Vampire Diaries Photos: Damon and Elena Get Cozy at Jolaric's Wedding

Damon Elena Wedding

Over the years, we’ve seen Elena and her supernatural pals get all gussied up for many an occasion — those epic decade dances spring to mind — but based on these photos from Jo and Alaric’s May 7 wedding (The CW, 8/7c), I’d say The Vampire Diaries costume department has finally outdone itself.

TVLine gave you an exclusive first look at the bride and groom in their wedding attire, but now The CW has released shots of Damon, Stefan and Elena in their formal duds… and they look even better than you’d imagine.

But not everybody’s dressed for the occasion; Bonnie appears to be sitting this one out, while Caroline — well, we only see her from behind, so it’s too soon to predict whether or not she’ll bear witness to #Jolaric becoming official. But at least her potential date is sporting some serious hero hair. (Update: Thanks to Nina Dobrev, it appears we can confirm that Caroline will be in attendance!)

Browse the just-released wedding photos below, then drop a comment: What do you hope to see on Jo and Alaric’s big day?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Madison says:

    Caroline is there, there was a BTS picture of her wearing a blue dress and standing with Nina at the wedding location. STEROLINE FTW!

    • amy says:

      Come on? it’s like watching flowers in the attic, brother and sister creepy make out. Delena killed this show 2 seasons ago and and Steroline is the nail in the coffin

      • dawnM says:

        That is pretty creepy

      • Bex says:

        Yes, I agree Amy. Why they are forcing a chemistry free couple I have no idea. Haven’t they learned from the last time? This is not the way to bring in ratings, have they seen the ratings? Steroline is not helping, if anything it’s driving people away.

        • amy says:

          I can’t figure out why when the ratings went down so bad when Delena got together why they continued with it. This show was at its best and had so many fans in season 1, 2, 3 then season 4 and Delena happened and people just stopped watching. Now they’re forcing Stefan with Caroline and it is literally gross to watch. Like a brother and sister gross.

          • Alyssa says:

            Completely agree. I will never understand why they didn’t break Delena up when ratings tanked. Now they are forcing another couple who I also feel like have more of a sibling vibe than any chemistry/spark. Gross is right!

          • rarefied says:

            I think there were probably more Stelena fans than people realized. But the ratings drop also coincided with Katherine’s death and the final sinking of Klaroline so it could be a combination of things.

          • Dmac says:

            I think it was ego, they would have to admit that they catered to the Social Media crowd and it didn’t bring the numbers in that they had hoped. Everyone who wasn’t a Delena left or like me is hate watching and it isn’t pulling in the numbers. Even now, what should be Elena’s redemption tour and it is still more of Delena.

          • Sarah Fawad says:

            tou willlbe the only one who wont support DELENA because people are crazy for them together….. so change ur mind.

        • They already tried forcing a chemistry free couple in Stefan and Elena. Now Stefan is with someone he belongs with, and the show is better in that sense. Its struggles come from the fact that 95 percent of the show’s problems are caused by “Elena did something stupid”

          • Julia says:

            Clearly nighthawk is joking, Paul and Nina had the best chemistry on the show. That’s why they were hired to begin with. Go back and read the interviews. So your comment makes no sense! Why do you think they played three couples?lol Second of all the only chemistry free couple on here is Stefan and Caroline, their story would be great if people could stand watching them together.

          • No joke here. I thought the whole reason they played three couples was to try to justify why Stefan and Elena ended up together when they clearly didn’t belong together. Just because they say they had great chemistry doesn’t mean they did. There was nothing there, and it was boring to watch.

            Stefan and Caroline is a great story, and the two have perfect chemistry. It’s not the writers’ fault if the fans don’t understand what perfect chemistry looks like.

      • AnishaD says:

        you have to have real weird relationships with your siblings if you get a sibling vibe from Stefan-Caroline. Their chemistry is insane & they’re best friends falling for each other. Thats the best kind of relationship. Steroline Always.

        • Chelly says:

          Delena is that you? You guys, the few fans that actually still watch ALWAYS root for anyone they put Stefan with, as long as he’s away from Elena. Sadly though it’s because of that this show is over. Delena’s wanted Delena, it happened and EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY stopped watching. This show was over 2 seasons ago because of Delena and for fans like myself it is sad. I bought seasons 1,2,3 on DVD not the rest. Your comment, “weird relationships with your siblings” is just another prime example of Delena bullying. Whenever Delena’s are confronted with the truth you guys just bully. Facts are facts, this show had more viewers and the ratings were high when Stefan and Elena were together. As soon as Damon and Elena got together the ratings just dropped, not slowly, they just dropped. Forcing Stefan with his friend who is like Lexi who was like family is wrong and as a former fan it’s disappointing. Face Anisha, Delena will ALWAYS be remembered as the reason why TVD’s tanked. ALWAYS

