Bruce Jenner's E! Docuseries About Transition Gets Summer Premiere Date

Bruce Jenner Reality Show

Bruce Jenner is not done telling his story.

Following Friday’s 20/20 special, in which Jenner publicly identified himself as a woman for the first time, a new docuseries will chronicle his subsequent transition.

A series of eight hour-long episodes following Bruce’s journey will begin airing July 26 on E!, the network confirms. Reports of a Jenner-centric reality series first surfaced in January, but the project was put on hold in March.

Will you tune in for E!’s new series about Jenner’s transition? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Katherine215 says:

    Shouldn’t these be feminine pronouns?

  2. Carrie says:

    Depends on how the show is produced. If given the E treatment – not so sure it will be as important to watch as the interview for those that care about the trans issue and those that need to be informed – can Diane Sawyer run the show?

  3. charlotte says:

    I think it takes a very brave person to do what Bruce is doing!!! he has suffered long enough I realize all in all he’s had a good life but he has spent the biggest part of it trying to figure himself out trying to be a good role model,, I’m a firm believer in life we should all be happy and if transforming himself makes him happy then I say go for it!! I truly look forward to watching the transformation god bless and good luck!!!!

    • lechatnoir says:

      Um… Carlotta if you are white and rich like Jenner , you don’t have to be “brave” . Jenner is privileged . If only E had an additional doc about transgender homeless , those struggling to find employment etc..

    • Lynn says:

      It seems to me most men would love to suffer the way Jenner did: marrying three different women with whom he obviously enjoyed having sex and fathering 6 children. Where oh where is the suffering he endured?

  4. thompsonpr says:

    Having grown up in a diverse family…dad’s black, mom’s white, and my middle sister’s gay…I can only begin to know how Bruce may be feeling.

    Like your son said so eloquently, you were so brave and applauded you. Hope because of your coming will begin to educate those who are either ignorant and unaware, or simply have hate in their heart.

    I’m proud of you Bruce. And especially proud of Kim and Kanye for stepping up. Much love for opening your beautiful wife’s eyes…and me for seeing you Kanye in a different light.

    • hud says:

      WOW. How many meds you on. Holidays at your house must be a sight. The landscape of the country is changed by the people admired for actions or words. This bizarre story does not merit network time. In a cave somewhere a group is huddled around a tv laughing at American values, and interest in the sordid details of a has been…..

      • Julie says:

        I wholeheartedly disagree with you. While you and others may see the interview as bizarre, there is a possibility that this could have literally saved lives. Transgender youth have never had anyone to look to or see in the public eye that are going through this and the education from last nights special has never been so highly viewed. Suicide rates among transgender teens and if this saves one life or one bully from acting it has done its job.

  5. Deriah says:

    Bruce Jenner has great desires of what he feels, wants to be, and will be, life is short and adventurous, he’s a beautiful man who was treated by a controling woman, Chris Jenner, so maybe she’s the man n he’s the woman with Grace n patience for soo long
    its more of exciting for Tv capturing and adding a spice of dynamite ratings of entertainment true Jenner n Kardashians nailing this, gives him more fame , sparks and attention to a new Beautiful Brucia Jenner, Love this man, GodBless You Brucia Jenner, lets dance here in Waikiki Lol, let me know when your ready to do some man watching, kissing, meeting n fuuun in hawaii Baaaby, Sister, Let’s do this!!!!!#

  6. DDN says:

    I know a transgender person, a former co- worker.
    Quite a lovely person, I don’t see her as being different.
    However, I still do not understand how someone can physically change. I guess no one can completely understand unless they are in that personal position.

  7. Chris G. says:

    To each his own, and good luck with that transition Bruce, but all this coverage screams ‘publicity whore’.

    • ninamags says:

      Look who his family is. Of course, he did this for publicity and to bring attention to the fact that he will have a show soon.

