Was Grey's Derek on Road to Nowhere? Did Supernatural Get Bewitched? Best Superhero Baddie? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Veep, SupernaturalAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Grey’s Anatomy!

1 | Daredevil‘s Wilson Fisk > Arrow‘s Ra’s al Ghul?

2 | Were you surprised Outlander didn’t cut to black, forcing us to wait a week to find out Claire’s decision? And do you think (as many commenters do) that Father Bain’s testimony at the trial was a well-executed bit of reverse psychology?

3 | Did Helena’s talking scorpion pal on the Orphan Black premiere make you scratch your head in confusion, or was it a much-needed and welcome dose of humor?

4 | Do you watch every Game of Thrones episode with the fervent hope that it’ll be the one where Tyrion meets a dragon?

5 | OK, Veep fans, what horrifying thing did Selina do on Labor Day?

6 | When Once Upon a Time‘s Cruella tricked and put dragon Maleficent to sleep, didn’t the slumbering beast thus block the road she had been speeding down? Also: Evil Pongo?! Noooo.

Salem7 | Shouldn’t Salem have done a better job of promoting its guest appearance by Samara from The Ring?

8 | Really, Gotham‘s Leslie? You’re afraid there just might be a late-night intruder when you leave your fire escape window wide open??

9 | Adorable a moppet as he may be, has Scorpion’s Ralph perhaps progressed too markedly just in Season 1 alone?

10 | Any other Jane the Virgin fans picking up on some romantic energy between Michael and Petra?

11 | If time was of the utmost essence on Castle as the CIA whisked Rick away from his wedding to, you know, help save the world, why in the season premiere did we see Rick casually drop off the money to pay for the SUV disposal?

12 | How nice/surreal was it to see the Bates family genuinely happy, as they were at this week’s Norma-hosted dinner party? Did that happy feeling inside you turn to dread when you remembered the Psycho fate that awaits them all? And what was creepier: Norman making breakfast a la Norma last week, or Norman sneaking into his mother’s bedroom to cop a discreet feel this week?

Bachelorette13 | Did this moment in the Bachelorette teaser make you more or less curious about the show’s 11th season?

14 | During that penultimate Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. sequence, were Coulson and Ward using bare fists to pummel guys wearing helmets? Why did Deathlok just stand there when Bakshi’s goon lobbed something at him? What were the odds that HYDRA had handy an EMP grenade, and then happened to face two guys vulnerable to it? (And what happened to them after they got zapped? Did HYDRA take them?! #SaveLincoln!)

15 | In addition to the many Flash questions raised in our recap: Why in the world were Caitlin and Iris transporting a metahuman criminal themselves, in a regular ol’ car?

16 | On Forever, how angry do you think Hanson’s wife was when he volunteered to make a stop on a family road trip to help Jo with her investigation? And how early in the episode did you clue in to the fact that the motorcycle-accident victim was Adam?

17 | Did the Arrow flashbacks, more than ever, seriously hamper the good stuff this week? (The cut from Hong Kong back to Felicity and Oliver’s “morning after” was Arrowparticularly jarring, yes?) Speaking of the s-e-x scene: Do you wish the trailer hadn’t given away so much of it, and had just teased Oliver taking off her glasses? Finally, to Tatsu: How exactly did you precisely aim your blade from behind an opaque tarpaulin, at night?!

18 | Haven’t any of the people taking care of Nashville‘s baby Cadence been briefed on crib safety? (Because of suffocation danger, you never put a blanket in there with an infant!)

19 | Did Supernatural take inspiration from Bewitched‘s Endora in the styling of witch Rowena?Supernatural Rowena Endora

20 | How is it that several hours went by and not a single vehicle passed Grey’s Anatomy‘s Derek and his fellow car-crash survivors? Was that road located in the outskirts of Seattle or on The Island from Lost? As for the actual killing off of [Spoiler] – was it brilliant, cruel or both? (Also, can we take a moment to applaud the way Suburgatory alum Allie Grant literally acted her guts out?)

21 | On Scandal, don’t even “mob doctor” types need, like, a “mob nurse” on hand when doing complicated emergency surgery in an abandoned, poorly lit building?

22 | The idea of Vampire Diaries‘ Damon as a human: yea or nay?

