Lizzie McGuire Reunion: Hilary Duff Snaps Photo With Former Co-Stars

Lizzie McGuire Reunion

Hilary Duff may be living large on Younger, which TV Land recently renewed for a second season, but she’ll never forget her Disney Channel roots.

Duff on Monday night reunited with Lizzie McGuire co-stars Jake Thomas, who played Lizzie’s younger brother Matt, and Lalaine, who played Lizzie’s BFF Miranda — and because this is 2015, their glorious reunion is already making its way around the web.

Thomas posted a photo on his Instagram account Tuesday with the simple caption, “So this happened last night…” Check it out below:


Thomas made waves three months ago when he posted a photo of himself with Lalaine and Clayton Snyder, who played Lizzie’s former crush Ethan Craft, but this new photo blows that one out of the water. (Sorry, Ethan!)

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