Ratings: Secrets and Lies Hits Series High, One Week Before Finale

Secrets and Lies Ratings

ABC’s Secrets and Lies this Sunday night drew 5.7 million total viewers and a 1.7 rating, up 12 percent and two tenths week-to-week to hit a 7-week audience high and its best demo number to date.

Opening ABC’s night, Once Upon a Time (5.1 mil/1.7) was flat. At 10 pm, the antepenultimate Revenge (4.5 mil/1.0) rose 15 percent in audience (to a 6-week high), while steady in the demo.


CBS | Madam Secretary (10.4 mil/1.0) slipped 9 and 29 percent, hitting a demo low. The Good Wife (8.7 mil/1.0) dipped a tenth to tie its series low, while Battle Creek (6.2 mil/0.7) was flat.

FOX | Bob’s Burgers (2 mil/0.9) dipped a tenth from its last fresh outing, The Simpsons (3.3 mil/1.5) and back-from-hiatus Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2.8 mil/1.5) each ticked up a tenth, Family Guy (3.2 ,il/1.5) slipped two tenths and Last Man on Earth (3.2 mil/1.4) was flat.

NBC | A.D. (5.7 mil/1.1) slipped 11 percent and a tenth, while American Odyssey (2.9 mil/0.5) was flat.

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  1. Erika says:

    OMG Secrets and Lies beats OUAT.Now this is surprise.

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    With numbers that high, I can only imagine what the execs at ABC is going to do about Secrets & Lies whether or not it’s going to get renewed. From the start I predict the series to be on the cancellation block but I could be wrong if it does (fingers crossed).

    • Mrs. Tran K says:

      Surprised how good the show has been, how can it be renewed though? Isn’t a one season premise?

      • Mr. Tran K says:

        Not 100% sure but I don’t know what ABC is thinking and it may follow suit with American Crime.

      • Iakovos says:

        I think SECRETS & LIES will be like anthologies like TRUE DETECTIVE and AMERICAN HORROR STORY. THE S&L case will be different each year with Juliette Lewis the constant, the link.

        • The Beach says:

          Oh please, no. Juliette Lewis is terrible and the reason I almost quit watching the show. Her acting is awful and she has one and only one expression…that of someone who just got a whiff of some stinky feet.

      • dys says:

        The premise is a new case per season (if renewed), with Cornell supposedly being the one character that would return.

  3. Larry says:

    I’m surprising myself how much I’m enjoying Secrets and Lies. I thought this series would get cancelled since ABC has little luck with the Sunday 9 PM hour. I gave up on Resurrection. And Revenge is just not a good as it once was. I just don’t care about Emily or Nolan anymore as I did in the earlier seasons. Anyhow, the mystery being Secrets and Lies keeps getting better. I just don’t know where it goes after the mystery is solved. Hopefully it doesn’t fall into the same trappings that happened to Revenge.

  4. ChicagoDan says:

    Remind me again why CBS gave MS an early renewal? Except for the little bumps it got when CBS had NCAA basketball/Masters overflow, which significantly boosted 60M, MS has been dreadfully low and pulling everything else down with it. (Compare that to TAR’s ratings last spring and how it helped TGW.) Too late to cancel? Is this going to be another The Millers and pulled immediately next fall?

    • Boiler says:

      Sure lets pick on a show where there are 10+ million viewers and likely a one off. Why do people get so into one week changes anyway?? CBS Sunday nights are another example of solely using the demo to judge is just stupid and ignorant of those not in the demo

      • ChicagoDan says:

        It’s not stupid or ignorant because the demo is what pays the bills. And, last night is hardly a one-off in terms of the sliding ratings. The ratings have been horrible since the end of football. If total viewers mattered, would’ve kept a lot of other shows on the books during the past few years. The show also is very low when it comes to DVR, so it’s not like people are seeking it out. Plus, as I mentioned, it is 30-40+% DOWN from what TAR used to pull in the same slot (and that is a lot cheaper to produce).