23 | On a scale of 1 (“Well, duh!”) to 10 (“ZOMG!”), how much did Vikings surprise you with that switcheroo? Verizon Ad Bryan J. LillisAnd do you think those two crazy kids Rollo and Gilsa are gonna make it?

24 | How do we get the Verizon guy upgraded from ad on the CWTV.com video player to CW star?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rachel says:

    #1: well I will never forget fisk decapitating that guy with the car door. 😖

  2. D. says:

    Daredevil is so much better than any super hero TV show on the networks

  3. Mike says:

    #20. Derek’s death was poorly thought through and stupid. Did he come into the ER naked? Why didn’t anyone look in his pants for some kind of ID? And who believes that a brilliant man like Derek who is trained to act logically under pressure would pull out into the road and then decide to stop to get his cell phone? Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

    • shutuprob says:

      Not everybody keeps their wallet in their pants, especially not if they often wear blazers, like Derek often does. Derek’s wallet could have been in a blazer or in the glove compartment or in the storage thingamabob between the seats, any of which locations could have resulted in the destruction of his wallet or its being ejected from the wreckage and landing far enough away from the crash that it was far from casually visible.
      Also, while I think the hairpin-i-ness of the turn that the accident happened on was dangerous enough that the crash could have been shot in such a way that it happened just as Derek was shifting out of reverse, thus making his reaching for the phone especially ham-handed from a structural point of view, I’m unwilling to mark the episode down to any appreciable extent for what I agree is a creative error (Heck, I even thought, it’s Quinn on Glee all over again, but worse!) — I marked it down three-tenths of a point on a ten-point scale in which I give the episode an 8.5 even with the error because distracted driving (especially when concerning cell phones) is too serious a problem at this point, especially among Grey’s target demographics. Moreover, it’s an especially reasonable possible source of distraction among people in Derek’s demographics — professionals whose careers are phone-oriented. It’s called being “on call” for a reason — even though he wasn’t on call at the time, I think it’s safe to say that even not-on-call Doctors are always on-call for all-hands sorts of situations like the ferry accident or last week’s plane crash. So I think the problem with the moment of Derek’s crash wasn’t the phone, it was the lazy way the scene was directed.

      • Kel says:

        8.5 is a very generous score. There were gaping plot holes throughout. Like his car had Bluetooth. Just hit the dang button in the steering wheel. No need to dig around for the actual phone. I don’t care that he died but it was very poorly written.

        • shutuprob says:

          Dempsey IMO made a great acting choice (and I can’t discount the possibility that that it was in the script) when getting out of the car — he hesitated for about a half-second, indicating that Derek was torn between grabbing his phone and running to the patients, but doing what he was trained to do as a doctor, which was to put the immediate needs of the patients first and *then* call for help when he had an accurate picture of the situation. Given that the phone wasn’t close enough for Derek to grab while exiting the car, I find it more than plausible that he would have reached for it reflexively when he heard it ring — because he wanted to make sure that he had it closer at hand. Just In Case. Like the attending who overruled Dr. Red Hair on the head CT, Derek made a bad call that was an honest mistake rather than incompetence. It even seemed to me from the voiceover that netiher Derek nor Shonda were blaming the doctors for their lack of training in trauma cases, Derek and Shonda through him were blaming the nameless people (presumably a combination of the local political situation and the owners of the hospital) who bear the responsibility for the hospital not being a Trauma Center. I think Shonda’s pretty close to advocating for *all* hospitals to have a Trauma-certified medical team on duty at all times even when the hospital isn’t a Trauma Center. And if that means that a hospital of this size needs to hire another neurosurgeon because they need a third one to handle traumas when one is in surgery and the on-call neuro attending has his head up his arse at a restaurant, then so be it.

          • shutuprob says:

            Had to post a quick follow-up that just occurred to me: what’s going to happen to this hospital now that they’re inevitably going to gain the reputation in the medical community for killing world class neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd? As a trauma surgeon herself, Meredith clearly understands, like Derek did, that they weren’t properly prepared to treat Derek, so that’s why she gives her “he’s your One” Teachable Moment Talk to Dr. Red Hair rather than blame her for the conditions that she had little control over, but IMO, the hospital’s culture in and of itself doesn’t deserve and shouldn’t get the same treatment at the institutional level. I would be curious to find out in a year or so if the hospital has collapsed into, at best, staffing chaos due to residents such as Dr. Red Hair, interns, nurses and technicians bailing on it at the first opportunity.