          • Elizabeth says:

            I agree I think it’s not just that Damon and elena got.together it’s also that elena changed. She became selfish with Damon and damon not as bad. It got boating quick

          • Whitney says:

            Thank you Chelly! “Delena is that you?” spot on! Has no one learned from the dullena experiment? Forcing relationships on this show only makes ratings go down and then they’ll end the show all because of fangirls wanting a certain ship. This show is too focused on shipping which creates bullies and crazy fans. Stefan needed a friend after Lexi died and Caroline filled that role so yes some of us do feel like it’s more of a sibling relationship because the WRITERS wrote them that way. While I understand the appeal for friends can be lovers storyline Steroline does not have the appeal to be a romantic couple. The showrunners need to make it more about interesting plots and not vampires and who they are dating.

          • AnishaD says:

            Aww honey. Why cant people accept that there are actual Steroline fans. i dont care about delena. never have. never will. used to like stelena but Elena being a raging bitch since s4, i would never want stefan back with her. i get steroline & i love those 2 characters. friends or more.

        • rarefied says:

          Also, they were foreshadowed from the very first episode, when Stefan told her they were never going to happen.

          • Dmac says:

            Which meant, we are friends, we are not going to happen. Sometimes friends are meant to be just that. The writers of this show have ruined it with their constant need to force ships where there is no need. Even now with Elena leaving, it should be about her coming to terms with who she has become and who she wants to be, but all it has been about is Damon.

        • Dmac says:

          That is a complete fairytale. Best friends rarely fall for each other, they know too much about each other and the are almost too close and they don’t want to lose that relationship. Casual friendships, yes those turn into relationships but that isn’t anything new.

          Stefan and Caroline were best friends they helped each other through their relationships, she was Stelena’s biggest cheerleader, he helped her though her man problem. That type of friendship doesn’t or shouldn’t turn into anything other than what it is.

          • JJ says:

            Couldn’t have said it better Dmac, thanks!

          • Um, that type of friendship was EXACTLY how things started with the woman I’m going to marry. Best friends turning into a relationship is exactly what is supposed to happen. Sorry, but Stefan and Caroline feels natural, while Stefan and Elena felt forced from the start.

        • amanda says:

          Lol, few things. you’re a Delena 100%, because a Stelena is and will ALWAYS be a Stelena. As much as the character Caroline has come, she’s NOT leading actress material. She should only be a co-star, like Jeremy, Matt etc. Being Lexi part two/Stefan’s best friend is where she should have stayed. We Stelena’s stopped watching when it became the Dullena Diaries and the creepy grown women and there crush on Ian, (Julie Plec and Caroline Dries) made it very clear that they will never and have never been a Paul Wesley fan, this whole living vicariously threw the imaginary character/forced love story of Ian and Nina literally had fans running away from this once #1 Show. TVD’s has been over for over 2 season now. Nina was smart to leave this sinking ship. Delena’s got what they wanted, this show is/has been the Dullena Diaries. Too bad the rest of stopped watching the show.

    • Kay says:

      Steroline are perfect.

  2. rubien28 says:

    DELENA is THE BEST!!!!Sooo beautiful couple!

  3. Ian says:

    When isnt Bonnie sitting something out?

  4. Kay says:

    So once again Bonnie is too busy trying to save her life (and keeping hell from breaking loose) to attend the wedding and have some fun? Shocker.

    • dawnM says:

      Well no, we wouldn’t want that. Every scene MUST be about Elena and Damon and or just Damon.

      • Bex says:

        IKR?! Come on can’t we have some friend moments since Elena is going to be gone…..oh that’s right this is the Damon/dullena diaries, silly me what was I thinking! Poor Bonnie is stuck trying to save the town again while her ‘friends’ are off enjoying life, what else is new?

        • Kay says:

          I only hope that I’m wrong. I’m glad Bonnie is being more assertive in regards to her life and I have faith that next season will be different now that the repetitive Elena diaries are coming to an end. Still. Bonnie only just got back from the dead, she has her PTSD issues, and I want to see her work though those, to have her reunion with Caroline and to spend some time with her bestie. The two need a little joy in their lives right about now, something to take their minds off the pain for a while. There are rarely enough scenes like that on this show anymore. It’s all doom and all gloom.

  5. dawnm says:

    Apparently Elena leaving is going to be all about Damon. Because why would she want to spend any scenes with the friends she grew up with.

  6. Fernanda says:

    I don’t believe in Delena anymore

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  8. tinchy says:

    Stefan and Caroline shouldn’t be an item, it’s ewwwww. honestly. Enzo and Caroline atleast. Pleaaaassse someone in the production team must realize this.