  8. Lynn says:

    I watched the first part of Jenner’s interview with Sawyer and turned off the SHOW since I could not take the game any more.
    Jenner made it clear he is and would always be a heterosexual attracted to women. I believe him since he has been married to three women and had a number of children by them.
    His testimony makes clear he did not begin any so-called transition but instead answered to his ever growing urges of transvestism. And now he will go even further in his mimicry of the opposite sex only now he will be a castrated 65 year old who will still be all he was before his so-called gender change. Sorry, but his gender/brain is not changing one iota. He will still be everything he was before the amputation of his penis and in no way will HE be a woman. He will dress up more often it appears, still look to bed a real woman and his children will continue to call him dad. How does this in any way, to paraphrase his own words, link his brain and soul to that of a woman?
    This is just more evidence of the fallacy of transgenderism, a social construct, where those with an out of control fetishism (the Imelda Marcus syndrome I would call it) elect to take it one step further and it seems of late that is affecting a number of transvestites well into their senior years.

  9. Simona Vanecek says:

    April 24, 2015
    Indeed it is about you “Jenner/Gender/Jender”. It has always been about you, your journey and your true contributions to the world. Your friends, family, and relationships just played their roles to create your perception empowering you to do what you need to do, while the world is your witness. Your ultimate calling, the pieces of the puzzle coming together. Innately you now know the reason for everything that has happened in your life and the good that must come out of it. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it? A story line that you know you must fulfill for yourself (Makes you chuckle, doesn’t it? You deserve it after all your inflicted anguish you have suffered!). History tells us that others will accuse you of falsely perpetuating all this for profit and personal gain. Furthest from the truth, I know Jenner. You did everything for everyone else your whole life as you suffered and lived a lie. You are compassionate; you represent HUMANITY. Only now do you have the gift to reveal the truth, which I am trying to merge my piece of the puzzle to further awaken others.
    Only destructive and inhumane individuals will reveal the evil to WORLD hurting you more. You have the power to make the full circle now that you know must be done. Unlike most, your humanity, defied the odds. You gave the world what they wanted while it almost destroyed you. The perception that you, “A Man”, had become the greatest athlete in the World, through great human strength and determination; such Man-Power huh? Your true power, Jenner, was your feat through the FEAT. Amazing when you think about the thought process behind this concept.
    In your own modest and humble mind you have proven to the entire world what you needed to prove only “To Yourself” before you were able to reveal your greatest strength of all, which was to defeat the corruptions, lies, and suppression that humans’ forced upon you. In a world that has become unreal. It is the truth that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Many PEOPLE dedicated their lives to fight for humanity as in my purpose now. Humans have inflicted this fear upon all of us. Subconsciously, we are doing it to each other every day through demeanor, words, gossip, you name it. We Humans are our own problems. There is no conspiracy. THERE IS ONLY CONTROL BY FEAR. FEAR has no power but WE DO. The fear that everyone inflicts on each other is the fear that is our destruction and is also our SIMPLE SOLUTION in SAVING HUMANITY IN HUMANS.
    Jenner, your life of pain and loneliness have been revealed. YOU ARE NOT AFRAID ANY MORE! All the people including some of your family members who did not truly appreciate your talents and contributions throughout your life, and who momentarily enjoy a false sense of reality are themselves victims of the same superficial corruption. Unknowing they are motivated by the majority and are playing into the hypocrisy blindly, some of your family members subconsciously ostracized you with their destructive shallowness which drove you and your insecurities even further into life-long sadness and depression but only because we all play a vital role in the larger picture for the greater good. So we must join together now.
    Those of us who have seen anguish equally from our families as much as we seen it from the world have been given a gift to see the realities of the cruel world we really live in. Through both the pain and the love of compassion. We and people everywhere have been given the gift to reach all people for a purpose. I know that stories like ours are for the purpose of uniting all of us. We ARE ALL EQUAL in the sense of faults and mistakes. We are no saints. From your journey your family will soon begin to realize that you were the one that made all their successes possible and that now they have an opportunity to piece together their own puzzles to connect to their purpose for the greater good. TO DO THE RIGHT THING NOW BECAUSE IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO FOR EVERYONE. For them “You” who acquired the gift to make a positive difference to the World and to help them do the same. As I have acquired the compelling purpose from compassion to reach out to you with the intentions of reaching out to the world to add my contribution and for THE WORLD TO SHARE THERE CONTRIBUTIONS TO UNITE US ALL.