    • Paloma says:

      The phone ringing was stupid and ill-conceived when nobody could get a signal after the crash, and then he suddenly gets a signal and call just in time for the semi to hit him. Seriously?

      And then reaches for the phone between the seats instead of answering it with the car’s built-in Bluetooth. Seriously?

      Further, why was he hanging around so long after the crash victims went to the hospital that they already had one of the cars on a flatbed truck being driven away as he walks back towards his car? Seriously?

    • Melissa says:

      First problem with the plot: you do not need to take or is there some huge long remote road through BFE to get from the ferry terminal in Seattle – which is basically downtown to the SEATAC airport! Even in a traffic jam. It’s 14 miles from one to the other on the 5 and even if you take streets to get around a jam, none of them would take you so far outside of Seattle that you would be that remote and not near a trauma center.

      Second plot issue: the hospital looks like some rural community hospital. And yea.not a trauma center. If this is supposed to be a small town in an area outside of Seattle, no there wouldn’t be a major trauma center. I work for a major trauma center and we ate the only one between San Bernardino, CA and Las Vegas via 15 and between the Arizona border via the 10. On top of the fact that the boy who was driving the car was already at their er with obvious head trauma – they would have already called for the neuro on call!!!!!! Needless to say with the three original crash patients still waiting it out in the er, the protocol would be to stabilize trauma patients and then get them to a higher acuity hospital to care for their injuries. If Derek had still been sitting at the accident site long enough for the cars to have been cleared and emergency response to have completely vacated the scene (which would have been a couple of hours at least – BTW why was there no law enforcement there investigating the accident?????), those patients would have been long ago transported. Our trauma center gets accident victims from the mountains all the time. They get stabilized at a local hospital and transported right away via ambulance or helo. The two from the sports car would have been transported. The neuro on call would have been in already to have assessed the boy so he would have already been there. The surgeons would not have waited 90 minutes for the on call neuro and most smaller hospitals usually have some sort of plan to have even a non-staff doctor available to at least be a back up if you only have one person of a particular speciality. You won’t have only one doctor be a full time staff physician and then be the only one on call 24/7/365.

  4. Daisy says:

    21. I couldn’t figure out why everyone was talking so freely around Russell. I mean, even if you don’t think he’s a mole, don’t ya want to keep him from hearing about your plan to have someone assassinated?

    22. Nay to human Damon. Nay times infinity.

  5. tvfan says:

    #22 Damon can’t take the cure! Remember Katherine? He would quickly age and die!
    Elena is a recent vampire, so no ill effects!

  6. Kay says:

    During Grey’s all I could think about was why no cars were driving down this HUGE road, especially since 3 cars just drove down at the same time. And of course the next car has to be a tanker that hits Derek.

  7. Steven says:

    For number 24. The link doesn’t work, but damn he is cute.

  8. Winnie says:

    #6 yes, evil Pongo made me sad.

  9. Sarah says:

    #1 daredevil without question 😊
    #20 I know!! 3 hours and not a single vehicle and suddenly when it appears it’s only to hit and kill Derek..Shonda who are you trying to foul? To me it was cruel.

    • JR says:

      Derek’s death felt rushed and sloppy. Makes you believe the rumors about Patrick Demsey and Shonda Rhimes. (He must have been REALLY difficult!) It is disappointing that Rhimes didn’t consider the viewers’ 10+year investment in this character and his relationship with Meredith. Many stayed with the show because of Mer-Der. Derek and the show’s core viewers deserved better.

  10. kirads09 says:

    #1 – absofreakinlutely. Vincent as Fisk is near perfection
    #3 – Talking scorpion? I frankly thought it was silly and unnecessary tbh. If they want to show the craziness happening in Helena’s head, better ways to do it I think that are in tune with Orphan Black’s otherwise top notch delivery.

