The Originals' Danielle Campbell Talks Davina's Plan to Kill Klaus, Revive Kol

The Originals Spoilers

If you’re holding your breath for a Klaus-Davina reconciliation on The Originals, allow me to mourn you now.

“She is enraged,” Danielle Campbell says of her character following the death of Aiden, whom she (and everyone else) believes was killed by Klaus. “The most important thing to Davina is taking care of the few people she really trusts; Aiden became one of those people while he was with Josh, and she can’t understand how Klaus has managed to kill yet another person [that she loves]. … She’s ready for Klaus to be dead and out of her life.”

As for poor Josh, Campbell says that Davina will try to help him through his grief on Monday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), “but at the end of the day, he’s not ready to face the fact that Aiden is gone. He’s going to deal with loss in his own way. And that’s what makes the show a little more human — normal people don’t just kill everyone you love and have it be fine.”

originals-kol-davinaOf course, there’s another boy weighing heavily on Davina’s mind; she’s still in the process of resurrecting Kol, and according to Campbell, she’s about to make a major breakthrough.

“Vincent presents her with an opportunity that could bring her closer to bringing back Kol,” she reveals, “and it’ll also put her in a [higher position] of power.”

Speaking of power, Campbell notes that Davina has been “experimenting a lot with dark magic” which will “come into play next season.” In the meantime, she’s just excited for fans to see the final three episodes, which culminates in a “really big finale. It closes a lot of doors that have been left open, and the third season will basically feel like a new show. We’re introducing a new storyline and it’s going to be very exciting.”

Originals fans, how do you hope this insane season turns out? Drop a comment with your wish list below.

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  1. liame says:

    Davina Dead! Enough said.

  2. nellie says:

    Man, if anyone should be killed of, it’s this character. The actress is so wasted on this show. Even more so than Claire Holt, and she had the good sense to get out.

  3. Letti says:

    If Kol comes back, everything will be fine for me. Though I hope Davina will have more to do afterwards. She barely had a a storyline this season.

  4. Riana says:

    No word on which Kol we’ll be getting?

  5. Evan says:

    Do these people not realize on a 1-10 scale they have been dealing with Klaus at about a 5?? I predict a very large Klaus rampage before seasons end, equal to when he killed the 12 hybrids and Tyler’s mom on TVD!!!

  6. Fx says:

    This show is great, but the Davina and Josh’s drama don’t belong to TO. Ship them off to TVD, because they’re both annoying as hell.

  7. A says:

    Davina doesn’t fit on the show anymore it is time for her to go and have a more grown up Witch to take over that is more interesting than this whining young girl.

  8. Ken says:

    I think I’m in the minority here, but I really like Davina. Sure, she is a teen and can get a little annoying, but I feel her character has a good amount of depth and I like the actress. I know a lot of times she is used as a plot device, but I feel like her character actually gets some growth unlike Bonnie on TVD.

  9. kel says:

    She shouldn’t go against Klaus. Not because she’ll die, but because his daughter needs him and if she goes after him, she’ll become the monster she likes to call Klaus. A little hypocritical, don’t you think?

  10. Chad says:

    Bring back da original actor kol/Nathaniel Buzolic! & Finn/casper zafer

  11. Dominique says:

    davina is such an amazing, underrated and unfairly hated character. she does what anyone with a brain would do, and she does it perfectly well. i adore her and i can’t wait to see what happens next. i really hope she’s able to bring kol back, be it nate or daniel.

  12. Weezy says:

    Yes another masterclass in strategy from the TV character who most loves to hear himself talk…oh wait maybe not. Instead the brilliant strategist played right into Dahlia’s hand. SHE SEEMS TO BE THE ULTIMATE STRATEGIST. She knew that Klaus obsession with power, domination, and fear would result in him taking credit for the murder of Aiden, thus alienating those in his alliance. Klaus should’ve realized this (maybe he did and there is some secret payoff down the line) if he’s 50% as smart as he claims to be.