    Allow for your family to have the realization of the truth of the corruption in OUR WORLD and to use the celebrity status to STOP THE FALSE GLAMOR AND SUPERFICIAL PROPAGANDA THAT FUELS GREED, LUST, INSECURITIES, and DESTRUCTION of everyone. Everyone can learn from you. Let you be the reason that compelled me to write you so a ripple effect can begin to take place right now. So that everyone speaks out their stories to make their positive contribution to the WORLD. Humans are not good without Compassion, which makes humanity possible. Let us all stand up and reveal ourselves without fear. Take out the hair extensions, the false nails, the caked makeup, the manipulation of making others think a certain way. STOP IT! STAND UP DO THE RIGHT THINGS. FALSE GLAMOR on television, advertisement and among us is fueled by false reality. The Kardashian have an opportunity, from you, me, the WORLD, to see the world as it really is, and to do the right thing, right now, FOR EVERYONE. Focus on the WORLDS’ ISSUES NOT ON THE WAY ONE LOOKS OR THE WAY OTHERS PERCEIVES THEM.
    Jenner, now it is your time to flourish, your way, with no fear from society and its corruption because you have the “Power” now. You must find the absolute strength not to allow any hatred and/or crisis from ignorance to control you. Anyone who has anything negative to say about your amazing journey who cannot see the “GOOD” is jealous, insecure, ignorant, manipulative, and everyone desperately need to reach out to help these people by taking a stand. It maybe that some may lack the compassionate gene altogether which is the epitome of humans’ that COULD HAVE BEEN THE destruction of evolution of our humanity. But we know now and those people, if any, will reveal themselves through a new vision that will be seen from all who begin to do the right things for the GREATER GOOD OF IT ALL. Yes, that is what I am saying that every single person on our planet must begin right now with this particular subject, because it has to start somewhere in order for us to begin to solve all the problems that will save HUMANITY because COMPASSION WILL HAVE PREVAILED. Yes all the problems we face as humans. If you listen, feel, sense, see, hear, what I am saying then each and every one of us on this planet will begin to be revealed clearly the problems, then COMPASSION will begin to THRIVE and HUMANITY will prove that we are worthy of our place in the UNIVERSE.
    To begin the chain reaction of POSITIVE CHANGE IN UNITING US ALL FOR THE GREATER GOOD, I challenge every human on this planet to stand up against every person who is negative and who intentionally demeans your character, Jenner. This opportunity is ALL OF OUR gateway to all other REAL PROBLEMS that will REVEAL THEMSELVES AS OTHER ISSUES ARISE, WE WILL BEGAN TO WATCH COMPASSION CONNECTING EACH OF US AROUND THE GLOBE. Know that any negativity that is spreading GOSSIP is a disease and must be addressed immediately “FOR THIS IS THE EVIL THAT IS DESTROYING US BY US”. This negative creation instills fear and judgment in all of us. You must act out of pure love and understanding remaining calm and positive in order to see what will be revealed to you in the name of COMPASSION.
    DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS AS A THREAT OR SOMETHING TO FEAR. Instead use a positive, open-minded and kind approach to encourage anyone and everyone to be compassionate, kind, and understanding. This is where all people must take a stand and not agree or perpetuate just to fit in, THIS IS THE EVIL THAT IS DESTROYING US. SAY WHAT YOU MEAN AND MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. This is for ALL OF US HUMANS TO MAKE A STAND, ALL OF OUR OPPORTUNITIES TO CONTRIBUTE POSITIVELY TO THE WORLD. To realize the power of COMPASSION will save humanity in humans. People will begin to realize that they possess the power to positively affect people one-by-one to make a positive difference in the world by stopping judgment and negativity, which is fueled subconsciously by a false sense of fear that is in all of us. Everyone has the power to make a “CHANGE” THEN FEAR HAS NO POWER AT ALL. NO ONE SHOULD BE IN FEAR OR THREATED EVER! AS WE BECOME EMPOWERED FROM BEING POSITIVE AND HELPING ALL LIFE FORMS. ALL OF US WILL BEGIN TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT WITH NO FEARS FROM GREED, CONTROLLING, MANIPULATING, NEGATIVE POWERS. This is the ultimate problem to why there may not be any humanity left associated in the word “HUMANS”. This is our test and YES we are being tested. From something we do not comprehend but if we open our eyes we can see the signs that all of us have been experiencing every single day of our lives, because we are being helped NOT DESTROYED. WE ARE DESTROYING OURSELVES.
    Jenner, your courageous story along with “EVERYONE ELSE’S ON THIS PLANET” must stand up and fight for humanity. For what is real and what really matters from all of us. Open ours eyes and witness the true evil by standing up to do the right thing just “Because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO”.