  11. Georgia Madman says:

    16) Forever — I’m sure Hanson took a beating from his wife. Hopefully we’ll get a season 2 to flesh Hanson out and maybe meet his wife. And maybe another kareoke session!
    17) Arrow — The Hong Kong flashbacks were annoying as heck. You’re spot-on about overteasing the s-e-x scene. Removing the glasses would have been just fine. Kinda surprised Felicity didn’t wrap her legs around Oliver but maybe that’s too suggestive for the CW?? And the Tatsu sword scene was way cool. I won’t quibble with it being nearly impossible. Great stunt!

    • lrdslvrhnd says:

      I got the impression that it was Hanson and the boys, no wife. Both from the conversation, and them being in the hospital with him (if she was around, presumably they’d be with her, not having ski pole fights in the hallway while under his nominal supervision). In which case, he can either just not tell her, or downplay the time it took if the boys bring it up. “Eh, it added 20 minutes to the drive, and we were there for five minutes. So we got to the hotel half an hour late Friday evening…”

      Unless, of course, it was a day trip, but that’s not how it sounded to me *g*

      (Also, “too suggestive for the CW”? I’m not sure that phrase has ever been uttered ever lol)

  12. N says:

    16-I did NOT see it coming that it was Adam. I should have!

    • Kvivik says:

      I saw the whole thing coming, but I was blown away by the intensity of Ioan and Judd’s responses to the situation. Just the memory of that phone call makes me weep. I’m gonna be so mad if they don’t renew this show.

    • Tenney says:

      16-I also did NOT see it coming that it was Adam. The moment when Henry realized it, that is when I realized it. To me, that was a good way to further tie Adam and Henry together. I really hope Forever gets renewed. I know it’s a very long shot, but I’m still holding out hope.

  13. sarah j says:

    20)Derek said he was taking a short cut. It was a road with twists and turns so it I think it was not a busy road.
    22)Human Damon YAY

    • Jamie says:

      Three cars (the two in the accident and Derek) all were right behind each other, but then no one else drives down the road for hours? Until the truck that hits Derek after he gets back in his car? Even if it wasn’t a busy road, that still makes no sense.

      • shutuprob says:

        I live in central Missouri, I can confirm for you that traffic can be *that* intermittently weird on the back roads. This road, no matter how paved and capable of handling big rigs it was, was in a rural area, which means not a lot of people live in the immediate vicinity, which in turn means that there wouldn’t be a lot of traffic on it to begin with. It’s a reminder that driving is, in fact, that chaotic, that unpredictable and therefore that immensely dangerous an activity at all times. The “sense” that applies to traffic conditions is that you cannot ever assume anything about it.

        • Tracie says:

          I live in Seattle and can confirm that traffic is not like that anywhere near Seattle. Poorly written and researched scene. Period.

          A back road from the ferry terminals to the airport that winds through the woods does not exist. It’s all metropolitan area. Much of it industrial due to there being two airports just south of Seattle.

  14. Drew says:

    1. Y’know, Daredevil is really good. And people are giving it much deserved praise for being greater than Arrow this year. But people forget that when Arrow started, he was awesome too. The stunts were awesome. The fight sequences were great. We just haven’t seen that in a long time. We now have a watered down Arrow. When was the last time he even bothered to… y’know… save people and fight bad guys? He has barely been Arrow this year. And the stunts have gone downhill. At times, it looks like they are flying rather than jumping. So yeah, Fisk is better than Ra’s. But is he better than Slade?
    15. More importantly, why didn’t they dose Everyman with the stuff that Caitlin just made in the lab, which was supposed to take away his abilities?
    17. The flashback was the least of Arrow’s problems this week. I’ll take the flashback and cut out the group roadtrip to Nana Parbat, Felicity (stupidly) confronting the Demon’s Head, said Demon’s Head having a nice heart to heart with her, the escape plan, the sex scene… The writers made a lot of very wrong choices this week. The poorly done flashbacks were just one in a long list of problems.
    19. I thought the same thing about Rowena. But however they dress her, I’m glad that they’re actually putting her to good use now. Her scenes with Crowley in that stupid Hell set were wearing verra thin, aye?

  15. DebG says:

    #19 Glad I’m not alone. I was thinking that some Makeup person on “Supernatural” had been binge-watching “Bewitched” before working on Rowena’s look.