    • Rose says:

      Yes, I honestly do not see the chemistry people profess that they have. When I see them I want to puke. Also thought if they want to keep making this show all about relationships Enzo would be a better fit for Caroline because of chemistry. SC would be a great s/l of friends realizing they love each other but only if they have chemistry. Let Caroline be with Enzo and bring in another actress that actually has chemistry with Stefan.

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  10. Paula says:

    She must be human again since she has straight hair like in the first seasons. YAY! #happyendingforelena

  11. Elizabeth says:

    She looks like the old elena in the pics I think she is already human in them. It’s not just her hair her face she seems more gentle looking. Human elena was the best. She.became way to much like Katherine as a vamp

    • zed says:

      Yes, Elena so looked and dressed even like Katherine in season 6 – in general, the whole story has turned so it fits Delena and the believable storytelling and character development doesn’t exist.

  12. marydspain says:

    It makes me laugh so hard how some people don’t have other things to do than insulting and attacking other ships. I think you really need to get a job, something to do in your free time, or just a life. Do people realize how pathetic is be constantly hating other things just because you aren’t having what you want right now? I’m sorry, but you really need to grow up and see life differently

    • Dmac says:

      And yet here you are calling people out, insulting them and telling them to get jobs? Shouldn’t the same be said of you.

    • Susan says:

      I don’t hate any ships but I do find them all annoying. The romances are not done well on this show in my opinion so it’s hard to get into any of them. I’d say the closest I’ve come to enjoying a relationship on this show was Klaus and Caroline. I liked he drew the picture of her with the horse and enjoyed their interactions. Other than those two the other relationships have been nauseating to watch. Damon and Elena being the absolute worst of them all.

      • stelenafan says:

        I really hoped with Elena being human again would remind her of her love for Stefan but nope. I know they broke up a long time ago but I still had hope when the cure was brought up again. Sadly they are to remain as friends. The director tweeted that Delena gets a happy ending so this whole cure was to show that she loves Damon…..of course it would be about Damon this is the Damon Diaries. Not sure how she overlooks everything he has done and how she has behaved but they are wrapping this up into a neat bow for Delena’s. Sad very sad…..

  13. We love Steroline and we can’t wait to see more of them!
    Haters, save your hate from my replies, nothing will change even if you complain as you do every day of your lives. Thanks.

    • JJ says:

      The only hate we see are the sterolines hating people that don’t agree with their shipping preference. So thanks for taking the delena’s place in hate.

      • AnishaD says:

        Seriously? Scroll up & see who started the hate. Its like Steroline fans cant say anything nice about their own ship without haters making baseless accusations so pls stop.

        • Kev says:

          Anisha, it looks like you need to get a “job” instead of trolling on this site. You all realize this is exactly what JP & crew want is to keep the shipping/shipping hate going. She needs this to sell season 7. So keep it up whether you’re for or against steroline you’re doing her job for

          • AnishaD says:

            Ha! Thanks for the tip! So you’re gonna target me because I use the same name for each of my comments as opposed to most ppl here? Yeah. Real mature.

  14. Susan says:

    Why exactly is Elena not only a bridesmaid but the only bridesmaid? They don’t come across as best friends at all. Shouldn’t that spot go to Liv or I don’t know maybe one of Jo’s actual friends? Does Jo have no friends??? She literally only met Alaric and gang a few months ago right? There is no logic left on this show.

    • Nicky says:

      Was thinking the same too. How many scenes have those two even had? More proof there is no more logic to the writing anymore.

  15. ann says:

    This show went down as soon as the originals left . Honestly ? The magic b/w Klaus and Caroline was like WOW.

    • TJ says:

      I totally agree with you. They should’ve ended this dying show in season 4…..nothing makes sense anymore. All the characters are so different and they are making Caroline sleep with every male on this show it’s like 90210..gross.

  16. Awesomey timez says:

    I like delena but its too much but what if they brought in a blast from the past making damon seem like the bad brother again and vampire diaries has a team up with the originals maybe bonnie might help with the whole dalia issue and damon + davina would hate each so it would bring that frenemy thing back

  17. sara says:

    Here’s a thought. Maybe, just maybe, Caroline and Stefan’s chemistry was best when they were friends. Chemistry changes as relationships change. Trying to transfer their platonic chemistry into a sexual chemistry just….doesn’t…work.

  18. Asma Naeem says:

    Delena is the best they have superb chemistry between them just the way Damon look elena was treefic

  19. Asma Naeem says:

    Delena is the bestesst

  20. Asma Naeem says:

    Delena is the bestest

  21. Citra says:

    I dont know why theres a lot of people that is not a fans of Delena, because since i watched the season 1 i just knew that elena will happen to fall for him and become a vampire

  22. Emmanuel says:

    I don’t like demon and Elena to weed because dey say d universe say doppgana are met to be with each others

  23. kanchan junga says:

    Just waiting castle’s new episodes