    WE MUST UNITE NOW AND BEGIN THE CHANGES FOR A BETTER WORLD or humans will survive in a greedy and selfish way amongst each other with no compassion nor appreciation for beauty. Only facing the destruction amongst themselves. Which I innately know will not be tolerated by the evolved who are giving us chance after chance to prove otherwise. Before some decision is made on our behalf.

    • Remove poisons from our foods, water, and environment. Do Not allow yourself and your children to eat the food that the companies know are making you fat, addicted, unhealthy and are killing you. They’re killing us just for control and money. DO NOT ACCEPT THIS ANY LONGER. Hold people accountable. HOLD OURSELVES ACCOUNTIBLE. HOWEVER, Do not judge because the people you fear maybe the people that are holding us together.
    • Shut down yourself, any person, company or industry that is destroying our PLANET EARTH.
    • Do NOT purchase any processed foods bagged or canned.
    • Do NOT buy anything that is genetically modified or farmed.
    Try to stop eating animals. (Fast forward on human evolution is compassion for all life; if we can make it that far.)
    Force the industries to change. Absolutely no animal cruelty and no forms of artificial induced poisons. RIGHT NOW! You, me, all of us are part of their faster money, corruption and quick destruction of life on our PLANET.
    • We need to stop being wasteful.
    • We need to stop depleting our resources.
    • We need to help the people that are within our means.
    • Open our eyes that the media, the powerful, the authorities are directing greed, fear, medications, money, through propaganda because someone knows of our weakness.
    OUR WEAKNESS IS OUR COMPASSION. This power is destroying our humanity from a false sense of reality. Compassion is like a lovely drug that you get a high from when you do something good for another living thing. It grows because the more you relate to an insect, an animal, a human, a plant, your compassion evolves empowering you to do the right thing more and more. The more right you do to save a life, the more feelings you have, the more one sympathizes the more PAIN AND SUFERING HE/SHE ENDURES FOR ANOTHERS PAIN. That is COMPASSION WHEN YOU FEEL AS MUCH LOVE AS YOU FELL A DEEP SADNESS FOR A LIFE. Again you must not judge because the people you fear are the people holding it together.
    • Care and nurture all life. DO NOT KILL ANY LIFE especially insects out of fear, maliciously or for no reason. Realize we are all intertwined. The spider you may kill out of ignorance will save someone’s life. Save an insect when its apparent that they are struggling for their life holding on to that piece of grass in your pool, or when they are stranded in your bath tub; defeated they curl up in fear awaiting a fast death that does not come, and that bee that pollutes plants for our very survival that travels aimlessly looking for water only to finally land in it so exhausted its dies ONLY because a human did not have the compassion to save its life. How can anyone look at any struggling life and not take a few seconds to do the right thing and save it. This is what it means to be human. Do nothing, not caring and turns away. But to save life and to appreciate it is the gift of COMPASSION which is HUMANITY.
    • Animals are extremely intelligent and frankly are a reflection of their owners. Pets and Humanity are rather COMPASSIONATE partners. My animals have compassion for other life, they think outside the box and smell the roses too. What do yours do? Don’t you know they are so cute because all life is in a pecking order trying to SURVIVE, many pets are in constant fear while you think they are just so cute they are really afraid of you, HUMANS! Because in their DNA sequence they know to fear us. FIND THE GIFT I speak of and SEE THE DIFFERENCE in the trust and intelligence you can earn and watch your compassion grow, together even, if you become that remarkable.