  16. Letti says:

    4. GoT: Yeah, kind of xD Or even more, I can’t wait his meeting with Dany.
    6. OUaT: Agreed. It was said to see Pongo like that. And was I the only one who was waitng for Archie to show up?
    22. TVD: Damon becoming human is the lamest idea this show ever had, and there has been plenty. Damon is already so pathetic, do they want to ruin him even more? HUGE NO.

  17. Shar says:

    Re # 9 I think the whole team of Scorpion has progressed to the point of disbelieve ( yes I know it’s a TV show. ) The team went from being a Geek Squad to a seal team in less than 2 episodes..

    • Liz says:

      This is true. And sometimes the reality of how far fetched EVERYTHINg is intrudes and I have to skip over parts. Other times I’m able to accept the crazy and move on… But it’s very hit or miss

    • bj says:

      That and the fact that Paige went from being a waitress, and a single mom who was so concerned about her “special needs ” son that she kept him with her at work once school was out, to a person well enough trained to help them on these seal team missions with little regard to the fact that she might be killed and leave her son without her.

  18. star says:

    Am I the only one that felt that the arrow sex scene was awkward and a bit cringe worthy upon the fact that Oliver and felicity have chemistry, it was such a let down.
    And why does laurel only appear for 20 seconds? It’s so annoying. We need a birds of prey mini series with laurel, Helena, Maseo’s wife, Nyssa and another kickass chick.

    • Drew says:

      I agree. The drama/tension of the episode was set up to revolve around Thea’s situation and what Oliver will do for her. To have them breeze past that so carelessly and then spend a good chunk of the episode on Olicity drama felt dishonest. They didn’t even have a good reason for Felicity to be at Nanda Parbat. She just went because the writers said so.
      That’s my biggest Olicty complaint (aside from the word “Olicity”). If it were played naturally and smoothly, it would be fine. But they keep pushing it and forcing it in directions that don’t feel natural, and the episodes turn out awkward.

    • Tim says:

      It’s because they don’t have chemistry! Stephen is a horrible actor and Emily can only do so much.

  19. Mare says:

    9. I buy it for Ralph. He’s finally come out of himself now that he has people around him that he can identify with and talk to, people who understand him and can teach his mom what’s going on with him. All season long he’s been growing. He got invited to a party, he was able to reach out to a couple of kids in his class. That’s why it bugged me so much when Paige was going to up and move. Sure, do what you can to keep him out of danger, quit if you have to. But don’t tear Ralph away from the people and stability that is helping him grow.

  20. Bwhit says:

    17) I always try to pay attention to the flashbacks because I know they do that for a good reason but it was hard this week. It wasn’t just because it split up the Oliver/Felicity scene but because I wanted a few more scenes with Diggle and Oliver or another one with Thea and Oliver (even if she wouldn’t have remembered). I also thought it was strange no one even clued Laural in about Thea or the trip (yes she’s annoying at times but like or not she is part of this).

  21. d says:

    #9) I get what you mean about Ralph, but what about Walter? He went from someone who supposedly doesn’t feel emotions to the most emotional character on the show. He may have a hard time with social cues, but he is veeeeerrrryyyy emotional

  22. m3rcnate says:

    1) In what world is there a comparison? Fisk is the best comic book movie Villain represented on the big or small screen tied with Loki in Thor/Avengers.
    4) Yes, excited for that scene to show up in an episode.
    14) Never try to use logic when watching Agents of SHIELD. Your brain will explode. Heck that goes with almost all Network TV shows (even some cable ones).
    15) Because the writers made them do that to fit the story instead of having the story fit the characters. It was stupid, completely unrealistic and if the “geniuses” on the show (Caitlin etc) didn’t know the possibility of something like that happening, they aren’t geniuses they are morons.
    16) Shockingly i didnt put that together till later, i mean i suspected Adam was involved for a long time (episodes ago) with the wife’s disappearance/death but not until i saw that slick hair walking her to the car did i put it together.
    17) Yes, didnt notice and yeah, thats when a bunch of writers write something “cool” but in fact is impossible or stupid or both.
    22) With Nina leaving and Plec apparently saying when you take the cure you revert to the age you really are (so basically he’d die) and her being in love with Stefan when human (not Daemon) I suspect she will take the cure, he wont, and one of them (probably Daemon) compels her to forget everything, and leave Mystic Falls to go live that dream life she wanted.
    23) I’d say a 1. Not only was it fairly obvious in general but i take part in discussions on r/VikingsTV on reddit and basically everyone guessed that it would happen exactly like that after last weeks episode aired. I think Rollo and Gisla are at least going to have a kid, i wouldn’t be shocked to see their coupling go the way of Drogo and Dany on GOT. I bet when the new season starts and theres another big time jump she loves him and has at least one kid with him.