    Perfect divide and conquer strategy. Perhaps people should learn about divide and conquer in the real world. I see an example of it just about every day and yet people fall for it over and over…

  13. saoirse says:

    Devina ! all she does nowadays is make weird faces and plots Klaus’ downfall. Is there a reason why she exists on the show ? I dont want the creepy assholish Kol on the show played by Nate. Its either Sharman or none for me grrrrr !

    • Kara says:

      We’ll it will be Nate or no kol which kind of sucks. I really hated his Kol as we’ll but theyve rewritten Kol now. Kol is now a shipper tool for Davina….that’s a slap in the face for TVD fans.

    • Sayre says:

      make weird faces? Hmm.. Have not noticed.

  14. zed says:

    Nate Buzolic as Kol please! He is amazing playing Kol.
    Vincent should be the covens leader! They need a warlock that can take on any evil witch. They should never have killed off Sophie!!
    I hope Klaus double crosses Dahlia! That would be a beauty!!

    • Kara says:

      You do know that Kol isn’t going to be the Kol from TVD right? If he comes back even as nate he’ll just be a shipping tool for Davina and he won’t be a vampire anymore.

      • Nicklaus says:

        Why dont just niklaus suck all the blood in davina and as for josh what is he doing on the show?

        • Sayre says:

          Because he spent too much time allowing her to live. To kill her now would be like wasting his previous thoughts on it. And he doesn’t feel like it deserves a second thought.

  15. This season is going to end like season 1 season1 ended bad and this season is going to end poorly just like the other season.

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  17. Sayre says:

    When is she going to figure out that Klaus didn’t kill Josh? It’s like Klaus doesn’t care if she thinks he did it, he welcomes more danger

  18. safi says:

    I hope kol comes back

  19. safi says:

    I really want kol to come back in his original body he’s one of my favorite characters

  20. safi says:

    Really hope kol comes back as Nathaniel buzolic

  21. Eve says:

    i think her witch powers is equal with Freya’s? and having Freya in Klaus’s side, i suppose it’ll be a lot harder.

  22. ti says:

    Away from Davina ish…. for my admiration of some characters in TVD, would love to see Damon and Caroline feature someone in subsequent seasons of The Originals… im enjoying Kkaus…He is a great. deep and highly inspiring actor…I believe him He is the sole reason I watch this show.

  23. ti says:

    Away from Davina ish…. for my admiration of some characters in TVD, would love to see Damon and Caroline feature somehow in subsequent seasons of The Originals… im enjoying Klaus…He is a great. deep and highly inspiring actor…I believe him, He is the sole reason I watch this show.

  24. Amelia Dean says:


  25. Sara Salamat says:

    I hope in Season 3 of The Originals, KOL is back (Nathaniel Buzolic) And more moments for him with Davina. And we hope Kol is not back because of flashback. We want to watch him together with Davina and his family.

    – From Philippines.
    Thank you.

    • Evee says:

      I saw and heard rumors where there’s a slight possibilities Kol will revive. By Kol i mean real Kol not the knock off (Daniel Sharman) Finger crossed!

  26. Aa says:

    Davina should get the chance to bring Kol back (Nate definitely) back maybe with the help of Rebekah and maybe Fraya. I just can’t wait to see what happens but I think Davina is great and should be in the story line a little more

  27. morgan says:

    i really like both kols, but the first one is my favorite. I really wish you would hurry and bring him back before you do something stupid and heartbreaking like cancel the show.

  28. moinattz says:

    Klaus is actually the most selfish person he believes the world should revolve around him, if the idea of protecting your family by harming others who are no threat to you is what this series is about I am disappointed. The series is very interesting but can you stop wasting other people’s life to protect one family I prefer Vampire Dairies because they always try to save others even if they are not people they know. PS I want kol back its good to see Isaac from teenwolf being less pathetic.

  29. Charles says:

    Daniel sharman back! All this show needs; tremendous talent and fit the role of Kol perfectly. Won our hearts very easily with his charm, confidence and awesome acting.