    • Open your eyes so that we can all make a stand together, right now, by doing the right thing for the right reasons. SPEAK OUT and STAND UP against ANY ONE that is doing something wrong. Fight for a better work place, fight against any negativity, do the right thing because you know it is the right thing to do. Be nice to each other. Together we all have the power right now to save our humanity.
    • Do not donate money to the propaganda of advertisement. Instead donate yourself, your time, your food, love, and understanding to a person/people/animals in need. There your compassion will grow and the truth will reveal itself.
    • Do NOT Kill an animal in front of another animal. STOP THEIR PAIN, SUFFERING, AND CRUELTY. Your own compassion will begin to grow.
    • Do NOT HATE, GOSSIP, OR SPEAK DOWN TO ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING ON THIS PLANET NO MATTER WHAT THEIR RELIGION, BELIEF, CULTURE, COLOR, SEXUALITY, PREFERENCES, ANYTHING ETC. Then your own compassion will grow for them and you will be revealed the gift and true meaning of HUMANITY.
    • Do NOT BREED ANY MORE LIFE UNDER OUR CURRENT STATE OF EMERGENCY doing so is cruel, uncompassionate and HUMAN.
    • DO NOT SETTLE FOR JUST BEING HUMAN or be prepared to live in a cruel and righteous world which one will have no knowledge of anyway because it takes compassion to know the difference.
    • Remove poisons from our foods, stop animal cruelty, that every person who is able to witness this evil will be able to see the corruption that people like “You”, Me”, and “Many Others” have had to battle against.
    • Only together, all of us around this World, can we make all the differences that must be made now. At every opportunity challenge yourself, your spouse, your family, your friends, your boss, your coworkers, government, authorities, everybody in doing the right thing right now! You have the courage and the strength you need to do what is the right thing to do because you are being challenged by the WORLD. EVERYONE IS WATCHING EVERYONE. Then and only then will we all be able to see the real problems that may lie in some people but that the correct decision will be made by the correct people with COMPASSION FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF US ALL.

    Jenner, your purpose is selfless, like mine, and so many others that are battling to do the right thing. Now is the chance for everyone to shine for the greater good of us all. To SHINE TRUE COLORS FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. Because I have had my own journey full of pain and suffering, I was able to find the gift of compassion. I understand the need to protect compassion before it goes extinct in correlation with man. I am also prepared for compassion in all living things to die off if it means no more suffering to people and animals who are aware of happiness, pain, and compassion. The SUFFERING IS TOO GREAT TO CONTINUE TOGETHER IF NOT RESOLVED THROUGH HUMANITY. So I feel, sense, and understand you Jenner, all too well and therefore, I am counting on you “My Dear” to fulfill “YOUR” journey, contributing your part in SAVING OUR WORLD. I know I will reach you and I am honored to have the opportunity knowing that I too can make my contribution to saving “HUMANITY” by standing up in spreading the tools that will give everyone a voice and choice Just because it is THE RIGHT THING TO DO AND THE RIGHT THING TO DO STARTING NOW FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF US ALL.
    I have so many things to share that have taken a life time to articulate but you have compelled me to begin my journey right now. I started when your interview with Diane Sawyer ended and I finish now exhilarated and exhausted at 7:51 am in order to ensure I send this to you and to the World not allowing ANY OBSTACLE OR OBSTRUCTIONS TO PREVENT ME FROM MAILING THIS OUT.
    From one Tom Girl to Another! My greatest love, support, and admiration is with you, my kindred spirit “JENNER”…~ STAND OUT GIRL ~ Simona Vanecek =]

    • hud says:

      Get back on your meds. This site is about TV. Where is the moderator of this comment section? You need to proselytize on another site.