  23. Mike Q says:

    #11 Because the entire thing was a half-assed idea that required a half-assed solution when the show runner “decided to pursue other projects” and Fillion seemed capable of walking away from the show.

  24. Kim R says:

    1. Daredevil vs. Arrow – Fisk.
    11. Castle – in my opinion the entire premise is ridiculous and I can’t believe the PTB thought we would all go for it.

  25. rowan77 says:

    2. Yes. And of course it was reverse psychology. Didn’t you see the look he gave Claire and Geillus after his testimony? It was a performance in piety. A means to an end.

    3. It suited Helena, knowing how she was raised. She would have needed to create a friend for herself as a child.

    4. I do now.

    11. A plot hole I hope they plug.

    19. She does look Endora influenced, doesn’t she?

    20. I think the phone call with Amelia and Bailey was to answer that. This was a short cut that wasn’t an oft used road. Amelia and even Bailey didn’t even know about it. And was it hours? I don’t know about that. Things moved at a fast pace and Derek had no time to sit and relax (from his car to Winnie’s car to the sports car to Alana, to Charlie to his car for supplies, to Winnie’s car for supplies and get Winnie out to getting her mother out, Popping her hip back in to dragging Charlie away from the burning car to taking care of Alana, and then the sirens are heard. That is not something that had to take hours. That could have been ½ hour considering the pace. Then his own accident in that same spot and how his car was T-boned, it could have taken them hours to extract him from the car. The dead was cruel, yes, but very well done.

  26. Angela says:

    #12: Heh, eh, I don’t know if I’d have quite considered them “genuinely happy”. Maybe some of them were, but I think the mere presence of Norman and his reaction to seeing Caleb added a slight hint of tension that ran through the whole meal. Frankly, I seriously thought something bad was going to go down AT that dinner…and yes, whatever happiness those people did share at that meal, they should hold on to and treasure it for as long as they can.
    And Norman in his mom’s robe had me nervous for him. Feeling his mom up had me VERY worried for her. So I think the feel-up wins out for that reason alone :p.

    • Tenney says:

      I agree, definitely when Norman was touching Norma was way creepier; not only the way he was touching her but the way he was looking at her too. Just gives me shivers (and not the good kind!)

      • Angela says:

        They seriously picked the perfect person to play Norman. Freddie’s facial expressions alone are enough to give me chills. He doesn’t have to say a single word, he can just look at somebody and you’re like, “Okay. That’s creepy. Stop it.”

  27. Tom says:

    9 | Adorable a moppet as he may be, has Scorpion’s Ralph perhaps progressed too markedly just in Season 1 alone?
    Maybe a smidge yeah.
    14 | During that penultimate Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. sequence, were Coulson and Ward using bare fists to pummel guys wearing helmets? Why did Deathlok just stand there when Bakshi’s goon lobbed something at him? What were the odds that HYDRA had handy an EMP grenade, and then happened to face two guys vulnerable to it? (And what happened to them after they got zapped? Did HYDRA take them?! #SaveLincoln!)
    The Son of Coul can do no wrong. As for why Mike just stood there……that I can’t answer. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough what happened, but no to your hashtag. I don’t like Lincoln. They can find someone better for Skye than him.

  28. Joni says:

    9 | Adorable a moppet as he may be, has Scorpion’s Ralph perhaps progressed too markedly just in Season 1 alone?

    I don’t think so, he’s just around people he’s comfortable enough with to let his real self emerge. It’s always been there but buried so he at least fit in a little bit with kids his own chronological age.

  29. Ace says:

    1. Ra’s any day any time. The actor who plays him is just perfect. When he enters the scene u can just feel the power radiating off of him, and he’s just so cool, calm and collected.

  30. Ashley says:

    I mean Daredevil > Arrow in general so yeah Fisk > whatever the hell they’re doing with Ra’s on Arrow.

