Sirens Cancelled by USA Network

Sirens Cancelled

After two seasons of life-saving shenanigans, USA Network is silencing its Sirens.

The comedy, which revolved around a group of paramedics in Chicago, will not return for a third season, our sister site Deadline reports. Its second season wrapped earlier this month.

Sirens starred Michael Mosley, Kevin Daniels and Kevin Bigley.

TVLine’s Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect Sirens‘ cancellation.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Noooo! I love this show.

  2. Yoko says:

    This sucks. Such a smart, funny show.

  3. Wordsmith says:

    Very sad about this. The characters were really endearing, and the snarky banter had a nice rhythm.
    Though, to be fair, the show didn’t have a lot of narrative momentum – it wasn’t really building towards anything, just treading water.

    • Jack says:

      Honestly man, at least it didn’t turn into another comedy show that turns into a soap opera, and becomes more about the love life of the characters then the story line.

    • ElfSlayer says:

      Remember a show called The Office? Maybe you’ve heard of it. That was ALWAYS treading water, and Like sirens, that was part of it’s charm. Same with Seinfeld, for that matter.

  4. Morgan says:


  5. Disappointed by this, this was a very funny show.

  6. Tony Lang says:

    OH COME THE F**K ON!!!! USA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Meg says:

    What, this sucks! I love this show…
    Now I’m sad 😢

  8. Gwen says:

    USA…first Covert Affairs, now this. DAMN THEM.

  9. wtf!? this is the best show they have. bunch of idiots

  10. fringe30 says:

    This sucks. I love this show. Next to Veep it is the funniest show. I remember watching most of USA’s show’s. Now I don’t watch anything. Not including RAW which I usually just download.

  11. Bill Cushing says:

    Netflix needs to step in and pick up this show now!

  12. Missy Kelly says:

    I didn’t even know this show was on. USA used to be my favorite cable channel and it seems I haven’t watched it in about 3 years.

  13. No USA says:

    Well that’s sad. USA has lost it’s way. It was a good run while it lasted

  14. Jane says:

    This is the second time USA cancelled a good comedy show. I would have loved more Benched & Sirens.

  15. James D says:

    This sucks so hard. WTF USA this show was hilarious. what a shame.

  16. Reba42 says:

    I know it’s different networks, but I totally called this after TBS axed Ground Floor.

  17. Clandestine Green says:

    It’s a shame that USA would rather be known as the network that thrust Chrisley Knows Best upon us than one that provides watchable entertainment. Shame on you USA…you are becoming another TLC.

    • BeaAnn44 says:

      I agree. USA used to be one of my favorite networks, but their new direction doesn’t seem like one I want to travel. I liked this show, but I admit I didn’t watch the new ones when they aired. I’d usually DVR or catch it on Saturday. Thursday night at 10 is a hard time slot. Boo to USA network!!!!

  18. Kevin says:

    FX should step in and pick this up. This show’s type of humor coupled with FXs’ lack of restriction on language would be a home run. Plus FX already has a long standing relationship with Denis Leary and his production company Apostle which produces Sirens

    • c-mo says:

      I totally agree! When this show first started I was confused because I thought it was on FX and not USA. FX or even FXX are a much better fit for this show.

    • DougMac says:

      Somebody should. USA just never knew what to do with it, and it doesn’t really fit with their other shows. It is however a very good show with a great cast and should be able to find a spot on an NBC, Fox, or FX (or FXX)

  19. John Davis says:

    I’m so sad :(

  20. TV Gord says:

    I don’t say this (until now) for any shows, but some other channel should really pick this up. USA doesn’t know what it had. This show is really worth saving.

  21. Meghan says:

    Boo. The good shows are dropping like flies at USA, aren’t they?

  22. John Davis says:

    I hope Netflix pick up this show.

  23. david7118 says:

    I’d love to see FXX pick this up and pair it with You’re the Worst. It’d be the best hour of comedy on cable television.

  24. Ian says:

    I didnt see this coming at all. My God.

