Grey's Anatomy Adds Mentalist Alum Joe Adler for Season-Ending Arc

Grey's Anatomy Cast Joe Adler

Has Grey’s Anatomy found another fresh face to roam the halls of Grey+Sloan?

Joe Adler, fresh off his Mentalist run (and due to guest on Criminal Minds this Wednesday), has boarded the ABC drama in an undisclosed role that will span the final two episodes of Season 11, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

He joins Italian Reign actor Giacomo Gianniotti, who earlier this month was also cast in a recurring role.

Adler’s casting comes on the heels of Grey’s killing off original cast member Patrick Dempsey’s Dr. Derek Shepherd on April 23, in an episode that with Live+3 DVR playback thus far has amassed 12.8 million viewers and a 4.2 demo rating.

My YA-loving son would penalize me if I failed to note that Adler’s credits also include The Maze Runner (as Zart), as well as a few episodes of Shameless.

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  1. Mr. Tran K says:

    I like him on The Mentalist where he’s like the series’ sidekick and kind of nerdy.

  2. JJM says:

    Foster brother to Jo? Adoptive sibling to Maggie?
    I sense some family drama if it’s an undisclosed role.

  3. Azerty says:

    Other source say he is a new intern. Because it worked so much with previous interns in the past few years.

    • Larc says:

      Not unless he’s playing older than he is since he’s only 22 and doesn’t look a day older than that, IMO.

      • Stacey says:

        Doesn’t matter as actors have been known to act older than they are in real life. As a intern, it would work. If he was a full fletched doctor, maybe not. But a intern, it would work out.

  4. Nitemar says:

    Owen’s kid brother, or lost son?

  5. bar says:

    EW said he’s to be an intern but they used a picture of him where he looked like a homeless crackhead so I’m not sure what to believe

  6. Alice says:

    My first thought was “oh cool!” and then “he’s probably going to die though.”

  7. thisismenow says:

    Is it true they are doing a time warp this Thursday to avoid the grieving process for Meredith?

    • Whatevah says:

      Isn’t the first episode everyone finding out and then the second hour the funeral? It wouldn’t surprise me if next season we see Meredith getting married. HAHAHAHAH…with a really nice wedding as opposed to a post it wedding. :)

    • Ali says:

      I hope that’s true

  8. jss058 says:

    What’s the point? He’ll end up in a relationship with someone and then will either die or they will break up in a year or two. Shonda can’t seem to write for any couples that actually stay together or if you piss her off she’ll just kill the character off. I’m mad at myself that I didn’t stop watching when Oh left but I thought since Pompeo and Dempsey signed on for two years I would stick around till they left… Bad decision on my part

  9. AddieM says:

    He’s super fun to watch…I miss The Mentalist

  10. Christian says:

    No one cares about new characters.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Proven yearly as old shows evolve and new ones develop. If nothing changed, ever, Bonanza would be on like its 56th season an Pa Ingalls would never have travelled that highway to heaven.

  11. anoninga says:

    So….I could really care less. I’m a person that tuned in to greys since day one. The only other tv show that I’ve watched every episode more than once is I Love Lucy. This show meant so much to me but I feel deeply deeply betrayed by Shonda. Had she not tainted this show with the foolerly of killing off Derek…she could have loaded this show up with however many new people she wanted and I would have continued to watch faithfully. But it doesnt matter…the fans do not matter to her. She did this despicable thing and I AM DONE. She can bring on however many people she wants now but without Derek and Meredith alive and well and together I will never watch another episode of greys no matter how many newbies she brings in for their eventually death. I wont watch reruns. I wont watch on netflix. I wont watch on hulu or I signed that petition. I also thought that a new petition should be created…to cancel this mess.

    • Casey C says:

      I completely agree!

    • Eran says:

      By saying you could care less, it actually means you do care…

    • barbara wakk says:

      Ditto. Show’s over now, just a matter of time. Hate it for the other actors who stuck with the series for 11 years because they didn’t deserve this either.

    • Ditto. Show’s over, just a matter of time. Feel sorry for the actors who stuck with the series for the past 11 years. They didn’t deserve this, either.

    • me says:

      These are make believe characters..he has a life..he was over the show..he moved on. Get over it. I am a fan too…but geez.

    • odette says:

      just because derek died,she shouldn t stop living.i loved the whole show not just meredith and derek,so it should go on,my sister stop watching because cristina,but i continued watching hoping she will return,she didn t but i still love the show

  12. Sarah says:

    nobody cares

  13. Taylor says:

    Who was he on Shameless? I’m wracking my brain…. (since he looks a bit like Noel I’m assuming something Milkovich?)

  14. applepe says:

    I absolutely loves greys anatomy. Its my guilty pleasure!!! Any one knows if there is going to be a season 12 and 13?? I need more JOLEXXX!!!!

    • acurat says:

      No Season 13. Dempsey, Pompeno, and the rest of the cast were only signed until next season ending May 2015. Grey (Pompeno) will not resign again unless offered a lot of money, as she plans to step behind the camera and direct or produce after this season ends if she gets the chance. So watch it if you can for another 22-23 episodes as it is a lock with its ratings, but it will be the last.

  15. Please don’t tell me they’re gonna bring on a bunch of new faces next season straight away… I loathed Season 9 with the new interns since we just lost Sloan and Lexie… hopefully this guys role is minor for a while. They need to cut down the cast since it seems like majority of the cast get 5-10 minutes screen time per episode while the rest of the hour is centered around Meredith and/or Amelia – yet I’m not complaining, since I love them both, but it’s pointless having a huge cast if they can’t split the time evenly. Also, I think they need to write off Jackson and April, they are just so boring, whether its my personal view and whether its actually them or the plots they are given, they do nothing for the series. Hell, Jackson’s mother is more interesting then him, they need to boot them both and have Catherine become a recurring or main character. :)

  16. acurat says:

    Grey’s Anatomy will never generate numbers like this again – over 12 milllion US viewers? It has not done number like this in a few years. At least for its last hurrah it did well in the market. It has been in the top 20 again this year after falling out the last couple of years, this kind of numbers will get it up to the top 10 for a week.

  17. Aushad says:

    Owen son he doesn’t know anything about!