  31. Amy B says:

    Thank you for #20…I felt like I was the only person who wondered why not a single car came through there until THAT moment! Ugh…

  32. LaShawna says:

    20. I call total BS on Derek being supposedly stranded on some backcountry road. While those exist in Washington State, they are NOWHERE near the airport or a road that would be considered a shortcut from Seattle to SeaTac Airport. I personally am not happy they killed Derek at all, but his death felt cheap and contrived, like George’s death.

    • Tracie says:

      Omg, yes! I’m not happy Derek died, at all, but the lazy writing of it ticks me off. I know most viewers have never been to Seattle, but seriously? The airport is not far south of the ferry terminal. Not a long drive by any road and certainly not one that would have NO traffic and take you up a winding road in the woods.

      It’s like Shonda was in a hurry to have Dempsey gone so she just quickly jotted down some nonsense. Besides, all area hospitals medevac to Seattle anyways. Not plausible that they would have attempted to treat him there.

  33. Alichat says:

    2) Not at all. They can’t waste any time, because they have ALOT of ground to cover in the remaining five episodes.
    3) I thought it was perfect. Totally believeable coping method Helena would use. And the voice just made the bit.
    14) The EMP grenade was just odd. I can see it affecting Deathlok to some extent, but why would it knock Lincoln out?
    15) THANK YOU! That made absolutely no sense to me. What Mensa member thought that Caitlin and Iris could handle this task in any way, shape, or form?
    17) I didn’t understand the point of the flashbacks. Waste of screen time. Regarding the sex scene, yes….yes. That whole scene was terribly short since we saw 75% of it in the trailer.
    20) I rather felt this whole thing was a waste. They should have just left him in DC. He could have been mentioned occasionally in conversation “Derek came in this weekend.” “I took the kids to DC this past weekend” Blah blah. I wasn’t a fan of Derek, but with his death, there comes this big, emotional arc for Ellen Pompeo. Not that I don’t like her, but with Derek gone, I was truly hoping we’d get to see them develop more of the other characters. Alex has been there since day one and hasn’t had any huge arcs. I was hoping for a MerDer break for awhile.
    21) Oh please….don’t get me started on that episode.

  34. Rachel says:

    One of my questions: who lights all the candles at nanda parbat? That’s gotta be a full time job.

  35. Amy says:

    10 – YES! Exactly what I thought! I kind of see Michael and Petra being that opposites attract couple that eventually becomes a fan favorite.

  36. Ryan says:

    #11: Because there is more to where he was. At most, the op an debrief would have been maybe two weeks. The money drop and all the other stuff would have been something else ebtirely, as well as the boat.
    If it was just the extraxtion, Rick knows how to keep his mouth shut and the op itself doesn’t seem to warrant a full memory wipe.

  37. Pia says:

    24. You mean he’s not playing the doctor on Nashville?

  38. Sheerie says:

    I agree about Grey’s. How is it that no car passed them that whole time then suddenly, when Derek got back in his car, a truck came by? Also, Meredith didn’t even fight for him. I thought she would transport Derek back to her hospital and maybe call Christina and try to have her fly in. Instead, she did nothing. She has worked harder for patients that she had no relationship with. It was just weird.

    • Janet says:

      Agree also no traffic on that road for hours then the minute he pulls into the road a truck comes rushing round the curve. The scene is a stupid as Shondra is for getting rid of Derek. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Will never bother to watch the show again.

  39. Liza says:

    #24 The Verizon Guy reminds me of Henry Cavill in the early seasons of The Tudors. This is a very good thing!!

  40. GildedRose says:

    I’m still catching up on my tv recording so I can’t answer some of the questions but had to drop in on #17: Arrow. The episode went by very quickly but yes, absolutely, the flashbacks really hampered this episode. I wish the people on the show would realize that not EVERY episode needs flashbacks included. The episode would have been really strong without them and I think that time would have been better spent fleshing out and slowing the pace down in the present. I mean, all that build up to Thea’s dip in the Lazarus Pit and it was like Wow! I couldn’t even pop microwave popcorn as fast as they brought that girl back to life.