  25. aww man I love this show :(

  26. Joel says:

    I don’t know why USA has decided to give up on comedy Benched, Sirens, Playing House. These are all good shows that need to be marketed better. They gave up too easily.

  27. dr freedom says:

    Amen. That would make perfect sense actually.

  28. Maya says:

    USA is wiping out all their original programming – it’s a shame. I remember when they were my go to network for shows but now the only show left is Suits, and I am about to completely give that up since it hasn’t been the same since s3.

    Hope Sirens finds a new home. This is the type of show Netflix should pick up not a Full House revival.

    • C. Blakely says:

      i agree they cancel a lot of their best shows WAY too soon.. they are starting to stink.
      They also only allowed just one season(not at ALL promoted) of Complications, and cancelled it.. it was another great show.. I agree they are starting to be a non-choice for me too.

  29. gcw07 says:

    Disappointed. USA is really trying hard to kill off all it’s shows. I’m down to just Dig, Suits and Royal Pains. I still have yet to watch the back half of last season of Suits so I’ve pretty much given up on that too. Oh well. Used to be a good network. Loved it back in the day of Monk, Psych, etc.

  30. Tracy Gallinghouse says:

    I love this show! Maybe Netflix will pick it up?

  31. Andrea Jane says:

    USA has gone down hill. I barely watch it any more. This was
    one of the last shows I liked on it anymore.

  32. russell says:

    this sucks!!! USA network needs to change who ever makes those decisions because they are stupid!!

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      Ever since Psych went off the air I felt like Sirens would go on to maybe 5 or 6 seasons. This show is super funny I watch from time to time…….that sucks it won’t get a S3!

  33. Margie says:

    I discovered this show on Netflix this year. This sucks big time.

  34. awnb95 says:

    Well only new show left is Royal Pains. Not much reason to watch the station when that ends except for reruns.

  35. Song4Ten says:

    Good. Now there’s room to bring Psych back. :) Much more delicious flavor.

  36. will says:

    Awww…well, that sucks. I loved this show! Man…I’m beginning to distrust these networks cancelling shows.

  37. angel says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This was the funniest show on tv! USA is absolutely ridiculous! I agree with other posters – FX should pick it up. Does anyone know if they are shopping it around to other networks?

  38. matty says:

    I liked this show, but didn’t love it. I think there was potential there that was starting to surface in the finale, but it didn’t jell in time.

  39. Carl says:

    That is horrible news. This was a great show.

  40. THIS SUCKS!!! This is such a great show. What the hell USANetwork why do you keep cancelling the good shows? This show should move to TBS.

  41. Erica says:

    Why, why, why?! Who’s steering this ship called USA Network?

  42. Bri says:

    No!!! This show is great, the cast has wonderful chemistry and it’s so funny.

  43. aurat22 says:

    I gave up on USA when it cancelled White Collar. Their quirky mix of shows that blended comedy and drama may not have been critical darlings but I loved many of them. Hope it somehow gets back on track but more likely it will end up going the endless NCIS repeats and dumb reality show route.

  44. shahendr says:

    Wow. This is a bummer. But…I’m also not completely surprised. I think the show is fantastic, but ever since the premier I felt like it might be a little too much for a lot of people.

  45. Brendan says:

    Good riddance to that show.

  46. Pitts says:

    I watch little on USA anymore. I like Burn Notice and Psych, but Sirens and Suits were the last few I still watched. Suits has been up and down while Sirens has gone from a stellar first season to a much less compelling sophomore season. I found some of the episodes boring or just not entertaining. That being said, I will miss Josh Segarra as Billy. He was a the most interesting part of the show most nights.

  47. Kristin says:

    I think USA networks new wave of shows are pretty terrible. Besides Suits, I’m not loving their new line up. I adored Psych and thought Covert Affairs was action-packed.
    Why did the network think they had to create all these dark, moody shows?
    I loved Sirens!!!! I would love it if Netflix or Amazon picks the show up…

  48. mooshki says:

    It’s funny with a real heart. I’m going to miss it.