      • Lynn says:

        It seems some people feel themselves so important they need to post TOMES.

        • Simona Vanecek says:

          We are ALL important and hold the piece of the puzzle. I have learned a long time ago that the ones who wish or cause harm to others have that fate awaiting them. Be kind. =] ~ Simona

      • Simona Vanecek says:

        As I said, the truth will begin to reveal itself. I will stand up to these malicious comments against humanity and watch my PEERS as they surface. This comment is from an intelligent but CONTROLLING person who read and comprehends my mission to join all of us good humans around the world. His/Her comment is meant to manipulate the masses with fear of “Medication” to write me off and is implying that ALL OF YOU DO NOT have brains to form your own opinions. The greatest geniuses in the WORLD have documented using drugs to induce states of conscientiousness that allowed their imagination to give humans the greatest inventions ever. We must not judge each other =]. The power that is driving the greedy are the ones providing the medications and drugs to suppress us all “LIKE COWS” as this one is trying to use against me IMPLYING that you are all cows and I am a threat. I commend the moderator(s) for doing the right thing, because it was the right thing to do in allowing my post. This shows the WORLD this organization has GOOD INTENTIONS. Further, this forum is precisely where CHANGE can take place. (Everyone, please have the strength and the courage to read my entire post) ~Simona

    • keith says:

      Took forever to scroll past this.

      • Simona Vanecek says:

        Keith, propaganda prays on people like you. I challenge you to break your current perceptions and read my entire post. I believe in you. You may be the one who makes the difference for us all. =] ~Simona

  10. HAP says:

    Just another reason to never watch E! And I got a laugh with Hud’s posting. Does this website not have a limit on the number of characters that can be put in a single post?

    • Simona Vanecek says:

      You have just revealed to the World that your message is NOT TO HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR BRUCE JENNER and you have also REVEALED TO THE WORLD that you HAVE IDENTIFIED YOURSELF to ANOTHER CLAN MEMBER “HUD” (FIRST CLUE: NEGATIVITY) So we already know you are perpetuating the same belief as HUD(see my comment on his response) But now you have shown the WORLD that you have FURTHER instigated to the web master giving a false majority pretense that yet another person is sending subconscious and manipulating messages for everyone to blow me off and to limit my messaging capabilities to the WORLD.

