearance someday. In the meantime, Bishop is growing on me. She’s like a breath of fresh air- cute, smart,wholesome and endearing. The scriptwriters n producers have to be commended for putting the best team together. Hope they don’t take any of our favourites away. They are all our favourites. Here in Thailand we get reruns of each episode an average of 10 times a month. Its the only rerun I can watch 10 times!!!

  35. Dana Graslie says:

    My money is on Dorneget just because the promo shows McGee escorting a flagged covered to the states and Dorneget isnt with him. If you look closely at the end of the promo someone that is male and resembles Dorneget is being thrown from another explosion. Ziva did come to mind but then again, that doesnt prove to be shocking. Now Gibbs, Duckie, and even Jimmy is someone that no one would see coming. If GG wants to redeem himself for predictable storylines, he might want to take that root. We should know by next weeks episode who isnt with us anymore. :(

  36. Judy Bennett says:

    I think it might be Jimmy’s wife, Breena!

  37. Gisela Bauhof says:

    I can’t wait to watch Michael Weatherly on NCIS LA.
    As far as NCIS is concerned the producers kill off favorite characters and keep the crappy ones like Bishop or Zoe.
    I stopped watching NCIS since Tony is only used for cheap laughs while it’s painful to watch this joke of a Bishop character! I still watch NCIS LA because the producers create great story lines to attract viewers instead of killing off great characters!

  38. Mary Ellen Byck says:

    Looks like Gibbs, from that blast, OMG Please don’t, Mark is NCIS, remember him from Jag, amazing!!!

  39. Mary Ellen Byck says:

    Just had a thought, what about McGee’s girlfriend ??

  40. helen says:

    if Tony is not there – I won’t watch anymore

  41. Bertie Sargis says:

    Hopefully it will be the demise of the Bishop character. Do not watch show anymore because of the poor storylines trying to make a “silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Sorry Emily not your fault just a very bad casting choice.

  42. T Bone says:

    Has to be Ziva,, international,, loved character,, and if you remember from a few seasons back she did become an American citizen,, hence McGee escorting the casket with an American flag

  43. Scott Johnson says:

    It will good no matter what happens. Tony is awesome.
    One thought would be if NCIS could do a episode to address the challenged times Baltimore is going through and that Tony was once part of there PD.
    You have such an amazing draw, that even being of white race, something needs to be one to highlight this sad miscarriage of justice.

  44. sharyl says:

    SHOULD be boring bishop and her hubby, sadly, it won’t. palmer’s safe since the writers have hinted his departure (Gibbs was WAY to complimentary to palmer), which leaves tony’s dad (loce him!) , furnell (writers, don’t you DARE!) and vance (2 shows, hopefully safe).

    I’m hanging on by a thread this season with NCIS, so I hope this isn’t my final straw.

    • Erin says:

      I think that the death will be the most obvious – Dorneget – and it will happen in Lost Boys because that will be the big McGee drama. Of course Gibbs will be dealing with his angst and connecting with the boy. Meanwhile Tony won’t be doing anything of significance as usual. Neverland will without a doubt be a continuation of the super Gibbs showcase that the show has become. All the action will no doubt feature super Gibbs possibly paired with his new SIC Shiny Tim. If Tony does absolutely nothing again, except perhaps provide the humor of being humiliated again, I won’t be back for the McGibbs show in season 13. I’ve had enough of that boredom this season to last me forever. I’m tired of tptb giving the middle finger to Weatherly fans.

    • Bos says:

      If they killed off Bishop, that character is so cardboard and boring, it would take several episodes before we would realize she was gone. No, the death – most likely Dorney or Palmer – has to have an effect.

  45. Don &n Jo Sherer says:

    We love NCIS, Tony is a great actor and helps make the show, please do not take him off NCIS.

  46. sandi says:

    It won’t be Ziva. She wants a Tiva rezolurion. Doubtful she’d bother returning judt to have her character killed off. Plus, NCIS likes to dangle the Ziva carrot to try to stir ratings. Can’t do that if they kill her off. Some are speculating any TIVA reunion might be more likely thru LA than the mothership. JAKE IS UNLIKELY. Besides not being established as a fan favorite, the losz would can for far greater acting range from Bishop than weve seen any glimmer of.

  47. ben says:

    Wy new Orleans? It sucks with the fake accents. NCIS is the best with L.A. in a close second thay are the best shows iv seen in a while with all the so call reality shows.

    • Frank B. says:

      The fake accents are not as bad as they were. Bakula’s has been scaled back tremendously, thank heaven–and Lucas Black’s rural North Alabama accent is a real as it comes. I don’t really notice any other “accents.”

  48. sherry says:

    The death is supposed to be after a bombing over seas and is supposed to bring back familiar faces, which is supposed to make the fans happy. Now, McGee is in the previews, who did dorneget work with. Could be ziva, just to let Tony move, but wouldn’t you think he would of went over seas. There is supposed to be another major character abrupt exit. I’m thinking Jimmy. I think he is the only one without a contract.

  49. Stone says:

    Could it be Delilah?