    And yep, I do wish the trailer hadn’t given so much of the love scene away. I was just thinking the other day that they should have just had him taking off her glasses and even the “I love you” voice over probably would have been enough. To be fair though, I think if you’re offline, all you saw *was* a sneak peak. It went by very quick and only gave you a blink of it. Personally I figured the network just wanted to be really, really sure that fans of Oliver and Felicity tuned in and that that longer peek at the love scene helped generate discussion online for what? 2 weeks?

    As for Tatus… I wondered how she supposedly did that without shishkabobbing FlashBack Oliver in the truck. LOL!

  41. Ashley says:

    I loved the Olicity sex scene, it was beautiful and full of love, in my opinion. The various trailers showed a good portion but not a lot of the end and there was some great things at the start that were a surprise. The whole episode of Arrow was fantastic (less fbs would have been good but what are you going to do?)

    And yes to the Tyrion and the dragon. Every week.

  42. Ashley says:

    Oh, and I love the quiet menace of Ra’s Al Ghul, Matt Nable has really impressed me, but I haven’t watched Daredevil yet so I can’t really weigh in.

    • Ace says:

      I agree. The actor is just fantastic with his portrayal of Ra’s, cool and calm, which makes him very scary. Plus whenever he walks in the room you can just feel his power.

  43. Sabrina says:

    #17 the flashbacks were ok, but yeah totally got in the way during the live watch, lol. All the Olicity scenes were so wonderfully done and Stephen and Emily just have a special chemistry! I loved all of their scenes, together or a part. Felicity stepping up to Ras, completely believable and I loved that scene. The not goodbye scene had me sobbing. Beautiful. The Fallen’ s ratings show that episode was a fan favorite. Promo did it’s job getting hype for Olicity. Didn’t bother me that it was spoiled! It was gorgeous with the music!

  44. Lente says:

    #17 Well as obsessed as I am with Olicity, I actually loved the flashback scenes in this episode mostly because they had badass stunt all the way through. I didn’t mind that they gave away most of the sex scene because it was breathtakingly beautiful. It was hot, but you can actually feel the love and desperation from both of them. And anything Tatsu does is badass so i’m not even gonna question her lol

  45. Amber says:

    Arrow gave away too much of the love scene. Love the glasses shot. I am willing to forgive them, tho because it was still amazing. Can’t wait to see more in S4.

  46. Jared says:

    Although I really like how Jane The Virgins Petra has become more of a likeable character as the season progressed, I do not want her ANYWHERE near my Michael!

  47. Aury says:

    I don’t know enough comic lore to comment on how close to the comicbooks are Ra’s and Fisk, and although I really loved Daredevil, I am more attached to Arrow so I’m a bit biased, but I just didn’t love Fisk (or Ra’s for that matter). He feels more like creepy unsub of the week on Criminal Minds than menacing criminal master mind (with car door decapitation and all). As for Ra’s, I like his powerful and collected vibe a bit more. I connect more with his ‘I’m over 100 but I can still kick your ass and not break a sweat’ vibe than with Fisk’s ‘I’m a creepy creeper who will kill you like a way oversized psycopath child throwing a tantrum’.

  48. lucifer says:

    olicity love scene was hot!!(in accordance to CW standards). By showing that much amount of sex scene in the promo, the showrunners created hell lot of buzz and hype for the episode. And the flash backs are really becoming pain in the ass. Flash backs after olicity love scene was irritating. Anyway, a good episode with excellent acting

  49. Loni says:

    I am from Seattle and that road Derek was on was super befuddling. Seattle is surrounded by water on both sides and is a very packed city so no such mountain roads exist, except for a long, long way from the city. It was that and a few other things that made it such a terrible, plot driven, contrived episode for me. No way would someone who’s just witnessed a car accident stall in the middle of the road, any sane person would be a paranoid driver for at least a little while. No way would Derek have been the last one to leave, especially after the cars had been picked up, seriously that would take a long time to clean all that up. And most infuriating of all, no way would paramedics take that many trauma patients to a non-trauma center hospital if there is one already in the city. None at all. Also, no way any self respecting Emergency Medicine doctor (my husband is one) would let him go any amount of minutes without a head CT, especially not to surgery! Seriously, so plot driven. The show has always been hinky with the medicine, but this is a new low. I seriously doubt it I could watch it again.

  50. Leanna says:

    Amen to the Verizon guy getting a TV show!!