      Humanity faces several serious problems my caring and compassionate friends who understand and feel my pain; when addressing who is who. I have witnessed many people who claimed to have read my compelling messages but after further questioning they begin to reveal that they didn’t get to the end, then they say they just skimmed, then it was too long. There is strategic interruptions and cues to postpone or not read it at all. They never know what it is about. If asked do not read any humanity messages, like mine, to anyone. If someone drills you you must smile and say everything is okay and that you will tell them later. They only act negatively when you show fear. If you are reading my letter right now and someone is looking at it with you and asking you what it is tell them it’s nothing and offer they read it for themselves. They are looking for any fear to be able to control the situation because they do not have the power themselves to do anything. If you do read it to them you will still notice, excuses, negativity, postponement etc. they will not relate to what you are saying. Both side work together, knowing, unknowing, who knows, some may, some may not? One survives off the other. So begin to notice these signs. Either way, always exhibit kindness. Whether a species, race or whomever they are trying to survive the only way they know how which is feeding off humanities by fear. That is why they group together in society, companies and in governments. They stick together and will absolutely show no compassion or understanding for someone they know is compassionate. However, not knowing the power you hold when happy and keeping a secret, they will display complete compliance to you when you display confidence, positivity, personal strength then you will notice their submission, fear, and desire to connect with you in a caring way. However, they thrive in fear-based environments and are afraid of “Positive Change” from passionate, positive people who possess compassion who THEY CAN NOT CONTROL. The longer you remain positive, the more they can not control their true colors . Then it will become blatantly obvious to you on what will become revealed. We must not judge and show fear because that is when they are able to manipulate the situation. People everywhere know what is going on and sadly many people with humanity are cooperating out of fear, greed and/or control. The only way we can determine intentions are by their comments from here on out, actions and demeanor. The ones that tell you crap about what they think I say and the ones that tell you they haven’t read it are the ones to keep your eyes on. The biggest clue of all is when you are able to stand tall, smile, and say everything is great. These people will begin to reveal who they are when they begin to be overly kind and more and more eager to find out what it is you are not telling them because they are in fear. When in strengths in numbers they will chastise you. From Grown, Educated, Executive-types. Most importantly, these people will only be able to interpret your kindness as selfish. Because they can not comprehend how humanity acts just out of Kindness for no expectation. So they will not trust you. We all experience fear but the good, kind, and compassionate must realize, what, up to now, one has not been able to clearly see before. If these people persist because you are showing signs of fear and weakness and you are unable to maintain positive because they break you down, make you feel insecure and guilty and you begin the negativity they will regain power over you. Then you become guilty and feel fear over them betraying you and retreat from society.

      These are the people that can be easily identified as those who CAN NOT make the appropriate decisions for HUMANITY. This is the start to finding solutions from the right people who can. This is very serious because when you realize they are unable to tell you, you will begin to see what I am saying. =] Remain happy, positive, and care for others. Do the Right Thing Because it is the Right Thing to do! =]~ Simona

  11. Claire Choquette says:

    Wow, I was sure surprised at first! However I want to wish him luck & a happy , content life. He is a brave man to follow through with this because many people will not accept the New look he will have! God bless him & let him stay strong!

    • Lynn says:

      A brave MAN?? Did HE not say he was a woman on the inside? A total farce passing Himself off as a woman while still in possession of that male appendage between His legs.

  12. Janet Moody says:

    No won’t watch don’t care….let him/she be

  13. grace says:

    Common people of the united states, get off these reality shows and phones live it

  14. Ellen says:

    If he and her are happy and OK with it go for it. You seem to have your family with you. Don’t regret something so important to yourself.

  15. marie bell says:

    It will make great tv it will get people to understand and accept so transgender can come out of the closet society needs this. Can’t wait for the show!

    • Lynn says:

      Yes, Jenner will be coming out of the closet – the one where he hid his transvestic clothing but that will not make him anything more than what he has always been: a transgender/transvestite.
      Those who actually are transsexuals seem to only want to make the change and get on with their lives as their acquired sex. And they do not wait until surgery becomes a retirement perk until they do it.

  16. Lettie says:

    I’ve been waiting patiently for the new show to start on Bruce Jenner I keep checking the guide on my TV for “E” channel, and has not seen it yet listed. I don’t even know the name the show is going to be under. Does anyone have any answers for me on this? Anyway, my support goes out to Bruce Jenner about time more people in the public eye come forth with their true being.

  17. hud says:

    Stress. The current trendy buzzword. How many WW2 vets. came home with stress? Korea, Vietnam. Yet somehow managed to make something of their lives other than tabloid fodder? Cry me a river. Show me one person who has not gotten a “raw” deal sometime in life. Jenner is no more than a self promoting C list attraction. Network air time does nothing for those who really need your sympathy.

  18. ANONYMOUS says:

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  19. Lynn says:

    Yes, he seems to love the limelight and in my eyes he is nothing more than another in the number of heterosexual fetishists (transgender) who will be that no matter the clothes he wears, the women he might love or the surgeries he might have.
    Yet, I do admire the fact that he had Diane Sawyer gulp in surprise when he told her he was a Republican. hahahahaha