    • arial2 says:

      Madam Secretary had the most total viewers of all shows last night. Guess we’d better cancel it. It’s a great show that does a good job portraying DC politics. I didn’t expect much from it when I heard about it, but have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing, acting.

  5. wrstlgirl says:

    Last nights Secret and Lies was a roller coaster ride. So many twists. But something tells me Ben’s got it all wrong. Revenge was good, poor Nolan just broke my heart but the murder/suicide was way to predicable. I do find great comic relief in Margaux and Louise. Those two are just flat out ridiculous.

  6. N says:

    Secrets & Lies was great! Revenge was super!

  7. Coach Taylor says:

    RIP OUAT; next year will be it

  8. Television says:

    This show truly is the best on tv right now. I’m really hoping there will be a second season with the same cast, but I don’t know how they would do that, story line progresses a little fast. Ryan Phillipe and Juliette Lewis are great.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      From the EP at TCA in January: “The mystery of Ben Crawford and who killed Tom will be resolved at the end of this season. And, hopefully, in subsequent seasons we’ll have a different mystery. The only ongoing mystery is Detective Cornell as we sort of unpeel the layers of who she is.”

  9. Gerri says:

    I Really enjoy Secrets and Lies, and I would love it to be renewed, but if the idea is just to follow Det Cornell and not to see Ryan Phillippe every week, I am not 100% sure I would want to watch. He is the main reason I am watching.

  10. Boiler says:

    Maybe I should go thru the ask TVLine link but since Sunday big part of it….can you guys get the execs to talk about demo at the upfronts and publish responses. To me it is nuts to see shows with huge advantage in viewers get put down because the “right” group of people not watching. I would think a lot of people would be interested.

  11. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    Cornell since day 1 of this show has been on my nerves……she does look like she’s trying TOO HARD to be unlikeable in that role. As for Ben thinking Jess killed Tom? Idk I mean the signs are all there, girl is off her meds and has violent eps. I still say it could be his wife!

    OUAT…..well this the 1st that they’re not the top rating show…..maybe come finale night they will be. I liked the episode until the end Robin knocked up Zelena?!! That’s just foul but I don’t think she is w/child Regina needs to kick her ass pregers or not!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      One of my theories is that Ben finds out it was Abby or thinks it was her and ends up confessing in the end after all. Gotta agree with you about Cornell. She’s just irritating as heck. For me it’s the wrong actress in this role. It just doesn’t work.

      • connerc says:

        Actually, I think she is playing it the way her character was written. And as the season has gone along, I’ve started to find her more interesting and complex. As the writing of her character changed, so did Lewis. I think we will learn more about her, a little at a time, if the show is renewed (and I think it will be).

      • aprilb721 says:

        I really love Lewis in this role. Funny how strongly she rubs people. I’ve dislike her greatly in almost every move she’s ever done, but love her in this. Lol

    • ceeli says:

      ABBY DID IT!!!! she was jealous of tom. she followed ben and saw him reading to tom and putting the money under his pillow.

  12. aprilb721 says:

    Unlike other opinions here I actually really, really like Juliet Lewis in this series. I think she executes a devoted detective expertly. And from me, this is a huge compliment. I so disliked Lewis in previous roles that I won’t/wouldn’t watch movies she started in. She’s always cast as a dumb drug addict. But I love her in Secrets and Lies. Now… Who done it??? I think we’ve been so misled by Ben’s previous suspicions that we will think he’s wrong about Jess too. So it is probably her. Or… Get ready… What if it’s Ben’s best friend? He is the least likely suspect. Or as another poster commented, perhaps one of Ben’s daughters? Maybe Tom saw Nat do something naughty??? I can’t wait for the finale.

  13. dj says:

    Secrets and Lies has been an “edge of your seat show” since the first episode. People who aren’t watching it have really missed out on a fantastic mystery. I can’t hardly wait until the final episode, although I hate to see it end.

  14. ChrisGa says:

    Love Secrets and Lies; Ryan Phillipe has been excellent and while I wasn’t initially fond of Juliette Lewis’ aloof, rather arch performance, I think there’s a method to her madness here as I’ve grown to enjoy what she’s been doing.