The Voice: Advice, Caveats and Dream Set Lists for the Season 8 Top 8

Season 8 of The Voice is getting hotter than the entire cast of Chicago Fire as they run into a burning building. (Ha! That metaphor works on two levels, no?)

Of course, with the number of contestant down in the single digits — and Team Adam down to a solitary singer — song choice, staging and styling are more vital than ever.

That’s why I’ve put together a handy gallery of each contestant’s strengths and weaknesses — along with a handful of suggested songs that could push them outside their safety zones and give them chances at breaking Twitter, iTunes and Carson Daly’s hyperbole receptors all at once.

Peruse the gallery below (or CLICK HERE for direct access) to see what I’ve cooked up for Sawyer, Kimberly, Koryn, Meghan and their Top 8 cohorts — then hit the comments with your own suggestions and dream set lists!

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